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  1. Stratman999

    In ear and helix

    I had this some years ago, it wasn't my guitar setup. My guitar sounded awful in ear. eventually the bass player turned the input trim/level on the mixer down. `Bingo great sounding guitar, basically the input signal was overloading the preamp causing tinny distortion . Hope this helps.
  2. Stratman999

    Help with footswitch and sound banks.

    Sounds like you got the fbv express (4 big buttons) not the fbv shortboard which has many buttons. The shortboard is the only one which will allow you access to all presets. Hope this helps.
  3. Stratman999

    Functionality With Fbv Shortboard Mk Ii

    Yes you are wrong, the FBV shortboad allows you to easily access all 100 presets.
  4. Stratman999

    Windows/Android app

    The amplifi app acts as an editor for the amps effects etc, it doesn't record and playback at the same time, so latency isn't an issue with an android app. I do agree however that line 6 should say whether or not there will be an app for android and pc/mac, if it is a no, fine we can all move on.
  5. Stratman999

    Connecting FX100 to AMPLIFI 150?

    The 100 presets are stored in the amp, when you edit a patch it gives you an option (in my case) to save to Amplifi150. I can access all presets with the shortboard and the app turned off.
  6. Stratman999

    Connecting FX100 to AMPLIFI 150?

    The Amplifi now has 100 presets built in like the FX100, the Shortboard has the four presets and then 2 additional buttons to change the Bank (25 bank locations) and these 2 buttons are the bank up and down switches, along with all the effects on and off etc. This is 100% correct, as I have the 150 and Shortboard. Buy a Shortboard and it will definitely do everything you want, I think you may have been reading the earlier posts before the upgrade. Then you could only use the 4 presets. Hope this helps.
  7. Stratman999

    Connecting FX100 to AMPLIFI 150?

    The Shortboard mkII allows you to access all of the presets on the amplifi, like the FX100, the Express allows only 4 presets
  8. Stratman999

    Is Amplifi right for me?

    Yes it is excellent at any volume, for the difference in price, if you have the money, I would definitely recommend the 150, it is a much fuller sound in my humble opinion.
  9. Stratman999

    Is Amplifi right for me?

    Hi, I bought an Amplifi 150 for the same reason, I have retired from gigging and I love it! To play the music no wires, to connect all those effects, my shortboard and guitar just 2 wires it is so simple. The sounds are good as well as the effects etc, but remember the price, you get great value for money, but some people on here seem to be expecting boutique sounds at budget prices, sorry it doesn't happen, this is fantastic value for money and a great idea. Well done Line 6!!!!!!!!
  10. Stratman999

    Help for beginners to the Amplifi

    It does store all the sounds on the amp, the only way to get full easy access is using the shortboard.