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  1. I cannot connect to my POD HD 500X with my Mac. I have Big Sur OS now, but may be updating it to the Monterey soon. I have tried changing the settings to allow connections from the POD HD500X, and disabling encryption. I have tried different cables, but it will connect to my UX2 with the same cables, so I knew that probably wasn't the issue. I am at a loss, and my wife's PC laptop is too slow. It keeps telling me it doesn't detect a POD HD500X connected. Any help? I have searched the threads, but all I can find is what I've already done (changing the settings) but it didn't work. Thank you.
  2. Some users have reported getting an error message when installing Line 6 product drivers on Windows 10 or 11. The error message will mention that Line 6 drivers are not being recognized or are being blocked after installation. The best workaround for this is to disable Memory Integrity under Windows security settings. You can find this feature under Windows Security > Device Security > Core Isolation details. See this article from Microsoft for further details: This is a known issue to our team, and for now the best option is to disable Memory Integrity as a work-around. We will continue to monitor this issue for our driver releases.
  3. Hi, I’ve issue with license manager app, I own old MacBook mid 2010 with final version of high sierra 10.13.6 the license manager was working fine and it was 10.13 once I bought Metal HD Model Pack I tried to install it in my POD, I installed the latest version of license manager and it’s 10.14 but I faced issue with it, the issue is when I sing to my account it automatically close the license manager with no reasons, please help I do really need your support for this issue
  4. Hi, i’m trying to find a way to bypass the soundcard on the POD HD500X and use my audio interface (Arturia Audiofuse) as the soundcard. The reason for this is, i want to take advantage of the better converters and preamps in the Audiofuse. My first idea was to do this by using digital connections, but this led me to some questions: 1. Would this be possible, if i connect the VDI to one of the Audiofuse’s USB-ports via a converter (VDI USB Interface Kit)? If not, what about the S/PDIF out or the ADAT out? Here's an illustration: 2. If the previous isn't achieveable, would it then be possible to do this with a POD HD Pro X, since it has S/PDIF in and out? 3. If one of the two can be done, would i then be able to route fx a mic to one signal path and a guitar to another?
  5. Complete amateur here. I was just wondering if what I'm trying to do is possible. Right now I have my guitar plugged into my POD HD500x, and the POD is plugged into my MacBook with USB and I'm using the 1/4 output on the POD to a speaker I have. I just learned how to setup logic with a guitar plugin running helix native, I'm sending a completely clean sound into logic,but I can only get sound of the helix native pluggin outputting through the macbook speakers, I would like to get this sound to outputting to the speaker I have plugged into the POD. Do I need to plug the MacBook back into the POD using a different cable? Or is just the USB into the MacBook all I need?
  6. After I moved to this new apartment, it did not have this noise right away but it started to get this weird hum/hiss/buzz sound. It sounds a lot worse with the headphones (because it is right next to you ear). It is worse when I using single coil guitars. Thinking it could be ground loop, I used the power conditioner from Furhman? still had that same noise. I took it to a shop and people there said there is no issue. FS1 is boost, FS2 is overdrive, FS4 was compression pedal. When I unplug the guitar, there is no noise. Using the position 2 and 4 from start cuts the noise off but when you play that noise can be heard in the back and leaves the trails of the noise. I tried doing everything, plugging just the pedal in the power, trying it in the different room etc. Nothing seems to work so far. I will be taking it to different house maybe in few weeks but other than that I have no idea what is causing this. What could be the issue?
  7. Hello, I just purchased Helix native. But that’s after this summer purchasing a used pod HD500x and 2 DT 50 amps one head and a 212. I’m retired living on a fixed income for now so I can’t afford a helix fit now but I took advantage of Sweetwater’s half off sale for the helix Native for 199.00 couldent turn that down plus got my buddy who prior was anti line 6 or digital anything. Anyway here’s what I’d like to do . Record into the Logic daw then the helix as AU in fx. Currently I have 2 audio interfaces my old old x3 pro and my newer HD500x. I’d like to use the HD500x and be able to plug my Variax Standard which I’m also fond of rout that signal with no coloring from the hd500, then be able to plug back into my twin DT 50s using the L6 Link of the HD500x so I can hear the helix sound through my DT 50s. I can’t find any instructional video regarding that setup. Basically I want to replace the sounds of the HD500x with the helix native but keep the dt50 setup. On top of that using the MIDI setup in the HD500x not the usb control helix native with my DT 500x. I fear I’ve made things too complicated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know this says I’m just starting out but I’ve owned every Variax including a few basses, every pod, 2 vettas and the one before the vetta, getting old lol memories goin. Lol. Appreciate any suggestions while I experiment on my own thanks , Mark
  8. Hey everyone, I recently got a pod HD500X and after sitting with it for quite some time I was wondering if I can improve tones by loading custom IR's into the unit. I have been searching for information but not sure I have found the answer. Is it possible to load custom IR's (as is the case with the mooer radar for example) or would the use of custom IR's only be possible with a dedicated unit such as the radar or 2 notes torpedo after the pod HD500X (from what I have gathered this seems to be the case but not 100% sure)? Thanks in advance!
  9. All, I just recently purchased a Line 6 POD HD500X and I love it. It has replaced my Digitech GSP1101 and I have also dialed in the sound of my 6505+ pretty closely. I also recently purchased the Metal HD Pack for the POD HD500X. I have downloaded all the required software from Line 6, entered in my product key and restarted my computer (as told to do by the instructions). When I go to my POD HD500X editor on my laptop and open the editor, the Metal HD Pack does not show up in any of the "set-lists" My account says its registered and it should automatically show up in my setlist. Can someone point me in the direction of something that I am not doing? I am still learning how to navigate the system and I am sure its something I am doing or not doing. Gary
  10. So I just bought a Pod HD500X and it has this problem that many people seem to be having with it. Often, it will reboot itself randomly over and over again until I unplug it or, occasionally, until I stop playing. I am using the provided power supply and not only have I tried other 500x power supplies but I went to guitar center and bought a new one and it's doing the same thing. Basically I haven't seen this problem resolved so I'm posting this hoping to figure out a solution for everybody who's struggling with these faulty Pods. Notes: I've rebooted myself, holding down the left arrow while plugging in power, to no avail. I've tried updating using Line 6 monkey, but it doesn't show up in the list of devices.
  11. 2 POD HD500X issues during outside rehearsal for upcoming event. 1) volume pedal not working. 2) display stays on edit mode — as if I’m turning amp volume knobs — but am not touching anything. Preventing pedal on/off, patch switches. Any ideas? Playing on 40’ flatbed trailer. No overhead cover — exposed to sunlight. Weather: dry 50 degrees, sunny. POD and 4 external pedals plugged into power strip —> extension cord —> main power strip for band —> extension cord —> building power source. Input from sound engineer — either sunlight effecting or not enough power. POD purchased 2018.
  12. On the POD HD500X, is there a way to move (or maybe copy and paste) a preset from one setlist to another? I want to gather the presets I use most often together into one of the empty user setlists, so I don't have to move back and forth between different setlists all the time. The manual shows how to move a preset within a setlist, but not how to move it to a different setlist. Can this be done?
  13. when im on a effect i try to use the tap to change the tempo of a specific pedal.maybe i dont know how to do this correctly...
  14. i bought a pod HD500x a few weeks back, as like everyone else i'm in lockdown, i was going to go for the Helix, but i didn't need all the ins and outputs and the IR, so i bought a brand new 500x and saved £900 pounds or a $1000. what a brilliant effects processor , and to say its about 14 years old, brilliant. all the tones that come with the 500x are no good, enough to put you off the 500x, but i made some myself and heres the download link, i also had a old unopended audio cassette so i used one side of it as a screen protector see pictures. enjoy the tones, i use an american fender professional strat with HSS pickups and headphones, and if using an amp i have a basic marshall 50w, 500x pluggen in front. all tones sound brilliant, even my killer of giants tone that can be used for the intro to killer of giants on neck pickup selector 4 single coil may look basic screen protector but it works if something ever dropped on it some tones here , use headphones, american professional HSS strat used, stay safe, stay 2 meters apart and rock and roll
  15. I have problems on an older Mac Pro with the MacOS OS-X Lion 10.7.5 The latest driver is shown as 7.3.7 but no matter how I install it (via the monkey or manually) the driver neither does update in the monkey ("update selection") nor let me connect the POD via HD Edit or the licence manager. HD Edit crashes on directly start. The licence manager shows the computer as activated but no device. The driver is shown as outdated even if the POD is not connected. Of cause I tried to uninstall the driver via the uninstall-tool and to restart the mac. Of cause I have tried 2 different USB cables (both working on another machine). I have tried everything & several times… no luck!
  16. Hail, folks! I'm having a bit of a issue here. First things first: I own a POD HD500X, and a ESP Ltd AX-50 (cheap guitar but do the job for my metalworks). So... I used George L's cables for many years. The thing is, I lost my cables. And actually, they aren't that good as many people say. Got to get brand new cables them. Ernie Ball Braided, the weapon of choice. Ok. So here's the problem... In my country there's ONLY 25ft long cables. That's 7 meters. And I need TWO. One connecting the guitar to the HD500X, and other to connect the HD500X to the amp. Two cables, 50ft long. It's just too much. Actually, who needs that!? But, again, it's the only size for sell in my country - welcome to the third world. So what now? I will obliterate my signal!? I am a metal player, but yeah, I do love blues and other stuff... I'm working on some Eric Johnson's song too. The thing is, some people said that IN THIS CASE it just doesn't matter, because I use digital effects, a processor - therefore the only worry to be concerned is the length of the cable between the GUITAR and the POD. 1- That's true!? Anyone with a solid opinion about it!? Also, some guys said that "you play extreme metal, higain and stuff... Don't worry, your tone will be fine. Let the Stratoguys deal with that". Some said "if you put ACTIVE PICKUPS this wouldn't be a problem, because active pickups kick-lollipop". These stuff... 2- Higain is unnefected by 50ft cable length? I mean, at least no one would notice it? 3- Active pickups does break the rules and keep my tone 100%? Hope you guys can help me. And yeah, I do want that specific cable. Thanks by now!
  17. i was wondering if anyone has tried to use their POD in the same way i am trying to do. what i want to do is to run my analog overdrive and distortion pedals into the front of my ac30 and then use the POD for post effects only through the effects loop, so the way i have it set up now is guitar--walrus deep six compressor--mojo hand fx rook overdrive--wampler catapulp--into my ac30 topboost channel just on the edge of break up. then i want to run my POD through the effects loop for delay, reverb etc, i have it set up ac30 effects send--guitar in on POD--1/4" out L POD--effects return on ac30. the levels are set to stomp, the issue i am having is that running it this way seems to suck the tone out of my drive pedals so they are not as distorted or warm as when i bypass the effects loop and i was just wondering if this is how i should have it set up or do i need to run the 4CM with my analog pedals in the POD effects loop? i dont use the pod for any amp modeling or drive pedals as i have some really nice ones, and i am in an ambient band so sometimes we play heavy and other times we play real spacey stuff so the M13 is out of the question because i need all 8 effects blocks for reverb, delay, modulation fun stuff. if I could get some help on this it would be great. Thank you.
  18. Like the title says, Windows 10 kept crashing multiple times today when I tried to record someting i Reaper. It just went to blue screen. VERY ANOYING. I´ve seen simular threads like this but without a fix. How do I fix this? I´ve reinstalled Line 6 drivers aswell as Windows for sound. No results. The pod HD500 is my only recording interface.
  19. Hi, I was going to use my Pod HD500X through an active speaker for home use only. I have been looking at a JBL 305p mk II and was hoping that this would bring the unit to life, as I struggled to dial in a good tone and have just not used it for a while as a result. I have never been confident to use it live in case I couldn't get a usable sound during a short sound checks. I play heavier music, Metallica/Pantera, so I need a good clear high gain tone. So the questions I have are: - What is your experience of using the HD500X through an active monitor playing with high gain sounds at home? (I have read that this was not advised in the link below but had hoped this would be a gd space saving option - Any tips to dialling in a good tone if you have had success? Also, to go off on a tangent, I have considered buying the pod go or helix stomp (with external footswitch/expression pedal) as a grab and go solution for gigs. Has anyone upgraded to pod HD500X to either? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  20. I got my HD500x today, but I've been trying to download the edit software for the past week... And it will not download. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is there a way around it? Oh and I have a mac.
  21. This may be a stupid question but I was looking at the Classic Distortion and the Screamer models and I wondering since there real life counterparts (Tube Screamer & RAT) only have one tone knob. How should I adjust the added Treble and Bass Parameters on these models to follow how the actual pedals would react?
  22. Hi guys.. I owned a line 6 POD HD500X. and I wanna use it as a temporary sound card for home recording. But I can't install POD HD500X driver .. please help me out ..
  23. I would be grateful if you could confirm if my configuration is correct to use my simulations correctly. MY TEAM: POD HD500X POWERCAB 112 PLUS 1- My POD HD500X is connected to the POWERCAB 112 PLUS through the L6 LINK ports of both units (I understand that, in this way, the data transfer is done digitally). 2- The MODE setting of the SETUP: OUTPUT page is selected in Studio / Direct. Is it the right selection or should I select Combo Power Amp or Combo Front? 3- I select an PRE AMP MODEL (for example the Brit J-800 Pre) Is the selection correct or should I select the full amplifier version Brit J-800? 4- I select a CAB MODEL (for example the 4x12 Brit T-75) Should you not select any CAB MODEL and select a Speaker Mode or a User IR Mode on the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? Should I select a CAB MODEL in the POD and also a Speaker Mode or a User IR Mode in the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? Should I select a CAB MODEL in the POD and also FLAT MODE (Speaker emuation is disabled) in the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? If you use Speaker Mode or User IR Mode on the POWERCAB 112 PLUS, could you change them automatically, according to the preset used on the POD HD500X, via MIDI cable? 5- At POWERCAB 112 PLUS, currently, I select FLAT MODE and Voicing LF Solo ((LF Raw). Is the MODE and Voicing adequate? Thank you very much for your time. Enviar comentarios Historial Guardadas Comunidad
  24. Hola, Agradecería me pudieran confirmar si mi configuración es correcta para usar correctamente mis simulaciones. MI EQUIPO: POD HD500X POWERCAB 112 PLUS 1- Mi POD HD500X se conecta al POWERCAB 112 PLUS mediante los puertos L6 LINK de ambas unidades (entiendo que, de esta manera, la transferencia de datos se realiza de forma digital). 2- El ajuste MODE de la página SETUP:OUTPUT está seleccionado en Studio/Direct. ¿Es la selección correcta o debería seleccionar Combo Power Amp o Combo Front? 3- Selecciono un AMP MODEL de PRE AMP (por ejemplo el Brit J-800 Pre) ¿Es la selección correcta o debería seleccionar la versión de amplificador completa Brit J-800? 4- Selecciono un CAB MODEL (por ejemplo el 4x12 Brit T-75) ¿No debería seleccionar ningún CAB MODEL y seleccionar, en el POWERCAB 112 PLUS un Speaker Mode o un User IR Mode? ¿Debería seleccionar un CAB MODEL en el POD y también un Speaker Mode o un User IR Mode en el POWERCAB 112 PLUS? ¿Debería seleccionar un CAB MODEL en el POD y también FLAT MODE (Speaker emuation is disabled) en el POWERCAB 112 PLUS? En caso de usar Speaker Mode o User IR Mode en el POWERCAB 112 PLUS ¿Podría cambiarlos automáticamente, según el preset usado en el POD HD500X, mediante cable MIDI? 5- En el POWERCAB 112 PLUS, actualmente, selecciono FLAT MODE y Voicing LF Solo ((LF Raw). ¿Es el MODE y Voicing adecuados? Muchas gracias por su tiempo.
  25. Hi all! Can my amp play the sound from my pc using pod hd500x interface? So basicly what i want is to my amp play the backing track and my guitar play ,so I could hear the sound of both through the amp. Previously i used POD Studio GX with some basic speaker and i didn't have anyproblem. If i know well the pod hd500x would function as POD Studio GX, but correct me if I'm wrong. So the only thing wich changed is the speaker and the amp, but i cant hear anything from the amp just my guitar. Is it because of the amp (DT25 112) , or may be i should use different connections to make it work? (amp-L6 link cable- pod hd500x-usb-pc) I would apreciate any help.
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