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  1. I was rehearsing with my band and suddenly my Helix went silent (no sound coming out from the ¼’’ output). Tuner doesn’t respond either so I assume there is some kind of problem with the input. Tried to connect different guitars and various cables in order to make sure there was signal feed in the guitar input of the Helix. All features and menus seem to work fine. I can navigate through presets and settings. I created a support ticket and I am waiting for a reply. I also tried to reset the device and updated the firmware. Still no sound. Any ideas?
  2. Hi there, Wow, long long time wothout posting here ;o) I am still the owner of a mark 1 SV 112 and still hppy with it. I never experienced the overheating DSP problem leading to neverending ressting of the amp, but it is true that I seldom used it at high volume for long periods of time. I only gigged twice with it and have played it in my personal home studio at home mostly. What I would have liked to know is if this problem is systematic with MK1 SVs or if it is completely random. I mean, have there been random series that have the problem and others that don't have it ? I have the Strymon SVPre that I installed when it came out and the DSP board is, it seems, the first make (Revision A from 2007). So far, I have never experienced the problem. If I ever do, I'll try to fix it with a heatsink on the overheating areas of the board, but I'd really like to know if this is a randomly happening problem. If not, I might have just got a series without the flaw and I'll be glad about it ;o) Thanks a lot for your answers. Jay
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Jim.I'm new to the forum and have a problem maybe one of you can help me with. I have a POD HD400 that I bought last month. I do my own recording and was using a Digitech guitar processor before this. The 400 is a great processor and has many editing functions. Problem is that i played with it for about a month and then plugged it in to update it. I got the new drivers and firmware and after all was said and done i have no sound. It's as if my guitar isn't plugged in anymore. Anyone have any experience with this problem? Windows 8.1, Instruments are plugged into a Yamaha usb audio codec, in my playback and record tabs everything is how it should be. Btw the installations were a success for the 400.
  4. New to Pod Go. I purchased a Pod Go wireless system this week. Set it up properly (I believe). Updated the firmware. Did a backup. Did a factory reset. I'm using a Breedlove Legacy with LR Baggs anthem pickups. Loaded a patch, plugged in my wireless, and got tone to use the tuner. Plugged in the headphones and got crickets. Plugged into the back of an amp and got tone. Tried different patches, different presets, but still can only get sound through the amp and not the headphones. Tried using it connected to my pc using edit and also tried it without the pc just plain. I know this must be something completely basic that I'm screwing up. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a V 60 and a gt10 transmitter and I cannot get any sound out of this thing. Nothing from the woofer, tweeter or, the headphone jack. Nothing plays regardless of cable choice and nothing from the aux input or drum tracks / metronome etc. Regardless of hard wire or with gt10 (which shows connected when on) I dont even see a signal in tuner mode. I have tried updating the firmware multiple times, even down grading and then re updating to current, including factory resets multiple times. I have experience with diagnosing amp issues and literally just repaired my LD300 I wish I could find any type of schematic for this glue covered mess. The least Line 6 could do (considering it seems like so many Spider V's have this issue) is offer some replacement parts for sale. Ridiculous we should have to pay 90$ an hour for repairs when the components are so plug and play. Anyways - rant over, any ideas? Lol
  6. Hello , I have a problem with my x3 live . For some time after turning on no sound , if I press the pedal wah wah seems to work (though not modulates the wah wah ) but only with the pedal mode wah wah . after a variable period of time , from one hour to five hours POD start functioning correctly . if I turn it off and restart immediately the problem does not occur anymore, but if I keep it off for a while, for example, half an hour I have to wait again to make sure that everything returns to normal. I tried to reset it to factory defaults and reprogram the firmware but it does not change . To any of you ever do this ? It ' a known problem ?
  7. Hey guys! I bought a Pod Go three months ago and loved the tones, but am a bit concerned about an issue: Sometimes my Pod Go boots without sound, and in rare occasions it boots freezed (can't change presets or snapchots). If I turn it off and back on, it works normaly. It happens in the minority of the cases but, since I'm running it in the new firmware (that states that this issues were resolved) and use it as my main rig for live applications, without backups, it makes me concerned that it can happen on stage and don't normalize when rebooting. It worries me, too, if it is a software issue or if it can be the case that I have a faulty hardware unit (dealer exchange period is about to end for me). I openned a ticket a month and a half ago, and was told to reinstall the firmware (which I did and solved the problem for a month), but now the problem is back (I openned another support ticket, but since it's December, I don't think they will answer so soon (I openned it in Nov. 27 and still no answer)). So I would like to know if any of you experienced the same problem with the Pod Go in the 1.12 firmware, if it's relatively common and if you guys think this could be something wrong with the hardware of my unit! Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, first time posting here. So I bought a used HX Stomp a couple of months ago and everything have been working fine until yesterday when I connected it to do a reamp with my reamp box and there was no sound coming out of the unit. After some troubleshooting I've found that it seems the unit is not getting input signal as when I turn the tuner on nothing seems to happen. I've also tried putting a return block and using the returns of the unit as input but still no sound. When the unit is in analog bypass mode the signal goes through just fine, so I assume there's no physical problem with the input jacks. I've tried reseting the unit and downgrading it to past firmware and the problem persists. Sometimes the audio comes back but then again the problem returns, this seems to be random. Also when I first boot the device for a second it registers sound but then it cuts off. I've read that some Helix and Helix LT users have encountered this problem but haven't found anything on HX Stomp. Dou you have any idea why this could be happening? Does it have any solution?
  9. I have a Variax 300 electric guitar which I am powering with an XPS Mini. The guitar has been working decently so far (with some crackling issues with some of the modes), however, recently I have started having the issue of no sound coming out of the amp when I play. Once I unplug and replug the cable the sound comes back, but only for a minute or so. Due to the current lockdown I cannot really seek professional help but I really want it to work again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just updated to the most current firmware update. Now I can't get any sound whatsoever. Any one else experience this or know how to fix? Thanks!
  11. My bassist was using an amplifi (150?) for band practice for weeks, suddenly as he was playing, no sound was coming out. well, sound was coming out in the form of reverb but nothing else. once the reverb was turned off there was no sound whatsoever. he was able to get sound to come out with bluetooth from his phone but nothing from his bass. any suggestions?
  12. I purchased UX1 yesterday and I've been trying to get sound, but there's nothing coming. I bought UX1 to get better quality for my streams that I will start on Twitch. I've checked for other solutions on the internet, (including old posts from this forum) but nothing seem to work. I've made sure that my settings are correct in the sound/audio settings in the control panel. I've tested the audio in Audacity and OBS, but no sound. I've downloaded and installed the recent drivers (from 2011 right?) but nothing. Is there more programs or something else I need for it to work? I got Windows 7 and my mic is Shure SM57. It would mean a lot if any of you could help, thank you :)
  13. Hi All. I downloaded some patches. Some of them I can't hear. My Helix goes directly to my amp. I downloaded a patch called "everything" from the line 6 website and I can't figure out why I can't hear it through my amp. Regular 1/4 inch from helix to my amp. I can hear other patched but some of them I change the out to 1/4 inch and still no sound. I would live someone to let me know why I can't hear it. totally mute. Grrrrr Thank you all Eric
  14. I had signal/sound yesterday... No signal no sound. I downloaded a patch that I purchased, importeed it and now I have no sound/signal.. I'm using the AES/EBU output from the Helix into the AES/EUB of the power cab.
  15. Hello, I just recently sold my ZOOM G5 and bought a Line 6 POD HD500X instead. The way that I would record using my ZOOM G5 is I would plug the USB into my macbook pro -> Open Garageband -> Input preference: ZOOM G5 -> Output preference: Built in Speakers. I was hoping it would work out the same with the line 6 but all I experienced was errors after errors: 1) No automatic detection I had to update everything through Monkey in order for the macbook to detect a USB input 2) Although the Macbook detects the MIC (Input sound of the POD HD500X) Garageband seems to have no signal what so ever, even if I have input set to the POD in preferences 3) I tried to solely use the POD HD 500X as both input and output and NOT even then the garageband detects the input signal. I have Macbook Pro macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (13-inch, Mid 2012) !!!!!!!!POD HD500X Edit is not supported for this OS!!!!!!!!!!!, Processor 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5. Please help, I am very frustrated it's been only a few days since I bought this and I'm wishing I never did.
  16. I recently purchased a non-working Flextone II XL for $40. So I knew what I was getting into. The amp is in great physical condition. It would turn on and 1 or 2 channel lights would be on, and if you cranked the volume you could hear a slight hiss at the speakers. I took it apart and found a problem. On the power cord board there was a capacitor that had a broken leg. I soldered it back and the amp powered up and worked for one sound only nothing would respond, effects, models, eq, only master volume. Then suddenly it went quiet light on but no sound. It would not power back up and every time I tried, a different light would come on. So after letting it sit awhile, I tried again and It came to life. Effect worked, models worked I was in the clear. Until I touched a channel button. If you just let it sit turned on and working, it will all of a sudden stop blinking and go off line with a different light configuration. So now I am stumped. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  17. About 6 months ago a friend asked if I could re-tube and bias the new tubes in his DT50 amp, once he bought the tubes. He said that the amp was making a crackling sound and he had not had the tubes replace since he had bought the amp 3 or 4 years ago (I believe that was the timeframe). I said I could do that for him even though I'm not an amp repair tech but I do have an Electronics Technology degree and had done the same on my Carvin amp last year. He finally got around last week to bringing me the amp and new tubes but now said there was no sound at all coming out. Hopefully replacing the tubes would do the trick, he had both the power tubes and preamp tubes. So I replaced all 4 of the tubes last night but still no sound, sort of. Here is what I have observed. All of the new tubes 'light' up except for 1 of the preamp tubes (V4??). The preamp tube furthest from the guitar input, farthest to the right looking from the front of the amp, does not light up at all or even get warm. I warmed the amp up for about 30 minutes and I rotated through all of the switch settings (Class A / AB, Pentode/ Triode, the 4 amp switch settings, above Pentode/Triode ), still the tube does not light up. I can get a very small amount of sound to come out if I turn up all of the knob settings to 10, including the channel volume and Master volume. I cleaned all of the tube sockets before putting the new tubes in place. I ohmed the offending preamp tube socket pins, front to back, and I'm getting continuity. I also checked the 2 on board fuses and they are good as well as the power fuse on the back of the amp for grins, it's good as well. The output transformer is cool to the touch, not sure if it gets warm or not. Any thoughts as to what might be going on? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  18. Lipid

    Spider V 60

    I have a 2 weeks old spider V 60. It has worked really well. Yesterday I rehearsed through headphones ( as I have done many times ) and wanted to play through speaker afterwards, the sound was dead. There is no sound at all. Still works in the headphones output. Am I missing something here? I have turned it on and off a couple of times but no change..... Help
  19. Good morning to the whole community. I am a happy owner of HX Stomp that I use with satisfaction as a pedal unit. Recently I entered the world of digital recording with Pro Tools HD 12 to self-produce (or at least, to try) some of my songs. Last night I tried to download the demo version of Helix Native to test it on my DAW and decide whether to buy it or not. The program recognizes it, I can load a stereo audio track and open Helix Native but what I hear is just a dry signal with no effect :( I state that I'm pretty ignorant of the audio recording so I'm probably doing something wrong. My hardware / software: - Pro Tools HD 12 64bit; - Windows 10 64 bit; - Helix Native Trial; - Focusrite 2i2 2nd; What I do is just connect my guitar to the first input of the sound card (INST) and play. Do you have any advice? What am I doing wrong? Is there any particular setting? Thank you! P.S: HX Stomp works perfectly (also as an audio interface) but Helix Native would be easier. P.P.S: sorry for my english :)
  20. I'm not getting any sound from my Flextone II (there is only 1 speaker). It's just a "regular" Flextone II...not an XL, or a Plus, etc. I was playing, and then all of a sound. This amp is about 12 years old, used fairly regularly, very good condition, never dropped (lol), never modified/updated in any way, completely "stock". I am getting power It seems to be ok when using the headphone jack....I can hear the differences when I move through amp choices The Line 6 speaker is not blown...(I ran the speaker leads of another small amp to the Line 6 speaker) I didn't notice anything different about the amp prior to losing sound I removed the head from the enclosure and looked at components....didn't see anything broken, no burn marks, etc. I will be checking to see if it might be the speaker/lead wire. Aside from that I don't know what to check. I'd appreciate any troubleshooting tips....things I can look for or test? Are there any "typical" issues, or components that blow out on this particular amp? Thanks Steve
  21. Hi I've had my Firehawk 1500 for about 3 weeks now - it sounds incredible, but I have been having problems with the amp freezing when changing patches. It initially happened when I was browsing patches on the iPad app, but has since done it when using the FBV shortboard MkII, with Bluetooth switched off on the amp. It seems completely random as to which patch causes the problem, but once the sound has cut out, I have to turn the amp off and on again. I found a thread with people experiencing similar problems with the Firehawk FX unit, but haven't seen any reports of this problem with the amp. I have installed the latest firmware, removed everything from my tones (there was nothing special in there!), and performed multiple factory resets, but if anything, it seems to be getting worse. I wonder if I just have a bad unit? .. I am going to see if the supplier will exchange it as I am still within 28 days of purchase. Any ideas?? Cheers
  22. My spider iv has no sound at all. When i plug the guitar in the tuner doesn.t register either. The closest service center is 2 hours away and all the posts that i've read always suggest going to adamn service center. Is there anything i can do to ge tthis working? Honestly, i'll never buy a line 6 prodict again. What a joke. No one services these things.
  23. I have a couple of issues I need help with. First of all, my usb recording doesn't really work. Most of the time there is no sound coming through the device (in windows) when I'm playing. Audacity is either giving me error: "Error opening sound device. Try changing the audio host, recording device and the project sample rate." or simply recording silence. Initially when trying out the recording it worked normally and I've managed to record a couple of "tracks" but no I can't get it to work at all any more. I'm using Windows 10 and "USB In 1/2 Destination" in global settings is set to "Multi". Other way it's working flawless and I'm using it often as an interface to play guitar while watching youtube, listening to PC audio through helix. Second issue I'm experiencing is that return inputs simply don't work at all. I tried plugging in a pedal and it's receiving sound from send but nothing comes back. I even tried setting preset input to come from Return and plugging guitar straight into it, no sound. E: Suddenly after a few restarts, the return inputs started working.
  24. No sound. When it's powered down, and I'm plugged in, audio passes through to the amp. When I boot up the HX, the audio cuts out once it's up and running. I didn't change any settings since my last session. Checked my cables - they are brand new, but checked them without the unit anyhow, they work. I did a factory reset. I have updated the latest firmware (2.54.0). I've only had it for a little over a month. Any suggestions?
  25. Alright, so I found the culprit as to why you may have no sound in Windows 10 with your Line 6 interface. There is a setting in Power options for Win10 called "USB selective suspend setting" -- What this does is it puts all USB devices that are idle in a low power state to conserve power. Now, assuming your interface is USB powered, this setting will cause issues for your interface. To turn this setting off you need to navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Here's how to get there. Right-click the Windows button in the bottom-left corner and click Power Options. A new window will appear. Click "Additional power settings". A new window will appear. Click "Change plan settings" under your preferred power plan. Click "Change advanced power settings". A new window will appear. Collapse "USB Settings" and then "USB selective suspend setting". Set it from Enabled to Disabled. Click OK, done. To Line 6: just a friendly suggestion...if you release a new driver, make sure the new driver communicates with this setting so even if it's Enabled it won't affect our interfaces. Thank you.
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