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Found 11 results

  1. I'm trying to customize my stomp layout for a preset and it is working fine for the open/available switches. When I update 1, 6, 7, or 12 in command center, however, those switches retain their default behavior even though HX edit seems to suggest I can alter them. The update looks like it takes effect in HX edit, but is not reflected in any way on the Helix. Also for instance, when I load Steve Sterlacci's tutorial files, which work in his YouTube video, switches 1,6,7,12 retain their old behavior. I'm on the latest FW - 3.11 This is a real bummer at the moment. Thanks for your help. -Jay
  2. Hello, As I haven't seen the info to update first HX Edit , I've tried to update my HX stomp from FW 2.92 to FW 3.01 using ly current version of LIne 6 updater the upgrade failed. Then I've seen the message to update HX EDIT to 3.01. BUt no way : I've tried to upgrade FW 3.01 or to 2.92 --> everytime I've got the error message. I've try to push "page right" when switching on the HX STOMP manually upgrade ; but no way... alway the same error message "upgrade ahs failed". could you help ? is there a way to, at least upgrade to 2.92 ? thanks in advance Mickaël
  3. It looks like I reached my max storage for attachments. I went to the attachments but I don't see a way to delete them. But again, that would remove info from the original post and legacy posts from this forum have proven to be of value. Stop posting pics here and just link to Imgur? Other suggestions?
  4. So let me preface this by saying I have my setup somewhat jerry rigged, so my problem probably lies somewhere along the way, however I thought It couldn't hurt to get some other opinions. I have a HX stomp, I am running my guitar through some pedals (volume, compressor, dirt) then into the left (mono) input on my helix. I am then running my left and right outputs to a vintage yamaha mixer, left going into one channel, right going into another. For each of the channels I am running a speaker cable with a 1/4 inch on one side (that plugs into the mixer) and exposed wire on the other side (to connect to the terminals on my vintage EV monitors). It sounds heavenly and I have had little to no issues thus far. Now is where things get tricky. I wanted to be able to get audio out to my audio interface so I can record on my computer, but the mixer doesn't like instrument cables, and I am forced to use a speaker cable with the fat 1/4 inch jack on it. I dont have 2 of these cables so I figured until I can grab some, I will just use the stereo send on the helix with a Tip Ring y cable. When I run the cable to my interface from the helix after adding the stereo send block, I can get sound out to my interface and it sounds good but I also get this constant high pitch filtery hum. I don't know what is causing it and would like to try to get rid of it, or at least understand why I am getting this sound. I'll do my best to answer any questions that could help solve the issue. Thanks! (The mixer is a Yamaha 150 II) (The EV monitors are TL series) (The Interface is a Scarlett 2i2) (The Computer is a Mac Pro) Below is a not so great recording of what the sound is, I turned my volume way up so it can be heard better, but it is always noticable. Odd Helix Noise.m4a
  5. I hope it doesn't break rules to ask, but does anyone have a recommended forum or two for PC troubleshooting help? I'm pretty good with PC's but I haven't had a need to network in years and am having a hell of a time getting two Win10 PC's networked. I dabbled at times trying just a little but since I didn't have the need, I wouldn't push too hard. I think I've cleared up what could have been causing issues(wireless router for VR in between one PC's wired connection, other PC WiFi) and think I am in a good spot but don't want to move forward with out good advice on the best way to network them without opening up security holes. I reset both network configs selecting the 'Network Reset' from the 'Network Status' panel, and the two PC's can see each other, but I am at the point where it is asking for credentials; login/password, and I do not want to make these 'Microsoft Account' machines, so I'm hoping you can setup unique credentials just for networking. Both PC's are now wired directly into the Comcast router.
  6. I like my delay to be setup as follows: 1. 120 ms 2. quarter note Is it possible to always have one on and toggle the delay time and mode (time/tap tempo) with a footswitch without using a snapshot?
  7. Hi all, I've noticed when i configure my helix signal path to use the additional path 2A i find there is a volume increase. I've also noticed when assigning an amp block to the second signal path it increases the volume and frequency as opposed to having it assigned to the first signal path. When assigning an amp block and cab to the first signal path i would have to add about 1db to the end of it and have noticed the frequency is darker as opposed to assigning an amp block and cab to the second signal path. Can anyone explain what is going on here, is there a reason behind this method of madness?
  8. I have a new HX Stomp and attempted to update the firmware to 2.71. It appeared to work then froze on "rebuilding presets". I've tried several more times, including the manual method in DFU mode. When I boot it up while holding the > button, the pc recognizes it but as soon as I attempt to update it, the communication is interrupted (I hear an audible disconnect sound) and the update fails. I have a ticket in but I'm hoping for a quicker fix. Regards, MB
  9. since upgrade 2.20 and 2.21 i have and permanent noise crackink and more when i play a note on sting all my guitars and amp the same i have to stop playing about 20min for headache :angry: i made a support ticket
  10. Hello. Going to 2.81 from 2.70, followed the process, hxedit 2.81 installation is ok, but after connecting my hx floor and opened line 6 updater, the windows indicates my name and pasword, but when i click on [sign in], even using the tab button ti illuminate it and pressing [enter], nothing happen Using win 7 pro ... It appears something goes wrong with ie ? May you help me ? Thanx in advance. Stan.
  11. Greetings. Helix owner 2wks now. Have made several presets from scratch for both guitar and bass. Spent most of setup playing with SD 59er pickups, which I would have called "vintage, medium-output" humbuckers. I've finally plugged in my P90s and another "medium-output HB" guitar, and they're dramatically lower. I'd like to configure the input levels for guitar changes, preferably by bumping the lower guitars up a tad for the sake of my drives. BUT, I may need to pad input and incorporate some sort of gain block or boost. These are my symptoms. I found during initial setup that my 59ers made practically every amp model dirty out-of-box and most of the drives really gnarly. I presumed this was intentional because guitar players like breakup, but I've been kind of fighting with it. I had to run my bass (only active pickups I own) through AUX, and even then every bass amp came out dirty except A360. I read on helixhelp.com (unofficial, but good) just today to turn on Global Pad and leave it. I wouldn't have thought to pad passive pickups out-of-box in a million years. So now I have presets configured around my 59ers that my other guitars won't breakup at all and feel like I need to go fix everything. I clearly "did it wrong" in some way, 'cause the lighter pickups sound awesome even in their cleanness. I need to do SOMETHING LIKE "global pad, then either a gain block or a Kinky Boost for the quieter guitars". I configure 4 snaps/ 4 stomps and change guitars maybe twice a set, so I'd rather not consume a footswitch for this. What are the common ways to normalize input, both for my too-driven issue and for different pickup types? Thanks, y'all.
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