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  1. " When you say that the Volume pedal continues to control the Level regardless of Bypass state, you mean it ACTUALLY continues, when bypassed, to control the Level that you HEAR, or you see the Position slider moving (normal)? " Both audio level and position slider. I made a patch using ONLY a volume block and still have the problem EDIT: Ok, i don't know WTF is going on ... before doing the reset I tried the App one more time, cleared all blocks except the volume and now it works correctly. btw, the position slider still moves when it's bypassed, but now the audio level isn't changing with it I hate when things magically fix themselves thanks everyone
  2. i've tried everyone's suggestions with no luck has anyone verified that i'm doing something wrong and/or they don't have the same problem ? thx
  3. i added a single volume block to an empty patch and the expression pedal still controls the level regardless of switch state. just tried programming it from the app and still can't get the volume block not to respond to the expression pedal when the switch disables the block thx
  4. EDIT: I'm using an HXFX when I add a volume block to an empty patch, the display greys out but the expression pedal still affects the level, and the expression position in the display still moves when it's supposed to be disabled. ------------------------ i'm was trying to switch between a wah and volume pedal via a switch, but the volume block won't disable. it looks correct in terms of switching between wah and volume and the display shows the correct activation's but the exp pedal still kills the wah. i redid a patch with only the volume, and it still controls the level regardless of it's enable state. is it bugged or am i doing it wrong thx
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