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Found 11 results

  1. Attempted the 3.71 update and received error, turned the helix off as instructed in error message and helix will not reboot. it states firmware 3.71 when turned on. Even when I try to do the 7 & 8 reboot the screen reads.... Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! anyone know how to fix this? placed support ticket in to line 6 but it states 3 days to reply
  2. Hi guys, first time posting here. So I bought a used HX Stomp a couple of months ago and everything have been working fine until yesterday when I connected it to do a reamp with my reamp box and there was no sound coming out of the unit. After some troubleshooting I've found that it seems the unit is not getting input signal as when I turn the tuner on nothing seems to happen. I've also tried putting a return block and using the returns of the unit as input but still no sound. When the unit is in analog bypass mode the signal goes through just fine, so I assume there's no physical problem with the input jacks. I've tried reseting the unit and downgrading it to past firmware and the problem persists. Sometimes the audio comes back but then again the problem returns, this seems to be random. Also when I first boot the device for a second it registers sound but then it cuts off. I've read that some Helix and Helix LT users have encountered this problem but haven't found anything on HX Stomp. Dou you have any idea why this could be happening? Does it have any solution?
  3. I was rehearsing with my band and suddenly my Helix went silent (no sound coming out from the ¼’’ output). Tuner doesn’t respond either so I assume there is some kind of problem with the input. Tried to connect different guitars and various cables in order to make sure there was signal feed in the guitar input of the Helix. All features and menus seem to work fine. I can navigate through presets and settings. I created a support ticket and I am waiting for a reply. I also tried to reset the device and updated the firmware. Still no sound. Any ideas?
  4. Good Afternoon, I've fallen into the cycle of firmware update failure that I've seen posted here numerous times. I was coming from a very old Firmware (Could have been the first, don't think it's ever been updated). Following the suggestions I've ready here, I've downloaded the Line 6 Updater as well as the latest firmware, and attempted to update it through that. I get the update has been successful and that my Helix will reset. In doing so, I get the ""Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" Restart a few times and same thing. So, I enter the device into update mode (holding 6 and 12 buttons) and attempt do to the update again. Still, same thing. Updater says successful, Helix says, "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!". I've even tried to install an older firmware, all resulting in the same results. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance for any advice that is given. Respectfully, -Pen
  5. In the event that you have connected a RELAY G10 or TB516G transmitter and observed text in the Line 6 Updater app stating that 'The transmitter was not detected correctly', it is likely that the computer has not completed the download of the appropriate device drivers. This may be due to not having allowed the computer enough time to install the drivers upon any initial connection to a USB port on your computer. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet, and that you have given enough time to allow your computer to search for and install the device drivers. This may take several minutes. The process may also be slowed if any other programs or windows on your computer are open, so it is recommended that you close them before proceeding. Once the drivers have installed, please quit and again launch the updater app, and then attempt the update process with your transmitter. If you are still experiencing an issue at this point, please also check your computer's 'Device installation settings' to make sure that Windows is configured to automatically download driver software (Please click here for a knowledge base item that will further assist with this). Additionally, the driver that the G10 uses is native to Windows and may need to be reinstalled in order for the G10 to be recognized. To obtain the driver, click the link below to visit the website for Infineon, who is the vendor for the driver. There, you can register for a free account. After registering and verifying your email, you can log in to the Infineon site and then manually download and install their "Cypress Driver Installer": USB-Serial Windows Driver Installer
  6. A quick note that I hope might be useful to others. I bought a Helix LT this week. The driver software loaded fine onto a couple of laptops but I couldn't get it to install on my main Windows 7 PC. The Helix showed up as a device in "Devices and Printers" but was reported by WIndows as unusable and that the driver had failed to load. It appears that my copy of Windows had loaded a generic USB device driver instead of the L6 software. Anyway, after several fruitless exchanges with L6 support, I found the fix myself. You need to go to the Helix device shown in Device Manager, click on Properties, click on Driver, tell it to "Update Driver" and install the driver manually from the folder: Programs (x86)/ Line6/ Tools/ Driver2 Archive/ Helix. Windows will identify the ".inf" file in that folder as the correct driver. Click on that and you should be good to go. I suspect it's an unusual problem inasmuch as one of my laptop installs was also Win 7 and went perfectly smoothly. Nevertheless, I hope this may help someone. Now I can get back to trying to get the Helix to play nicely with my DT25.......... Andy
  7. Hi, My shortboard has developed a fault. It powers up, the volume and wah lights flash once and the display says LINE 6 - then nothing happens. None of the buttons work. I've tried different cat5 cables. Any ideas? Is there a way to reset it? I'm using it with a Pod X3 Pro. Thank you.
  8. Hey, all— I love my new JTV59, and use it for almost all of my gigs. However, last night I played an outdoor gig where the heat index was about 104F, and the modeling wouldn't even turn on. I had charged the battery just prior to the gig, and checked it before I left the house (full charge). When I say "the modeling wouldn't turn on", I mean I got exactly the same results that I would get as if the battery was dead or not in the chamber. I checked the battery level indicator, and it briefly flashed 3 LEDs, but it went off a lot quicker than it usually does. Generally speaking, those LEDs stay on for about two seconds, and last night they only stayed on for about a half second. I pulled and reseated the battery four times, but no change. Got through the gig just fine with the mag pups, but I missed having the alternate tuning functions :( Took it home, plugged it in this morning to check it, and everything works just fine today. So it's either the battery doesn't function when it's too warm, or the electronics fail when it's too warm. Any ideas?
  9. Greetings! If you are reading this then you are probably a proud owner of the Helix. With that said, I'm looking for an answer. Has anyone had their presets and settings wiped out in any given situation? I'm talking when a breaker pops, after transportation or even just booting Helix up normally. Has anyone had that issue, or should I really get into the habit of backing my presets up? I use Helix Rack to tour with. It's been absolutely fantastic to use but with touring, you know that stuff seems to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. I'm just trying to gather a failure report. Questions does not pertain to corrupt files that occur from updating Helix - I already knew that was a thing. Thanks folks, and keep on Helix-ing! Jaime Trevino of RockStar
  10. Hello All, Helix Rack noob here. For whatever reason, the Helix rack will not connect to my PC via USB (Windows 7/Core i7/Cubase 8/32GB RAM) or be recognized by the Line Updater. I have tried plugging the USB cable into the rear USB port as has been suggested in previous posts. This was (and continues to be) met with extreme futility. Any wise suggestions that would remedy this most unfortunate situation would be enthusiastically read and eagerly anticipated. Closing salutations, MolchMon
  11. hi there, I recently bought a used DT-50 112 combo, and to make it easier to switch between channels picked up a Boss FS-5L foot switch. Tried it out when i got it a few weeks ago, worked fine. Hadn't put the amp on for about two weeks, then tried it tonight and had issues. firstly when I put the TS cable into the foot switch input it would automatically switch from A to B, even when the foot switch itself was not connected. [never B to A though] I even had issues switching it back to A with the front selector switch. - I tried about six different TS cables, none of them worked with the foot switch. - Changed batteries in the Boss, [even though brand new], light would work to indicate it is working, but still no action on the amp. I then turned it off and back on again, holding down the channel select switch on the amp for six seconds. [read about it here somewhere, thought it couldn't hurt]. After this the foot switch input and the Boss would not change the channel, although the switch would. Could the jack input be damaged in some way? and is it an easy fix? other than that the amp is fine, but its an annoyance to not be able to switch channels easily with the new foot switch. Has this happened to anyone else, and what was your solution? Also, if needed, does anyone know the best place in Melbourne, Australia, to fix this type of issue? cheers, Sean
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