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  1. In the beginning of the second message I said, although badly worded, that I'm using one mic input and a stereo set (which is in the back). The 6i6 means 2 in the front, 2 in the back and … I don't know, 1 SPDIF in and a MIDI in? So I'm out of inputs. The only free one is one at the front. My Helix isn't always unpacked. Yeah, one of those splitter box thingies. I don't mind them, though, I only ever connect one cable to the M1 and everything is connected. I like it better than having to put all the separate cables in. Ooooh, does this mean you provide on premise support?
  2. Finally! This works perfectly, thanks! The only thing is, I have only one front input left, so no stereo (you get addicted to it so quickly, although I don't think the audience notices), but this is easily solved by buying an interface with more inputs. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I guess because it's digital, my brain wanted to do it the digital way with USB. Shoot me now … Because Apple still doesn't have a way to set the volume of applications! In my day-to-day, I'm a developer, and having notifications blasting through your monitors louder than the music is jarring. SoundSource allows me to do, I've only found this out a couple of years ago, what Linux and Windows users have been able to do forever. I haven't even touched this, your first solution works like a charm. Yeah, I get patching with cables, I just don't get the USB things. My friends laugh about this because I write software for a living. To me, the things just aren't related. Case in point, the Helix is *still* the only machine with an interface made for humans at the front, and for more technical people behind menus further down. That's why I bought it and took the time to learn it. I've checked this just in case, and it was set to Multi. Again, thank you. Thanks for sticking with me through the walls of text. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to figure this out on my own.
  3. One thing I forgot to say is that the Scarlett uses a mic input and a stereo line in, so I'm guessing I'll have to keep it like it is as I can't plug that into the LT. Making an aggregate device was easy enough, but when using that as Input in SoundSource, I still can't hear the Helix. Setting SoundSource's input to device to Helix Audio and keeping output to Scarlett, I also can't hear the Helix, so maybe an engineer changed something that doesn't make it work at home? I'm not that technical with regards to audio so when the sound guys say something needs to change I always let them. When using the aggregate device as input and output, the output is distorted, no matter how low I set the sliders in SoundSource. I've set the sample rate to 48KHz because of the Helix. Setting the clock to whichever or both doesn't help. Oh, and still no ouput from the Helix. So, I quit the SoundSource app, then, using the built-in Audio Devices only, I set output to Scarlett and YT still outputs to the monitors connected to the Scarlett. Setting the Input to Helix Audio also doesn't make me hear the Helix. Yes, sorry, I suck at this. EDIT: Another reason I want to keep the monitors connected to the Scarlett is that I don't always want to unpack the Helix when I come home. EDIT2: I don't use a DAW.
  4. I really tried to search, but I got non-related results, and using "usb" and "no sound" I got nothing. I've been using my Helix LT with stage speakers without problems. Now, I want to hear the sound through the monitors connected to my Mac, but I haven't been succesful. I have a MacBook Air M1 (with the SoundSource app) connected to a Focusrite 6i6 2nd gen, and my monitors are connected to the Focusrite. The Helix LT is connected to the laptop via USB. I've installed HX Edit and I'm able to see the Helix with it and control it. But, no sound through the monitors from the Helix. I do hear the mic connected to the same Focusrite, though. I've tried several things, like setting the input on the laptop to Helix, but still no sound. If I plugin a headset directly to the Helix I do hear sound. How can I get the sound playing through my monitors connected to my laptop while the laptop is also playing music? I've done it before, but that was years ago. As far as I remember that worked first try, so I'm not sure what has changed.
  5. You were right. Got mine yesterday. Thanks for the reassurance!
  6. I've entered my e-mailaddress twice now, but still didn't get a login for Ideascale. Anyone have any tips? Is it broken?
  7. This is exactly how I have it now. Thank you, @codamedia!
  8. @Lone_Poor_Boy Almost, but it did give me something to tinker with. Thanks for the video, it was enlightening to say the least. To elaborate: I don't want to toggle between two snapshot settings, I want to toggle between two pedal (the delay) settings.
  9. I use this so often I'm going to rephrase the question: Since this isn't possible how I envisioned it, would it still be possible to toggle using one FS? If so, how would I set this up? I might change whole setups just to be able to do this.
  10. I like my delay to be setup as follows: 1. 120 ms 2. quarter note Is it possible to always have one on and toggle the delay time and mode (time/tap tempo) with a footswitch without using a snapshot?
  11. Yeah, but better do it now before it starts creeping up on you.
  12. Second page for me, leftmost entry. It's set to 0.0 at the moment. I'm going to lower it since you're right about digital clipping. This means I have to set the channel volume of each patch. Big deal, but I don't see a way around it. Thanks!
  13. I just went through the manual, but I'm not sure how to increase the volume of the USB return. Can you point me in the right direction?
  14. Connected to my Helix are my monitors (XLR) and my PC (USB). So, if I play a YT video on my PC it will come out of my monitors. So far, so good. However, the guitar's volume is blisteringly loud. What would be the best way to get the guitar's volume down (regardless of patch used) without touching the patches as I've already set their volume during rehearsals, and without touching the PC's volume? In other words, how do I get the guitar's volume down in the mix?
  15. Would it be possible to be able to store all presets on a USB stick directly from the Helix, and then being able to restore them on another Helix? This feature becomes even more nice if your Helix fails and you can use someone else's just by restoring from the stick. Preferably using an adapter cable so it will work with current models. Features like choosing a bank to save from and bank to restore to would also be nice.
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