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  1. Am thinking about getting the Amplifi 75 or 150. I have some questions about using it with the MK II. Will I be able to toggle with the Stomp/Mod/Delay/Verb swathes on the MK11? Also, will the volume and way pedal work? I understand from prior posts that I will only be able to select from 4 presets A/B/C/D but will the Stomp/Mod/Delay/Verb switches work for whatever patch I select with my iOS device
  2. Thinking about getting the amplifi 75 or 150. I currently have a fbv short board mkII. I understand from other posts that I can on,y access 4 presets using the fbv. My question is whether I will be able to toggle on/off the stomp,mod!delay!verb for whatever tone is currently loaded using the switches on the board. The manual isn't clear about this.
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