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Found 19 results

  1. I'm not sure the best way to explain this so I'll do my best. I'm using the Helix Floor to control Logic Pro X. Mostly using Hotkeys but sometimes I send MIDI notes from it as well. Most of the time, it works perfectly. However, every now and then, the message I'm sending from the Helix to Logic will stick, as if it were set to "latching" instead of "momentary". So, for example, if I sent a message to Logic to start playback, it glitches out and starts playing the first .01 seconds of the song continuously until I go in change the message it's sending (which is the only way I've figured out how to stop it after it starts). Has anyone else encountered this problem or maybe have any advice on how to prevent this altogether? I'm primarily using this in a live setting which makes this situation very nerve-wracking. Thanks so much!
  2. Q: My Line 6 device is malfunctioning. Where can I get it fixed? A: Please check your product Manuals and our Knowledge Base to ensure that your unit is truly malfunctioning before taking the unit to your nearest service center. Also be sure to Register your Line 6 gear to your Line 6 account. A dated proof of purchase is required if you are having any warranty work performed. Please be aware that "expedited" and "rush" fees will not be covered under warranty for any reason. ***Please note: Repair time can vary from weeks to months depending on the kind of repair, repairs already in line ahead of yours and the availability of replacement parts. United States: You can have your unit repaired at any one of our Line 6 Authorized Service Centers across the United States, or repaired by Line 6 via an RMA. NOTE: Amplifiers and cabinets are not eligible to be repaired via a Line 6 RMA. Such repairs are handled by Authorized Service Centers. Authorized Service Centers are able to repair products that are both in warranty and out-of-warranty. Prices for parts and repairs are set by the independent service center. Repairs include a 90-day warranty. Other Countries: Please contact your distributor Q: Will Authorized Service Centers repair guitars? If not, what options are available? A: The Service Center finder includes if an ASC repairs guitars. If a given Authorized Service Center does not repair guitars, the repair will have to go to an ASC that does repair guitars, or it can be repaired at Line 6 via an RMA. Q: How much is it going to cost to get my Line 6 device fixed? A: Line 6 is unable to provide estimates on behalf of our service centers, as the service centers establish their own repair rates and bench fees. For non-warranty repairs, user must be prepared to pay any shipping costs, labor fees and parts costs associated with your repair. With a validated warranty, Line 6 will pick up the cost of the repair, not including shipping from the user. Q: Where can I purchase parts for my Line 6 device? A: Line 6 provides a number of replacement parts through our Online Store. If you are unable to find the part you need on the store, you may contact one of our Service Centers or Dealers to special order some parts. Another good source is Some parts, such as circuit boards and PCBA assemblies, are not sold to the public. Please keep in mind that parts sales are at the service center's or dealer's discretion. Line 6 does not sell parts directly to the public. Q: Can I fix my Line 6 device myself? Can I get repair assistance from Line 6? A: If your Line 6 product needs repair, we strongly suggest you contact the nearest authorized service center in your region. Line 6 does not offer repair assistance via email or telephone. Also, Line 6 does not provide circuit diagrams, blueprints or schematics for consumer use at this time. Keep in mind that should you choose to modify or repair your unit at any time during your warranty period, the warranty will no longer be valid. Q. I'm not sure if my unit is under warranty, how do I find out? A: Please refer to our Product Warranty FAQ for all warranty information. Q: I want to customize my Line 6 device, but I do not know how to do the customization. Does Line 6 support customizing or modifying gear? A: Line 6 does not support the customization or modification of Line 6 products, outside of official firmware updates or hardware upgrades performed by an authorized Line 6 service center. Unsupported customizations or modifications of your Line 6 device will void the device's warranty. Q: Is there a way that I can determine the date of manufacturing of a Line 6 device by the serial number? A: All serial number information is for internal use only and is not made public knowledge.
  3. Good morning, I hope you are well. I wanted to comment on what happened to my UX2, it was working and the lights went out and it stopped working. There was no surge, nothing abnormal happened. Any ideas? It's not detected by the operating system. Is there a way to revive it via USB or something similar or it definitely died. If the same thing happened to anyone, it would be helpful. Thank you very much.
  4. So, I bought a Vetta 1 combo today and it was working perfectly in the store. I brought I home and plugged it in and was presented with this (see image) the screen looks garbled and wonky. I took it back to the store because they have a 60 day warranty on used items and i won’t have it back for about 2 weeks. Does anybody know anything about this? I thought it had something to do with the internal battery but I just want to see if anyone here knows anything about this.
  5. LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY) Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at WHERE CAN I BUY A SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY? Service Plus Extended Warranty policies can only be purchased from the Line 6 Web Shop. WHAT ARE THE FEATURES OF THE LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS PROGRAM? Before the factory warranty expires, it can be extended one year at a time, up to three times. The program offers: Advanced Replacement ($49.99/year) o Includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. This option is available at any time, regardless of warranty status and requires no documentation. However, it only goes into effect after a 15-day waiting period. Level 1 Extended Warranty ($99.99/year for Helix, $59.99/year for HX products, $79.99 for Powercab products) o One additional year of warranty coverage o 100% parts & labor coverage for materials and workmanship failures. o Free UPS Ground shipping to and from Line 6 o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. Level 2 Extended Warranty ($149.99/year for Helix, $79.99/year for HX products) o Includes all Level 1 offerings PLUS: o Advanced Replacement Support, which includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. Only goes into effect after a 15-day waiting period. o Expedited repair Turnaround Time (go to the front of the line) o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY? Customers who purchased the following products as new in the United States and have a copy of the original purchase receipt qualify for the extended warranty: Helix Floor Helix Rack/Helix Control pedal Helix LT processor HX Effects HX Stomp HX Stomp XL Powercab 112/112 Plus/212 Plus WHY ARE POWERCAB PRODUCTS EXCLUDED FROM THE ADVANCE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM? Shipping costs on amps would drive the program pricing to the point where neither YGG nor our customers would benefit. WHY IS THE EXTENDED WARRANTY OFFERED TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY? Warranties are set by Line 6 distributor partners, and Line 6 currently only distributes in the U.S. WHAT IS THE CURRENT HELIX/HX WARRANTY? The current warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty is extended to two years if the unit is registered within the first year of ownership. See our warranty page for more details and other product warranties. WHEN I TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., DOES ADVANCE REPLACEMENT AND FREE SHIPPING APPLY? At this time, Advance Replacement and free shipping is only offered in the U.S. I BOUGHT MY HELIX/HX/POWERCAB USED. DO I QUALIFY? Only if the original owner gave you a copy of his receipt and the unit is still under a factory or extended warranty. As is policy for all Line 6 products, if you have a copy of the original receipt, the original warranty coverage will transfer to the new owner. A receipt from when you bought it used from a store, either physical or online, is not a qualifying receipt. I BOUGHT MY GEAR AS A B-STOCK/BLEM/SCRATCH AND DENT. DO I QUALIFY? No, these products do not qualify for Advance Replacement or Extended Warranty. The only exception is B-stock sold by Sweetwater. IF I SELL MY GEAR, WILL MY EXTENDED WARRANTY TRAVEL WITH IT? Yes, the policy can be transferred to the new owner. Contact Line 6 Customer Support with the buyer's Line 6 user name and email address to arrange the transfer. HOW DOES THIS DIFFER FROM THE EXTENDED WARRANTY THAT I HAVE FROM MY RETAILER? Line 6 product owners are dealing directly with Line 6 staff and technicians from start to finish. Our only interest is to get you back to making music ASAP. CAN I BUY MULTIPLE YEARS OF COVERAGE AT ONCE? Currently, an extra year of coverage can be obtained one year at a time, up to three times. The coverage can be obtained at any time during the current factory period or during an extended warranty period. WHEN CAN I BUY/RENEW AN EXTENDED WARRANTY POLICY? You can buy or renew anytime until 30 days after the current warranty, be it the factory warranty or an extended warranty, expires. The warranty must be continuously in effect in order for another year of coverage to be purchased, with a 30-day grace period available at the end of each warranty period. CAN I BUY LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 IN A SINGLE TRANSACTION? Yes, you can. You can buy one of each Service Plus product in a single transaction. Keep in mind that in this case, we may contact you to determine which policy should apply to which registered product. WHY AM I NOT SEEING ALL THE SERVICE PLUS ITEMS THAT I PUT IN MY CART ADDED TO MY ACCOUNT? Each transaction is subject to review. Our staff needs to ensure that you own qualifying, registered gear. If there is an issue with your order, our staff will email or call you and discuss how to resolve it. IS ADVANCED REPLACEMENT HONORED EVEN WITHOUT A WARRANTY? Yes, it is. Advance Replacement simply ensures that your downtime is minimized if your Helix/HX needs repair. WILL YOU PRO-RATE REFUNDS FOR STANDALONE ADVANCED REPLACEMENT POLICIES PURCHASED MID-YEAR THAT ROLL INTO A LEVEL TWO PLAN? Yes, just contact Line 6 Customer Service for help with that. HOW DO I CONTACT LINE 6 CUSTOMER SUPPORT WITH MORE QUESTIONS? You can reach our Customer Support with any of the methods found on our Contact Us page.
  6. Hello all. I’ll try my best to explain this, I’ve only been playing a bit over a year so my terminology is sub par. I bought this amp for $400+ effing dollars and within 2 months of owning it, I go to practice and I notice my sound is now very fuzzy and bassy. It was VERY crunchy, clear and metal sounding, but now it is so fuzzy that I can barely distinguish my notes when fast picking or fingering......sounds like total crap TBH. I have never moved the amp since I brought it home. No liquids, physical damage, weather damage or anything. Curious what I can try to fix this? I’m somewhat tech savvy, and would really rather avoid paying more to get it fixed when I can barely afford the $400 amp itself. I’ve gone through all the settings, factory reset it, but nothing. It will randomly work for a minute or two out of nowhere, but will go back to sounding awful soon. Adjusting the Input jack has no effect to the sound. One thing I noticed, is when this happened, the built in tuner stopped reading my input..... would act as if I was unplugged. The tuner has since started working again, but the speaker itself (or the software, not a clue...) still sounds very Fuzzy with low distortion, low clarity, and very bassy.
  7. Although the Firehawk 1500 is still available for purchase, it is no longer being developed, meaning we will not release any new firmware or software for it. The Firehawk Remote app is free to download. When installing Firehawk Remote it warns that it was developed for an older version of Android and may not work correctly.
  8. Problem: While playing recently, my DT-25 suddenly dropped volume significantly and had a slight burning smell. I figured it was a tube(s) going out, so I bought some new ones and replaced them, but when I went to bias them, they were super low! Instead of the 25 (+/-3), they were around 7-8. I turned the bias, but then the weirdest thing happened - any turn up would start an unstoppable climb to 40-50, then it would suddenly kick down to 14 or less. It would stay that way until I turned the bias up again, and then the same thing every time. I checked the fuse, but it seems intact. Since power was going to the tubes, I figure it can't be that anyway. I may be wrong, but I suspected it may be kicking into Low-Volume mode as a safety feature. Any idea what's going on? How do I fix this?
  9. Hi, i have a problem with my pod hd500x: when i plugin my pedalboard to the pc for edit the tones and exit in my amplifier, the tones sounds really good, but when i don't plug to the pc the pod all of my tones have a really lollipop sound, with a lot of interference and really high tones that make the tones noisy. I tried all the way a can to solve this problem, but i haven't found a solution. this is a really sad thing beacuse i have my pod for 8 moths and i can't use it live because i can't bring with me my pc. I hope someone can healp me solving that problem.
  10. Very sorry for the long post, but I truly feel it's necessary... Some might already know me from The Gear Page and it's been pointed out that maybe I should post this here in order to have a bigger impact, I'd reach more people really invested in making Helix better. Recently a couple of threads about Fuzz and Input Impedance came up, it seems a good time to push this idea forward and greatly improve our experience while playing w/ Helix. I'm a big fuzz fan. When I started getting heavy into dial in my tones, I found this problem... I dialed my Plexi tone, sounded great, then I added a fuzz face model in front of it, again it sounded great, but when I turned it off, the tone of the amp alone was gone, it sounded muffled. After asking around and some research I found that the culprit was the input impedance, more specifically, the auto setting. Input impedance influences tone and feel, it has to do with the interaction of you guitar signal and the first thing it hits on your pedalboard. To make a pedal behave on a modeler like its "real" counterpart, units use analog circuits to mimic the different input impedances you'd find in a regular pedalboard or amp. For example, usually amps have an input impedance of 1M, but if you put a fuzz in front of it, they usually have an input impedance around 10k, and that's what the guitar will see. A lot of people get confused and say that "well, if you bypass the fuzz, the input impedance is the same", but that's not exactly right. We have basically true bypass and buffered bypass, true bypass acts like there's nothing really there, signal goes straight through; buffered bypass makes the signal go through a buffer, and a buffer itself is actually an amp, and in this case the input impedance will be whatever the input bypass of the buffer is. We will ignore the buffered one. A buffer serves the sole purpose of avoiding signal degradation caused by long running cables - and it doesn't come without its own short comings, anyone that has triad a fuzz face after a buffer knows it - but because inside a modeler it doesn't happen, we can think Helix as a kind of paradise where there's no place for Bob Bradshaw, LA Sound Design, Gig Rig, Pete Cornish and a bunch of other companies, whose sole purpose is to make sure your guitar still sounds like your guitar after going through a metric ton of cables and gear. We'll assume everything is true bypass, because, as we don't have to worry about signal loss through cables, that's the best option, no question about it. Back to input impedance. Everything being true bypass, that means it's going straight through, so the input impedance the guitar sees is of whatever is the first block that's actually on! Going back to my example. In this ideal world, what should happen when I bypassed my fuzz? Signal would go straight through and would see the input impedance of the amp! Turn the Fuzz on and it sees the input impedance of the Fuzz Face! Nice!... Except it's not what happens in Helix. The auto setting doesn't search for the first active block, it goes for the first one, being on OR off. That's why it sounds different! When I turn the Fuzz off, Helix isn't changing the input impedance, so the guitar still sees the low input impedance of the Fuzz Face, making the amp sound just muddy, muffled. Tha auto setting as it works right now is doing pretty much nothing useful. Why? Because what it does is fixing the input impedance to whatever effect is first. If you have a compressor first, impedance will be fixed at 1M, as long as you don't change the signal path, specifically the very first effect, impedance won't change. But nobody changes the signal path while playing, so it's not really useful. Takes away the guess work to find the input impedance of the first effect, but by fixing it, makes everything that goes after have the same input impedance, making the models not nearly as accurate as they could be if the input impedance was set properly. Fixes? Two main ones are usually proposed. After a few FW updates since release the input impedance went from a global preset to the input part of every preset, great! It also can be assigned to footswitches?! GREAT! But it only works for very simple cases. It would for just fuzz-amp. I'd assign the input impedance to the footswitch that turned the fuzz on and off and make it change the input impedance from 10k to 1M. Good! But it doesn't work that great when you put just another pedal in. Let's have Fuzz-Tubescreamer-Amp, all three input impedances are different; when playing the amp it would be 1M, turning the Fuzz on would make it 10k, but now if I turn the Tubescreamer the impedance should not change, but if we assign the input impedance change to its footswitch, it will do just that. But then snapshots came and had to be it, right! Not exactly. By itself it works, but it's extremely limiting and you take in consideration the combinations of pedals I could have using the stomp mode. I'd need 4 snapshots to deal with the fuzz-ts-amp case and set the impedance accordingly, that's not really practical - and the stomp mode is still crippled. Isn't there a definitive fix? You guessed, fix the auto setting of the input impedance. If after everything I said you don't believe me, here's what the competition has to say about this: From (and a great read if you want to understand what input impedance actually does. Spoiler, it's not about bypass) "Typical guitar modeling processors have a fixed input impedance, which can limit the accuracy of the modeling. Eleven Rack's True-Z circuitry is designed to solve this problem by automatically changing the input impedance to closely match the impedance of the first active effect in the Eleven Rack signal chain." From "The Axe-Fx II recreates this effect by switching various (real) resistors and a capacitor in and out of the signal path. In Auto mode, the impedance is automatically set based on the first active effect the input "sees." Normally you will want to leave this on AUTO..." Here's the link to the ideascale where I proposed the auto setting fix: Vote up!
  11. Do I need a RMA number (Return Material Authorization)? Yes. Line 6 requires that all end users, dealers and service centers have a valid RMA attached to all products shipped to the Line 6 Service Department. We are not responsible for units sent in without an RMA number. More than likely, units will be returned to sender if sent without an RMA. How do I contact the factory? You can call us at 818-575-3600 (option 2 for Customer Service) to request an RMA. We are open for calls 8am - 11am and 1pm - 3pm Pacific time, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. You may also contact us with a Support Ticket. You must be signed in and have your unit registered to your Line 6 account before contacting us. What information will I have to provide when contacting Line 6 for an RMA? You will need to have the unit registered to your Line 6 account. Don't have an account? Create one here. You will need to ensure your full name, shipping address, email address and phone number are updated on your Line 6 account. You will need to be ready to provide a detailed explanation of the unit's failure or defect. You will need to be ready to provide Line 6 with a copy of your purchase receipt. What information do I include? After you are issued your RMA number by an authorized Line 6 service representative, we require that you include the RMA number on the outside of the shipping box. We also require that you include all components that came with your unit in the box. Do not leave anything out. What is the shipping address for repairs? LINE 6 SERVICE DEPARTMENT 26580 Agoura Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302 RMA # [FILL IN YOUR RMA number] How do I ship my unit to Line 6? Package the unit in a box with adequate packing material to insulate it from possible freight damage. You can use services such as FedEx, UPS or USPS to send in your gear. We suggest you use a method of shipping that is traceable in transit to ensure you have visibility of your package. Line 6 is NOT RESPONSIBLE for freight damage due to insufficient packaging. End users are 100% responsible for protecting their gear in transit. Who pays for the freight? Non-warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to and from the factory. Warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to the factory. Line 6 will cover the return freight. How do I get an estimate on the repair cost? Estimates cannot be given until we have the unit in hand. For non-warranty work, you will need to provide a credit card and contact information for an estimate to be sent to you once we have the unit. Who do I call to check the status of a repair? See the contact information above to reach Customer Service, and always have your RMA number ready. How long will it take to complete the repair? Repair time varies, but we strive to provide a three-week turnaround (not including shipping time). If we determine that your unit needs to be replaced, the turnaround time should be a bit shorter. How will I get my unit back? Line 6 uses UPS ground for U.S. return requests. The shipping time is 5-7 days (not including processing time). What if I don't live in the U.S.? Product warranty is only good in the country/region of purchase. So if you bought your unit in France, the warranty is only valid in France. If you bought your unit in a country other than the U.S. and wish to get the unit repaired in the U.S., you will have to pay for the repair at an authorized Line 6 Service Center. If you are looking to repair your unit in the country of purchase (non U.S.), please refer to our Distributor and/or Service Center Finder for assistance in your area.
  12. As you know, we have put a great deal of focus on our customer service/support and communication over the last couple of years. We have set very high expectations for ourselves when it comes to turning around Helix issues and repairs and striving for best-in-class service in general. Today, we are announcing two new US-only service products: Helix Service Plus extended Factory service plan (two options). Helix Advance Replacement. This is a product that allows you to buy coverage by the year and if your Helix should require service, you will have a loaner unit sent next business day anywhere in the continental US in advance of your repair. Because we only distribute directly in the US that is the only region we can offer these products. As we just crossed the two-year mark since first customer shipment, there are a wave of US Helix units just coming out of warranty and we will be emailing those customers with this offer (we will continue to automatically email you as your warranty expires). Now you can have up to five years of coverage for your Helix; two years free with registration and up to three additional years purchased after that. We put a lot of thought into just how critical Helix has become to many of our customers and we do not take that lightly. We want you to rest easy knowing that we are here if you need us. Please follow the link to find out more and read the FAQs. Let us know what you think! Line 6 Customer Support
  13. My 10 year old POD XT LIVE died ... I played a gig with it one day and it was dead the next. Here is a video I made when I discovered what was wrong with it..
  14. Hey guys, I'm coming up on my ninth month with this fantastic beast, but I have never used the built-in expression pedal. It has always been rough, stiff and useless. A lot of people have told to use a hex key on the right side of the Helix, but every time I have done that, it only seems to move the expression pedal the way that I turn it, not loosening or tightening it. Is there any way to do get around this? I could always try being rougher, but I do not want to wreck this amazing board. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I have had my UX2 for about 2 weeks now, I am having an issue were It will just freeze (Including the dials). My microphone that is plugged into the UX2 stops working and I can hear nothing from my headphones (Except a buzzing sound every 1-2 secs) that are are plugged into the UX2. The way I am currently fixing this problem is by unplugging and re-plugging in my UX2 and relaunching pod farm and after a minute it is fixed, well for a little bit. This issue happens to me about 5 or so times a day and is very annoying. Could you please comment any questions you have that may help you solve this issue. Thanks, Michael
  16. If your Helix pedal squeaks or is loose and using the Allen wrench won't help, DON'T spray anything into your Helix. Instead, see this article's instructions and video: Please be aware that this is NOT for the Helix LT.
  17. Hello everybody! I'm having a strange issue with recording to my PC using the POD X3 Live with Asio (both ASIO4ALL and X3 Live ASIO) plugged in directly to it. When I record every sound, including clean/distorted/chorus etc, I got a very dirty sound which isn't what I'm hearing from my headphones. It's a low dirty/crackling sound but it's there and I hate that. On distortion it gets even worse. I thought it was a problem of drivers or firmwares, so I downloaded the Line6 Monkey tool to upgrade software stuff but it was everything up to date. So I tried to mess around with ASIO's settings but nothing worked. I recorded a clip and I'm attaching that to this post, so you can hear what I'm talking about. My PC specs are: -AMD A8-3850 -8GBs of DDR3 RAM Of course every driver was installed, reinstalled and updated to the latest version. What can I do to fix this? In previouses recordings I've never had that! Sorry for my bad english but I'm italian, I hope I said everything quite clear :P untitled.mp3
  18. Thank you for looking at this topic. IOS 9 fix to get the Amplifi app to work again, but your on a time limit to do this because Apple will be pulling the signatures off of the older IOS's. How this works. Go to wwwiphonehackscom Type in the search How To Downgrade IOS 9 To IOS 8.4.1 Or Google, How To Downgrade IOS 9 To IOS 8.4.1 and make sure your looking at the iphone hacks web page. Step 1. Make sure you have iTune 12 installed on your computer. Step 2. What you need to do is pick Method 2 from the site, it works better and follow the instructions. It is very easy to downgrade IOS 9 back to IOS 8.4.1 and make sure you know what model your iPad is. Mine is iPad 2 Wi Fi. Use Fire Fox or Chrome to download the file. IE dose not download the IPSW file correctly. When doing this there is a file you need and the site will help you find what file you need. It's a IPSW file that has the IOS 8.4.1 firmware you need to flash it to your iPad. You can't go back farther than IOS 8.4.1 This will not fix the connection problems we are all having with the app, but you can use the app again after the downgrade of the IOS. I have done this to two of my iPads and works great. Just don't update the IOS for your iPad again till Line 6 comes out with a firmware update. All of the problems with connectivity with Amplifi and Apple is because of Line 6 and not updating the firmware. Apple IOS 6 worked without a flaw with Amplifi app, till Apple started to update their firmware. With every IOS update Apple did, Line 6 Amplifi started having problems. Now Line 6 needs to step up and update too.... Oh yeah... Back up your iPad before doing this. That way you still have your info... Hope this helps, it did for me. I was P I S S E D when my Amplifi started crashing..... Line 6 really needs to step up and fix the firmware so it can stay in the times with everyone else or no one will buy and I see this Amplifi as being false advertising because it will not work the way Line 6 said it will with your Android or Apple tablets. P.S. DON'T LET THE iPAD UPDATE TO IOS 9 OR IOS 9.0.1 TILL THIS ISSUE IS FIXED BY LINE 6..........
  19. For the longest time I have had huge problems with my Pod HD 500. I am constantly hearing excess and un-needed noise whenever I am playing on a clean patch (and I can only assume it is happening on distorted patches although you can't hear it). No matter what amp model I'm using, the noise is persistent. I always thought maybe the pickups on my guitar are too hot, but as a raise or lower the pickups, the problem still occurs, even if I enable the PAD switch. I do not believe the pod is clipping for I have the volume knob at about 60% and the mixer volumes (VOLUME A & VOLUME B) set at -5 db. I have all the latest updates and I honestly do not know what to do. I have recorded an example the sounds I am hearing so it can give a clearer indication of what I mean. I will post the link. I recorded a direct signal with a clean patch from the Pod to my interface.Then I recorded the same riff, but with everything on the signal chain disabled. Lastly I recorded my guitar directly into my interface. When it is the completely dry signal from my guitar, i do not hear any additional noise so I can only assume its my Pod. Please help. I am getting awfully fed up with this issue. Thanks Here is the recording: Clean problems.mp3
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