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  1. Hello! I have a UX2 bundled with Pod Farm2 and I purchased all the Packs (which I love and used all these years!) but I want to try the Helix Native deal, Question#1: if I pay for the upgrade to Helix Native option, will I still be able to use Pod Farm2 whenever I want? Also, Question#2: I have changed computers through the years and the ux2/pod farm license only allows me one or 2 more computer ID changes, to avoid this situation and keep my pod farm and purchased packs what should I do, buy the actual, full pod farm2 in Line6 website and re-install it? Will I still have a limit on switching computers? If I do buy a full grade pod farm2 will I be able to use the packs that I previously purchased? (same account). Thanks in advance for your kind answers.
  2. JoRGlml


    Hace 3 dias compre un helix floor y tengo problemas con el pedal de volumen, el recorrido del volumen marca de 0 a 100% pero en pedal físico recorre solo el 90%, cuando el pedal me marca 0% de volumen en el pedal físico aun puedo bajar un 10% que el helix no me reconoce, saben como puedo calibrarlo? q puedo hacer?? video-1607103624.mp4
  3. Hi, I’ve recently moved to the green side a.k.a. Kemper and have no use for my helix native. if you’re interested in buying, message me!
  4. Got this working on Helix floor so thought I'd share what didn't and then did work. Firstly, using TS (Tip - Sleeve - mono - looks like a normal guitar jack) to TS jack lead doesn't work. I've seen one post where people have got this working e.g. with a volume block and setting the min value knob on the EV-30 to max. This did work for me but only seemed to have an an effect after half the the available travel on the EV-30. This was after doing quite a bit of playing with the settings on the helix (global settings | expression pedal polarity). Tried with TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve - stereo - has two black bands around it) to TRS lead. Again, this worked after a fashion but would go from min to max (at half travel) and back to min (at full travel). Couldn't get it to work. So, this is what I did, both methods work so if you've got the bits to hand, try it, but neither approach is mega expensive. Leave the min controls on the EV-30 set to minimum (fully anti clockwise): Get a stereo jack lead (that's a TRS lead) Put a stereo to mono jack adapter (widely available, very cheap) on one end Put the stereo end (end without the adapter) in to the EV-30 (works in either output 1 or 2 on the EV-30) Put the mono end (one with the adapter) into Helix 2 or 3 Assign it to a parameter Feel the joy!! Alternative is: Get an insert (or Y lead) which is 1 TRS (stereo) jack to 2 TS (mono) jack lead Put the stereo end into the EV-30 Put the mono jack labelled TIP (or SEND) into Helix You don't need to do anything with the other mono jack Put the mono end (one with the adapter) into Helix 2 or 3 Assign it to a parameter Feel the joy!! You can use both outputs on the EV-30 to get some really creative effects. Plug each output (using either method above) into expression 2 and 3 on Helix.If you invert polarity on output 2 (either on the pedal or in Helix setup but NOT both as it will just cancel out) you can increase the value of one parameter with one expression controller while decreasing the value of another. e.g wah value block and pitch value on a pitch whammy block. Endless permutations. Enjoy!!
  5. So I’m trying to update my helix and I downloaded the firmware on hx edit but for some reason , my helix isn’t updating. I’m stuck on “firmware downloaded successfully”. The display screen isn’t changing to the update stage. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?
  6. If loading a third-party IR (impulse response) into HX Edit or POD Go Edit results in an out of memory condition, it is likely the source file is too large or contains too many samples. Open a DAW (digital audio workstation) e.g. Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Ableton, etc., or other capable audio recording/editing software, such as Audacity, and import the IR file into a new session/project. Trim the IR so that it is no more than 2,048 samples in length. Most DAWs have a ruler that you can set to beats, minutes/seconds, or samples. Set it to 'samples' in order to make the most accurate time selection. After the file has been trimmed, you're ready to export/bounce the new IR file. Use the item render/export in your DAW and follow these guidelines to ensure compatibility: 24-bit / 48k Mono (1 channel) Must be WAV file format
  7. Hello everyone, Just tried to update my Helix LT from 2.92 to 3.0 with HX edit 3.0 without success, the update stopped and HX Edit asked to turn off and on the Helix. https://postimg.cc/gallery/gLLdZFp I tried to put it in test mode (turn on the helix with switch 3 and 4), safe mode, factory reset... nothing works (see image link). I am running a 2020 MacBook Pro 13", with Core i7/16Go DDR4. Any suggestions ? I am getting a bit preoccupied as I had to reset it once but this time even the factory reset doesn't work. Thank you very much for your help
  8. I'm writing a song that uses a square or saw tooth tremelo effect synced to the beat with a 100% intensity for the primary rhythm element. I've found that though you can sync the tempo to the track, you can't control the start of the tremelo cycle with the DAW to sync it up with other elements. This means that each time you start the track, the phase of the cycle may not be what you expect. That makes it very difficult to sync up properly... For example, I've set up a sine wave generator, then an instance of Helix Native with a single Modulation > Mono > Tremelo: I've then set up my DAW to enable the effect at a particular spot in the "song" so that the effect would theoretically start the cycle the same each time. Then, I rendered the same section of song 3 times and added them to the project. As you can see, the first bar is the solid block sine wave, and then the tremelo effect is kicked on. You'll notice that the phase of each cycle is quite different, even though they all are turned on at the exact same time. (Three may have been me accidentally leaving one unmuted before the next render) Next, I attempted to bypass the Helix plugin entirely, rather than just the tremelo effect block. The same behavior is exhibited. The start time of the cycle is entirely unpredictable, and appears to simply be running non-stop after you load the plugin into memory or something. As suspected, this is true for other Modulation effects as well. Here's the same test using a whole not with the Script Mod Phase effect: Helix Native needs to honor the Host Sync's start event (assuming that actually exists) to reset it's LFO for Modulation effects. Otherwise, results are unpredictable and potentially unusable during rendering. :( I haven't tested the Helix Floor pedal to see if the bypass/enable of a trem effect resets the LFO, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had the same basic problem...
  9. Hello everyone! I’ve just uploaded two videos on my YouTube channel (more coming soon). Free Helix patch inside; if you like take a look and join my channel! Ciao a tutti, ho appena caricato sul mio canale questi due video (ne seguiranno altri) con relativa patch Helix annessa. Se vi fa piacere guardateli e scaricatele! https://youtu.be/RO2Jj2lDB3Y https://youtu.be/SQOCiG2Tt-k
  10. Hey guys! I bought a new iMac and I need to download the Helix Native again from my Line 6 account. Do you guys could tell me how to do that? Thank you! ;)
  11. Can you use Helix Native Plug-in in Pro tools with the helix floor? While recording I want to be able to use the presets on my helix floor and upload them onto my band members helix native. This would allow me to use the helix floor as the controller for the tone that is being recorded thus allowing me to change the tone after if needed while listening back, this would then remove the re—amping process and need for wet-dry recording. They could communicate similar to helix Edit and helix floor, and allow for real time adjustments and tone thanks
  12. WARNING NEW GUY I have been playing 15 years...and can dial in a tube amp easily...but modelers are a whole new world to me...here goes nothing! So i have had my helix lt for a few months now and have been using it live almost every weekend. Had a sound i really liked dialed in but wasn't happy just using a monitor and my bands mixer board is one is always one short on running FOH so...it was time for a power amp and 2x12 cab But now i cant seem to find a good setting...i took the IR off the preset. Ive really taken a liking to the Placater so id like to still use that for the 80s cover band. Any suggestions on helix settings using the 2x12 and poweramp route?
  13. Zohan315

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Hi all, this is my first post. Need some help about my Helix LT. So Last night i had a gig and i used Marshall Tube amp. The sound was nasty, terrible. So i learned from few forums that i need to use FRFR speaker to get a clean authentic Helix sound. So my Question is what is the best FRFR speaker? Does QSC K series consider as an FRFR speaker? I do gigs here and there and i drive coupe. So won't able to carry a big speaker.
  14. Hi I have a helix LT running latest software 2.92 and connected via a Klotz AES cable to the line 6 link on my powercab 112 plus - the sound is fine but I cannot change the the speaker models on the power cab in HX edit. The name changes but nothing changes in the sound. If I walk over to the pwoercab and change it manually then there is a clear change in the sounds between presets. I really want to be able to change powercab speakers through my helix presets but am struggling - any ideas out there? Many thanks for any advice
  15. Hi friends, i'm a happily new owner of a HX Stomp since a pair of weeks. A couple of days ago I shared a "hm-2 alike tone" on the Customtone, because I couldn't setup properly my BOSS HM-2 to sound with my HX. Tried with my Behringer HM300, but same problem... all sounds like crap. Not a nice crap like Entombed sound, no... just crap. Tried on the input, tried on the loop, tried a few amps, owhnhammer ir's, but nothing good. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to make this pedals understand each other? xD Please, help! :D
  16. So A couple weeks ago I noticed my helix floor isn’t reading my taps correctly. To be specific; every time I’m playing a song, the first tap almost always jumps up to 240bpms. I have to give it a couple of taps to get it closer to what I’m playing it. I’ve read that the tap tempo on the helix isn’t the best. However it wasn’t this bad when I first got it. Please help. The tuner seems to work fine.
  17. Hello I need some serious help with my setup, i'm at a loss. This seems like an extremely simple and very normal setup. what i want to have happen: PC machine be ready to go with audio output and recording always setup for guitar/bass on Helix Be able to play audio from protools and PC at the same time through the same speakers (backing track + recorded audio as needed/experimenting) Guitar play through powercab 112 only - but also record in protools at the same time Sounds like something completely normal and acceptable, but doesn't work. current setup PC machine hooked up to helix via usb helix connected into powercab 112 via aes cable (digital output for helix path 1) external speakers connected to headphone out of helix so i can have isolated audio control of volume this seems like a simple request, but i'm running into a serious wall with this. Protools requires audio be directed through the Helix, so audio MUST come through the Helix for the PC (both the operating system audio + recorded audio in protools) If i do not set the output on path 1 to Multi or USB 1/2 - it will not record the instrument in protools. However, if i set the guitar to USB 1/2 or Multi - then it will play audio through the external speakers. Multi also doubles down and plays through the powercab 112 with this setup. If i set it to USB 1/2 - then it will not play through the powercab 112+ - it is not an option. These 2 playbacks must be isolated. I need the audio to only play for the instrument out of Digital but record in protools, while still enabling me to use my powercab 112. I posted a thread a while ago about using powercab 112 to record, but thats not what will work for me in this situation. Note: I have tried ASIO4All and did not have any luck getting this setup either. Powercab112 does not show up as a recording device in protools, even though it is showing in asio4all. Does anybody have any ideas ?
  18. Hi Guys, Haven't been able to update to 2.50 yet, but I'm very curious to know what is the general opinion on the quality of the legacy effects. I don't have experience with the gear they are deduced from. I've read they are supposed to sound a little bit better from the Helix, but what can I expect? Can't wait to update, but in the meantime thanks for your response!
  19. I am selling my Helix Native. Anybody interested?
  20. Anyone notice that bypassed effects still add a db boost? My lead patch is a copy of my rhythm patch, just with added delay and eq block for a boost to mids and slight db boost. I noticed that when I bypassed (turned off) the eq and delay, the patch was still noticeably louder. So I removed the eq and delay blocks, then the patch was the same volume as the rhythm patch. When I added the blocks back, even though they were disabled there was a slight db boost. Anyone know why this is?
  21. I'm on my helix, trying to find a way to turn on a harmony only while pressing the footswitch so that i don't have to dubble click it. Is this possible? I'm actually thinking alot of effekts would be fun to use just quickly and the timing would be alot easier if the effekt only would be on while pressing the footswitch.
  22. Here ya go - even if you're only vaguely interested in the development of the Helix - Digital Igloo give us some insight on our, now 5 year old, toy!
  23. Hi, I'm a new Helix user and was wondering if the "Multi" Out option could be changed from the 4 (XLR, 1/4, Digital, USB) to just 2. For instance, to send audio only to XLR and Digital, or XLR and 1/4 (and leave the other outputs free for other routing). Could there be a way to mirror one output to another? If not possible, could there be a chance for a firmware update that includes more flexible routing options? Also, is there a possibility to monitor the audio coming from the "Digital" source in the headphones output? This option is not available in the HP settings. Thanks. Leo
  24. Hi there! I got myself a Powercab 212 recently and I'm trying to build some patches from scratch. My setup is either ES335 or LP, both equipped with PAF ––> Helix ––L6-L––> PC212. Helix Volume is at 11, all output levels are set to 0dB and Line-Level where possible. Powercab speakers are also set to 0dB. When I do some heavy strumming with no blocks active, it is impossible to get the PC input yellow. When I raise the Helix output block to +20dB I can clip the PC to yellow. When I add the max. +6dB raise to the PC-input, I can clip it to red with very hard strumming only. My guitars have a very low output (335 is a tad below 7K), but nonetheless this seems not right to me. How is it with your Helix-PC-combos? Any advice how I should set my gains here? Dev
  25. Hi. I have set up my helix with Snap/ stomp set up. I was trying to get different sounds and saving them when my snapshots disappeared. If I go to global settings and turn the setting button for Snap/ stomp to change it, nothing happens. The snapshots are still showing in the HX edit but not showing on the unit. Can anyone help?
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