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Found 764 results

  1. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    Hi I need help. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all helix drivers/apps without my helix connected. tried 3 USB Ports. My PC windows 10 recognizes the device under device manager (audio, video and game controllers. there is an exclamation point next to line 6 Helix icon. I have a Dell XPC 8920 Intel R Core TM i7-7700K CPU 4.20GHz 4.20GHz. Thanks for your support
  2. hopefully some one can help me with this, i just recently got my self a Helix, i come from having a POD HD500 and when i practice i just place my computer or phone thru the mp3 input, now how i do that in a simple way? please help i plug my computer sound into the input and is coming with all the effects and sound that im using with my guitar.
  3. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Can we have the 6 switch looper in the HX Stomp in the next update? I just want to use some of the features, like the 1/2 speed and reverse.
  4. felixflemons

    Importing IRs

    Hi All, I'm new to using Amp models and IRs. I own a HX Stomp and i'm crazy about it. I've purchased some IRs from Celestion and Own Hammer and have used them with the amp sims that come with HX Stomp. They sound amazing. I'm very happy. My question is regarding the settings when importing IRs. I see there are two slots one labeled 1024 and the other for 2048. Also, the IR files that I have come in a variety of kHz, ms and Bit rate formats. For example, in my Celestion pack there is a choice of importing 200 ms files vs 500 ms files and within those folders, there are several options for kHz and Bit rates. I read page 27 of the HX Stomp Users Manual that states: "HX Edit updates the HX Stomp hardware's IR list automatically. HX Stomp can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, 16-bit, mono, .WAV type IRs of up to 2,048 samples are natively supported; however, HX Edit lets you import IR .WAV files of different sample rate, bit depth, length and stereo format, and the app will convert these attributes automatically before sending to HX Stomp". -and- "The imported IR is automatically shortened (or lengthened) to 2,048 samples.You may optionally choose a 1,024-sample version from the model list to save DSP, which fades out the IR halfway through". Ok so, this may sound like stupid questions but like I said earlier, I'm new to all this and don't quite understand what Line 6 is saying. Can someone school me on what all this means and how I should select the IR files for importing to my HX Stomp and how it could effect my tone? Thank you.
  5. Punk3r

    POD HD 500 Boot Loop

    Hi, My HD500 got boot loop today when i connect wrong plug with the power. I search google and forum for advice but nothing help. I do the unplug and press "down" button and then it show update Flash. But i already update the latest flash firmware from 2 week ago. Line6 Monkey wont recognize it. Everytime i try to install drive from line6 Monkey, it download and then fail to lauch install. I delete monkey and reinstall,it work but when i open the monkey again, then it keep show the triangle error beside the drive and the error still happen. I cant boot into global reset. I can boot in test and safe mode by pressing down the right nav and plug in power. But it show the P beside the Flash firmware. What should i do now to save my HD500. PLZ help..Im so desperate!!!
  6. ChristianArnold

    Video: Controlling your DAW with the Helix

    Line 6 Helix 101: Controlling your computer recording software with the Helix.
  7. Retro-Rick

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Hey all, I don't know about you guys, but I'm so tired of checking for the 2.8 upgrade, and seeing it's not there yet. Ever since I got the HX Stomp to compliment my Helix, I've been changing all my presets to work with both units. I use them both, sometimes when I want to use my Variax I bring the big one with me, if not, I bring the small, they are both great. I can't wait for sharing patches to be easy. I want to be able to tweak my presets on either device, and easily upload those changes to the other. I don't get why Line 6 announced this upgrade so many months ago - it's unnerving...
  8. Leftzilla

    T5z Taylor Through Helix

    Looking for any input from someone using a Taylor T5Z with Helix. I currently have a JTV59 and JTV89F along with a VAC700 and all sound great through the helix. I am primarily trying to give myself a kick in the butt into playing more and have been looking at the Taylor T5Z. Any insight would be appreciated-Leftzilla
  9. Hi, I admittedly have not had enough time to physically test the cable to make this work but I cannot seem to find a clear answer before I go down the rabbit hole- maybe somebody has had this pop up also? I bought the HX Stomp and want to use it with a Boss MS3 for a fly rig. My goal would be to hook up the MS3 in the FX Loop of the HX Stomp for maximum flexibility of effects ordering. The MS3 is a mono TS input with 2 stereo TS outputs. I want to use those stereo outputs for some of the delays and additional signal routing possible as a result. I am well versed in the HD500 from the past, Helix Native and also HX Effects for editing tones/signals and such. On the HX Stomp, can I create an FX block that allows for the mono send but with stereo returns on it? Any special work arounds to consider on this? I am pretty certain the MS3 will not like a TRS cable at it's input which would neutralize the FX TRS send, I just don't know how a TS cable on FX Send from HX Stomp will affect the block as a return in stereo. It seems like only real work around is 2 blocks, a mono send and then a stereo return - any other ways to do this as 1 block? Thank you all in advance for the help!!
  10. Hi there, I have benn using my Helix LT for a year or two now and one of the feature I use the most is midi remote control from Cubase 10. We play to a clic and follow a Cubase project and all my preset and snapshot changes are triggered from a midi track in cubase assigned to helix through midi over USB. What I would like to do now is to get rid of the FBV shortboard MKII that I use to start, stop and navigate through Cubase markers and use Helix to do that instead. The problem I run into is that whenever I go to a certain marker using Helix as my midi remote, Cubase then sends back a midi program change command to Helix in order to go to the appropriate preset. When this happens, Helix then transmit back a midi command to Cubase telling it where it's at and releasing the footswitch now that I'm in a new preset also sends a midi command back to Cubase... this gives some weird behaviors like midi feedback and dual commands (press once but feels like I pressed twice) and most of the time all will fail. Is there a way to seperate the midi channel from the DAW remote from the midi channel from the preset/snapshot control? Thank you!
  11. Hello Everyone, Firstly, before I begin I would like to preface this by saying that if such a resource exists that I am about to propose please by all means link it and have a moderator or admin shut this thread down I would rather be told I haven't looked hard enough than to waste both your own and my time. From my own experience as a Helix user I have realised I have barely scratched the surface of what this device can do and for me going through articles and forum posts can be a bit of a drag while also intimidating. As a result I have been sitting on the idea of creating video based content to help users learn more about how to get the most out of the Helix, but I wanted to ask the community as I am just one person and my opinion is subjective. I know of the likes of Jason Sadites who puts out some amazing content and Helix help that already do a lot to help the community learn so that may already defeat the purpose of what I am asking. To Flesh out the idea: - A video based resource that provides detailed information on a stock helix set up - Deep dives into individual effects, amps and cabs etc. so that option paralysis is reduced and people can understand best what to use in a certain situation e.g. If someone were to ask how do I create a smooth Blues tone for lead and rhythm then there would be a video available that details the blocks that you could use and how certain amps/cab combos will give a different flavour to the general sound and some effects that you can use to further your soundscape. - Making all of this content centralised so that it is readily available to everyone - A view to expanding the content beyond stock Helix e.g using Impulse Responses, which ones work well for what purpose and more I have seen there are quite a few videos out there for the Axe-Fx and when you search that exact term in the likes of Youtube you will get results on generating presets or information on different amps quickly. While searching "Line 6 Helix" will primarily bring up reviews, first impressions, opinion videos, comparisons and you will have to make a more specific search such as "Line 6 Helix blues presets" to find more information on that side of things. I fully appreciate, if you are looking for a tutorial on Blues tone you are probably going to search the more specific version. The ultimate goal is to create a centralised platform/resource that will help people to master the Helix so that they will no longer worry about how to use any of it's features. If it is something people want I would be looking for help from the community to learn more(my selfish intent) and represent the information as best as possible so that it is effective in it's approach and purpose. From University I learned that there are different types of learners and am looking to appeal to the visual learners, those that find it difficult to run through a purely text based information. I merely ask for your feedback and opinions! Again to repeat myself I am happy to be proven wrong and linked to an article/website/forum that already does this! Thank you for your time, Phil
  12. cfppro123

    Helix for acoustic guitar and vocals

    I just received my Helix, I haven't unboxed it yet. Does anyone have recommendations for running acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time? Also, is there a way to separate the 2 signals going out, so I can adjust the volumes individually with my mixer? Thank you,
  13. Here is our tune “Sucker Punchin’ Weasel” by my band Subconscious Pilot. We recorded it with my Line 6 gear and some other gear, of course. I used helix and native for the guitars, except one solo which was an older multi-effects pedal from another company, and my lowdown 175 and native for the bass. Pretty happy with the overall sound and thank you to Line 6 for making my recording session so much more streamlined and fun! Please enjoy! https://subconsciouspilot.com/track/1664956/sucker-punchin-weasel
  14. Marianobunge

    Download irs purchease

    Hi there. i made my first puchease in line 6 online store, it was irs of ownhammer. They said to be done, but theres no email no nothing where i can download the irs. Anyone who can help me with that? i have the order and the activation codes but no where to get them!
  15. mikefromwot

    Tranfer Firehawk presets to Helix

    Considering upgrading to Helix, currently have a Firehawk FX. Can you transfer your Furehawk presets to Helix to save time? Obviously would want to make changes and new settings, but this would make it easy to pick up and play while setting up in between gigs.
  16. Zohan315

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Hi all, this is my first post. Need some help about my Helix LT. So Last night i had a gig and i used Marshall Tube amp. The sound was nasty, terrible. So i learned from few forums that i need to use FRFR speaker to get a clean authentic Helix sound. So my Question is what is the best FRFR speaker? Does QSC K series consider as an FRFR speaker? I do gigs here and there and i drive coupe. So won't able to carry a big speaker.
  17. All questions and comments welcome. Marshall JVM Channel Switching with Helix MIDI This works with Helix Firmware Version 2.20 and later. PURPOSE - Have your JVM automatically switch to any desired channel preset combination when pressing any Helix Preset or Snapshot button. IMPORTANT - Following the procedures described here may cause you to lose any MIDI switching settings you already have programmed into your Helix and JVM. IMPORTANT: Set Helix MIDI Global Settings by going to Menu Button > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > MIDI PC Send (Page 2) > Off With that understood. DO THIS FIRST Connect a standard, five pin, MIDI cable from the Helix MIDI Out/Thru connector to the JVM Midi In connector. DO THIS SECOND JVM Factory Reset - the following procedure is for a JVM205H (See the Reset procedure for your amp if different). This will erase all the MIDI presets and set MIDI reception channel to #1. 1. Switch the amplifier power off (power switch off, not standby switch). 2. Press and hold CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch. 3. Switch the amplifier power on (power switch on, not standby switch). The two channel LEDs will glow steady red. 4. Release the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch. Both the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE and the OVERDRIVE MODE switch LEDs will be lit solid red. 6. Press OVERDRIVE MODE switch. Both LEDs will blink Red then the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch will light Green. Done with that. Channel Switching with Helix Presets Only If you do not use Helix Snapshots, and only use Helix Presets, this is for you. You can have your JVM switch to any channel settings when changing Helix Presets. Here is how: 1. Press any Helix Preset button EXCEPT the one you want to program. 2. Set your JVM channels, reverb, fx loop etc. to the settings you want. 3. Put the JVM in the Learn mode by pressing the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. The FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch on the JVM will be blinking. 4. Press the Helix Preset button you want to program. The FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch will blink fast a few times and go out. Done. Now, every time you press that Helix Preset button, the JVM will switch back to those settings. Repeat for other Presets. Channel Switching with Helix Presets and Snapshots IMPORTANT - Before you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots it is important to understand that once you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots, you will have to go through all of your Presets and program at least one Snapshot. Otherwise, when switching between Presets, the amp settings will stay in their last state. Also, any MIDI Switching for Presets, that you have now, will be lost. With that understood. DO THIS FIRST FIRST Make a list like this: Preset# Snapshot# Program # Description 01A 1 0 Clean Green 01A 2 1 Overdrive Green 01A 3 2 Overdrive Green / Reverb On 01A 4 3 Overdrive Green / Reverb On / Master Volume On This is just a sample list. Your final list will, likely, look quite different. For now, just use this list for the programming examples. More on this later. The Program # is the code number of the MIDI PC (Program Change) Message that the Helix will send to the JVM when you press a Preset or Snapshot button on the Helix. This is how the JVM knows to change to a certain combination of settings. The Description is how the amp channels will be set after pressing a Preset or Snapshot button on the Helix. If MIDI and Program Change and PC Message sounds like a foreign language to you right now, do not worry, you will not need to know any of that technical stuff. Just make the list and follow along. DO THIS SECOND Go to Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Page 2 > MIDI PC Send - Turn this off > Press Home button DO THIS THIRD Navigate to the Preset you want to program and select Snapshot 1. Press the Menu button and then press the Command Center knob. Use the joystick to move to an unused Instant Command (Lightning Bolt). Any Commands already in use will have a Turquoise triangle above them. If you do not see any Turquoise triangles, just go to the lightning bolt in the top left corner. That is Instant Command 1. With an Instant Command (Lightning Bolt) now highlighted, turn the Command knob to Command - Bank/Prog You should see five settings and they should look like this: Command: Bank/Prog Midi Ch: Base Bank CC00: off Bank CC32: off Program: off Now, get the list that you made, earlier. Please note, when setting the Instant Commands below: Helix is, at this time, very particular about saving your settings as you go. You'll see "Press Save two times." after each change. It's an inconvenience, but it works. Check the setting for each Snapshot when you are done, to make sure you are sending the correct Program#. The only Helix setting we are going to change is Program. Looking at the list we see that the Program# for Preset 01A Snapshot 1 is 0. So, set the Program to 0 (zero). Leave everything else as/is. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 2 button. Set Program to 1. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 3 button. Set Program to 2. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 4 button. Set Program to 3. Press Save two times. You should now be back at the Home screen. Check the setting for each Snapshot when you are done, to make sure you are sending the correct Program#. We have, now, programmed our first four Snapshots on the Helix to do channel switching duties on the JVM. The only thing left to do is program the JVM to match. Looking at the list, we are saying we want Preset 01A Snapshot 1 to be Clean Green on the amp. On the Helix you should be on Preset 01A. Press Snapshot 2 button, or any Snapshot EXCEPT the one you want to program. Set the JVM to Clean Green. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. It should be blinking to indicate it is in the learn mode. Press Snapshot 1 button. The JVM FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch will blink rapidly a few times and then go out. Set JVM to Overdrive Green. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 2 button. Set JVM to Overdrive Green / Reverb On. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 3 button. Set JVM to Overdrive Green / Reverb On / Master Volume On. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 4 button. Done. Preset 01A Snapshots 1-4 should, now, recall the amp settings just like it is on the list. Setting Preset Default Snapshot To set a particular Snapshot as the default, for any given Preset, perform the following: In this example we will set Snapshot 2 as the default for Preset 01A. Navigate to Preset 01A and select Snapshot 2. Press the Save button two times. Done. Now, every time you switch to Preset 01A, no matter where you were, it will automatically go to Snapshot 2 and the JVM will switch to whatever amp settings you had for that Snapshot. Summary and Caveats Before you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots it is important to understand that once you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots, you will have to go through all of your Presets and program at least one Snapshot. Otherwise, when switching between Presets, the amp settings will stay in their last state. Also, any MIDI Switching for Presets, that you have now, will be lost. Following the procedures described here may cause you to lose any MIDI switching settings you may already have programmed into your Helix and JVM. The JVM will store 128 settings. For the two channel JVMs, there is a possible 48 settings combinations. For the four channel JVMs there is a possible 96 settings combinations. Each setting will have a different Program# (0-127). For example, if you wanted to add Clean Amber to the list, that would get a new Program#, maybe 4 since that has not been used already. If you are using/re-using a setting that is already on the list, even if it is on a different Preset, you would still use that same Program#. For example, if I wanted to use Clean Green on Preset 13B2 Snapshot 3, the Program# for that Snapshot is still going to be 0. If you are only using two Snapshots for a Preset, you do not have to program all four like we did above. By the same token, if you are using eight, you will have to program the other four. Special thanks to @phil_m and everyone that helped me work through this.
  18. ivanopensight

    Help - Auto-Wah LFO

    Hi everyone I recently purchased the line 6 Helix after researching different options. I am a bit gutted to find that I can't setup an autowah since parameters cannot be automated according to tempo. I upgraded from a Boss GT8 where I could do this. Basically telling the unit to oscillate between the X and Y position constantly at 120bpm (or equivallent in milliseconds) I tried playing with the Mutant Filter (which I understand is based on the Mu-Tron) but I am not getting the fast and constant "up-and-down" sound that I need since the filter responds to the dynamycs of the string attack and I need the effect to be constant while doing fast 16-note string obstructions. I want to know if there is any way around this. If someone has been into a similar situation and has come up with some settings that could help. My bass player suggested getting a separate autowah and add it to the physical chain. However, I don't know to what extent the Helix would be able to control an external unit. I also bought the Helix in order to avoid the piling of different pedals/stompboxes and be able to rely on presets instead of switching settings and oscillators between songs while playing live. I saw this entry on the ideascale site but I don't know if this could become an upgrade soon and whether it is possible to get this via a simple upgrade of the firmware in the future https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Auto-wah-or-auto-EVERYTHING-for-Helix/727014-23508#idea-tab-comments I found a video of the settings I want to control (sorry about posting the link to another similar product) and want to know of any workarounds with the Helix. Any light so I can play the songs the way they sound on the record and still rely on the Helix. I have been regretting the buy because of this tbh Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help
  19. Beetlejuice69

    Helix Into Amp Return for Power Amp Use

    New Helix Floor owner here. I LOVE it! I'm experimenting with using just the power amp section of my Mesa F-100 head (it's about 15 years old). The Setup: I can go guitar>helix>mesa head fx loop return. This bypasses ALL mesa controls except fx loop knob (which which ranges from 0 to 100). This setup has me using just the power amp part of the head. The Question: Should I treat the mesa fx loop knob as the "master volume knob" (and send max signal out of helix main out)...or should I set mesa fx loop knob to 100 and treat helix main out as "master volume"? FYI: The mesa fx loop is parallel and I'm sending instrument level signal to it, as it's designed to receive Thanks!
  20. Hi, I just got my Helix Rack yesterday and i bought an used FCB1010 foot controller to go with it, because I needed the Rack version and can't afford the Helix Control right now. I would like to configure it to work with the Helix but having absolutely no experiences with MIDI and amp modelers, I really don't know how to do it and where to start, or even what is possible to do beside switching presets. I pretty much only find informations on how to use the Helix AS a midi controller but that's obviously not what I want to do. So, If someone could help me, and/or point me to good documentation about this, It would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Dimestoregypsy

    HX Effects midi control stomp

    I’ve had the HX Effects for a while and I’ve loved it so much I decided to get the Stomp for the amp modeling. My question is can I use the FX to midi control the Stomp? Specifically I would like to be able to change between snapshots and presets on the stomp and blocks within a preset on the FX. I’m new to midi and I am totally lost. Thanks in advance for the help.
  22. Hello! I own an Helix floor and I'm looking for an external expression pedal in order to drive whammy effects amon others. I plan buying a Boss FV-500L. What do you think about this plan? Will it work weel with helix floor? If so, should I connect it to Helix with a TS cable? Thanks!
  23. jyanes

    Carrying case or bag

    So we are starting to receive our units and I was wondering what everyone was going to use as far as a carrying case? Anyone know of any cases specifically for the helix?
  24. I'm interested in getting the HX effects and would like to be able to use it for switching amp channels. I have a Randall RG1503 Head which uses a 6 pin din cable for the footswitch. So I'm wondering if there is there any way that a 6 pin din can be converted to 1/4" so that I can use it with HX effects? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. I’ve owned a helix LT for almost a year, the problem I have it since the first days, the presets pre installed sound nothing like in the videos on YouTube...so I gave up on using them, then noticed that when creating a patch, I had to add compressors or ODs before the amp to get a decent distortion... recently I found this user on YouTube called Alex.guitars, and he has this video (link below) where he shows how each amp sounds just with default settings...my helix doesn’t sound even closer to that, there is also another user commenting the same.... I went to this guy webpage and copied this settings on the helix, same...to give you an example, the tweed blues brt at 0:48, It sounds so clean on my helix, I can’t get that driven sound even setting the drive at max. Can someone try the tweeed blues bright with just a low high cut eq (400-5k)and room reverb at the end and let me know if sounds like that? thanks in advance