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  1. We're talking about the latest public beta 10.11.1 - if you want to install it, go to and create an account - then go to and find the OSX link. Once you register your mac as a beta tester, your app store updater will then have a new update available, which will be the new Beta. Being an apple developer is $100/year, though I can't confirm if that applies only to iOS dev or if it also applies to beta. You do NOT want to pay $100 just to download this beta unless you will lose more than $100 by waiting. It'll be out in a few days I imagine, for free.
  2. Confirming as well that OSX 10.11.1 Beta (15B30a) fixes the issue. Sigh....
  3. If this is all due to an overlooked bug in OSX I can see why all these vendors are taking their time with new drivers - they're likely just waiting for Apple to patch it on their end. I hope line 6 isn't writing a driver to support a bug that will go away in a few days.
  4. I hear a lot of talk blaming customers for updating too early. As a software developer myself, I get it. If people update to the latest shiny browser and your site breaks, or they update to the latest iOS and your app breaks, it sucks. But guess what? It's not the customers' fault. The burden is on the software company to coordinate compatibility releases around platform releases. Line 6, just like all of us here, trusted Apple to not introduce any breaking changes - which is absolutely ludicrous because that's all Apple ever does. Every Apple release comes with a nicely packaged middle finger. In case you're wondering why they do that, it's so their new releases are not bloated with backwards-compatibility patches like Windows is. Apple is a hardware company who just happens to write software to support their hardware releases. They really don't give a hoot if your Line 6 works or not because there's no Apple logo on your POD. I feel it's safe to say all of us would feel a lot better if we got status reports every few hours from Line 6 on how the driver is coming along and when we can expect it. Lots of software firms do that on their support forums. It's engaging, satisfying to customers and builds loyalty and morale. A static "it'll be out when it's out" message makes people want to spend money elsewhere.
  5. Looks like they do releases on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Guess this will be a boring weekend.
  6. Chiming in and adding to the thread. Really wish I'd seen this before I updated to El Capitan. Confirming that POD HD Desktop with latest drivers and El Capitan, no audio via USB.
  7. Looks like this might be the culprit.. jeez
  8. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I updated all my software today through the Line 6 Monkey app, made a new tone, sounds great through my monitors (RCA from POD). Go into Logic Pro 9 and it's no longer receiving audio input. It recognizes the POD HD i/o as an option, and if I turn off the POD, Logic tells me an audio device has been removed - when I turn the POD back on, the POD HD options again become available for input and output - cool. So why when I hit the record icon on my track is there no input metering activity? It won't record any audio. Now that I think of it, I also upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan OSX yesterday - driver incompatibility maybe? Things I've checked: - HD EDIT is not running (Read that could cause a conflict) - Logic Pro 9 is up to date - Volume is up - [R] icons are ON - [M] icon is OFF Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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