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Found 15 results

  1. I've been asking for an auto wah since I got the HD500. The mutron model doesn't cut it for me, and I've missed the "plain but nice" auto wah on the XT Live. Why not, instead of a dedicated auto wah, create two kinds of modifiers for parameters? One, an LFO that can be tempo synced, and two, a touch/pick dynamics sensor, both assignable to any parameter that can be now controlled by the expression pedals. That would make customizable auto wahs and "auto" lots of things If you like the idea, vote on it!-for-Helix/727014-23508
  2. I've entered my e-mailaddress twice now, but still didn't get a login for Ideascale. Anyone have any tips? Is it broken?
  3. For better visibility e.g. at outdoor gigs it would be great to have black letters on white background as option for the stompbox mode. Should be easy to do, because in preset mode this is the normal operation mode. The scribble strip of the active preset shows black letters on white background, the inaktive show white letters on black. Would be very helpfull !!! thanks!
  4. I just added a plea in the ideascale library for adding the Boss DS-1 to the sounds of the Firehawk. All in favour, please add your vote!
  5. hideout

    A Zero Snapshot

    I just put this in Ideascale. My idea is that when a preset is recalled, no Snapshot is selected. The current settings of the preset will act as Snapshot Zero. Stepping on a footswitch selects the Snapshot assigned to that footswitch. Stepping on it again re-selects Snapshot Zero - the initial settings for that preset. Furthermore, stepping on the Preset footswitch should not recall the preset again as that would cause an interruption in the audio signal. Instead, it would simply act as another Snapshot selector - until another preset is selected. This idea would expand things for users who use "Snap/Preset" setup. It would give us effectively 5 Snapshots instead of 4. Whaddayathink? Cheers, H
  6. Snapshots are great, but the fact that they always recall the on-off state of all blocks means you can't use one as a simple volume boost, for example. If would add a lot of flexibility if there was an option in each snapshot to NOT recall any block on-off states, but only make whatever parameter changes are recorded in the snapshot. By default, it would recall block states too, but that could be disabled. The fact that snapshots can store way more parameter settings than a stomp switch makes them very powerful. Since you can't freely mix snapshot and stomp footswitches, this capability would be super useful to me. If you agree, please vote it up on Ideascale.
  7. I'm as guilty as anyone here, but we need to be posting ideas on Ideascale. This is the best way to get Line6's attention if you have ideas for improvements. When the Ideascale email comes round each week there are dozens of suggestions for improvements for Helix, a few for Pod HD, and maybe one for Firehaek if you're lucky. If you haven't visited it yet, the link is
  8. So, I thought a quick thank you to Line 6 engineers and staff may very well be in order. I have been reading about how fast everyone wants upgrades and such. I noticed the Editor came out and then about (less than) 60 days later there was an improvement. Mind you it is still beta, but I have yet to have any issues and I have noticed some subtleties (of course be careful of ear fatigue - it can be murder after an hour to think I "mistakenly had too much this or that" when my ear actually needed a break). Yes I want the M13 effects, and I want the Mark iic+, and the other stuff I know Line 6 is aware I voted on to date. But I am assuming they do not have the Microsoft employee base! So due to having to completely start from scratch for everything I have voted on from a coding perspective AND how much I am enjoying using the unit in live performances - WOW! Thank you Line 6. I have also been fiddling more and more only to find I can now remove blocks I thought I needed after much investigation into the parameters of each block, how to combine blocks [yes I even use three on a single button], and the great "learn" feature. And the various contributors to this forum as well as the (and/or their) youtube channels - thank you every so much as well!!! So, I am using it as my only pedal with a wireless unit (yes it is Line 6). So far, I haven't missed anything I cannot emulate or wait for. So ... yea ... Thank you Line 6. Just sayin' Dennis
  9. I submitted this request here: Please go vote for it. Let Line 6 know how important this is. Thanks!!
  10. As I've tested my new Helix and easily established it's a keeper I'm starting the HD->HX migration and I'd need a couple of missing effects to be added from HD, hopefully HX-modelled so brand new and better. Please vote if you miss these as well: Sub-Octave-Fuzz: Slow Filter: Octisynth: Obi-Wah (I already posted this one): Seeker (not my Ideascale entry...): I think that would be all, I can sell my HD Pro once these are done ;)
  11. kronda

    Obi-Wah for Helix

    Now that my Helix is on its way to me it's time for some ideascaling... ;) For those of you who are missing Obi-Wah (Sample & Hold filter) on Helix, please vote here: I loved it both in XT and HD...
  12. It appears as if the Line6 Ideascale site has been having some kind of outage or slow performance issues for the last day or so. My browser keeps timing out trying to reach the site. Was wondering if anyone at Line6 has contacted them. Is everyone else having this issue as well?
  13. Hi Guys, I submitted an idea to create a new output mode which could be called "Live" or "Live Gig". It's basically to have a good live sound out of the box (which with the current Studio/Direct is absolutely not the case). If you're like me and spent a lot of time tweaking your POD (I've been playing with it for 1.5 years now and still not done) and would like to free some FX slots which are currently occupied by EQs please consider voting for it: Thanks
  14. Another idea which would make my life easier if implemented: Shouldn't be hard for Line 6 to pull this off over MIDI. The tricky part would perhaps be assigning it to a footswitch (I'm HD Pro guy so not sure but I think Tap Tempo footswitch is hard assigned, right?). I understand if a drummer uses a click and I need to sync to it we should have it synchronized using an external clock but anyway, would be nice. Moreover, I don't think it's possible to control the start of the loop with external clock, or is it? Does anybody have experience with this?
  15. When using the L6 link for mains and monitors the main XLR's could be monitor sends 5 and 6 also XLR mon sends could be mon sends 7, 8, 9, 10 giving a total of 10 Aux sends... Or a box that can be plugged into the L6 link with the stagesource speakers that has multiple XLR outputs for additional Aux sends. NOTE: I know what I've said in the past about Ideascale but I have tried at it once more. ​here is a link to it:
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