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  1. @JOHNNYMC5150 are you running each of your Helix devices' L/Main Output at Unity Gain? This requires each of their physical Main Output knobs to be in the Maximum fully clockwise position. Note: Helix Floor's Global Settings allow reconfiguration of this Main Knob! Moreover, typically when feeding the Floor or Stomp to a powered speaker (you did not state what powered speaker you have) the Helix Output setting would be on Line Level not Instrument Level. And, many powered speaker models have input switches to match the input level connected to their respective input jacks.
  2. @JOHNNYMC5150 To clarify, you are hearing the same disparity when using Headphones connected via the Headphone outputs of either device, as when you are feeding your powered speaker from the L/Main Output of either device?
  3. Just to be sure, everything is working on a clean slate, (i.e. all the software and drivers are up to date), I would reinstall all your Helix Firmware and HX Edit on your Windows 10 Pro computer and your HX Stomp. After completing that entire procedure, do a Power On Factory Reset on your HX Stomp. Then, do a Presets Rebuild Power On sequence on the HX Stomp for any Presets that you may have Backed Up during the update procedure and subsequently Restored afterwards. If still no good, open a Support Ticket with Line 6 for them to assist further.
  4. So long as the update to 3.11 concludes without incident and both your copy of HX Edit and your Helix Device are at 3.11, then YES; do the Factory Reset. After the Factory Reset completes without incident, you are then free to Restore anything you wish from your Backups. If you Restore any backed up Presets, then perform a Rebuild Power up sequence on with your device to assure that it properly converts any of your backed up Presets to the latest 3.11 firmware compliant level. See HelixHelp.com for the power on button sequence for your device to rebuild any of your Restored Presets.
  5. The issue I posted about way back on Sept 6, 2016 was regarding firmware 1.03. Soon thereafter Line 6 did issue a corrective Firmware update which remedied the problem. Several months ago, Line 6 issued an updated firmware release to address overcharging issues. If your G10T is exhibiting problems, submit a Support Ticket and contact Line 6 on Monday. My guess is that they will get your scenario resolved to your satisfaction.
  6. MusicLaw

    Missing reverbs

    Also bear in mind that with 3.10 should you need or desire to install any of the previous firmware versions or want or need to do a forced reinstall of the latest firmware version, the tool for the job is Line 6 Updater! Line 6 Updater will present the history of the firmware versions from which you may select to install to the device connected. HX Edit no longer does so, as it only presents the newer firmware which has not yet been installed to your device.
  7. Not going to work! The Litigator sound is a result of Line 6's Ben Adrian who designed the entire Litigator amp model. If you want those characteristics you'll need to use the Litigator Amp or Preamp Block in Helix Native in your DAW or VST Host, or get an HX Stomp, Stomp XL, LT, Floor or Rack which have the Litigator Amp and Preamp Blocks. Also don't overlook that the resulting Litigator sound is also a result of the speaker cab and mic selections which the Litigator Combo Amp Block uses.
  8. Yup! You got it figured out. You need to upgrade HX Edit to 3.10 first. Then, exit the program and relaunch it. HX Edit 3.10 will then prompt you that an upgrade for your Helix Floor is available. Also be sure to do a Factory Reset after the upgraded firmware is installed to your Helix Floor.
  9. MusicLaw

    Missing reverbs

    My guess is that you performed the upgrade of your HX Stomp XL to fimware 3.10 using an older version of HX Edit. Before upgrading your HX Stomp XL's firmware to 3.10 using HX Edit, you need to upgrade HX Edit to 3.10 first! Then, exit HX Edit and relaunch it. I do not use a Mac so I cannot be certain of the above on your computer platform, but this has been the case with many Window's users and doing the above should get things back to normal for you. Post back to let others following this thread how things resolve.
  10. So long as your cable run is under 30 feet, or so, a quality 1/4" TS cable should do you fine. Should you encounter any hum or other issues (hum, RF induction, etc.) use an XLR cable. Addendum: Also not a bad idea to have a long XLR on hand if you may be using your gear outdoor or in the backyard over the summer.
  11. The new 3.1 Reverbs and Oversampling elevate the Helix's sounds to an entirely new level! 3.10 also has quite a few other really nice features and enhancements. In particular, the Retro Reel. If you haven't updated your Helix Gear and Helix Native to 3.10 yet, just do it!!! You won't be disappointed.
  12. Awesome, Jason! Looking forward to checking it out. BTW, the recent changes are great improvements!! Keep up the great work>
  13. You might want to check your guitar's pickups, pots and switch wiring.
  14. Very likely that you have a buggy Preset (for some reason), and your unit is OK. Here are a few things you can try: Check that the Level Parameter of each of the blocks in your problematic signal chain have not been inadvertently changed from Factory Settings. This is unlikely if you are using the Factory Blocks. However, with the User Default Block feature introduced in the last firmware release, it is possible to have resaved the User Default of a Block to something where the Level parameter has been lowered. It is also possible that the same may have occurred with the Input Block or Output Block parameters. Additionally, there are FX Blocks that do inherently attenuate the signal level and where the Level Parameter of the Block is used to restore what otherwise would be Unity gain. Thus, so when enabling and disabling that block the overall level of the signal chain does not alter significantly (unless you want it to). You could also try having the unit do a Preset Rebuild. Check at HelixHelp.com for the Power Up button sequence to Rebuild your Presets. If the behavior persists after exploring all the above, write down the precise parameter value settings of any blocks you are using -- which you have changed from Factory Default -- comprising the problematic Preset. Then do a Factory Reset. Then, recreate your Preset, rather than doing a Restore (from a Backup which you may have opted to do before the Factory Reset). Hope this helps.
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