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  1. I have the Helix Floor. I think I've done a very basic version of what you mean here - I've set up new presets with poly pitch set to the tunings I use most often (Eflat, whole step down, and C#) and I've put very basic processing after the poly pitch block. It sounds ok for practicing, but I wouldn't use it to jam or play live. As time allows, I may edit to get better sound just for the hell of it - if I was to jam or play live, I have multiple guitars to tune to these other tunings ...
  2. Yeah I might eventually go that route..
  3. Thanks for all the info! I like the EQ cabs/preamp idea, and the POG2 and similar ideas are good, too. Ultimately, at least for the time being, I am only using the poly pitch function for practicing various songs on one guitar at home - no playing live or anything like that - so the sound quality of the preset is not that important overall for my application at the moment. Thanks for all the great info!
  4. ShaneKeller

    Poly Pitch

    Hello - the poly pitch block is storage intensive on the Helix and cannot be added to the block chain of most presets; creating a new preset and placing the poly pitch block first, and then adding a limited number of blocks (in my experience so far, only an amp and maybe one effect) works but obviously the sound of the preset is so limited that it's usually not any good. Can you create a preset with only the poly pitch block, set to whatever tuning you want, and then have any other preset access/use in parallel that preset? Such that both presets are being used at the same time, with the poly pitch preset first in the overall signal chain ... And I guess I should ask - assuming this is possible - would this eliminate the problem and accomplish what I'm wanting to accomplish? Or will storage/DSP space still be an issue? Thank you! Shane
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