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  1. I registered it on website, updater see it, HX Edit works well. But licence manager does not see unit. What should I do? Windows 7.
  2. Here are some recovery steps if the update fails when using HX Edit, or Line 6 Updater on your system. Make sure your laptop is connected to power, or be sure to check your USB cable connections. If you're on a desktop system, we recommend connecting to the rear USB ports near the power source. 1) Download and install the latest version of HX Edit BEFORE you run the update. This installation will also include the latest drivers. If you're on a Windows computer, it may be helpful to restart after the installation. 2) Put your Helix into update mode, by pressing and holding buttons 6 and 12 while you power on the Helix. For the HX Stomp, press and hold down the RIGHT page button while power on the device. (You may get a blank screen that is white, or black - this is normal for the HX Stomp) 3) Use Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit) to run the latest firmware update again. Make sure only Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater is running during the update, close all other recording applications. (If the Helix is in update mode, it should show up on the screen when updater is open after you sign-in. If the Helix doesn’t appear, try re-booting the Helix normally, you should also try different USB ports on your Mac or PC).
  3. Hi community I really need your advice on this one, I downloaded a DarkThrone preset by Francie Fraser some time ago, I think back in 2019. I recently changed my PC, so I reinstalled everything, the DAW, Helix and other stuff, When I tried to import presets I get the following error; The issue is that I relly need this one and I can not afford to lose it that easily. I decided to review the components but I do not really know the best replacements for some of the "models" I used the to have a better understanding of what I do not have, for instance the "Heavy dist pedal" is not available Which pedal should I use to replace it? With regard to the Brit Trem Jump I think can be replaced by Brit Plexi Jump? Please find attached the Darkthrone.hlx file. Everything else seems to be reproduceable. Thank you very much! Flow 1 input Split Y Vermin Dist Heavy Dist Simple EQ { "version":6, "schema":"L6Preset", "meta":{ "premium":0, "pbn":0, "original":0 }, "data":{ "tone":{ "snapshot6":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 7", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true }, "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true } } }, "snapshot5":{ "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 6", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true } } }, "snapshot3":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 4", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true }, "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@valid":false }, "snapshot7":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block1":true, "block2":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 8", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "snapshot1":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 2", "@valid":false }, "global":{ "@variax_str1tuning":0, "@tempo":20, "@model":"@global_params", "@guitarinputZ":0, "@topology1":"SABJ", "@variax_str6tuning":0, "@variax_model":0, "@variax_str4tuning":0, "@variax_customtuning":false, "@pedalstate":2, "@cursor_dsp":1, "@variax_magmode":true, "@cursor_group":"outputA", "@variax_str2tuning":0, "@variax_str5tuning":0, "@variax_toneknob":-0.1, "@variax_str3tuning":0, "@variax_lockctrls":0, "@current_snapshot":0, "@topology0":"A", "@variax_volumeknob":-0.1 }, "snapshot4":{ "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 5", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2 }, "dsp1":{ "inputA":{ "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-48, "decay":0.5, "@input":0 }, "outputA":{ "gain":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "pan":0.5, "@output":5 }, "outputB":{ "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block2":{ "@position":3, "@enabled":true, "500Hz":2, "125Hz":0, "2kHz":2, "@model":"HD2_EQGraphic10Band", "Level":0, "31p25Hz":0, "62p5Hz":0, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "16kHz":0, "1kHz":3, "8kHz":0, "@path":0, "4kHz":0, "250Hz":0 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@type":0, "@position":0, "Gain":-0.5, "@path":1 }, "join":{ "@position":1, "@enabled":true, "B Polarity":false, "A Pan":0.5, "B Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0 }, "block3":{ "Predelay":0.022, "Decay":0.35, "@path":0, "Mix":0.32, "@position":4, "@type":7, "HighCut":4300, "@enabled":true, "@trails":true, "@model":"HD2_ReverbHall", "Level":0, "LowCut":166 }, "block4":{ "Gain":0.55, "@model":"HD2_CompressorLAStudioComp", "Level":0, "PeakReduction":0.5, "@path":0, "Type":false, "Emphasis":0.2, "Mix":1, "@stereo":true, "@type":0, "@position":5, "@enabled":true }, "block0":{ "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@stereo":false, "@position":0, "@type":0, "Gain":1.5, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "@input":0, "decay":0.5, "threshold":-48, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input" }, "split":{ "Reverse":false, "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitXOver", "@position":0, "Frequency":650, "bypass":false } }, "snapshot2":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 3", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "dsp0":{ "block3":{ "BrtDrive":0.5, "Master":1, "Mid":0.8, "BiasX":0.5, "Bass":0.5, "@type":1, "NrmDrive":0.5, "@path":0, "Sag":0.6, "Treble":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AmpBritTremJump", "Ripple":0.5, "ChVol":0.5, "@enabled":true, "Bias":0.5, "@position":3, "Hum":0.6, "Presence":0.35, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block4":{ "Hi Pass":10, "Input":0.4, "@model":"HD2_PreampVintagePre", "@enabled":true, "MicLine":true, "Output":1, "@type":1, "@position":4, "Polarity":false, "@path":0, "Low Pass":20000, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "Output":1, "@position":1, "@type":0, "Bass":0.5, "@path":0, "Treble":0.5, "Drive":0.65, "@model":"HD2_DM4HeavyDistortion", "Mid":0.85 }, "block2":{ "@path":0, "LowGain":0, "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "@position":2, "MidFreq":1200, "MidGain":4, "HighGain":0, "@model":"HD2_EQSimple3Band", "Level":0 }, "join":{ "B Polarity":false, "B Level":0, "A Pan":0.5, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "@enabled":false, "@position":8 }, "outputB":{ "gain":0, "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput" }, "inputA":{ "decay":0.01, "@input":2, "noiseGate":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-22.5 }, "outputA":{ "pan":0.5, "@output":2, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block5":{ "HighCut":6500, "@enabled":true, "Distance":6, "@position":7, "@mic":6, "@type":2, "@path":0, "LowCut":90, "EarlyReflections":0, "@model":"HD2_Cab4x121960T75", "Level":0 }, "split":{ "bypass":false, "BalanceB":0.5, "BalanceA":0.5, "@enabled":true, "@position":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitY" }, "block0":{ "Level":0.85, "@model":"HD2_DistVerminDist", "Filter":0.7, "Gain":0.5, "@type":0, "@position":0, "@stereo":false, "@enabled":true, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "decay":0.5, "@input":0, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input", "threshold":-48 } }, "snapshot0":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":true, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 1", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "split":true } } } }, "meta":{ "tnid":4328936, "band":"Darkthrone", "modifieddate":1552787657, "build_sha":"35792af", "appversion":40894464, "name":"Darkthrone", "author":"FrancieFraser", "application":"HX Edit", "song":"Earths last picture" }, "device_version":40894464, "device":2162692 } } Darkthrone.hlx
  4. ShaneKeller

    Poly Pitch

    Hello - the poly pitch block is storage intensive on the Helix and cannot be added to the block chain of most presets; creating a new preset and placing the poly pitch block first, and then adding a limited number of blocks (in my experience so far, only an amp and maybe one effect) works but obviously the sound of the preset is so limited that it's usually not any good. Can you create a preset with only the poly pitch block, set to whatever tuning you want, and then have any other preset access/use in parallel that preset? Such that both presets are being used at the same time, with the poly pitch preset first in the overall signal chain ... And I guess I should ask - assuming this is possible - would this eliminate the problem and accomplish what I'm wanting to accomplish? Or will storage/DSP space still be an issue? Thank you! Shane
  5. My Les Paul is perfect at A440, but my bass has to be tuned to A436 to = A440. Come on you guys! What a girl to do??
  6. Hello folks, They call me GEDD! I am fairly new to modeling. Got myself a helix floor unit a couple of months back. I have been expanding my knowledge in and around properly utilizing it. In this pursuit of creating my desired tones below are some questions i have for you. QUESTION 1: How do you choose a cab to compliment the tone that you have already achieved in the signal chain pre adding a CAB? QUESTION 2: Looking at the signal chain from every point of view (technical or otherwise) is a cab "mandatory" to be added in a signal chain if the you have already achieved the desired tone? I hope to get different takes on how each of you approach this part of the signal chain and what is the factual / feel reason that prompts you make the cab choices you make. I would also appreciate any tips or advise you have to offer. Thanks for taking the time in reading this post and contributing. Cheers - GEDD I have attached a custom tone file in which i have already achieved the tone i am looking for. Feel free to take a look. GRAM-GSG (EX).hlx
  7. Does anyone else experience lack of accuracy with the Helix on board tuner? I cant get a solid guitar tune with the Helix tuner at all. Below is a process of how I have checked them. On the helix, I have the tuner set to standard 440 pitch, and on my Boss TU-3 I have the same settings. The TU-3 accurately tunes my guitars, but the Helix is off by about -3cents on the some of the higher strings. There is no offsets, and the tuner is set to Guitar. Any ideas? Is this a known issue?
  8. (Preset + IR in attachment) Hi all (some older members may know me as VTM, when i created metal patches for the good'ol podXT). Today a title which was fully recorded with the HX Stomp (all guitars and bass). This one is special as it allows the guitarist to also play a bass line at the same time, using a signal split and a pitch shifter ! A quick taste of this tone here : StrongBBBAAAACK.wav DIR_Deasil_REC.hlx
  9. How do I set up the HX effects signal chain/fx block/mixer for 7cm? I'm struggling! What are the mixer and effects loops settings in the HX effects? Stereo? Dual mono? I'm using two amps, and want to set up so drives go into the front of the amp, and delays/reverbs in the fx loops. Main problems: - I don't know how the signal chain should be configured to set up 7 cable method into the fx loops of two amps. - Because the setup isn't correct, I currently get a lot of noise as both amps are sending the preamp to the other amp! Basically both preamps are blended on each amp. - How do I ensure delays and other effects are stereo - as in ping-pong delay etc. What are the mixer and effects loops settings in the HX effects? Stereo? Dual mono?
  10. I'm writing a song that uses a square or saw tooth tremelo effect synced to the beat with a 100% intensity for the primary rhythm element. I've found that though you can sync the tempo to the track, you can't control the start of the tremelo cycle with the DAW to sync it up with other elements. This means that each time you start the track, the phase of the cycle may not be what you expect. That makes it very difficult to sync up properly... For example, I've set up a sine wave generator, then an instance of Helix Native with a single Modulation > Mono > Tremelo: I've then set up my DAW to enable the effect at a particular spot in the "song" so that the effect would theoretically start the cycle the same each time. Then, I rendered the same section of song 3 times and added them to the project. As you can see, the first bar is the solid block sine wave, and then the tremelo effect is kicked on. You'll notice that the phase of each cycle is quite different, even though they all are turned on at the exact same time. (Three may have been me accidentally leaving one unmuted before the next render) Next, I attempted to bypass the Helix plugin entirely, rather than just the tremelo effect block. The same behavior is exhibited. The start time of the cycle is entirely unpredictable, and appears to simply be running non-stop after you load the plugin into memory or something. As suspected, this is true for other Modulation effects as well. Here's the same test using a whole not with the Script Mod Phase effect: Helix Native needs to honor the Host Sync's start event (assuming that actually exists) to reset it's LFO for Modulation effects. Otherwise, results are unpredictable and potentially unusable during rendering. :( I haven't tested the Helix Floor pedal to see if the bypass/enable of a trem effect resets the LFO, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had the same basic problem...
  11. sorry if this is a noob question, but... i'm wondering which Helix/HX can do parallel amp + effects chains where the entire "Right" from in to out and entire "Left" signal from in to out are discrete? to be more specific, i'm hoping to process my electric guitar through two different signal chains: 1) clean guitar amp (amp + cab) w/ reverb 2) polyphonic octave down > dirty bass amp (amp + cab) [for simulated bass sounds i have an active splitter pedal that i can place before whichever Helix/HX to send my unprocessed guitar signal into the two inputs, if needed.
  12. Has the below issue been resolved with the Helix? Mine keeps disconnecting via usb on multiple computers. It's not noted in the known issues section of the latest update In rare cases, Helix/HX devices can become disconnected from HX Edit. If possible, always connect your Helix/HX device directly to the USB port closest to your computer’s power connector. Never use any sort of USB hub, which may include the front USB ports on the front of towers. I did do the usual troubleshooting, factory reset, etc.
  13. I’ve had both an hx stomp, and now a stomp xl, and my expression pedal is not working for swells. I plugged it into the expression 1/2 on the stomp, and then added a volume block to my patch. I tried putting my volume block at the beginning of my signal chain, after my amp, and at the very end. I also tried messing with the global settings. My issue is that it works for turning up and down my volume, but even though it’s before my reverb and delays, it shuts off the echoes and delays when I roll it back. I want the echoes and delay to continue decaying after I turn down my volume. Instead, it starts turning off my reverb and delay instantly as soon as I begin to roll back on my volume pedal. And this keeps happening regardless of where I put the volume block in my signal chain. I also turned up my decay time on my reverb block as far as it will go, and my volume block is still shutting off the decay. What do I need to do to get the volume block to work for swells?
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if stomp presets can be used on helix floor? I saw some old posts that suggested that this isn’t possible, but wondered if things have changed with firmware updates etc? I want to purchase some presets for bass that have been marketed as stomp presets, however I have helix floor. Thanks in anticipation of your help, Neil
  15. I have a helix floor and stomp xl. Been using Line 6 stuff since the first pod. Been reading this site for years and have enjoyed most of the conversations and have learned a ton. Thank you! For some of my patches I have a delay (or trem, or Chorus, etc.) and i have recently changed the timing to use the tap tempo. I would love to know how some of you are doing this. do you have it set to 1/4, 1/8??? which is easiest to change when playing live. I know this is a very open question, so let me explain why I'm asking. I have a hard time setting the time using the tap tempo live. For example, if I want it to get to 120, I can't really do that. I have not figured out the best way to make the adjustment by tapping. Let's take a slap back on the delay. I used to set it manually at 130 to 150. now I have it set to tap tempo 1/8. the thought being I could change it live depending on what I want. I know I need to just dig in and keep playing with it, and I will. I would like to hear how you guys have it set up. Is it easier to tap what you need when it is set to 1/4 instead of 1/8? Things like that is what I'm looking for. Thanks....
  16. Hi, I am developing an app to control my HX Stomp on my tablet (android) There's any documentation regarding the protocol used by hx edit to for example: download/restore a backup/setlist upload an ir file get the parameters and informations? Is any of this accessible via midi? (maybe with a syshex message?) In another thread a Line6 developer was talking about the fbv protocol... If anyone wants to help also... Cheers, Nick
  17. I practice with apps on my iPhone. I just bought a new Helix floor in April and can't figure out how to run my iPhone through it. In my old POD HD500xl there was an input. Not so with Helix. I've tried the AUX in but all the effects are added on top. I tried the returns but nothing sounds. Please help. Tired of double headphones!
  18. Hey all - How do I wire up a Helix, a Mesa Mark VII and a Powercab 112+ to create a stereo rig, while properly using the effects loops? Is it actually possible, or do I need to get a cheapie amp with an effects loop to replace the Powercab? Clearly neither the 4 or 7 cable methods work; is this maybe a 5 or 6 cable setup? I'm a little stumped. Mods: cross posted to Powercab. If one or the other is inappropriate, please delete at your discretion.
  19. Hi everyone, I really love the simple pitch and dual pitch blocks that are included in Helix. They really seem to have a very Low latency. On one of my pedalboards I'd like to include a pedal like that, but I can't justify including HX Effects/Hx Stomp on this specific board just for that single application. Is there any other pedal that will give a very similar sound while having a very low latency ( I don't care about polyphonic feature as I only use it for single note parts ). So far I wasn't able to find any kind of "Monophonic" pitch shifter pedal. Are there any pedals like that ?
  20. Hey all - How do I wire up a Helix, a Mesa Mark VII and a Powercab 112+ to create a stereo rig, while properly using the effects loops? Is it actually possible, or do I need to get a cheapie amp with an effects loop to replace the Powercab? Clearly neither the 4 or 7 cable methods work; is this maybe a 5 or 6 cable setup? I'm a little stumped. Mods: cross posted to Helix. If one or the other is inappropriate, please delete at your discretion.
  21. Hello, I am working on a MIDI controller with LED displays and I would like to use a backup file (format .hls) to retrieve the name and footswitch default status (i.e. what FS is on/off for each snapshot when I go to the preset or change snapshot etc). Since I don't change my setlist that frequently I am not trying to read directly from the unit but instead hard code the names and behaviors based on the .hls. I use a JSON parser to decode the .hls file and see there is a section called footswitch Here is an example (see full file in attachment) 'footswitch': {'dsp0': {'block0': {'@fs_enabled': True, '@fs_index': 5, '@fs_label': 'Volume ' 'Pedal', '@fs_ledcolor': 65408, '@fs_momentary': False, '@fs_primary': True}, 'block1': = etc.. Based on that, I originally assumed that each @fs_index would refer to a footswitch with @fs_enable for the status. However, that doesn't seem to be the case because I have a few setups with @fs_index > 5. To make things more confusing, I also see some presets without the 'footswitch' blocks though there are setup in the unit. Has anyone be able to understand how the hsl file work for the foot-switches assignment ? Any guidance on how to interpret the structure of this file ? Thank you. Pat. Test.txt
  22. I have a helix and a variax. I want to use snapshots so there won't be audio ramp-up when you switch presets. I want a Strat sound on Snapshot 1 and a Banjo on Snapshot2, for example, but it appears that inputs can not be changed between snapshots on a preset. Is there a way to alternate variax tones (under input) between a given preset's snapshots? I'm looking at using two separate paths in a preset, but am not sure how to select paths in a snapshot.
  23. I have had a Helix for about six months and I love it, although it has left me feeling like a total Luddite, having been a “Guitar/1 amp/a few stomp boxes” kind of guy all my life. I have primarily been using headphones with the helix up to now. However, on the rare occasion that I might find myself in the house without my wife and kids, I would like to have access to some kind of speaker set up that takes advantage of the Helix’s stereo capabilities. So far, whenever I have used any kind of speaker with a helix I have just run a 1/4 cable out of the left/mono output from the helix into the ‘instrument in’ input of my Yamaha THR 10 (where I’ve been using the Flat channel. I read somewhere that the THR10 is itself a stereo output if the aux input is used. Does anyone know - if I run a cable out of the Headphones output of the helix into the THR10 aux, would this give the Helix stereo output? I’d have to assume some kind of deterioration in quality. Another option I’m looking at is having: one 1/4 cable going out of the left output on helix into the ‘instrument in’ input of the THR10 (using flat channel), and; One 1/4 cable out of the right output from the helix into another speaker I’m guessing this would give the more desirable results? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for this second speaker? In either case please pick holes in the two ideas listed above. I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is all strictly for home use and so I’m not looking for earth shattering volume.
  24. Just remind me - ( been out of things for a while ) on HELIX floor/Rack : if in settings I've set the PRESET/SNAP footswitch to flip between Stomp and Snap - does the display still always show PRESET/STOMP? or am I missing something?
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