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  1. lungho

    Helix Effects Corrupted Preset?

    Everything Crusin said with the addition.....test your backup(s). A backup is worthless if it doesn't work when you need it.
  2. lungho

    Need help with stereo hookup please

    Did you read the entire thread? It appears he got it sorted out due to another user's recommendations. If you did read the thread and it didn't resolve your problem, maybe someone else will chime in after the weekend.
  3. lungho

    Need help with stereo hookup please

    This post might get you pointed in the right direction.......
  4. lungho


    Step 1: Select snapshot you want to be first. Step 2: Save You only have to save once. Now every time you select that preset, that specific snapshot will be selected.
  5. lungho

    QSC K10.2 sounds great with Helix

    I got the QSC K10.2's before PowerCab was brought to market and have not been disappointed. To my ears, I found the 10's sounded much tighter than the 12's. The QSC's are more expensive than other monitoring solutions, but since that purchase, I've had zero issues with my patches translating well to whatever venue I'm playing at. So yeah, I'm another guy who would agree that Helix sounds great with QSC K10.2's.
  6. lungho

    Helix Dust Cover/Bag Wear?

    I can't speak much about dust covers but I do have a Gator gig bag I've been gigging with weekly for 3+ years. There is absolutely no wear on the inside where the pedal meets the fabric.
  7. lungho

    setlist question

    Open HX Edit. In the upper left corner you should see some thing that resembles this diagram: SETLISTS IMPORT|EXPORT ____________________________________________ (Folder icon) Name of setlist (down arrow icon) <------------Click anywhere in this area to access the dropdown menu, which reveals other factory setlists and blank user setlists. My apologies for the crude diagram but this new forum software blows. I can only upload a certain amount of pics before I'm out of space.
  8. lungho

    Helix with Weird volume problems/ distortions

    This is the master fader from my DAW (Reaper) using your patch. As you can see, it is peaking around -13. Compare this to your DAW's master fader and see what it is.
  9. lungho

    Helix with Weird volume problems/ distortions

    If you're recording straight into your DAW and then bouncing the track(s) to mp3 without mastering it, that might be the issue. Part of the mastering process is bringing up the audio levels of your recordings. Without mastering, the volumes are always gonna sound low on a rendered recording. I don't know what you do know and don't know. So I'll link a vid below, just in case you have no clue what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Jx2h-lQkA
  10. lungho

    Helix with Weird volume problems/ distortions

    Ok, so I'm using a PRS Custom 24 to test this patch. I used the 1x12 US Deluxe cab (using defaults), since your patch doesn't have a cab in it. The gain staging looks good. I can hear what you hear, most notably on the neck pickup. On the amp, I backed the master down to about 8 and it sounds a lot better. So give that a shot and see what you get.
  11. lungho

    Helix with Weird volume problems/ distortions

    I've listened to your test and understand what you're describing. If I had to guess, I'd say your problem is with gain staging. But I can't say that with any certainty without looking at the patch itself. A bit more info would help. What kind if pickups are you using? Humbuckers or single coils? What version of firmware is your Helix running. If you upload your patch that's causing the problems, I'm sure more than a few of us wouldn't mind helping you narrow down and find the problem. If your patch is using an Impulse Response that costs money, please remove it before exporting and uploading the patch.
  12. lungho

    Why helix hardware sounds better than the plugin??

    That's because you are used to the amp in the room sound....speakers moving air.....that unmistakable thump when you lay into a chord. A modeler is more like a miced amp, in the studio, in another room, monitored in the control room.....i.e. It's that guitar sound you hear on your favorite album. With a modeler, you're not just dialing the amp, but you are also dialing in EQ and (sometimes) compression. You're not just a guitarist anymore. You've also become the sound engineer. At least that's the way I approach it when building my patches. If you don't know a lot about EQ and compression, be prepared for a learning curve. It's not that hard to get a great sound out of a modeler if you know what you're doing. Last piece of advice. Factory presets suck. You can somewhat use them as a "how-to" guide. But you will have the most success if you build your own from scratch.
  13. lungho

    Considering moving from Firehawk FX to Helix

    Firehawk patches are not compatible with Helix. You gotta start from ground zero.
  14. lungho

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Direct from Line 6 Support:
  15. lungho

    Helix Native and Pro Tools First

    Here's an older post that might help........