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  1. So, ive been trying to fix an pod hd 300 with an "PANIC !!! CODE 01" error, ive saw that its could be solved by two ways: updating it to a newest firmware version (i tried it, but even when i install the drivers, my computer doesnt recognize the equipment and the line 6 app does tell me that i doesnt have then) or the fabric reset ( i've tried it too, but it showed fabric reset error). Anyone could help me with that? things to consider: its not my equipment, im trying to update it for my uncle; im not an english native speaker; im not very natural with music plugins and these kind of stuff.
  2. Hello i'm experimenting annoying problems with my POD HD and Windows 8.1 i got several blue screens, blaming to the PODHDBEAN64.sys i make everything to solve this but no progress... and seems that Line 6 make blind eyes to that problem, anyone solve it?
  3. I am currently using a pod hd500x board with a variax jtv 59. Floor board us on its last legs and I’m looking for a new model with the same features my current one has. budget is under £400 uk id like some advice if possible please (need the expression pedal as I use this regularly. Also need the ability to fully control the Variax and tunings from the pedal.) Any advice is gratefully accepted
  4. Does anyone have POD HD400 schematic?? My pedal has signal problems.. i replaced the four capacitors in the pre-amp, (guitar input), but still has loss signal.. it doesn't sound at all..
  5. Hi, I'm using a Macbook. I connect my pod hd500x using USB cable. From the Macbook sound control, I can see from the input that the computer get the guitar signal. But there is not way to ear anything using any output. At this point my goal is to use bluetooth headphone connected to my computer, but even with internal speaker, I do not ear anything. How can I get it to work? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys! I'm pretty much of a newbie when it comes to building a tone. I have the 500X and on my clean tone I get distortion if i hit hard enough. I play funk sometimes and the strumming sounds distorted in the delay and even without the delay. Can I get some help and advise as to what I should do? Thanks! :)
  7. I have a pod hd pro x and a Rocktron Velocity 300. I was told I need to run my poweramp in bridged mono but when I do that I get lots of pops and buzzing noise. I'm not sure i'm doing something wrong or if the poweramp is broke? My pod global settings are all correct with the stacked power amp setting etc. Any help would be appriciated as its getting rather annoying. *Works perfect when its in stereo and only one speaker cable going to my cab. Thanks
  8. Hello everyone! I am wondering, if there is a way to use usb-interface while editing my patches in pod hd. Please, take a look on the scheme I drew: I want my pc apps not to use POD as soundcard except POD's editing software. So my scenario is simple. I want to play a guitar while playing some songs in any player app. I can edit patches to create a sound I like. But for master volume control I use my usb-interface (just because it stands on the desk, it is more comfortable than to bend to the floor where POD is). When I'm done playing, I just turn the POD off and continue browsing/playinggames/watchingporn using usb-interface. So, again, I need to connect POD's USB to PC only for editing patches, while all the playback is performed by usb-interface. Sorry for my english and my explanation. If there is any simpler solution, I would be glad to hear it. Thank you!
  9. Okay so as a graduation present, I was given a brand new POD HD500x All I have is one xlr cable which fits but doesn't go all the way into my headphones (the 3.5mm) because of the way they were designed to have a skinnier cable (but still 3.5mm) fit (they are skull candy crushers) Anyway, I use reaper and FL studio (not both at the same time, just alternate) and I want to record, and I set up the pod with my computer and got everything installed and the tone editor, but you see when its connected via usb my computer playback and recording devices are switched too it meaning I can't hear a damned thing even through reaper, so I get no playback of what I record, and even after I disconnect everything i still don't get any playback. If I set the playback device to my headphones as default and leave the pod as defaut communications, I can hear everything from my computer just fine, but I still can't hear my guitar through the pod. I did think of routing it through an amp and then back to my computers input, but I have a horrid motherboard that doesn't handle impiedence very well. I know this because I use to record with Guitar Rig 5. Basically, I'm looking to see if there's something I'm doing wrong, or an alternative because I'm impatient and have to wait a few days before I can go out and get a 1/4 jack adapter Shouldn't you just connect it with usb and everything is fine? In Reaper, I set the sound drivers to Asio and selected the Pod's drivers so the input is proper it just seems the output of the sound still goes to the pod?
  10. What's up guys.. I'm a musician who is definitely not a tech who is trying hard to be. I can now use Ableton Live and Reason with the POD HD 500 but it took me a looong time to figure out. Now I'm extremely frustrated because I want to start recording acoustic guitar tracks. I waited forever for the CAD M179 to arrive so I can record my acoustic guitar, but spent countless hours only to find out from GuitarCenter techs that the POD HD500 needs phantom power in order to make it work. OK, so they sold me a Sterling Audio PHP1 Phantom Power Supply. Great. I currently have a Shure SM58 plugged into the POD into the MIC slot. Looking at the Phantom Power, it has a male three pin thing and a female three pin thing. I could look up the technical term, but yes, I'm really not that technical. XLR is it called? Anyway, I just unplugged the Shure mic and used it's cable to plug into the PHP1 Phantom Power Supply. I also plugged in the power cable to it. However, the other end of the cable won't fit into the MIC slot in the POD. It only fits into the XLR OUT, left or right. I tried plugging it into both and I still can't hear the mic. I am so confused.. there are only a couple different possibilities how these freakin cables can fit into the freakin holes. What am I missing? Thank you
  11. Currently I have PodHd500X, Steinberg UR22 (audio interface) and Garageband. For recording, should I directly use the USB from POD into the computer? Or should I plug the output of the Pod to the input of UR22? Which method will give me better recording quality? If I use the UR22, is it better to use the balanced (XLR) output of the Pod or the unbalanced output? I tried messing around with both the methods but can't seem to distinguish much in quality. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.
  12. What should I do? where can I get one? currently in dubai, uae
  13. janjanives


    Guys, we hav a concert coming up for our church and id really want this sound.. can anyone pls try to make it :D ik u guys would like it too.. There r 2 parts, intro and lead,Thanks!!
  14. My Pod just stucking in the black screen, not even logo and rebooting trick doesn't work! Looking forward to the answer what to do!
  15. I saw the FBV 3 Controller at Line6 NAMM 2016. It has a Helix look and feel, works with Firehawk, and supports versions of POD, POD HD and Spider Valve. Thoughts?
  16. I assigned my FBV pedal (Exp2) to a delay feedback block with a minimum value and maximum value. Now when I choose that patch, I can add more delay feedback with the pedal. However, it seems to be active as soon as I hit the patch. Sometimes this is not appropriate depending on where the pedal happens to be at the time. I'm having to bring the pedal back to minimum for the default setting while playing that patch. I'd like to avoid that extra 'step' (see what I did there?) Is there a way to tell the patch to keep the default delay feedback setting I programmed it with, UNLESS I start using the pedal?
  17. As I've tested my new Helix and easily established it's a keeper I'm starting the HD->HX migration and I'd need a couple of missing effects to be added from HD, hopefully HX-modelled so brand new and better. Please vote if you miss these as well: Sub-Octave-Fuzz: Slow Filter: Octisynth: Obi-Wah (I already posted this one): Seeker (not my Ideascale entry...): I think that would be all, I can sell my HD Pro once these are done ;)
  18. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I updated all my software today through the Line 6 Monkey app, made a new tone, sounds great through my monitors (RCA from POD). Go into Logic Pro 9 and it's no longer receiving audio input. It recognizes the POD HD i/o as an option, and if I turn off the POD, Logic tells me an audio device has been removed - when I turn the POD back on, the POD HD options again become available for input and output - cool. So why when I hit the record icon on my track is there no input metering activity? It won't record any audio. Now that I think of it, I also upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan OSX yesterday - driver incompatibility maybe? Things I've checked: - HD EDIT is not running (Read that could cause a conflict) - Logic Pro 9 is up to date - Volume is up - [R] icons are ON - [M] icon is OFF Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  19. Is it possible to update the firmware on the DT25 by using the Pod HD Pro via MIDI cables? I don't see the Pod in my computer MIDI devices...
  20. I am using Pod HD500x and Audio Technica M50x headphones. If I connect my headphones directly to the Pod HD 500, the sound I get is amazing. However, when I use the Pod for recording with USB and listen to the sound of he monitor of DAW with PodHd500X being the output, it is not that great and the quality drops a lot. How can I get the sound of Pod HD 500 (the one I get directly from headphones) into my recording? I can't seem to prevent the quality from dropping.
  21. Hello to all, I have searched the forums and had no luck so I'll post here for any feed back. First off let me say that this pod is awesome but only 1 complaint is that the looper effect doesn't work consistantly (seems to have a mind of it's own) when it works, it work well but when it doesn't ......GRRRR! so I was wondering if anyone else has had or is having this issue, or is there some thing that I'm missing or is it a faulty unit. Appreciated any feedback or wisdom that might help me out. Thanks in advance SJ
  22. hi. can someone share some views on using a POD HD paired with AMPLIFI for reharsals of even live performances. is anyone having success with that setup? the features on AMPLIFI seem quite appealing to me, but i would like to give it a kind of a dual type of use. one for bedroom rehearsals using it as it is, but i would like to use it live as my monitor using the POD's HD modelling and stomps. i've read some stuff about this idea but i'm not totally convinced as i see some people seem to report that it works very well (knowing it's a stereo model), but some others show some objections regarding the use of AUX IN. and obviously there's also the guitar in option with flat settings on the amp. what do you guys say? thanks!
  23. Hello! Can anyone help me? I have a POD XT LIVE and I bought the METAL PACK like a year ago, now I Own a POD HD500x, and I want to transfer that pack to my new POD, I already registered my gear but the license manager doesn't show me this option, Is this possible? How can I do this? Thanks!
  24. hi line 6 - Firehawk - almost perfect for what i need. i can see why this all in one floor solution is potentially great for so many people - but for those people that use real amps its scintillating close to a great product but currently no good. there must be millions of people out there that don't use the amp modelling just the effects. so i suggest a fire hawk effects only unit. a sort of update to all the M series effects boxes you've had before. Lose all amp modelling and make all the effects HD add a channel switching option for amp channels - a jack on the back of the machine - or put midi in. make the knobs/controls on the foot controller applicable to effects - i.e. - speed, depth, level, mix etc etc. then everyone that uses a real amp might consider one of these. i think its worth asking the question as right now without a amp channel switching jack or midi its useless to me. But I'm drawn in by the fantastic foot controller with colour coding switches and the bluetooth to my iPad on stage software for controlling everything. thats your greatest strength right now - the iPad editor app. so simple and so powerful. I've seen so many bands (including myself) where the guitarist has an iPad on stage next to him. Has anyone tried the fire hawk yet - is there a way of switching amp channels and storing it in a preset? So unless the PODHD 500x software update includes adding a bluetooth add on and the iPad app to control it i need something like the fire hawk.
  25. I have been a user of the POD series since the XT line dropped, and I even got the model packs for my red bean. I used my PODXT mostly for the Guitarport service and I learned quite a few songs using it. But alas, that service withered and died on the vine. Line 6 did the fair thing and comped me the POD Farm 2.5 standard as compensation which didn't mean much to me at the time, but hey it was free so thanks guys. Then, along came the HD500 and I bit on that as well and sold off my PODXT , but I kept the model packs because I found out they worked in the POD Farm and as well in Propellerheads Reason which was kinda cool and besides, I'd paid for them already. The only ones that I didn't have were the so called "Power Pacl" and the "Bass Pack". In any event, I spent most of the next year trying to make the PODHD500 and my pair of Tech21 Power Engines work for me somehow, usually with dissappointing results. So last night I pulled up the POD Farm stand alone (finally) and started to play with it and I was therefore playing through my recording setup monitors which are a pair of KRK Rokit 5s and things sounded fairly amazing suddenly. The blanket was removed, and the differences that I barely noticed in the HD Models became really apparent with the (so-called) lesser XT models. So I sprang for the Power Pack figuring I get 30 days to really wring this whole thing out, but I have to say that as a recording (with VSTs) and self-contained practice facility -- POD Farm may well be all I needed to begin with. So, am I out here alone thinking the XT models are actually better than the HD models? Or is it just my Power Engines that need replaced with a true FRFR system for my HD500? Thoughts?
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