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  1. Summary: try some lubricating contact cleaner before you replace the switches. I've just had a good experience fixing non-functional footswitch buttons on my Pod HD 500X. There are plenty of posts and even Youtube videos about this, but I have a couple of additional tips that might help someone. My FS1 and Bank Up footswitch buttons had gradually stopped stopped working. The design of these units is that the metal footswitch you press has a spring-loaded plunger that in turn activates a microswitch on the Pod circuit board. There are two long, horizontal printed circuit boards that carry the two rows of footswitches. You can see them here: It seems that the microswitches tend to stop working over time on these Pods and on other products across the L6 portfolio as they are commonly used behind footswitches. My Pod is out of warranty, so I was considering desoldering the individual microswitches and replacing them (possible and cheap but fiddly), or purchasing a replacement PCB (easier replacement but more expensive). Before I did that I tried using a lubricating contact cleaner and was pleasantly surprised that it has brought the buttons back to life. It was a cheap and easy fix. Please, if you try this, take electrical safety precautions and protect the device from electrostatic discharge from yourself. If you don't know what those things mean then don't open the Pod. Method 1 - tried and successful Start with the Pod facing downwards on your bench, so you are looking at the back of the device and can see the case screws with their ringed rubber feet. I opened up the Pod with the 8 case screws. I then removed the 12 small screws fixing the PCB carrying the affected micro switches to the metal switches. I carefully rotated the PCB so the microswitches were visible and applied a small amount of the contact cleaner (using the applicator straw) to the affected switches. Refixed everything. Tested and working. Method 2 - not tried but I think would be successful and easier As above but don't bother removing the PCB. Simply use the applicator straw on your contact cleaner spray and squirt "upwards" onto the microswitch. Give the switch a few pumps to work it in and get the Pod back the right way up quickly so gravity can help you. Method 3 - not tried and not sure it if would work but probably worth a go and would be the easiest Don't even open the Pod. Using the applicator straw, dribble contact cleaner down the shaft of the metal switch, where it would eventually reach the microswitch. Risk here is that you end up using excessive amounts, but probably a good option if you feel uncomfortable opening up the Pod and can't have Line 6 do the job for you. The switch cleaning lubricant I used was Servisol Super 10. There are others. Don't use a contact cleaner that does not contain a lubricant unless you want to be doing it again soon. Hope this helps save some Pods, DM
  2. Hello all, been struggling with this for quite sometime. Thanks for the help in advance. Setup is simple: Desktop connected via USB to POD. POD connected via 1/4" outs to JBL LSR305 studio monitors. I get an annoying electrical noise that is from my PC (it fluctuates when I move the mouse or start applications/games.) It also occurs regardless of the POD unit being on or off, only depends on the monitors being on and all connections in place back to the PC. When I use the XLR outs to the monitor the signal is clean again, but, using the XLR outs i understand I need to switch my monitor to the +4dbU setting. Unfortunately, this makes the volume very low (about 25% of what the monitors can do at the max.) When keeping them on the -10dbV setting, the volume is better, but clipping starts to happen. I also have a power conditioner from Furman, and have tried plugging everything into different outlets, same outlets, I even changed the Power Supply on my PC. No luck lol. Hopefully someone has another idea. Thanks again! -Dan
  3. HI I have problem with my pod hd500x I used him before on windows and it worked without any problems. Now I tried to install on Macbook pro ios MOjave and I cannot do anything. I download licence manager and Monkey. I opened programme and he didnt find USb connection with POD. Is anybody had this problem ?
  4. Hola que tal? quería saber como hacer para pasar de un preset a otro y que quede sonando el delay, reverb, etc con el pod hd500x yo tenia el pod x3live y estaba muy claro el canal A y B en paralelo y seleccionaba uno u otro, pero en el hd500x no entiendo como se hace. alguien sabe? Gracias!
  5. First of all, I have a POD HD500X that works just great. Love it! Bought it 2017. Now, my second guitarist in the band, just bought exactly the same model, but from a private person who couldn't handle it. (and I can see why) The problem with his pedal is: Nothing happens when you press the footswitches (A,B,C,D) However, if I turn the knob (A in attached picture) it changes the sound as programmmed, but it does not change the light on the footswitch (B in attached picture) I've updated Flash memory and the latest drivers. Is there a function/button that turns the footswitch off/on (ABCD) according to the current sound?
  6. Hi All, Firstly apologies if this has already been covered. I have had a DT25 and POD HD500X for a year or so and am struggling to get a good setlist together. All I really want is a classic 4 patch setup, clean, crunchy, heavy and lead. I love the sound of the DT25 on its own but am really struggling to find a great setlist with the two devices combined to the point where I'm wondering if I should sack the POD off and just start from scratch. It would be a shame as the POD is so versatile. Anyway, If anyone has any tips or advice id really appreciate it. Cheers Rich
  7. Hello everyone, I had a problem with my POD HD Prox. I use path A to simulate my guitar amp, and path B to my microfone. I usually send guitar signal on left balanced output and the Mic signal on right balanced output, and i splited my guitar signal on left unbalanced output to my amp. This setting was working normally, and when i tried to create a new preset with this separation, the outputs stopped working properly for my all presets. Now my balanced output works at the same way, guitar on left and Mic on right, but my left and right unbalanced output began sending mic and guitar signals at same time. I've tried: Factory reset; Create presets only by separating paths; Flash Rollback; I deleted my presets and uploaded again. Has this ever happened to anyone? Is it possible to configure the balanced and unbalanced outputs independently? Thanks.
  8. Hi people, So, I want to record wet and dry signal using my POD HD 500X. As you can see in the first picture, I used 2 paths to do that. Te problem is, I can't separate output 1 from 2 as they are the Main output in my MIDI configs. How do I change that? Is there anyway I can make it work? thank you.
  9. SO i need help using the pod hd500x with my daw (reaper). i have both of the guitars connected. one is connected via aux one is via guitar. but i just cant figure out how to split the channels so when i go to my daw. my left guitar only comes from that speaker and my second guitar the right only comes from the right. need help tracking for a friend and me and we cant seem to get it.
  10. Hello guys, i am new here and i want an advice from you. i have Pod HD 500x and i have Reaper for recording. my problems are:- first thing when i connect the pod to my laptod the sound is really bad, i hear the sound of the guitar like there are 2 guitars plugged into the laptod with an Echo, and sometimes there is no sound at all. i dont know what am doing wrong there, but can anyone tell me the proper way to connect the pod to the laptod?? second thing, how can i get a distortion sound and a clean sound at the same time using 2 tracks or channels on reaper while am recording??? thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I 'm inexperienced, I will buy Pod hd 500x for practice and record in my room by direct to studio monitor, is it sound good? What percentage of similarity if compare to real amp, is it bad? and last question which speaker I should buy for 4x4 meter room JBL : LSR 305/230 5"speaker ROKIT 6 Generation 3 Black 6"speaker Yamaha : HS7 6.5"speaker Thanks for any advices.
  12. I turn on my hd500x and Line 6 just keeps flashing on the screen. can someone please tell me if I can do a manual factory reset using just the peddle.
  13. I know there are lots of threads about using the 4CM with tube amps but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so, here goes another one. The idea is this, I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL100, I want to use my marshall's preamp for distortion and the pod hd500x's preamp for my clean sounds. I'm connecting my guitar to the pod's guitar input, the pod's main output to my amp's fx retunr, my amp's fx send to the pod's fx return, and the pod's fx send to my amp's input. For my dirty tone I basically created a pach with basically a noise gate, a wah, and a tube screamer, I leave the amp block empty and after the mixer I put the "FX loop" block and after that a delay and a reverb. For my clean channel, I put the Fx block at the very start of the signal chain, after that, a chorus, phaser, a fender amp (without the cab sim) and after the mixer, delays, reverb, etc. So, my first problem is that while I was testing this configuration today, I realized that the "clean" tone sounded a lot louder than the dirty channel, my amp's preamp (btw, I also noticed that after putting the pod in the signal chain there's a general volume drop in the amp, but I don't mind as long as it sounds right) so, the things is, I can lower the clean amp (pod's amp simulation) but when I do, it affects the amp's simulation tone, If I lower the master volume, my dirty channel loses input so it lowers the distortion, so: 1 - What would be the best way to approach this problem and get balanced levels without affecting the tone too much? 2 - Is the order I place the effects (for both the dirty and the clean patches)correct or is there a more recommendable way to do it? 3 - Also, in the back of my amp, there's a loop level switch (-10/+4 effects) where should I leave it? 4 - If I'm not using any external effects, should I set my pod's out to stomp or line level? because for me it makes sense to leave it at "line" but I've read a few topics where people recommended to leave it at stomp with amps and stuff like that anyway. Thanks! :)
  14. I have restarted many times to update this and keep getting an error message. Not sure what the problem is. The firmware has updated, but the flash will not. Any answers?
  15. Hello, could you help me on the operation of the pod hd 500x when I play the monitor headphones what is the settings to be made in the output menu: studio direct or amp?
  16. Okay so as a graduation present, I was given a brand new POD HD500x All I have is one xlr cable which fits but doesn't go all the way into my headphones (the 3.5mm) because of the way they were designed to have a skinnier cable (but still 3.5mm) fit (they are skull candy crushers) Anyway, I use reaper and FL studio (not both at the same time, just alternate) and I want to record, and I set up the pod with my computer and got everything installed and the tone editor, but you see when its connected via usb my computer playback and recording devices are switched too it meaning I can't hear a damned thing even through reaper, so I get no playback of what I record, and even after I disconnect everything i still don't get any playback. If I set the playback device to my headphones as default and leave the pod as defaut communications, I can hear everything from my computer just fine, but I still can't hear my guitar through the pod. I did think of routing it through an amp and then back to my computers input, but I have a horrid motherboard that doesn't handle impiedence very well. I know this because I use to record with Guitar Rig 5. Basically, I'm looking to see if there's something I'm doing wrong, or an alternative because I'm impatient and have to wait a few days before I can go out and get a 1/4 jack adapter Shouldn't you just connect it with usb and everything is fine? In Reaper, I set the sound drivers to Asio and selected the Pod's drivers so the input is proper it just seems the output of the sound still goes to the pod?
  17. Hello I´m using an external drive (Tech 21 GT2) in my HD 500X fx koop and when I set the little switch to "stomp" the signal goes really "loud" and "hot" without sounding good. I now use it on the "line" - setting and that gives a more "normal" signal and sounds quite good, but shouldn´t it be the other way around? Shouldn´t the "stomp"-setting provide an instrument signal that is good for external stomp boxes and the "line"-setting a hotter signal? I have the fx loop with send/return at standard settings. Also, what does the fx loop mix do? Doesn´t seem like it controls the "mix/blend" of the external pedal to my signal.
  18. Okay so, I was previously using the Line 6 UX2 interface with POD Farm 2.5 on my computer for my home recordings. Absolutely loved the program and the tones I was able to create which to me were ideal to my play style and were quite unique. Only problem is I had no way of using these tones live such as with a pedal board or anything, so I heard about the HD500 pedal boards and was told POD Farm tones could be transfered onto the board so that you can use them elsewhere besides at the computer. I bought one but cannot figure out how to transfer these tones or even if its possible. Line 6 support said "that is bascially what it was designed to do", so I figured Ill get it. I was not impressed at all with the preset tones even with modifications, I tried replicating my POD Farm tones on the board, but they came no where near to the UX2's sound and clearity. I've been rather frustrated with the situation and cannot seem to get ahead on it. I also has a POD HD PRO X that I figured would be able to do the same thing, but that was even more dissapointing. Cannot match what POD Farm can do fro some reason. Not to mention all the Custom Tone downloads sound nothing at all like the videos on youtube of who are showcasing them with the download in the description. I follow every mod to the tee, but it sounds super high gained and just down right muddy. So, is the tone transfering possible between these products somehow? All I need is to have the tones from POD Farm on my HD500, just so I can switch between them in live shows. It would be great if someone knew what was up with the Pro X too. Thanks for reading, hope you guys maybe have some answers!
  19. Hello fellow line6 users, I finally got my hands on a POD HD500x today and so far I haven't been able to start creating my own tones. Reason being that I can't possibly get Windows 7 (64 bit) to install the required drivers. I tried using both the Monkey and a manual method, yet to no avail. Besides, for some strange reason my laptop lists the HD500x as a HD500. Is there any solution to this problem? I also tried disabling digital signature checks, but this failed to solve the problem. Hopefully I'll get the help needed and will start enjoying this device's DSP capabilities soon! Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Hello! I have a problem that's driving me insane! I´ve been using my pod hd500x with my bass for about a year now and I´m having some sort of clipping. It´s mostly when I´m plucking the low B string and I get a real nasty distortion. The bass I´m using is a cheap Sterling Subray 5 and it´s famous for its crappy HIGH output electronics. However, I just changed out the pre to a nice Seymour Duncan smc 3M3 active preamp, but the problem´s still there.... I even lowered the pickup so it´s flat with the body but still clipping... The pad switch helps some but not enough. Now I´m wondering if it might be the pod that´s clipping? I curently have neither another bass/guitar to try in my Pod and no other amp to test my bass in (going to the music store tomorrow), so maybe someone of you guys could be kind enough to try one of my patches to see if you got the same problem? I would be really thankfull for help! ps. I have been reading Meambobbo's guide about clipping and tried it all...
  21. Hey guys. About a year ago I bought a pod hd500x, and I like it a lot. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with it, and I would like to keep it BUT... I current have a blackstar head running into a marshall cab. I LOVE the sound I get out of it, however, when I use the four cable method to run it through the fx loop, the quality of the sound is brought down exponentially, even when I'm using a patch with nothing on it. My question is: How can I make it so that you cannot tell the difference between me running straight into my amp and through the pod fx loop. At this point I'm honestly considering selling mine, and trading in for pedals, but I would like to experiment a bit more to see if I can figure things out. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm using my new POD HD500X with a Cornford Carrera connected 4 cable method. I want to create a bank where I can toggle from a patch or patches where I'm using an FX block and my tube pre from the amp. Then kick to the next patch where I'm using a POD pre and just using the power amp section of the Cornford. Then kick to the next patch where I bypass the tube amp and output to my PA, for an acoustic sound. I have not been able to figure out how to select the proper output mode. When I am using the pre from my amp I'm thinking my output setup should be combo front or stack front. When I'm using the pod pre I think I should use combo power or stack power. Those seem like global settings to me, can't figure out how to make them change patch to patch. Also can't figure out how to mute the tube amp and use the PA for an acoustic patch. Thanks in advance for any help.
  24. This might be a slightly stupid question but I can't figure it out. I have been running a dual amp settup (GK sim with big ampeg cabs) for my bass and I think it sounds really good. The setup is basicly to different paths (effect wise) with a pair of the same amp model, with the exakt same settings. I did this settup just for keeping some clean signal when using distortion. The downside to this setup is that it takes a lot of DSP and if I want to make some slight adjustments, I have to do it twice and thats a pain in the lollipop. So I thought that the I would get the same result when keeping the dual paths, but removing one amp block and placing the one left right behind the mixer. Now I'm able to have the same settup but without the mentioned hussle right? As this sounds VERY simular to the dual settup something is missing and I can't place my finger on it. It just doesn't sound as "full". Why is that? It should sound the same when compensating for the loss of volume? I have the mixer panned full left and right, and tried to compensate for the volume change with the channel volume and even master volume, but it still sounds different. Is the answer to this just that two of the same amps togheter sounds better than just one, or am I missing something here? /Danne
  25. I use the Podhd500x for vocals and guitar live, i have the spider hd150 and im wondering the best output option, atm im going xlr L to mixer for vocals and xlr R to the amp using a XLR to jack, but is it best for me to go 1/4 inch jack to desk and 1/4 jack to amp? XLR is best for Vocals but im wondering if its best for guitar or not? On top of that what would be the best output setting? Direct out is good for vocals yet to a stack for guitar.
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