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  1. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    Ok thanks, I will try to experiment to reproduce that sound.
  2. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    I tried that but it doesnt seemt to sound the same way. Do you have some settings to suggest?
  3. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    Before having a Helix I had a Zoom G3X (still have it). One effect I cannot find or cannot seem to be able to reproduce with the Helix is a reverse gain effect: on the attack it's mute and it progressively move the gain higher. At the time I made a piece where I used that effect: https://soundcloud.com/mjklaim/ghost-city (the sounds you hear coming regularly growing) Any idea how I could get that on Helix?
  4. If the helix output is Line why do you make the audio interface receive Instrument level? It should be Line too. (though I don't think that will solve your problem)
  5. Also note that in dark mode, the combo boxes seems to have white-on-white text for the non-selected values. For example I don't see "Bass" in the combo box for selecting amp lists.
  6. Looks like most cases are solved! I spotted a few other ones: I quickly went through al lthe pages and the rest seems fine.
  7. Nice update! The main issue I found before was the unicode characters making it hard to read some sections: If my memory is correct, I already reported it to you and you took note.
  8. Klaim


    Yeah it's a basic looper, not too long memory, have some functionalities, works well for pratice and simple songs. It's recommended to get a looper pedal if you want more advanced looper features.
  9. Klaim


    It's not clear what you mean. If you mean "why isn't there a looper in all the patches?" then it's just a patch so you can modify it by adding a looper. If you mean that you see patches where you cannot add a looper, it's probably that there are already too many blocks in the same line, or to many super consuming blocks. Basically think about the top and bottom lines are 2 processors, they need to be able to process the audio of what you make them work with. Helix will prevent you from adding more work than that processor can work with. You can fix this either by removing another block, or by serializing both processors: make the output block of the top line go to the input block of the second line. Then you need to move the blocks to balacne the work on both processors.
  10. That's basically what Ableton Live does. I have plans to use it with my Helix (I use an external looper, it's nice, but looper pedals are quite limited compared to Ableton Live... or ZenAudio ALK for example - and Helix can "click" on buttons...). The main issue I have with that solution is that I then need to have a dedicated laptop for that. Which explodes my music gear budget (I'm not rich at all).
  11. Tosin Abasi had a Helix in a secret live video posted few weeks ago on their instagram (that is not available anymore - the video is moved to private- it was a for-fans event). But I don't think it's his main rig, it's probably lighter than his normal pedalboard (which is massive, even after he made it smaller by the "pedalboard doctor").
  12. Klaim

    rate my tones

    Looks nice with my (not-flat) output! I was wondering: id you use any IR? Or is this only with the Helix stuffs? Is this a recent Helix version?
  13. @jshimkoski On 2 laptops: - both Windows 10 - both with Chrome, apparently up to date I don't get these squares with Firefox.
  14. Thanks for this website, it's helping me a lot (a noob at all this). I noticed that there might be unicode issues for example on amp settings explainations: https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/the-blocks.html#common-amp-settings I see squares (was there supposed to be symbols?)
  15. @Digital_Igloo I see, I was expecting that you already considered that (which is why I asked here first). I wonder if a way to visualize this as a separate "view" would work. Currently it's confusing because you have to know which pedal does what (I'm a noob in pedals so I don't know much of the ones available). In a physical pedalboard, at least part of the information is immediately visible: you can see the cables that are doubled on the pedals. But it's partial info as you say.
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