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Found 12 results

  1. I have the DL4 MKII, and its stellar performance convinced me to order an HX Stomp XL. My question is how much of the DL4's function will the HX. Stomp XL replace? Should I hang on to the DL4, or would I be safe selling it to offset the expense of the Stomp? I'm reading through owner's manuals trying to find the answer, but the wisdom of the Line6 Hive Mind is something I'd value. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have my HX Stomp XL set to snapshot mode. When I hit the mode button to change to stompbox mode the display does not change to show pedal names (only the footswitches changes color) and it still shows snapshots which is quite confusing while performing! Does anyone know how to fix this? Best, Nick XL_snapshot_mode.HEIC XL_stompbox_mode.HEIC
  3. I am brand new to using IRs, so I just want to make sure I haven't skipped a step or done something wrong. I have some new York Audio IRs that I got into HX Edit and onto my Stomp XL. I can choose them while making a preset, and I can hear my guitar when I play because I come through an empty channel on a modeling amp whenever I use my Stomp XL. I get the slightest change in sound, but it's still very quiet and muffled whenever I add any of my IRs - like I'm really only hearing my guitar come through this barebones channel with minimal changes. They just don't sound like much of anything, and I don't understand. Even when I make a full preset with other effects with the IR, it's just a quiet muffled mess, as if there's no amp.
  4. Has anyone else experienced this? Last night I took my HX Stomp XL to a gig. I plugged it all up to a Old Fender Super 60 using the mono input/output ports and nothing. No sound at all. It works in the analog bypass but when the bypass is turned off there is no sound at all. I even did a factory reset and lost all of my time consuming hand built presets. I took it home and plugged it all up to a Fender Blues Jr using the same cables, power supply, and guitar and everything works fine. By the way this is the second time this has happened and I have never been able to get it to work with the Super 60. I'm scratching my head here, is there a certain impedance required for the output in order for it to work??
  5. I would like to get from a clean sound to a nice bluesy solo sound by expression pedal, not by snapshot. If I only turn up the drive, the sound gets too loud. So I would have to build in a volume reduction at the same time. I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help?
  6. Here is a quick guide on assigning dual momentary footswitch options to your HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL using the external switch jack: Global Settings > Preferences > Page 2 will show EXP FS Tip and EXP FS Ring. These setting should be assigned to FS4/FS7 and FS5/FS8 accordingly. Next menu item over: Global Settings > Footswitches > FS4(FS7) Function, FS5(FS8) Function assignment on page 2. These can be assigned to different functions such as Stomp buttons OR Preset up and down. HX Stomp Controllers & Snapshots video
  7. Hi All, I have a problem regarding the integration of my HX Stomp XL into the FX Loop of my ENGL Fireball: I connect using 4CM: Guitar -> Stomp Input L / MONO -> Stomp Output L / MONO -> Fireball Input (Preamp) -> Fireball FX Send -> Stomp Return L / Mono -> Stomp Send -> Fireball FX Return -> Fireball Speaker Out -> Speaker The Fireballs FX Loop Knop is turned fully to the right (100% Wet FX Loop). Noise Gate at 12 o'clock. Now any time I try out an 4CM Preset of the stomp or create my own preset including an FX Loop block I get a high pitching continuous sound from my amp / box which does not sound healthy at all. It is really squeeling and not the typical noise. Sounds much more artifical an constant. Would be very happy if you could help me with your experience as under the current described circumstances I cannot use the Stomp with the ENGL which really is a pitty. Thank you so much! Best regards, Max
  8. Hello, I don’t play live much anymore but I still have my dream rig. 2 Variax Standards, 1pod HD500x controlling 2 line 6 DT 50 amps with L6S link. I’ve been watching the helix for years now, and Sweetwater over Xmas of 2021 had the helix native on sale for the non hardware owner for 199.00 so I couldent resist. The HD500x does not work well as an audio interface when using the VDI so I purchased a Berlinger uphoria 204. That works nice but now I haven’t figured out the midi yet to use the HD500x as a midi controller for native AND still control my 2 DT 50s. First I tried just plugging the Berlinger outs into the 2 DT 50s returns. Nothing at all with the l6 link connected, unplugged one amp just to try it mono, it worked, sounded great but there’s a lot of hum. I would totally have to control amp controls in the helix native, using the DT 50 gives you a tube power amp with zero control. Except for the mix control next to the dt50 fx loop. Turning that down to the middle detent almost makes the hum tolerable . It’s loud enough for my studio but not if I ever wanted to use native live/ in case I do. I’ve decided I’m never going to bring a computer into a live situation. I don’t think a computer is reliable enough for something critical like live playing. There’s no do overs should something freeze. anyway, I’ll probably get a helix floor or better but much more expensive the helix rack with the almost 500 dollar controller. So in the meantime it looks like the HX stomp has all the sounds of the full helix. I’m wondering if I can create patches in the HD500x so I still have an expression pedal although it could only be used for the hd fx, the volume pedal would work the whole thing, I’m one of those that still thinks the HD500x sounds great and to be honest the price difference now between a full helix and my hd500 isn’t worth 3x the cost. I love the I/os and for example the what is it 6 fx loop ins/outs can be used both ways you can select one as another input or outputs, it’s amazing if I’m reading it right it like they just put some empty jacks in back and when you assign them to something it’s like they are magically hardwired correctly. That’s amazing, I know the helix 3.0 has some control over the DT series amps but not as com-Pete as the hd. what I’m asking is if one of you still wanted to use your 2 hd series amps as stereo amps with the L6Link, and the control plus some dsp of the HD500x and the Variax control, but you wanted to add some of the large number of amps with full amp or pre amp, tons of fx, basically adding helix sound to my existing dream stereo rig, how would you do it. Would you leave the HD500x in control and add the HX stomp long version to your HD500x fx loop and not the other way around. In other words just like if you were adding just one stomp to your HD500x through the fx loop you add the full HX board the same way, but then in my mind comes the massive amount of programming for lack of words, you gotta build your HX preset first, then through the midi controller add the HX preset like other things to a HD500x foot switch. Question, if I have multiple different presets will the HX change everytime I step on a new button on the hd 500x? I hope I’m not too discouraging, I’m just afraid I’ll buy it and leave it in the box because I’ll have 3 days of manual reading to learn how to hook it up. Thanks hope it’s not too annoying.
  9. I am just learning my new HX stomp XL. In many factory presets amps or distortions have a question mark. It is said: "not recognized in this version of the HX stomp" I used a normal XL stomp before and everything was fine. I hope I will be able to import my selfmade presets into the XL and everything will work fine. Any experiences?
  10. HX stomp XL For me the red blinking footswitch ring is disturbing. I never use the TAP function. I am looking for a solution to switch off the blinking and want to use this footswitch only for switching on the tuner.
  11. Does anyone know if presets for the HX Stomp Will work with the HX Stomp XL meaning can I import all my presets from my HX Stomp to the new HX Stomp XL?
  12. Hi, how to navigate through the presets in 6-switch stomp mode? I did not see this addressed in the manual. Thanks.
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