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  1. Internal hard drive screws for laptop used
  2. just a update dont open the six screws 3 on the back, 3 on top, just open it like it is pictured and take the speaker out and you in
  3. Brilliant jamcoops excellent work. I'm not the only one with this powercab problem, thanks for the pictures and showing the whole Internet how to open a powercab. So many people on different websites have asked this question, me being in England, it would be so expensive to post it to line 6, best to have ago myself. But this problem of the processor falling off and other wires coming undone looks like a common problem that line 6 should of sorted out . cheap under cutting budgets
  4. i bought a powercab plus 112 recently and i need to open it, something has come loose in transit, how do you open one of these, on the out side other than the ones on the handle, there are about 6 screws, 3 on the back, 3 on top. there was someone who asked the same question on this forum and the answer was use a butter knife to wedge it open. where do you start from is this thing glued all the way round. does the grill come off has anyone here opened up a powercab, please any pictures to where to start or any answers please thank you in an advance so with help from here , i did open my powercab 112 plus, and the power supple had fallen off, nothing is holding it in place so i used some zipp ties for now until i find the right size screws all the wire connectors had come off, in delivery by parcel force. had to take it all apart and re assemble all of it hope you find something interesting here and a big thank you to jamcoops for showing me how to open the powercab, mystery solved
  5. thank you very much, i ordered the mission ep1-l6, spring , colour green. excellent pedal
  6. I've looked on the forums and I have not found anything on a expression pedal for helix lt, its all for the big brother helix or the rack. Please can any one tell me which expression pedal do I need to buy for the helix lt, to use as a wah wah or even control other effects like whammy or delay effects. The helix has so many different wah wah effects that I would really like to use, but I've checked ebay and the mission expression pedals are usually sold for the rack or kemper to the hx box and no one ever has mentioned the helix lt. All advice appreciated
  7. i have tried pressing different switches but i can't find how to switch on looper in the display on the Helix lt 3.0. i sign the looper on the Helix lt , example to foot switch 4, press it and yes the colours indicate what is happening like recording, playing, over dub, but i can't get it to show on the actual display screen, like before it had rev/fwd, stop, reverse and so on has this been removed from the new firmware update.. iv'e looked in the book , cant seem to figure it out, it use to be there before 3.0 came out all help appreciated
  8. I bought a pod hd 500x in April 2020 lockdown , brilliant piece of kit. I was going to buy a helix but i didn't need all the in's and out's and IR. The hd500x is excellent for the price i paid, £349.00 new. Well worth the money, dont bother with the pre installed presets, make your own or download some from custom tones and tweak them to taste. Sounds awesome. And for the age of the unit, still worth every penny. Or cent.
  9. i plug my hd 500x in to my laptop windows, using usb and use cubase, you can use the headphones plugged in to laptop or plugged in to hd500x just set the setting in cubase to hd500x asio
  10. in england only a few shops have got the 500x left at around £350 . on ebay they go for £200, i'd rather buy new if available. they should bring out an anniversary edition with different coloured lights on it like the helix and do one final firmware update, with an effect that can put some crackling sound on , like a record player. great piece of kit
  11. thank you very much, once lockdown is over i will go down the shops its a very good effects processor, once you know how to dial a tone in. i also removed the POD logo using my girlfriends nail polish remover, i just thought that this processor should not be called a POD, but just HD500x has anyone here on this forum pimped their HD500x, i was going to change to light circles from red to different colours, just like the helix , so 1 would be green and 2 would be blue and so on, but the shop that sells these replacement switches with lights does not sell to the uk. only sell in america.
  12. i bought a pod HD500x a few weeks back, as like everyone else i'm in lockdown, i was going to go for the Helix, but i didn't need all the ins and outputs and the IR, so i bought a brand new 500x and saved £900 pounds or a $1000. what a brilliant effects processor , and to say its about 14 years old, brilliant. all the tones that come with the 500x are no good, enough to put you off the 500x, but i made some myself and heres the download link, i also had a old unopended audio cassette so i used one side of it as a screen protector see pictures. enjoy the tones, i use an american fender professional strat with HSS pickups and headphones, and if using an amp i have a basic marshall 50w, 500x pluggen in front. all tones sound brilliant, even my killer of giants tone that can be used for the intro to killer of giants on neck pickup selector 4 single coil may look basic screen protector but it works if something ever dropped on it http://www.mediafire.com/file/4884tgyovajrfe5/fav_tones_500x.rar/file some tones here , use headphones, american professional HSS strat used, https://line6.com/customtone/profile/6six6 stay safe, stay 2 meters apart and rock and roll
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