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  1. Hello! Wanted to share some experiences with you guys: I borrowed my dad's JCM 800 2203 reissue this week and been using the Pod Go a lot with the 4 cable method. First of all, using the 2204 pod go preamp and the real one I got really impressed: the Line 6 2204 sounds so close that I can't tell them apart. I was having a little trouble with the volume, since I live in an apartment and this amp is reaaaally loud. Also, the master volume on this amp seems to get really trebly on low positions. Since this amp effects loop is after the master volume I tried to put the master volume on the amp in 4 (really loud for my home) and used the return level of the Pod's fx loop as the master volume. I was really impressed: that sounded much better! So I wanted to share this experience with you guys and, if you want, I can share some tone comparison audios! haha Any of you already did it?
  2. Hey guys! Just to give you an update: Line 6 helped me with my dealer and I was able to swap my unit for a new one. The new unit solved the issue! This was very awesome of Line 6 support, since I live in Brazil and they really solved the situation with my dealer very quickly. I hope that new update solved the issue for those who were experiencing the same issue! Best regards!
  3. Hi there! To give you guys an update (and ask for some advice): I took my Pod Go to the service center in January, 6. Yesterday I picked it up after twenty days and the tech didn't found the problem. I got in touch with the distributor here in Brazil and they told me that, if the Pod doesn't reproduce the problem in the service center, that's nothing they can do to find the problem. They said the only thing they can do is let me send the Pod Go without commitment and neither hurry to see if the problem happens there or sent mine with the defect once it stops for good. Then they, maybe, can diagnose the problem. But the problem is, the problem solves itself when I turn the Pod Go on and off and also happens at very low frequency, it tends to happens 2 times a month when I use it dayly, it is very rare, but is there, concerning me. I would like to know if there's any update about the problem, as I read some rumors about a new firmware update, maybe it will fix this bug of starting without sound? Also, I noticed (and told the tech), that my display, when initializing, for a fraction of a second, the display exibits a white screen. Is it normal or maybe it have to do with the problem? The tech told it was normal, but I am trying to formulate any hipothesis because I would really like to get this fixed under warranty, if it's really a defective unit.
  4. Hi, Vics53! Yes, a brave new world - but a very pratical and good sounding one haha The Pod Go is very easy to use, I don't think you will have too much problems with it. I will try to answer the questions: 1) Straight out the the box and without trying to download the firmware, is the Pod Go usable? Yes, but the update is very easy with the software. You just install the Pod Go Edit software, connect the Pod Go USB to the computer and initiate it in reboot mode (don't remember exactly, now, but I think it's just turning the Pod on holding the bank down footswitch). The firmware 1.12, as far as I'm informed is much better in estability, but I think you can use it without the firmware update without any major issue in most of the cases. 2) Do the problems come before or after downloading the firmware? I don't know about that. I updated mine as soon as I got it. But I think the update is supposed to solve these problems (in my case, I was told it is probably a hardware problem, will see that latter with the tech feedback). 3) Is loading the firmware absolutely essential in order to use the Pod Go? I don't think so, but I think it is worth the hassle.
  5. Hi Vics53! I'm new to the digital modelling world and, besides this flaw, I really like the Pod Go. I think it was bad luck that I got a unit with this problem, since it doesn't seem to be a frequent issue. I will take my to tech support and will let you know. It's probably a hardware issue, but then there's the warranty. The majority of units with firmware 1.12 seems to be running normal and reliably! Feel free to ask me more, if I can help you!
  6. I have been experiencing the same problem in firmware 1.12. I bought my Pod Go in September (received it about September, 18) and promptly updated it to the 1.12 firmware. I use it a lot as a audio interface (don’t know if it can add up to the problematic) and mainly monitor the Pod through it’s headphones output (don’t know if the problem happen in the main outputs). Nevertheless, a few times, without the usb connect, already in 1.12 firmware, my Pod Go booted with no sound. I oppened a support ticket and Line6 replied with instructions to do a fatory reset in my Pod Go and telling me that it was a known firmware issue with the firmware. I did the factory reset and it worked perfectly through more or less fifty days. Now, two times when booting my Pod Go booted one time with no sound and one time freezes in one snapshot. Everytime the problem was solved by turning the Pod off and then back on. I think, due to how rare is this problem, it is probably a software problem. But it makes me a really worried it could be an hardware issue, because it is my main rig, now. I bought the Pod to substitute my analog/amp rig in my prog metal band and need it to be reliable. I oppened a new support ticket in November, but haven’t got the answer still. Will let you guys the answer when I get it. I contacted my dealer, here in Brazil, but he asked me to send my unit to another city, in which it will be tested (and due to the frequency of the problem being very low, it won’t manifest the problem there). It’s really worrying me the possibility that I bought a faulty unit, as I don’t think, that after three months of purchase I will be able to get a product swap.
  7. Thanks for the answer, ElectroStrat! That was my same feeling - I had some intermittent issues with analog gear (tube amps and pedals) and it seemed more frequent and a had tendency to become more frequent (I don't have the knowledge about the differences in hardware behaving in digital products), but I tend to think it's a software issue, since it's so rare! The problema happened November, 27, and since them never happened again. Thanks for the posts indication, I will surely follow the thread! =) I am very insecure about sending my Pod to the dealer, since I think the problem won't happen in their hands, and they will not exchange it! And, since I live in Brazil and the dealer is far from my city, it will be a reaaaal hassle to send the Pod just to have it sent back to me! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the answer! Yeah, unfortunately it seems it will be better if I go the exchange road...
  9. Do any of you know if the delay in answering the support tickets is normal, because of the end of the year? I openned one support ticket about it in November, 27, and another on December, 8, and got no answer.
  10. Thanks for the answer! Yes, it's really strange! The dealer said it must be a software issue and, if I want to use the warranty, to send the Pod Go in their assistence. I will try, first, to open a new support ticket, and I'll let you know how this turned out!
  11. Hey guys! I bought a Pod Go three months ago and loved the tones, but am a bit concerned about an issue: Sometimes my Pod Go boots without sound, and in rare occasions it boots freezed (can't change presets or snapchots). If I turn it off and back on, it works normaly. It happens in the minority of the cases but, since I'm running it in the new firmware (that states that this issues were resolved) and use it as my main rig for live applications, without backups, it makes me concerned that it can happen on stage and don't normalize when rebooting. It worries me, too, if it is a software issue or if it can be the case that I have a faulty hardware unit (dealer exchange period is about to end for me). I openned a ticket a month and a half ago, and was told to reinstall the firmware (which I did and solved the problem for a month), but now the problem is back (I openned another support ticket, but since it's December, I don't think they will answer so soon (I openned it in Nov. 27 and still no answer)). So I would like to know if any of you experienced the same problem with the Pod Go in the 1.12 firmware, if it's relatively common and if you guys think this could be something wrong with the hardware of my unit! Thanks!
  12. Hello!! The USB wasn't connected. The support team replied and told me to do a firmware Reset. So far (24 hours) the problem is gone =) Maybe the problem was that I used to pull the usb cable with the Pod is still on, though?
  13. I forgot to mention: when the problem occurs, I restart the Pod and everything returns to normal!
  14. Hello! I own my Pod Go for about a month and a half now and, in this period, running the firmware 1.12, it booted with no sound about 2 times. I thought that was a normal error and don't worried too much. But yesterday, I tripped in my POD GO, giving it a medium force kick with my bare foot. It was off at the moment. But, since this event, the problem when booting became more frequent (3 times in 10 boots). Should I worry about hardware damage or is it just an software error? Do you guys have any experience with this problem. I already opened an support ticket but I am looking forward to hear your opinion! BTW, the Pod is AMAZING. Best tone i had in my life! Best regards!
  15. Just to let you guys know: we redid the test and, this time, tested the hypothesis that difference in tone was due to different latency from the DI being processed by the Helix Native and the processed tone. We phase aligned the processed tracks and when inverted the phase, there was just background noise (as if I did the same on two tracks processed by Helix Native). Therefore the tone was identical! :)
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