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  1. We're sure you'll have a great experience with your Helix. As with anything, be sure to regularly back up your presets, and in the event anything unexpected happens while using your Helix, please perform one or more of the steps below while powering on your unit. If your Helix ends up in a bad state due to a failed firmware update try rebooting the Helix/Helix Rack while entering update mode by holding down footswitches 6+12 (Helix/LT) or encoders 1+6 (Rack). You should see "Entered Update Mode" on the screen, once this is done properly. Then you can re-connect to Line 6 Updater. You may need to manually resume the update using Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit). Make sure all other recording software is closed on your system. Make sure to try this out on different USB ports, or multiple computers in case of poor USB connections, or if the the Helix doesn't connect at all with update mode, or its regular boot-up. Further info on the update process can be found here: Helix Floorboard/LT 1. Holding footswitch 5+6 on boot restores Global parameters 2. Holding footswitch 7+8 on boot restores presets and setlists ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 3. Holding footswitch 8+9 on boot restores presets, setlists, and IRs ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 4. Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot restores presets, setlists, globals and IRs (restores factory bundle) "THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 5. Holding footswitch 10+11 on boot will rebuild your presets in the latest loaded firmware 6. Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of wiping out all presets. While holding footswitches 11 + 12 7. Helix can now, after firmware 1.06.5, enter update mode manually by holding footswitches 6 + 12 Helix Rack Since the rack doesn't have footswitches, you'll instead hold down a combination of the 6 encoders that are below the main LCD screen as you're booting up. ENC2 & ENC3 - reset globals ENC3 & ENC4 - restore stock presets and setlists ENC4 & ENC5 - restore stock presets, setlists, and IRs ENC5 & ENC6 - reset globals and restore presets, setlists, and IRs (entire factory restore) ENC1 & ENC3 - rebuild all presets ENC1 & ENC5 - clear all presets, setlists, and IRs ENC1 & ENC6 - will enter Update Mode (This feature is only available on firmware v1.06.5 and higher) HX Effects 1. Holding FS3 + MODE - Will clear all Presets and IRs 2. Holding FS4+FS5 - Will reset Global Settings 3. Holding FS5+FS6 - Will reset Presets only 4. Holding FS6+TAP - Will Perform factory restore (reset, Globals, IRs, and Presets) 5. Holding the right arrow ">" Will put the unit in a fail safe update mode. Use this when the HX Effects is in a un recoverable state HX Stomp Hold these button combinations while powering up the HX Stomp: 1. FS1, 2 & 3: clears all presets/IRs 2. FS1+2: resets presets and IRs 3. FS 2+3: factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Page >: update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. Upper & Lower Knobs: Rebuild presets. Wait for "Will Rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. HX Stomp XL Hold these button combinations while powering up the HX Stomp XL: 1. FS ^, C & D: clears all presets/IRs 2. FS ^+C: resets presets and IRs 3. FS C+D: factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Page >: Update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. Upper & Lower Knobs: Rebuild presets. Wait for "Will Rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. Make sure to always update to the latest firmware using Line 6 Updater.
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve just uploaded two videos on my YouTube channel (more coming soon). Free Helix patch inside; if you like take a look and join my channel! Ciao a tutti, ho appena caricato sul mio canale questi due video (ne seguiranno altri) con relativa patch Helix annessa. Se vi fa piacere guardateli e scaricatele!
  3. Hello! So I'm going for my dream rig and I need your advice/ comments on this, since it's the first time I'll be going for a rack system. Rig: Mesa Boogie Mark V:25 Helix Rack Helix Control pedalboard Tuner pedal next to the pedalboard 2x ODs connected to the Helix (rack) 2x expression pedals (wah and volume) QA: Would I be able to connect 2 external pedals to the Helix and use them in Helix patches? Do I need Mission external pedals for wah and volume or can I use others like a Dimebag wah? How do you guys power the Helix Control pedalboard, do you use a power supply like a Truetone CS7? Can the Helix control the Mark V:25 channels? Can I use that feature when setting up Helix presets? Would I need extra gizmos? If someone has a similar rack system please do share, I would be willing to pay for help designing the whole thing, including necessary cables, etc... Thank you!
  4. Just a quick vid of my FBV setup with the Helix
  5. Hello, sorry if this is a duplicate, I'm not a regular forums user... I've received my Helix Rack today and was updating it to the current firmware and setting it up and was wondering if it would not be possible to use on of the backpanel jacks as a regular instrument in. The background is that it sits below my wireless which of course outputs on the back an instrument level signal and I would like to avoid laying a cable out to the frontpanel instrument in. I was checking all the global in/out options but could not find anything like this. As far as I understand it, the aux in expects a line level input. On a sidenote: Does anybody know what happens if you feed an instrument level signal through a lne level input port? I would guess it would sound a little "washed out"? Thanks in advance and best regards
  6. Hello, I have had the controller for the helix rack stored away for a year or two it's been kept in great Nic. I went to use yesterday and found it was not functioning. It is connected to helix rack and does not respond to stomp boxes in any way. Also to tunning screen display is blank. The stomps have no text displayed above them, there is light however. I tried restoring factory presets and such but to no avail. Has anyone encountered this problem before. It's frustrating as I have got almost no use out of the controller. Kind Regards Geoff
  7. Hi, I just got my Helix Rack yesterday and i bought an used FCB1010 foot controller to go with it, because I needed the Rack version and can't afford the Helix Control right now. I would like to configure it to work with the Helix but having absolutely no experiences with MIDI and amp modelers, I really don't know how to do it and where to start, or even what is possible to do beside switching presets. I pretty much only find informations on how to use the Helix AS a midi controller but that's obviously not what I want to do. So, If someone could help me, and/or point me to good documentation about this, It would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi! So I'm about to buy an Helix Rack, that I'm gonna use live and at rehearsals with my "modern metal" band (Architects, BMTH, Deftones type of sound..). I'm looking for the best FRFR speaker I could get for this usage between 300€ to maximum 400€. I already looked for the Mackie Thump15, Headrush 112 and ALTO speakers, and heard good and bad things about these but struggle to find good feedbacks from users with a similar situation/need. What would you recommend? Any help would be appreciated! ps: also, what would be the most suited speaker diameter? 10, 12 or 15"?
  9. Hi, Just got a Helix rack and I'm new to this forum, but since Helix is so new to the world, I couldn't find any suggestions on Google. So far I've been very pleased, but *I think* I've discovered quite a limitation. Am I right in thinking there is not a MIDI command that can bypass or engage an effect block? I know there are CC49-58 which act like the footswitches, but they toggle the bypassed state, not set it explicitly. Every other effects processor I've used (inc the M13) was able set an effect "on" or "off" using MIDI. For example, on the M13, setting CC11 to 127 turned the bottom left effect "on", setting CC11 to 0, turned the effect "off". Am I right in thinking that with the Helix, we can only toggle effects? This means if I'm doing a song and an effect is toggled accidentally, or a MIDI command is missed, then that effect will be in the wrong state for the rest of the song, not just until it is next bypassed/activated. This just seems kind of crazy to me!? I've tried setting the footswitch assignment to momentary instead of latching, but then CC49-58 have no effect (which I believe is by design). I also know you can use controller assignment on the "mix" of an effect, then dial it down to 0% when you want it off and 100% when you want it on. But that's a workaround at best, and many of the effect blocks don't have a "mix" parameter (amps, cabs, EQ...). I was kind of disappointed with the MIDI implementation on the M13, which was a fabulous piece of hardware, but lacking thorough MIDI control. When I looked through the manual of the Helix, I thought "Oh man, this thing can do it all!". But if I'm now going to find you can't reliably turn effect on and off with MIDI, I'm going to feel a bit robbed :( Cheers, David
  10. Umanile

    Comparison Day!

    Today I compared two amps with the corresponding models on the Helix Rack. My 1978 Marshall JMP 50w MkII non master volume (bridged), and my BRBS Vintage Class 50watt ( an Italian boutique amplifier, that is a 50 watt JCM800 clone (with some personal mods). I linked the cab output of the amplifiers to a palmer PDI 03, a load box/speaker emulator, bypassing the speaker emulation and put the real "amp block" in the first helix fx loop. Then I created a preset with the corresponding models (for the Marshall a Brit Trem Jumped, for the BRBS a Brit 2204) and a FX loop block with the true amplifiers, after that i put a cab block (a mandarin cab with a sm57 and a Royer 121, and then i created two snapshots: one with the model active, and another with the true amp. After some tweaking I really managed to match the true and the model amplifiers, and they are really really close, also If I have to dial pretty different values on the modeled amplifiers. In general, the amp models sound really really bright compared to the true amplifiers, but it's pretty simple to match the two without an EQ block. I really recommend this experience, is an eye opener! The helix is fantastitc! On saturday I will have my first gig with the Helix, and I'm prette excited!
  11. I am planing on swapping my Helix for a Helix Rack + Controller but, I have a few questions: 1. Can the Controller fit in a rack drawer? I am guessing a 2U? 2. How do you transport the Volume pedal? I am guessing you have another drawer just for pedals and you have to connect them at the venue you're playing at? 3. What rack did you get and what do you have on? Drawer for cables? Patchbay? Power conditioner? 4. Do you use a tuner plugged in the Controller in case you can't see the rack? 5. What about the g10? If you use one what do you do? another drawer? (this rack is becoming really big!) I am sure I am not the only one with those questions, so I believe pics would also be great! Thanks :)
  12. Hello! So I've been using the line 6 helix rack + control for about 2 years now. And I just had this spark of an idea that maybe is retarded but I taught I'd still share the idea I had. ^.^ So I know analog guitar pedal, amps, power amps, etc. will sounds a tiny little bit different every time you use them. Depending on the components used in the pedal, the temperature, the humidity and so on. Even tho this is only a very slight change I think it'd be cool to have an option on the helix to emulate that effect. I think this should be a global option that effects everything in the chain. I think it could be programmed in the way of having the user define inputs change a little bit depending on a pseudo random number every time the helix boots and the options has been set active. Or maybe even with the tube amps depending on how long the amp has been active the "tubes" will warm up thus changing the sound in the slightest. Sorry again if this is a stupid idea, but I taught I'd share it ^.^ - Bryan Honof
  13. Hi Line 6 geniuses, I am in need of your expertise. Recently I purchased a Helix Rack to replace the Pod HD Pro. I'm having some trouble getting the tap tempo working from my pedalboard correctly. The pedalboard is a Fractal Audio MFC-101. Per the Helix user manual I have the tap tempo switch set to midi cc# 64 and on/off values of 127. I've tried on/off values of 64/64 and 64/127 as well but it just doesn't seem to be receiving the messages. All other midi controls are working (changing presets, enabling disabling blocks, volume control, tuner, etc.). Is there something in particular that I should be doing to set the tap tempo from a footswitch?
  14. I have the Helix Rack and Control. using FW 2.21 - updated when released and the update procedure correctly followed and rebuild done. All has been good until last night. I pressed on the control to change up to the next bank and nothing happened. then the control froze none of the switches worked. Waited awhile and it unfroze. tried changing a preset which it allowed but the next press on footswitch to change to another preset and it froze again - none of the foot switches responsive! tried reconnecting the cable at both ends, tried a new cable too - no change you can press one switch and then the next press on another switch and it frozen again. Whilst frozen - If i make changes via the rack eg change preset - the control not echoing the changes made. After various testing via powering down and back up - this problem is for all of the settings via control be it changing snapshots, bank, presets, stomp mode etc... and any setting change on the rack not shown on the control. I went into global settings - footswitches page. I noticed if i made a change to any of the settings on the footswitch page the control worked perfectly - but as soon as i leave the global footswitch page and return to the main home screen - the control freezes up again. so that leads me to believe it might be a bug rather than hardware problem. Have tried another cat 5 cable - problem still persists. My next line of thought - Is there a reset method for the rack and control? see if that fixes it. if that doesnt fix it then my questions are: is the problem Hardware or firmware. If firmware bug - what do i do. do i need to wait for this bug to be fixed in the firmware release, eg 2.3, post native release could still be sometime away? If it is hardware error - is it the control or the rack where the problem resides? Very frustrating - been building up patches and ready to go record next week for three weeks... bam it not working properly... suddenly realize how dependent you become on this device - it is the central hub of all the work. here's hoping a reset can fix it. anyone experienced this issue? anyone any thoughts? any one at line 6 any advice how to proceed with this?
  15. Wanted to share pictures of my Helix Rack because I haven’t seen or been able to find pictures of people sharing their’s. SKB Roto Rack 6 space deep rack Shelf Shelf Shure ULXP wireless Helix Helix Helix On the back I have a patchbay with D Series connectors. I got the rack piece from Full Discount/FDW Corp. I wish I would have gotten a 2 space rack piece with the d series connectors vertical instead, but it’s alright. I’m also hoping to wire up a PowerCon port as well, but haven’t ordered one yet. Currently I have the Control, open, Left XLR, Right XLR, Left 1/4, Right 1/4, open, strap, Mic in, Aux in. I did all the soldering and such myself using scraps of wire and ends from deinstalled sound systems. The shelf on the top is a deep rack shelf that I got from work. We pulled it out of a rack that we were putting in a church. I put it in from the back as the back of the shelf (now the front) is slotted and then I had something to strap my control down to without cutting the shelf. The opposite piece of Velcro is looped around the rack piece for the d series connectors. The wireless was one that we pulled out of a church when they bought new wireless. Minuscule repair, I had a working wireless. Someday I’ll probably upgrade to a Shure ULXD, which I will purchase through work. We install those and they have been fantastic. It’s kind of heavy and bulky, but the rack has wheels and since it’s only ~14 inches tall, I can put it vertically into the back seat of a vehicle. It is lighter than most guitar amps and can be lifted with one hand, but I wish it was lighter. I now come to gigs with my rack rolling in one hand and a guitar case in the other. Then have to make a second trip for monitors (which I’m looking to upgrade to Bose S1’s because they are light and small compared to my Mackie SRM 450s). I will probably add an octave pedal in the rack on the shelf sometime, and maybe a drive as well, but for now this is what I’m using. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them!
  16. Hey I recently switched to a rack system and have the helix rack, effects gizmo, alembic f2b, a power amp and a shelf powered by a pedal power 2+ These are all plugged into a furman M8dx. And plan to be adding a wireless system for guitar and in ears as well. I will be powering on the power amp seperately but would leaving the helix rack(and everything else except the power amp) in the on position and turning it on/off with the power conditioner damage the helix? I have been careful to power everything on individually but wanted to know if I could streamline the process Also I noticed when switching the helix rack off from the front power switch it makes a crackling sort of noise is this normal? It seems to be functioning properly but I don't want to damage it
  17. I have a Variax and am looking to get the Helix rack. I will be using a wireless system rather than a Variax cable. I know it's possible to use the Aux input for guitar, but in the cheat sheet it says to plug a guitar or bass with active pickups in this input. It looks like only the guitar input at the front has a Hi Z impedance i.e is the best input for guitar. I'm thinking of getting a wireless receiver to sit on top of the Helix rack, so would rather have a short patch lead going into the back of the Helix. Would the aux input or one of the return jacks work as well as the guitar input? It's kind of similar to my last question but just working out how I'm going to the routing. Would have been really nice to have had another hi-z guitar input on the back.
  18. Hey guys I'm trying to plug my helix control into my helix rack unit but it doesn't seem to want to communicate. Every time I hook up the Control the helix tells me to update the control inorder for it to work; as soon as I press CANCEL or OK my entire unit Freezes. Any thoughts on how I can update my Control Pedal?
  19. Hi guys! Having lots of fun using Helix Rack with an amp in the studio!
  20. Hello Line 6 forum users, I was hoping you could help advise me with a dilemma that I'm having. I want to take advantage of Line 6's promotional deal for a Mission Engineering expression pedal when purchasing a helix rack and control this month so I went to Guitar Center (as I believe they are a licensed Line 6 dealer) yesterday to do so when they informed me that the earliest that a helix rack would be able to be shipped would be on the 27th of February as they didn't have one in store. I'm concerned that while I could get a receipt today, the 20th of February, showing I purchased a helix I wouldn't have the physical unit until perhaps March, when the promotion would have expired, and consequently if the serial number was needed to register the unit (as I assume it is) that I would miss the window of the promotion. Is it possible that there may be a way that even if my unit doesn't arrive during the promotional period that I could still receive a Mission Engineering expression pedal if I had proof of purchase during the promotional period? I have attempted to contact Line 6 through both repeated calls today and yesterday to the 1 (818) 575-3600 phone number they have listed as well as through a Facebook message but have yet to receive a reply. I understand that their customer service isn't listed as being open during the weekends and, while they are shown to be available on Mondays, that today is Presidents' Day in the United States so it's understandable that they may not be at work. Ideally I'd be purchasing the helix rack and control today from Guitar Center in order to take advantage of their Presidents' Day discounts but if possible I'd like to get confirmation on whether I would be able to receive the Mission Engineering expression pedal as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and any help you can offer!
  21. I've been using an HD500 for a long time, and it's upgrade time. I play electric violin, and MIDI-controlled Whammy 5 is an integral part of my rig. I have a Molten Voltage Osmosis, which selects presets, sets Whammy pedal position, and also calls up presets on my Source Audio EQ. From what I've been reading, I will probably have to keep at least the Whammy, and probably the Osmosis, as well. Right now, I'm looking to set up the Helix rack in an 8u rack, with drawer-mounted pedals, and probably a rack EQ. I like having access to a hardware EQ at all times. My first question: Can the Helix floor/rack floorboard send more than one MIDI command at a time? Three to five commands would be nice. If I could leave the Osmosis at home, I might be convinced to get the floor processor instead of the rack version. Second question: Can the floorboards be set up with completely customized layouts? For example: Top row: bank up, preset 1, preset 2, preset 3, looper, snapshot 1 Bottom row: bank down, MIDI command 1, MIDI command 2, MIDI command 3, snapshot 2, tap/tuner Third question: Can a 3rd party controller(FCB1010, HD500, etc) be set up to access presets, snapshots, send MIDI PC/CC, tempo? I'm not concerned with changing preset parameters during performance. If the presets and snapshots are all MIDI accessible, then I will be able to do just about everything I want. Fourth question: Are there any internal LFO, like the Fractal processors have? Last question: Is the input impedance seriously topped out at 1 Megohm? I have a good preamp, but I never had to use it with the HD500. Not a huge deal, but I was really surprised at that.
  22. Greetings! If you are reading this then you are probably a proud owner of the Helix. With that said, I'm looking for an answer. Has anyone had their presets and settings wiped out in any given situation? I'm talking when a breaker pops, after transportation or even just booting Helix up normally. Has anyone had that issue, or should I really get into the habit of backing my presets up? I use Helix Rack to tour with. It's been absolutely fantastic to use but with touring, you know that stuff seems to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. I'm just trying to gather a failure report. Questions does not pertain to corrupt files that occur from updating Helix - I already knew that was a thing. Thanks folks, and keep on Helix-ing! Jaime Trevino of RockStar
  23. Hi folks, I have had the floorboard model for a couple of weeks, just for practising at home and really enjoyed it but I'm finding it awkward to position the floorboard model so it is easy to tweak and see the screen, etc. I think the rack model would suit me better because I can have the rack unit high enough to see and tweak, and have the Helix Control on the floor where it belongs. I'm thinking if I get a nice solid-wood rack it will look like a piece of furniture and the wife won't notice :-) The shop I bought it from has agreed that I can still return my Helix and buy the rack + controller instead. Before I do that I have a few questions for anyone with rack experience, as I have never used or bought one before: 1) Weight - seems like a lot of rack gear is very light, but things like Helix rack and Kemper rack are a lot heavier. Are the front rack screws enough to take that weight, or do I need some extra rails or something inside the rack itself to support the rear of the Helix rack unit? 2) I'm guessing the Helix Controller comes with a really long cable for stage use, I will only need around 3m, is there a recommended type of shorter replacement cable for the Helix Rack + Controller? I think it's just a network cable isn't it? 3) I thought it might be handy if possible to bring some of the Helix rear inputs into a front rack panel, I have seen some pre-cut panels but not sure where or what type of sockets I would need to put into the pre-cut holes. Can anyone point me to some parts to extend USB and audio sockets into a front rack panel? Thanks for the help folks, Charlie
  24. Greetings! To preface the below, I have searched high and low for a real answer for my issue. I hope that I am able to find what I'm looking for here! Problem: I have 4 snapshots in Preset "001" that I am trying to integrate MIDI with to switch channels on my Carvin Legacy 3. Snapshot 1: "Clean" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #81 over Channel 1 (MIDI talk, of course) Snapshot 2: "Crunch/Dry" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 3: "Crunch/Wet" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 4: "Lead" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #83 over Channel 1 CC parameters #84 and #85 control Legacy 3 boost and reverb functions respectively. I do not intend to use these at this time. I have tried going into the Global Settings and was successful in assigning CC #81-83 to my Helix Floor unit. I can find the toggles grayed out in "Stomp Mode" and can switch the amp channels in stomp mode. I CAN'T trigger the changes in Snapshot mode, however....I'm perplexed. Super perplexed. Can someone walk me through the steps that I need to take to set this up? I want to have this as a guide to take with me in the event something happens. I play in a band that travels internationally and due to time constraints, I'm basically freaking out inside. We are going from Michigan to New York and then on a cruise ship to Bermuda in literally less than 30 days now. Any assistance will be super appreciated! Disclaimer: I'm new to the Helix and this forum. Save me pls.
  25. Hey everyone I have the helix rack, and the floor controller I am currently looking for a rack drawer(hopefully shallow/half depth) to store the helix controller in most I've seen are only 15.5"ish wide but the helix is 17" wide. As I'm hoping to go half depth drawer I was wondering what other people were using
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