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  1. MusicLaw

    Using Headphones with the Helix Floor

    I would imagine the A6T sound great. Nonetheless, there's no substitute for the room effect that will undoubtedly interact with any FOH system. If you are looking for a closed back set of headphones the BD DT770 Pro are excellent. I have a pair of the 250 Ohm version I use with the Helix Floor and they sound great. They do have their own sound that does take a bit of getting used to -- as do any monitors or headphones. Another pair of very high quality closed back headphones which debuted at the 2019 Winter NAMM show are the Neumann NDH 20. These are now shipping and they simply blew me away when I used them at NAMM. They are not inexpensive at $499 USD, yet they are less than I anticipated. If you are considering open back headphones, consider the excellent Sennheiser HD650. These are also available from MassDrop, designated the HD6xx, for a significantly reduced price.
  2. MusicLaw

    Helix Stand Recommendations

    The On Stage Stands Auto Locator Stand MIX400 works great! As does their Heavy Duty Music Stand SM7211B. I have one of each that I have used with the Helix Floor. The Auto Locator Stand is my preference!
  3. MusicLaw

    Helix Floor On-The-Fly Programming

    Pedal Edit Mode is brilliant!
  4. MusicLaw

    This whole separate preamp and power amp thing.

    Ben Adrian, Line 6's Chief Helix Sound Designer, Amp and FX Modeler (not his official title yet covers much of what he does) has mentioned this feature has been contemplated and has not been dismissed. I do not know where it may be on Line 6's feature To Do List. I am optimistic that something like may well appear in future f/w updates, now that the Helix Core effort has been largely completed and is ready to be deployed in forthcoming f/w update(s). To be clear, I do not speak on Line 6's behalf and I have no inside knowledge. I only know what Ben and Line 6 have posted and stated at NAMM Events, etc.
  5. MusicLaw

    Studio headphones for Helix - suggestions?

    BeyerDynamic DT770 cables are also replaceable. Albeit not as easily as the plug in method as are with the HD650/HD600.
  6. My first thought would be to adjust the Level Parameter of the Input Block.
  7. MusicLaw

    Studio headphones for Helix - suggestions?

    I have to amend my previous post from early last year. Having subsequently added a pair of Sennheiser HD650 (open back) last summer to my headphones roster, I have been using these far more often and distinctly prefer them to the BeyerDynamic DT770. I find the HD650 far less fatiguing sonically and more comfortable than the DT700. Both are exceptional, howere, I give the edge to the Sennehiser. At the recent Winter NAMM Show, the brand new Neumann NDH20 (closed back) absolutely blew me away!
  8. MusicLaw

    HX Stomp FAQ

    The Stereo Headphone Out (1/4" TRS) may also be of use to feed your FOH or Stage Monitor.
  9. MusicLaw

    HX Stomp clean boost

    The Studio Tube Pre works very nicely!
  10. MusicLaw

    YAMAHA DXR10 and Helix. Speaker on a stand or a amp stand?

    Every scenario may present challenges. The Yamaha's DSP feature (in the DXR and DBR FRFR Monitors) can significantly help with acoustic coupling to the floor. YMMV.
  11. MusicLaw

    YAMAHA DXR10 and Helix. Speaker on a stand or a amp stand?

    I do the same with my two DXR10 and love the immersive sound field! :)
  12. MusicLaw


    Simply download, install and run the current version (2.71) of Helix Edit from the Line 6 Downloads page. If you are reading this from the Line 6 User Support Forums, you may use the Downloads link from the Nav Bar at the top of the page. This will handle installation of all the necessary drivers and more (i.e Line 6 Updater) for your selected Operating System. If you have created any Custom Presets which you wish to preserve, back those up once you have installed Helix Edit before you proceed with the Update firmware process otherwise the update will overwrite your Custom Presets. Once you have completed the update to version 2.71 you will be able to reinstall your Custom Presets with them being converted to run properly under the current version firmware.
  13. The $99 Helix Native pricing for owners of registered Helix (Helix Floor, Rack, LT) and HX (Stomp, Effects) devices was officially announced last Friday evening at Line 6's Customer Appreciation Event. This is the pricing structure moving forward -- not a temporary sale nor promotion.
  14. MusicLaw

    HX Stomp - Any Chance of a Future Native Discount?

    Helix Native price of $99 for all Helix Hardware owners -- including HX Stomp and HX Effects -- was announced by Eric Klein Friday Evening at Line 6's Customer Appreciation Event. My impression is that the updated pricing will be on the Line 6 website as soon as they get back to business tomorrow morning. Also likely to see the same pricing at Sweetwater and other authorized distributors as well.