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Found 24 results

  1. Basically there is a tempo issue on HEILX that it didn't receive the midi clock message from other musical devices thru midi in ports. But there are some clues. Basically there are 3 basic midi messages about midi clock. -"Song Start" (decimal 250, hex 0xFA) It is a midi message for allowing device to start receiving the midi clock message until receiving the "Song Stop" message. (Sync) -"Timing Clock" (decimal 248, hex 0xF8) As the "Song Start" message received, the musical device calculate the bpm thru receiving timing clock message 24times per 1/4 note. For example, if I send a 120 bpm, then HELIX receive the 96 Timing Clock messages on 2 seconds. So the helix recognize it as 120bpm if it worked normally (it didn't ;/) -"Song Stop" (decimal 252, hex 0xFC) If this messages sent to a device, the device starts to ignore the Timing Clock message until they receive the Song Start message again. (Not sync) The main problem of the HELIX is it didn't receive the TIMING CLOCK messages. If I modulate the mid source to only send a SongStart , SongStop, the magical thing happens. The tempo is maintained as I set already on (per preset or per snapshot, or Global) and it pick the perfect timing for starting point.(That is perfect!!) But the problem is that some Modulation models(which can change the rate setting fit on bpm ex) 1/4 1/8Dot...) and Filter models which also contain rate parameter, didn't even response on Song Start messages. So the method I use upper is a half soultion to use midi well. 1. Set the preset or snapshot bpm as you desire. 2. Send only Song Start message. 3. When you want to stop, send Song Stop message My Question is this: Is it possible to fix this midi tempo issue? Or is there any temporary solutions to use right now?
  2. Hi all I am just about to purchase a Spider V 240 version. Now I have found some articles saying that it's impossible to change the default tempo of the drum loop. Have this been resolved ? If this hasen't been resolved I will look for a different amplifier, as this is the most important feature compared to other amplifiers. It simply do not make sense to have a drum loop without the capability to change the tempo. Sorry if this topic is somewhere else, but I couldn't find a link to the same topic. Br John
  3. when im on a effect i try to use the tap to change the tempo of a specific pedal.maybe i dont know how to do this correctly...
  4. Hi. I own Helix LT with the latest firmware. I use it with my DAW. The Helix is set to receive tempo from the DAW via midi cable connections. It works but the issue is the tempo in Helix is not in sync with the DAW. Sometimes the tempo is spot on and in sync. Most of the times the tempo is correct but not in sync. Sometimes the tempo doesn't match by 1 or 2 bpm. Does anybody use this feature and working correctly? Is there a workaround? The exact same thing happened with my POD HD500X and I never got it to work. I ended up sending MIDI CC messages of tap tempo to the pod.
  5. I cannot get the midi clock from my sequencer to affect the tempos in Helix. What am I doing wrong? Where can find good documentation? I'm using an MPC 1000 sequencer - it's midi out is plugged into the midi in of the Helix. Nothing is happening at all.
  6. I am about to purchase an HD500X, but I am not sure how one would set the BPM for a delay (other than using the tap tempo button on the fly). I currently use a Boss DD-20 GigaDelay which has 4 memory locations for presets. For a typical set at church, I will save the BPM for each song in a preset and just click from one preset to the next as I play each song. I can also set the regular manual setting ahead of time as well, effectively giving me 5 preset BPM settings. Is something like this possible on the HD500X, or do I need to use the tap tempo before each song? I normally don't use the milliseconds settings for delays. Any other information about setting delay times on the HD500X is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to sync the tempo in the POD by sending the clock from my DAW (Reaper) via midi. I have two problems. 1.The POD only syncs the tempo when I go to the midi page in the system settings or when I press a footswitch. 2.The synchronized tempo always drifts by -/+0.2bpm and takes a bit of time to sync. I tried with both global and preset options for the tempo. Is there some workaround for these problems? What I'm trying to do is to play backing tracks with tempo changes during the playback and I would like the tempo in the POD to sync with the DAW without me having to press footswitches and without any drifting. Any advice or setting i'm missing in the DAW or in the POD? Thank you
  8. Hi Line 6 geniuses, I am in need of your expertise. Recently I purchased a Helix Rack to replace the Pod HD Pro. I'm having some trouble getting the tap tempo working from my pedalboard correctly. The pedalboard is a Fractal Audio MFC-101. Per the Helix user manual I have the tap tempo switch set to midi cc# 64 and on/off values of 127. I've tried on/off values of 64/64 and 64/127 as well but it just doesn't seem to be receiving the messages. All other midi controls are working (changing presets, enabling disabling blocks, volume control, tuner, etc.). Is there something in particular that I should be doing to set the tap tempo from a footswitch?
  9. Is there a way of turning off the tap tempo function? I have all my presets setup with a fixed tempo and I don't want to inadvertently change it by a clumsy stomp when using the tuner or whatever.
  10. Hi, Unboxed my helix LT today and started making presets. I'm having problems assigning the tap tempo switch. If I tap the tempo the light starts blinking in time but the delay tempo does not change. I can only change the tempo manually in the delay block in the preset. (preset wich i made) Couldn't find anything in the manual about this. There are factory presets where this does work, only how?? Anyone? Thanks in advance, grtz antonio
  11. Hi there, I'm fairly new to the Helix LT - coming from a Boss background. I'm wondering if there is a way to control the delay repeats using the Tap control without it necessarily being tied to a specific note subdivision. Here's why I ask: I go back and forth between different delay-repeat styles frequently. I want to be able to tap the actual repeats to the rhythm of the tune. For the most part I can just use the 1/4 note setting and it's fine. However, if I want to tap in a 'slapback' by pressing the switch quickly, it limits me to 240bpm and doesn't slap back quick enough. Make sense? So, basically, I just want to be able to tap 'freely' without letting the unit determine the note value or tempo. Please say this is possible and that I'm just missing something.... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  12. Just got a Helix, I was wondering if there is a way to view the tap tempo bpm in real time on the main screen? I play live to a click and while pre-programming the tempos to different patches would be ideal, there have been situations where there will be an unrehearsed or pre-planned song thrown in the mix and I would like to see the tempo match the bpm. Or, is there a way where it at least shows the tempo bpm while I'm actively tapping, Thanks!
  13. Is there any way to manually punch in the numbers for a tempo using the keyboard on the firehawk app? I set up patches for individual songs a lot and it's a pain to try and use the tap tempo to hit an exact tempo for every patch that I make. But it won't let me select the tempo value to just type the numbers in. Am I missing something? I would really appreciate a feature of just being able to touch the tempo number and type in a new tempo.
  14. This just started happening tonight, after working fine for a few months. I have my HD500 connected to an M5, Whammy 5, and Source EQ through a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru. Was playing a few songs before I noticed that the tempo leds were falling out of sync. Never happened before. Tried resetting tempo a few times, but it kept on happening. The leds would flash in sync as I was tapping the HD500 tempo switch, and then after a few beats, they would lose each other. Has anyone experienced this and found a reason/solution?
  15. Another idea which would make my life easier if implemented: Shouldn't be hard for Line 6 to pull this off over MIDI. The tricky part would perhaps be assigning it to a footswitch (I'm HD Pro guy so not sure but I think Tap Tempo footswitch is hard assigned, right?). I understand if a drummer uses a click and I need to sync to it we should have it synchronized using an external clock but anyway, would be nice. Moreover, I don't think it's possible to control the start of the loop with external clock, or is it? Does anybody have experience with this?
  16. So I just got the FBV Shortboard MkII a couple of days ago and I've figured most of it out but I can not for the life of me figure how to get the tap tempo to work with a delay that I have on my Pod Hd Pro X. I've figured out how to assign certain effects to my shortboard but I just can't get the tap tempo to work. Thanks in advance for anyones help!
  17. hi! one question: is it possible on the m9 to have the TAP button regulate the tempo of an external midi delay unit....? is the midi channel # then the same for midi recieve and midi transmit...? and the cc#64 is the same for recieving tap tempo and sending it as well...? thanks a lot, rudi
  18. whenever I write the number of bpm and I move the expression pedal, the amount of time back to the previous progress. To work if I want 130 BPM, write tightening enter 130, then any number and I move the pedal, al back to 130 BPM. Is this normal?
  19. I frequently use a dotted 8th digital delay in my patches and have noticed at times, that it somehow stops working as a dotted 8th and becomes more like a 1/4 note delay. The setting in HD Edit and on the HD500X itself still shows the dotted 8th. I always dial in the BPM for the patch, so the timing of the dotted 8th delay is based off of that. I believe this usually happens when I have the HD500X connected to the computer via the USB cable although I seem to recall this also happening when running the HD500X on its own. In order to fix it, I end up changing the type of note delay to something like a 1/2 note, saving the patch, then switching it back to dotted 8th note and saving it again. Has anyone else noticed this happening? It's not a consistent thing, but it is somewhat disconcerting considering how much one may rely on a specific delay for a song.
  20. Hi everybody, I'd like to know if it's possible to sync my POD HD 300 to a BOSS RC-300 via a "USB to MIDI" cable... The goal would be to create a loop on the RC300 and then to have the delay tempo of the hd300 automatically synchronized with it. Has anyone tried that kind of connection? Thanks
  21. I'm having trouble with my delay getting out of sync. Last week when I was playing live I noticed that the tap tempo on my FBV Express was slightly slow in its response between my tap and the amp. Later I sat down with the iPad and tried to tap the tempo directly on the delay pedal interface and found that the timing was all over the place. I was playing a song that was 75 bpm but even though I was tapping on each down beat the tempo on the pedal would constantly change - I got 72.4, 73.2, 73.7, etc. the closest I got was 74.6 bpm which is pretty good but later in the song I was off enough to notice. I cannot see that there is a way to just dial in the bpm so I guess I'm limited to tapping the tempo, then trying to readjust midsong. Is this the nature of delay in general? If it is, the response time between the tap and the effect should be tighter. It seems that with digital tech we should be able to nail this. So I guess there are really two questions here: 1. Is anyone else experiencing sluggish response through the FBV? This is happening to me even when switching banks and tuning. AND 2. How do I get the right tempo on my delay? Any advice is appreciated!
  22. I like the sound coming out of my amp with my m13, with a good mic it records well. I would like to know if it is possible to have the tempo on the m13 controlled by my daw so everything jives in my session. can I connect the m13 to my interface (rme ucx) and have the temp controlled this way? I love the idea that the bpm in my protools session would match my m13.
  23. Hello. I am using my PODHD500 for worship music, and it would be nice to be able to put in a specific number for delay tempo, as opposed to using tap tempo or by setting tempo in HD Edit. Is there a way do do this, or am I being way too picky? I checked out other threads but all I saw was talk about ms delays and about using tap tempo with a clicktrack to set tempo. Yes, a clicktrack is helpful and all for preparing patches for a set, but an alternative would be nice. Anybody? Thanks! James
  24. Hey, everyone. I've had an HD500 for about a year and a half and recently the tap/tuner button started misfiring. What I mean is that sometimes when I press it once, it registers as two times, making the tempo insanely fast. Also sometimes when I hold it down and it goes to tuner, it will register contact, when I release it, so then it exits tuner mode. Is there anything I can try to do before sending it in for repair? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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