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Found 793 results

  1. Adorbnig

    Helix Looper V2.xx

    This is what the looper upgrade should have delivered - something to shout about aka the Headstrong patch update.
  2. Hello, I have had the controller for the helix rack stored away for a year or two it's been kept in great Nic. I went to use yesterday and found it was not functioning. It is connected to helix rack and does not respond to stomp boxes in any way. Also to tunning screen display is blank. The stomps have no text displayed above them, there is light however. I tried restoring factory presets and such but to no avail. Has anyone encountered this problem before. It's frustrating as I have got almost no use out of the controller. Kind Regards Geoff
  3. Dsprag000

    I'm a midi noob

    Ok, I've very minimal experience with midi, i am still learning to maneuver my way through the helix. I have a marshall jmd100 which has a midi controller interface. I know the helix will change the patches through the midi, just not sure how to do it. Halp. Just want to know the basics. Thank you all in advance.
  4. jrrjr68

    Helix Complete Amp List

    May be old news to some.. But with the ever growing list of guitar and bass amps.. thought this may be useful for someone. http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/
  5. Retro-Rick

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Hey all, I don't know about you guys, but I'm so tired of checking for the 2.8 upgrade, and seeing it's not there yet. Ever since I got the HX Stomp to compliment my Helix, I've been changing all my presets to work with both units. I use them both, sometimes when I want to use my Variax I bring the big one with me, if not, I bring the small, they are both great. I can't wait for sharing patches to be easy. I want to be able to tweak my presets on either device, and easily upload those changes to the other. I don't get why Line 6 announced this upgrade so many months ago - it's unnerving...
  6. redbelo

    What is the pros and cons

    What is the pros and cons of using a the helix out into a interface as opposite , the use of the interface over native plugin?
  7. Trying to connect a Moog MP201 multipedal to Helix via EXP 2 and 3 - the Moog uses control voltage/CV out. I recall reading somewhere that the EXPs can be configured to accept CV (the manual only says "CV out", not in), and that the voltages can be configured to some extent within the -3v to +3v range, but I can't figure out how to do it, or if it's even a viable connection as described. Is Helix CV in capable, and configurable? If so, how? While the pedal can output to MIDI, I'd really rather stick with the CV if possible.
  8. Hi guys! This is my first post on this forum, and unfortunately it's not very positive. I think the known issue with the expression pedal on Helix LT happened and with my unit now. The expression pedal doesn't work as expected anymore. I can clearly see a movement (displacement) of the chassis inside the unit. The pedal squeaks when I press it by my foot and sometimes gets stuck during movement. Today this squeaking got quite destructive during a quiet part of the worship service when I played swells. I've been using the pedal only for a few months so far but the unit itself is out of seller warranty (Long & McQuade). I've already submitted a support ticket, though. Would appreciate any ideas about how to get it fixed. Youtube video:
  9. arislaf

    Helix presets ready to mix

    Hallo all! Just made all the guitar amps of helix ready for mix, dual tracked, equalized, etc. Just upload these to your helix and enjoy! P.s. All amps have different sound, some are for busy mix, other are overwhelming, other underwhelming. Depends on the mix. Meaning, that your favorite amp may not sound what you like. Instead, I made all amps with different flavors. Close your eyes, and try the amp by each own. You will not believe that the amp x works better than your favorite amp on the mix. Also, please try and give a comment. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0 p.s.2 for the jtv users, i used the bundle to make these sounds, https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
  10. I saw a Line 6 page on https://line6.ideascale.com. Is that the right place to make a feature request for the Helix? Or somewhere else? Rich
  11. xxSectumsempra

    Hx stomp question

    I just bought an hx stomp but am new to the whole all in one thing. I want to run direct to my pa. Do i just need to use output l/mono or both l/mono and right?
  12. willlev

    club bass and house bass ir's

    Hi, I'm nooby af to Helix. I'm looking for some killer deep, ballsy, low, earthshaking bass tones and ir's for neo-funk and house. Please help, I know less than Job Snow
  13. davidperetz

    firmware updates

    Hey y'all, I had some troubles updating me Helix's firmware and by now there 5 firmware updates that I missed. Should I download them all or download the recent one 2.71? Thank you.
  14. Hello All, I am trying to figure out how to control the volume of my backing tracks when I am recording guitar through the Helix. Here is my set up: Macbook Pro > USB to Helix 3/4 > XLR outs to Studio Monitors My Helix has two paths--Path A is my guitar patch to Multi Out (which goes to either my Headrush via 1/4 inch or to studio monitors) Path B is 3/4 USB input to XLR out to Monitors ***The Problem #1--I am recording without headphones and the Helix (guitar) is significantly louder and I can't seem to control the volume of the backing track probably because they are both on the same volume from the Helix. Is there a way to do this or should I just get another Audio Interface just for my mac? ***Problem #2 The latency is so bad if I use headphones it's unusable . At 512 the latency is so far behind it's hard to play in time and you cannot adjust the Helix's sample rate below 48000. (At lower sample rates I get the popping and scratching sound so that doesn't work either) Any suggestions on using the Helix with headphones and not getting such bad latency? Thanks for your help!
  15. ZimmerM

    Copying Presets to another setlist

    Hi, Just got my shiny new Helix LT :-) Does anyone know a way to copy a factory preset into a User Setlist, using only the main unit? I know it can be done using HX Edit. I also see that you can select another location within the current Setlist by selecting "Save" and rotating knob 5. Just can't see how to choose a location in another setlist? Any help appreciated Cheers Matt
  16. srolfs

    Helix latency versus a tube amp

    I'm a sound noob so go easy on me. Played a line 6 processed amp for many years now, including Helix for the past year. Tonight went over and plugged into my friends Marshall. Had a hard time playing for awhile as it seemed like all my note timing was off with my fingers. Had read on here that using a processed digital amp like a Helix, you have a latency that your brain/fingers adjust for and that latency isn't there with a pure tube amp. Accurate or no? And if accurate, do any of you who use the Helix as your pedal board via a four cable method with a tube amp experience this?
  17. Hello, so I've had what I think is a good idea which is to buy a Helix stomp and a thing called Eventide MixingLink Mic Preamp With Effects Loop, which is basically a mic pre pedal with an FX loop. I'm looking to use the stomp for guitar amp and maybe an overdrive, then add a couple of FX to the vocal, maybe a reverb, a distortion. I appreciate there are only 6 blocks my main question is will this actually work and are there any limitations. Thanks in advance!
  18. Today I walk through my guitar recording setup and my workflow. I've had a lot of questions so I figured we would go back to basics and see how it is we set stuff up. Here is the workflow: Line 6 Helix rack - UA Apollo Twin Duo - iMac - Presonus Studio One 4.0
  19. paologuitar

    Specific Helix HX Effects Use

    Hello to everyone! I am thinking of buying the Helix Hx Effects for one purpose (among others) I want to recreate the "feel" of a second guitarist, and by reading and searching other subforums here, I haven't come to an end. My way of thinking is simple 1. guitar to the HX 2. split the signal with a (HX) delay of eg. 20ms-1repeat in 2 amps having the 2nd amp giving back just the feedback. (the "2nd" guitarist is created) 3. Having a (HX) harmonizer on, fully panned so amp1 plays the note I am playing (dry signal) and amp2 just the "harmonized" note. (the "2nd" guitarist is playing his "seperate" part) 4. Add a new delay along with the existing one in order for both the dry and the harmonized lead parts to sound better. (the 2nd guitarist has a tasteful sound) 5. Using something like the 4 cable method (or more) to switch the channels of both amps with a press of 1 button on the HX. (control all of the above features in amps and HX with one button) 6. Use the distortion and clean channels on the amps and use the HX just for the effects (not the distortion modelling etc) Is this possible? Is there someone who has tried it? Is there something I am missing about the connections? Any help and suggestions will do PS. I take it for granted that the "suggestion" "find another real guitarist" has already been considered and can't work at the moment :P Thanks in advance.
  20. I'm running my Helix in 4CM. I have it configured whereby I'm using a bank of presents for a 'song', and the patches saved within the bank are for different sounds within the song (such as a solo boost, etc...). Problem: I switch from one patch to another and there is a 1/4 second of silence during the switch - a complete dead spot with no sustain, etc... Is there a setting or switch that I can enable to stop this from happening? Incidentally, I started using a single patch for a song, and set up the snapshots for the different sounds within the song. That didn't have the same issue, but I found that configuration more time-consuming to set up and maintain - as well as less user-friendly. I would like not to go back to that configuration. Would appreciate feedback on this! Thanks!
  21. ericw95

    Best wireless relay for Helix?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be playing live a bit in the near future, and I like to move around a good bit while playing. Naturally, a wireless system seems to make the most sense. What is the best wireless system for guitar -> Helix? My main guitar is a Jackson with passives, but I also have a guitar with actives, so that is probably worth a consideration (the guitar has a 1/4 inch out, not a Variax). What is the best wireless system for my needs? It looks like the Line 6 G10 is pretty decent, but I have read some not great reports about signal dropout inside the 75 foot range and some loss of the high-end frequencies. I am not a "huge" stickler for tone, but I really like a mean attack from the pick (play mostly hard rock/thrash) so losing attack is a big negative for me.
  22. Zohan315

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Hi all, this is my first post. Need some help about my Helix LT. So Last night i had a gig and i used Marshall Tube amp. The sound was nasty, terrible. So i learned from few forums that i need to use FRFR speaker to get a clean authentic Helix sound. So my Question is what is the best FRFR speaker? Does QSC K series consider as an FRFR speaker? I do gigs here and there and i drive coupe. So won't able to carry a big speaker.
  23. squarefrog

    Connection Interrupted regularly

    I'm really struggling with a solid USB connection to the Helix. I use the cable provided by Line 6, in the back of a Mac Mini, with nothing else plugged into any of the ports. I've never been able to update the Helix on the first try, it usually takes 4-5 attempts for an upgrade to happen, and in the meantime I lose all my presets. I only use HX Edit when I want to load Its, but after copying 4 or 5 Its, the connection drops with "Connection Interrupted" at the bottom. I've never had such an unstable connection to a device, especially one that has integral power so isn't drawing power over USB. What can I do to solve this, as this is an incredibly frustrating situation.
  24. enzomb99

    Helix vs Helix LT

    Hello all, This questions would have been raised I presume many times and I have looked through all the internet. I have watched youtube videos and so on but I can't make up my mind. I currently play guitar, bass (active bass mostly) and various other instruments. However, one thing stops me, the price... in Euros 400€ difference for just a "few things" they say. But I read a lot, the pedal is better, the scribble strips is amazing and the amount of various type of inputs/outputs is over amazing. I want to know, should I pay 400 more "just" for that or is it going to be an utter waste of money? Please ask me questions if you want. I'll be happy to answer if that means you can guide me more to my purchase. I play with Fender Strats, and Teles. I have also few basses but my main one is an active Ibanez Thank you! A Helix dreamer from France
  25. I bought a full Helix, love it almost completely, just wish it wasn't as big as it is. I bought an HX Stomp, I love a lot about it, but I really miss a lot of what was cut from the Helix. So like Goldie Locks, This one's too big, that one's too small, I want one that is just right! That's what I'm hoping to find. A Medium sized helix with. 1) Full Variax Control 2) 6-8 Buttons 3) Scribble Strips 4) More powerful than HX Stomp ( More Blocks, More Snapshots, Snapshots with names, Holds more presets than 128) 5) No Wall Wart Power Plug 6) No Built In Expression Pedal (just optional plug in) 7) XLR outs 8) Volume Meters 9) Buttons with more programmability (Not just click, but also - toggle, and hold, that you can assign) If Line 6 decides to make a pedal like this, it would be better than anything, even the FM3.