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  1. I am putting in the right serial number but i keep getting error message 521
  2. Did that. I tried everything. Reinstalled the flash, drivers, film wear, 500x edit and monkey. still wouldn't work. just for good measure I did a factory reset on my laptop and went through the whole process again..........nothing. So I brought it back and got a new one. So far this one works fine. Hopefully it will last longer then the ten days the last one worked.
  3. ok so i did that and had to connect to my computer to re install the flash. Did that but the hardware wouldn't communicate with my computer. I uninstalled and re installed everything, still nothing. if i open the 500x hd edit i get an error message and none of the patches open
  4. I turn on my hd500x and Line 6 just keeps flashing on the screen. can someone please tell me if I can do a manual factory reset using just the peddle.
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