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  1. lungho

    Helix 2.9

    After the whole tuner debate (and subsequent update), I'd be floored if they weren't granular enough. But in saying all that, the most granular of meters will never be able to account for room acoustics. Meters will get you in the ballpark, but it is your ears that will make the final decisions. I can't believe how far Helix has come since I jumped on the wagon at 1.06.5....for you newer peeps, that's before snapshots were a thing. I was completely happy with the modeler I bought back then. But then, Line 6 continues to keep rolling out awesome and meaningful updates, for free, 4 years later. It's a great time to be alive.
  2. Profile: Joined 9hrs ago, only one post, 9hrs ago, no registered products, content of post...looks like a troll to me :-)
  3. lungho

    Helix MegaLite

    Crusin hit the nail on the head. But if you want the answer straight from the horse's mouth, click on the link that's in the post above yours.
  4. lungho

    Helix Stomp

    Problem 1 solution: If you're running a 1/4" cable from Stomp into the guitar input on the front of the amp, that's not gonna get the job done. You will need to use the 1/8" Aux input on the back of your Spider V 30. You will obviously need a 1/4" to 1/8" cable for this which are easily available on Amazon. As a side note, after you turn on your Spider and it's fully booted up, turn down the volume controlling the modeled amp and use the master volume to add any additional volume.
  5. To assign a block to a footswitch in Native, right-click on a block and choose Automation Bypass > Switch number.
  6. So much wrong with this post that I couldn't help myself..... No exceptions. There is latency when switching between patches, period. Patches vs Snapshots....there is a difference. Sometimes you got to conform to the product's design instead of wishing it worked your way. You do have the ability to place two amps within a patch and have different states and parameters via snapshots, which would give you two completely different tones inside of one patch. There are trails that spillover across one patch per snapshot. How hard can it be? There would have to be a hardware upgrade. So we're talking a redesign of Helix to accommodate the additional chips. Don't forget the cost of retooling and reprogramming the production facility that's going to produce the hardware. Now we're gonna need software written/re-written to take advantage of the extra DSP. Then Line 6 has to sell enough of these newer models to (at the very least) recoup R&D, production, marketing, and whatever else is involved bringing a newer product to market. And these are only the things that come to the top of my head and I'm probably missing a ton more details. At this point, may as well come out with a new product instead of a half-baked upgrade. But there is a difference. Apple's solution was a software update. Points 1, 2, 4, & 5 require hardware upgrades and point 3 isn't an issue if you're using snapshots. Sometimes I think we concentrate too much on the gear and not enough on the quality of music we are producing.
  7. $1,600 euros and they say it can run four amp models at once. It also has a touchscreen. It will be interesting to hear how good the modeling is. Whatever the case, I don't see myself migrating away from Helix for a long time...not even if there's a Helix 2.0 in two or three years.
  8. Codameida beat me to #3. I was going to recommend trying that first. But I honestly think this is something to do with the mixer and not Helix.
  9. Does this happen on every single patch, including the preloaded patches, or does this only happen with patches you create?
  10. That's exactly it. The screen refresh rate was too low for a smooth scrolling display. Now with the higher refresh rate, we're able to have nice things like the strobe tuner. Regardless of what camp you're in (meters vs no meters), before that update, any kind of software meters would have been nearly useless anyway.
  11. Maybe pan the guitars a bit...one to the left and the other to the right, to create some space in the mix. A low shift EQ will help filter out any frequencies competing with the bass and drums.
  12. I agree with everyone about the noise floor but what happens when you try a blank preset? On a blank preset, with the phones volume all the way up, you shouldn't hear any noise. Do you hear the same noise when connected to an external speaker from the 1/4" outs or XLR outs? I realize those outputs aren't connected to the phones knob. But if you do hear the same noise, it's obviously something else. Perhaps it is dirty power, improperly grounded electrical wiring, florescent lighting, etc.
  13. The admins rarely frequent this board. Just click the report link and type the reason why it's being reported. If enough reports are sent, this will generate enough noise to annoy those who have the power to take action.
  14. You obviously have a gift for riffing. Each song has some redeeming quality that makes me want to continue listening, which is so rare. That's a difficult thing to do with a full length album. The songs have their own unique sound but still sound somewhat familiar in spots.....Crazy Man @1:39 sounds like a brief flashback to Bowie's Fame. I noticed you used a ton of different effects on the guitars across most of the album. I assume those are all from Helix too? The songwriting is great too.......Bad Neighbor Blues...haha I can totally identify. Anyway, I'm no music critic. I simply enjoy giving positive feedback when I hear something I like. Great job man!
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