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  1. On the Helix Floor, Rack and LT, Path 1A and 1B use one DSP. Path 2A and 2B use the other DSP chip. To optimize DSP use, position your Blocks such that they use Path 1 and 2!
  2. Normally Helix Native would be an additional $99 USD for Helix and HX gear owners. When Line 6 puts Helix Native on Sale the price is $69. Getting Helix Native bundled For No Additional Charge is an obvious benefit even if you're less likely to often use it as a DAW Plugin or VST Hosted!
  3. Awesome, Jason! Eager to see the site updates.
  4. The Polyphonic Blocks are very DSP Intensive. See the 3.0 User Guide for your device. In certain instances, some of the Poly Blocks can consume nearly one half of the Helix Floor or Helix Racks DSP resources! Thus, some of the higher DSP intensive Amp Blocks (as well as higher DSP intensive Amp & Cab Blocks) may preclude use of certain Poly Blocks on the same Path. Helix Floor, Rack, and LT provide dual DSP chips; one for Path 1 and another for Path 2. Thus you may need to position your Poly block on one Path and your Amp on another Path. Note: Path 1A and Path 1B share Path 1's DSP resource. Similarly, Path 2A and Path 2B share Path 2's DSP resource. So, merely splitting Path 1 to Path 1A and 1B only avails Path 1's DSP. HX Stomp has only 1 DSP chip, so certain combinations of DSP intensive Poly Blocks and Amps will exceed the unit's resources.
  5. Have you updated your HX Stomp to the latest Firmware 3.0 and HX Edit 3.0? Both were released today!
  6. Try displaying the Manual from within HX Native and once the PDF is displayed (in your browser if you have the PDF Extension installed, for example in Chrome) then save it to your local hard drive or SSD.
  7. MusicLaw

    Size of room

    A handy Rule of Thumb I use is to consider the PreDelay milliseconds (ms) parameter in Helix's Reverb Blocks (also in Cab Blocks) as a rough approximation of the environment or room size. As sound travels through air at approximately one foot per millisecond, the distance in feet the originating sound source must travel to the modeled reflective surfaces plus the distance in feet the reverberating multipath sound must travel back to be heard by the listener (presumed to be at or near the originating sound source) is a rough approximation of the total round trip ms value. So for example, a 150 ms value is akin to approximating a 75 foot room. I have no confirmation of this from any Line 6 representatives. Nonetheless, when listening via a good set of Studio Monitors or quality headphones, my ears confirm this (rough) Rule of Thumb. It works for me. YMMV.
  8. Are you certain that the problem is hardware? Have you already attempted a Factory Reset after reinstalling the latest 2.92 firmware using the latest HX Edit software?
  9. The perception of Stereo Image width is all about milliseconds (of delay) between the Left and Right signals. Use any of the Helix's Block features to explore what sounds best to you.
  10. I too have the DT770 Pro 250 Ohm version. I have not encountered any issues with insufficient level from my Helix Floor, Helix Stomp, Dell XPS15 Laptop, nor stereo systems. Come to think of it, though I've never used them with any of my Focusrite Interfaces. YMMV. I have found that the the Beyer DT770Pro are position sensitive as to how I have the cans positioned on my ears. A very slight shift forward or aft, alters the way I hear the high end. I have not encountered this phenomena of any of the other brands of headphones I have.
  11. Open a Support Ticket ASAP!!
  12. Also be aware that Optional additional years of Warranty Coverage are available for purchase directly from Line 6, once you confirm a valid transfer of the original unit's license, and, if the unit is still within the Extended Optional Warranty Availability Period! Regarding the Optional Warranty you should inquire with Line 6 to confirm the status of the unit.
  13. You got yourself an exceptional deal for $1200!!!! Enjoy your new gear!!
  14. So long as you don't need or want HX Stomp's numerous amps and cabs, HX FX's six footswitches win out over the Stomp.
  15. The site looks Spectacular!! And, the firmware revision dates appearing beneath the amp models is really handy! A Filter "Clear" or "Reset" button to reset the filter choices would be handy. Currently, I ether refresh the page or simply re-click Models.
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