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  1. This a security issue in Os High Sierra, I first found the issue not from installing line 6 drivers, but making changes on my SSD even as administrator I was set to read only. . I had to disable the new security,restart, then switch permissions me to read/write, restart, enable security (it's actual default is for the roots level) then restart and it was her old start. With the line 6 drivers if you don't see a notification then you have to accept the driver in settings/security
  2. Oh. And I could configure my effects to pre or post. Not much difference
  3. Hey Thanks for putting this up. I have a Bugera V22 infinium head and a Pod X3 pro. I cabled just as you said and just as you said it was week sounding. I just turned the. Master volume up all the way plus in settings FX Loop there are 2 gain controls. A negative one for input and a positive one for output. I tried turning up the gain but clipped like crazy and I realized I didn't need to touch them. The main thing was the master volume. I turned the amp off so there would e no volume control for that. The effects work as they should. Only thing is, stepping on the footswitch to turn the fx loop n and off does nothing. Same volume either way and same effects either way. Weird
  4. My goal is to make a custom ultra playable American Strat clone. I'd replace the pickups with Lindy FRALIN pups. I will replace the crappy tremolo block with a bell brass block. I always level and polish the Frets. Although I'm more than qualified to make my own neck I think I'd purchase a USA Strat neck on eBay . Polish and level frets, then a nice clear lacquer finish. New custom pick guard. This will be an awesome guitar and except for the one extra pot, ( maybe I can figure out a concentric pot so we're back to 3) it would then look exactly like a normal USA custom shop Strat. Play better than anything bought from a music store. Plus the beauty of being totally standard magnetic pots or the Variax electronics. I'm really pumped about this ! Hope I get a bite soon ! Mark
  5. If there is anyone willing to ship me their Variax Standard Body with Electronics I will make them a Strat body for 100.00 bucks. Sinister in clear Nitro 225.00 . This is a discounted price . www.markscustomguitars.com mark@markscustomguitars.com email me we can talk about the details. I want to get my hands on a Standard body to make a template from it. Thanks Mark
  6. I've been doing transplants since almost the beginning of the Variax. I always included magnetic pickups. I did my best to keep the amount of knobs down but my electronics skills are in no way the level of the JT Variax where both systems seamlessly marry together. Since the start of the JT I've really cut back on my Variax conversions. I know I build a much better guitar still the cost of buying a JT import was way too high for me to make any money . With this new Standard it is just perfect as far asi can tell for making a Perfect Strat clone. I don't care about the quality of the new guitars but the quality of the electronics is important to me. And the layout as well. Hopefully there will be some used ones coming available . Then I'll produce some Swamp Ask Strat bodies for the Standard and possibly some "POWER TELE" bodies. I'm excited about it! I think the Yamaha take over will be a good thing! Mark@markscustomguitars.com
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