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  1. Hi everyone and thanks for the feedback. Its not monitoring, already made that mistake lol...I tried two things that seem to have helped. 1. Placing a low cut in front of the amp and 2. Running the big volume knob on the Helix at the 3:00 o'clock position (75%) and adjusting the preset volume down accordingly. Also removed any gain staging throughout the signal chain. It still needs further tweaking but it seems to sound much better. Thanks Soundog for that suggestion.
  2. Hello Helix Community, HELP! I love my Helix LT and have spent many hours learning how to build tones that I like. What I can't understand is why it sounds so great with my Beyerdynamic Pro 770 (250 ohm) headphones and so bad when I record into garageband. Clean tones sound ok, but anything with gain and high gain, especially hard rock and metal driven tones sound totally shrill, weak, flabby and dull. I've researched and watched too many YouTube videos and tried many of the suggestions about low and high cuts, parametric EQ placement in the signal chain, turning down gain and on and on...but when recording, it always sounds like s**!. I have also tried changing the amp models but it seems to make no difference. I build patches with Revvs, PV, Bogners, Cali's, Diezels and it's the same sad sound every time. Has anyone else experienced this and have a technique to fix this problem? I record with USB direct into my MacBook Pro. I play a PRS Custom SE 24 and was wondering if it was an issue with pups... Thanks for your guidance. D
  3. Thanks so much. The Helix is a fantastic product and its so great to be able to tap into the community here to get experienced guidance.
  4. Yes I always plug headphones into the helix, but also have Garage Band on in the background. I just did a test, and when I closed the DAW the sound changed back to match Helix with HX edit. Thanks so much for the guidance on this. But now it brings up the question of why the sound changes when plugged into the DAW? Is there some process to tone match or change levels when recording with helix?
  5. Hello Helix Friends, I've had my LT for about 8 months and love it. There is something that has been driving me a crazy in regards to the sound. I started using HX Edit to build presets and later when I went back to play, they sounded different and of course I started tweaking and made a mess lol. Finally realized that when I use HX Edit and then unplug from the computer and just use headphones plugged into the LT the sound is very different. HX Edit seems to sound brighter with more high end, a bit hissy. I'm using a PRS Custom SE plugged into the LT and listen with Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250 Ohm) headphones because I live in a small apartment in a city. The computer is a MacBook Pro running MacOS Catalina. Has anyone also encountered this? Am I doing something wrong or do I need to EQ to make the sounds match up? Thanks for the guidance.
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