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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, my POD Farm 2 is constantly freezing after a few minutes of playing. I've tried it with the compatibiliy manager already, restarting the pc, checking out the licence monkey, i even installed it on another PC to see if the problem was my laptop, but it didn't change. I use Windows 10 Pro. The program just suddenly freezes, as well as the lights and signal of the device (I'm using the UX2) and sometimes the freeze comes with a scratchy or even high, distorted and loud noise. It's still possible to click around in the POD Farm - for example it also keeps working for a moment if i just change the input from "Mic" to "Instrument" for example. So it's not exactly the program freezing, but the function. I don't know. Does anyone have the same issue? I've tried to find answers here in the forum but couldn't find any. Please let me know if you have any guesses!! I really need that stuff to work out asap.. :/ Thank you!
  2. Hey guys! I bought a Pod Go three months ago and loved the tones, but am a bit concerned about an issue: Sometimes my Pod Go boots without sound, and in rare occasions it boots freezed (can't change presets or snapchots). If I turn it off and back on, it works normaly. It happens in the minority of the cases but, since I'm running it in the new firmware (that states that this issues were resolved) and use it as my main rig for live applications, without backups, it makes me concerned that it can happen on stage and don't normalize when rebooting. It worries me, too, if it is a software issue or if it can be the case that I have a faulty hardware unit (dealer exchange period is about to end for me). I openned a ticket a month and a half ago, and was told to reinstall the firmware (which I did and solved the problem for a month), but now the problem is back (I openned another support ticket, but since it's December, I don't think they will answer so soon (I openned it in Nov. 27 and still no answer)). So I would like to know if any of you experienced the same problem with the Pod Go in the 1.12 firmware, if it's relatively common and if you guys think this could be something wrong with the hardware of my unit! Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I hope someone sees this because I am at a loss as to how to fix this issue I'm having... I recently moved into a new apartment and ever since my HX Stomp has been acting up. Almost every time I turn it off, my entire system freezes (kind of). This means: everything disconnects, all bluetooth devices are thrown out and my external HDD is disconnected (scary!!!). Essentially I causing me to have to hard-restart my Mac (Retina, Late 2015) via the Power-Button. I'm afraid the Stomp is gonna fry my system, is there anything I can do? Is this issue even known? I hope someone can help me because I really love my HX Stomp but I can't use it via USB if this keeps up... Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I have an issue with my LT. I'm using is as interface on Windows 10. The problem I have is that sound is freezing for 1-2 seconds from time to time. It affects only the sound coming from PC (both audio playback or recording in Cubase). E.g. when I jam to backing track, music stops for 2 sec, but I can hear my guitar without interruption. It happened on 2.82, I have 2.91 and still it is an issue. Any ideas how to deal with it?
  5. Hi, I have had my UX2 for about 2 weeks now, I am having an issue were It will just freeze (Including the dials). My microphone that is plugged into the UX2 stops working and I can hear nothing from my headphones (Except a buzzing sound every 1-2 secs) that are are plugged into the UX2. The way I am currently fixing this problem is by unplugging and re-plugging in my UX2 and relaunching pod farm and after a minute it is fixed, well for a little bit. This issue happens to me about 5 or so times a day and is very annoying. Could you please comment any questions you have that may help you solve this issue. Thanks, Michael
  6. Has anyone been experiencing the problem I’m having? I've had this problem since purchasing the unit with it hanging for seemingly no reason and at odd times. I updated the firmware whilst following all of the instruction and holding my mouth in the right position and all that. After the update it seems to work for a while and now it hangs several times a playing session. The scenario goes like this: I’m playing along having a good ole time and I go to change a preset or parameter and all the controls are inoperative. Only solution I’ve found so far is to power cycle the unit. Luckily I haven't had this issue live because I’m not playing live at the moment. If I were playing live I would not count on this unit as of right now. I love the sounds and ease of use otherwise! I like this unit way better than the Axe FX for ease of use but not for reliability. The Axe FX was solid as a rock in terms of glitch free. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. I have the most current firmware and software for the Helix pedal. I have noticed that the pedal will randomly freeze up and will not allow me to change patches, use any of the buttons/switches/pedals. I can continue playing, but the only way to get control back is to power off the Helix. Yes, I followed the directions on the Line6 site regarding the proper way to do the firmware upgrade... :) I also reset the pedal to the factory settings and re-done the most current firmware update, same issue. Your help is appreciated...scott
  8. Hello folks, another disconcerting tale to tell I'm afraid. It has happened to me before on various occasions, but this time (last weekend) was the first time the M20d screen froze solid on me without any external doodads attached. No SD card inserted (for recording or playback), no WiFi dongle, no nothing. Just a single microphone and a stereo line in. As usual, when you operate the M20 so that people can see it, a tech aficionado stepped up to have a closer look at it, and wanted to know if this could be operated like a standard mixer. Sure, I said, look right here, "Show faders", show the faders it did, the encoders worked just fine, but as soon as I went on to demonstrate sliding a fader up and down - kaboom, frozen. None of the encoders worked. The only thing that would still react was the main volume knob. I had to reboot the unit to regain control. Now I'm sure someone is going to come up to explain that it's usually the cables ;) or that I need to update my firmware. Well, it's on 1.2 like probably everybody else's. Also, I don't think it's a hardware issue with the touchscreen (if so, then why did the encoders quit working, too?). I maintain that the firmware is still bug-ridden and that it's HIGH TIME somebody got their act together and fixed it. Before the freeze the guy had asked me how much the unit cost, and where to buy it. He was really eager to get one. After the freeze, not so much. In other words, he was horrified. I told him to give the Behringer X32 a closer look.
  9. POD 500X edit has suddenly developed a problem. Every time I open the software and then try and change the Tyler Variax tuning setting, the software freezes up and I have to use task manager to close it. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and was wondering if this could be causing the problem. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Windows 10. thanks
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