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  1. Can you try to see if there is a difference if you record with Audacity? Or any other cheap/free DAW like Reaper? There should not be a difference but it's a basic check to do. Also you record through USB, are you sure you are recording the right channel(s) in Garageband?
  2. Yes, you can assign almost any parametter to the pedal or the foot stomps, multiple ones on the same is not a problem. Just try it.
  3. @mprater76 Oh wow that's interesting, thanks for reporting that! So far I didn't get any feedback from Line6, I tried to ping them in the ticket but still no feedback. I don't know if they are working on it.
  4. Yes I get the sound through XLR and it doesn't change a thing, though it's easier for me as I can have everyuting plugged to my interface. Anyway I can't reproduce that issue. I was wondering if it might be something like your guitar's pickup? Are they active? Or anything between the guitar and the helix?
  5. This is recorded direct from the helix? Through usb?
  6. I yes I missed that, got it. Indeed, something is weird. Can't reproduce this without either some noise gate or something similar.
  7. Could you send here an audio extract where there is the sound you find bad, and a preset that generates it? So that we can check if we observe the same thing with different outputs.
  8. If I understand correctly, I think the only way to make it work is to make the OS use the Helix as it's audio interface (same as DAW but for the OS by default) via the usb cable, in which case: - you would need to have the speakers plugged to the output of the Helix to be able to hear OS+Helix directly; - all the sounds of the OS would go out fo the Helix to the speakers (because Helix is an audio interface); - all the sounds of the Helix would go out to the speakers too (because directly out of it); - the performance of the audio interface would be the one of the Helix (it's good, though not as good as some other audio interfaces); I do it in a different way, which might not help you if you only want to use the usb cable: I have a Focusrite Clareette 4Pre (so recent Focusrite audio interface) and they provide an audio routing software which helps me set it up this way: - the OS (Windows in my case) uses the Focusrite always; - the Helix outputs ==XLR==> inputs of Focusrite; - output of Focusrite ==> Speakers (actually I have several speaker sets and I also use headphones but let's focus on a case similar then yours) - Helix ==USB==> Windows (because I still want to use HXEdit) and sometime I use the Helix as an audio interface too; The routing software allows me to output anything coming from the Helix to any other output (speakers by default, but sometime I shut them up and only have the headphones). I can also route the audio from Windows through the same output when I want to play with the Helix over a track. That's all without a DAW. When I use a DAW, I can either hear the Helix directly and deactivate monitoring, OR activate monitoring and route the output of Windows+DAW to the speakers/headphones, after shutting the Helix output from the speakers). Basically, I find far more flexible to plug everything I have in my audio interface, and then route inputs to outputs as I need, because I can do that without the DAW.
  9. Klaim

    128 IRs

    I suspect most Helix users (like me) have it plugged in a computer when they are not going live and just have their library of presets and IRs backuped there, and probably tons of IRs on the computer that they only move in the Helix for their tons. (actually since a few months I stopped using IRs to focus on the models provided by default, as in my case it's far enough and I'm learning a lot about sound engineering)
  10. I would not qualify pressing switches designed for that as "hard enough" ... As pointed before, that's also a test they have to do to be able to sell units anyway. It would be different if I had put some coffea on it, or made it fall in some way, but here it's just pressing switches which are designed for... being pressed. (and the related software) Again (sorry, don't take it negatively, I'm just summarizing what I pointed before): - I'm not looking for alternate solution, I already know them, but thanks anyway :) ; - I had the guitar in my hands to be able to strum between each preset when I discovered the issue (so I was not specially fast as I was strumming between each preset), you can't go efficiently with the dials when doing this. When I'm tweaking presets I already use HX Edit a lot, that's probably why I didn't find this issue earlier. Indeed, that's why I wonder if anyone around can reproduce this? Even slowly? Also I'm not considering this as a too big issue, so, as I pointed before, that's fine if they put it as low priority. Though I suspect it's still a problem they will have to fix as it's still blocking the unit from working beyond the preset it's stuck with. I'll need to investigate more for more details.
  11. That's mainly why I pointed that nobody would do that "in a live show". But okay, no problem. Indeed it makes sense that - it takes time to do ... anything really through software; - here there is concurrency involved so it's not necessarily trivial, but they do need to make the system as responsive as possible, so I agree with your points; But the issue here, is totally besides the point you are making: a system being slown down by some usage is one thing; making the system unusable (basically broken) is definitely a bug, however you reach that point (assuming just pressing buttons). For example I've worked with humanoid robots, which are naturally highly concurrent. It can happen that some programming or some human usage will slow them down (or just some specific reactions) which can be an experience problem, maybe to be solved, maybe not, depends. But anything that render the whole robot stuck in no-reaction, in some ways, have to be a showstopper. Though, the less probable the issue trigger happen, the less priority is given to the issue.
  12. I had the Helix for almost 2 years, so no your assumption is incorrect, but I can see how you would have guessed this; I'm not a power user but I've used it regularly, like almost daily, for production and live (well, more like preparing for live this year :P); I also use it a lot to explore (guitar) sound. So far I couldn't confirm if speed plays a role in this. If my memory is correct, I wasnt doing it fast the first time (because I was strumming between each preset change) but this would have to be confirmed, I'll try when I have a minute; About if it appeared before the patch: I did the same thing several time since I had the Helix and didn't hit that issue (also note that pressing quickly switches is a basic hardware test that's usually done in factory, it's not special and should never "brick" the unit - so I assume it's due to a software change). However that doesnt mean that it wasn't there before the patch(es) to 3.0(1), I can't completely confirm that because it might be due to other factors - for example it took me less than 30 seconds to brick the thing the 2 first times I reproduced this bug, so maybe I was "lucky" before the update. Though the update was probably a condition to get this, I suppose. I'm not looking for an "answer" though, just reporting a problem that can occur. It's fine if the devs says it's low priority or something because it's not a big issue and its easy to not hit (I think). Though note that in my "short" xp with it, that's not the first bug I found, I reported some because they could have happened live too, which is a bigger problem (for when we'll be able to do live shows again lol).
  13. To be clear: I'm not looking for a workaround or anything like that, it's not a big issue in live, it's an issue mainly at home trying stuffs. I know there are other ways to switch between presets (I didn't check yet if they block the unit too). I'm not looking for "help" (or whatever twisted viewpoint you might have on broken software). I posted to report the issue because that's clearly a software failure and it's easy to reproduce. For a programmer that's maybe half the problem solved (though here it involves concurrency so it's probably not that easy). That's a bug, devs should be aware if they are not already. I'm happy with my unit, I'm not complaining. edit> I put the info in an issue ticket, I suppose it will be more useful to the devs there than here.
  14. You do realize I reached that point in normal daily use, simply looking for a sound? Of course I'm surprised, it should never break for such simple thing. Of course it's not abuse, switching presets is a basic operation. Seriously people, what's wrong with you all? You see your hardware brick after basic usage and that's necessarily your fault? O__o
  15. Yeah thanks, I do know about the alternatives. Though I got there by simply trying presets quickly with my foot, it's not a big problem, but it means I can "quickly try presets", which is surprising. It's necessarily a bug. If it was "DSP not being able to keep up" there would be glitchs or something, not "switches not working anymore".
  16. That's quite a bad analogy. Changing a preset is a basic operation, like turning the wheel. Turning the wheel left and right very quickly should not make the wheel block suddenly, right? Also, I a programmer, it's obvious that the issue is a software bug. I don't see the point in trying to make "me" the issue.
  17. Well, it's certain that I wont do that in a live show XD (assuming it's not a random bug when switching presets) And it's easy to avoid. However I found this when I was trying to find a preset that had the right sound (I had background music and was improvising). Also I think I did that a lot in the past without problem (and I was doing that a lot with a Zoom G3X before, as I am still quite a beginner in sounds). Looks like this issue is easy to reproduce?
  18. How To Reproduce (at least for me, I reproduced it 3 times): 0. I have Helix Floor, set to 3.01.0 (as shown in the video), plugged to the computer through USB and an audio interface via XLR cables. There is also some other cables but I suppose it's not important here. HX Edit 3.0 is on and connected to the Helix. 1. After startup, I quickly switch between presets from the FACTORY1 list (which I overwrote with the provided ones, so it's the new list that was given with 3.0). I switch using the 1 and 7 switches which are set to PRESET mode. 2. At some point, the presets will stop changing even if I press the switches. At that point there are several things not working anymore. I took a video when I reproduced the issue the 3rd time: In this video, you will see the 3rd time I reproduced the problem (in a row). The 2 previous times were faster. The problem appear around 1'18''. After that point: - pressing the switches to change presets will not change presets; - pressing switches mapped to blocks will change the blocks (not sure if they do it as intended by the preset, but it looks like it's the case); - pressing switches mapped to blocks do not change the light of the switches: a switch on can 'have it's light dimmed, and vice versa - basically the lights will not change anymore at all (the lights don't blink, it's the video capture doing that); - pressing the mode button will not display the snapshots in the top row (that's how I setup my Helix at the moment); - using foot with sockets instead of shoes doesnt seem to change a thing; The first 2 times it happened on the Rabea Lead presets, but this time it happened in another preset, so not sure if the content of presets plays a role or not. Not sure either if the speed of changing presets changes the probability to hit this issue.
  19. I didn't know that!!!! thanks!
  20. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    Ok thanks, I will try to experiment to reproduce that sound.
  21. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    I tried that but it doesnt seemt to sound the same way. Do you have some settings to suggest?
  22. Klaim

    Reverse Gain Effect?

    Before having a Helix I had a Zoom G3X (still have it). One effect I cannot find or cannot seem to be able to reproduce with the Helix is a reverse gain effect: on the attack it's mute and it progressively move the gain higher. At the time I made a piece where I used that effect: https://soundcloud.com/mjklaim/ghost-city (the sounds you hear coming regularly growing) Any idea how I could get that on Helix?
  23. If the helix output is Line why do you make the audio interface receive Instrument level? It should be Line too. (though I don't think that will solve your problem)
  24. Also note that in dark mode, the combo boxes seems to have white-on-white text for the non-selected values. For example I don't see "Bass" in the combo box for selecting amp lists.
  25. Looks like most cases are solved! I spotted a few other ones: I quickly went through al lthe pages and the rest seems fine.
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