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  1. haven't used the bean in a while. Picked it up today and something obviously is loose inside. Can't figure out how to get the circuit board out? Anyone have a video and/or repair manual so I can take it apart? thanks
  2. My 10 year old POD XT LIVE died ... I played a gig with it one day and it was dead the next. Here is a video I made when I discovered what was wrong with it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SN1Kr1XS6k
  3. great idea.... and this is what forums are all about...cheers
  4. I just watched a video on how to "save as" a patch on HD EDITOR... It shows a "File"... "save as" ... drop down menu just below the top line on the HD EDITOR program.... when I open HD EDITOR on my mac, I don't have a "File"... "save as" option??? How do I save patches to my computer on a Mac? I have searched You Tube for vids but can't find it... any suggestions? Yes, I am brand new to the HD500X and just picked it up this week. If you guys have any "newbie" vids that you recommend I watch, please share the link here. thanks csr
  5. Okay, I tried to think about what I did. I opened the POD HD500X EDIT and had the 500x hooked up. It seems I hit the word "all" in the little box located in the top left corner of the editor under the word "SEND. The little box that has "SEND" then a picture of the 500x then the column that says "receive" ... not sure what that little box does but it appears that everything disappeared after pushing that "all" button It seems to be the "input" setup but I have no idea what the setting were there at the time
  6. I have owned a POD XT LIVE for about 6 years so I thought it was time to upgrade.... I bought a HD500X from a buddy. This thing is not that user friendly I have no idea what the hell I did but EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY... says "New Tone" ... It seems I somehow wiped out ALL the previous tones in every single category? My buddy had some nice tones saved they seem to be gone... all the patches in HEAVY HD...etc.. all say "new Tone" geeeezzzzzz Any idea what I did? and how do i get these back?
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