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Found 90 results

  1. akalchschmid

    Hx Stomp Preset Switching: Delay

    Hi all, I just setup all my presets on my new Hx Stomp, and it sounds great! However, when rehearsing, I noticed that there's quite a delay when switching presets. Is that normal? For me that would be a real show-stopper, we have quite a lot of songs where I need a clean sound for the intro, and then a heavy distortion from one moment to the other...
  2. New2HelixLT

    New guy here, help with BPM programming

    Hi all, I've been a pedalboard user my entire life. I found a good deal on a used Helix LT and decided to check it out. I’m trying to figure out the best way to program delay BPM’s for a setlist. I know tap tempo is available, but I prefer to have BPM’s dialed in beforehand and exact. I plan on using it in stomp mode since that’s most familiar to me. My thought was to have 10 presets all exactly the same, then pre-program BPM’s on each preset. So preset #1 would be song #1 and so on... But realized if I made any adjustments to an effect, it wouldn’t automatically be saved to all the other presets. This would require me to copy and paste my tweaked preset every time I make an adjustment. Does anyone out there have a solution for something like this? Thanks!
  3. cclement

    Frippertronics "looper" block

    https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Frippertronics-loop-block/962141-23508 This is a bit of a selfish ask, but I figured I would try... maybe some others might dig it too. I would love to see a "Frippertronics" style block in the Helix. Kind of like a looper... but not like the current looper. In my mind, this would be two independent delays, but with really long delay times - say 1 to 25 seconds each - even better is you could have the delay times listed in Bars. Each delay would be fed from the same source, but fully independent. Each delay would also have a extremely long Feedback/Decay rate, so the repeats would go on for minutes if you wanted... but without ever going into oscillation like an analog delay. There would also be a way to bypass the "input" going to the delays so you could add things to the loops, and then play over them. You could achieve this with "Tails On" kind of thing and standard bypassing the pedal. Basically... I'm looking for something like the old Elottronix XL "Frippertonics Emulator" VST from way back - https://www.kvraudio.com/product/elottronix_xl_by_elogoxa - but inside the Helix.
  4. After a year of not being able to get this piece of garbage to work on my MacBook, I have finally achieved basic success Honestly I don't have another year, to invest in this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. I'm using Audacity to record with on my MacBook 2. Programing drums in a program called Beatcraft, on a P.C, which I export onto a memory stick, in MP3 format. 3. Drop the Drums into Audacity, on the MacBook. 4. Verified Audacity had the Line 6 UX2 as its input device. Verified Audacity has the Line 6 UX2 as its output device, which I have headphones connected to. 5. Chosen my amp, and verified it was working, as well as this device allows, which isn't saying much 6. hit record an Audacity. 7. The drums begin to play and I start playing guitar. 8. I hear both, and the guitars record, overdubbing onto the Drum track. 9. When Im done, I hit play, and the guitar is not in 'time' alignment, with the drums, because its starting a micro second delay to late. 10. I experimented with a mic and vocals and the same thing happened. A micro second delay. 11. Ive even made sure project properties are the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Does anyone have a problem with Reverse delay? When i used reverse delay with 100% mix it should be only the reverse signal come out right? But it always still have the dry signal spill out. It's so annoy. Sometime it throw my thing away. Anyone who like to play ambient sound will understand. If anyone dont' have this problem pls let me know. Thanks a lot
  6. Don't know why but ever since updating to 2.80 and playing around with the king of tone and other effects I've been thinking about what pedals would be great additions to the helix. At the moment, my number one pedal would be the Buggfx Daydream delay. Such an insane little pedal. Or maybe an emulation of the eventide h3000 with the band delays effect. Anyway, just curious what you guys want to see possibly come in future updates. Cheers.
  7. paologuitar

    Specific Helix HX Effects Use

    Hello to everyone! I am thinking of buying the Helix Hx Effects for one purpose (among others) I want to recreate the "feel" of a second guitarist, and by reading and searching other subforums here, I haven't come to an end. My way of thinking is simple 1. guitar to the HX 2. split the signal with a (HX) delay of eg. 20ms-1repeat in 2 amps having the 2nd amp giving back just the feedback. (the "2nd" guitarist is created) 3. Having a (HX) harmonizer on, fully panned so amp1 plays the note I am playing (dry signal) and amp2 just the "harmonized" note. (the "2nd" guitarist is playing his "seperate" part) 4. Add a new delay along with the existing one in order for both the dry and the harmonized lead parts to sound better. (the 2nd guitarist has a tasteful sound) 5. Using something like the 4 cable method (or more) to switch the channels of both amps with a press of 1 button on the HX. (control all of the above features in amps and HX with one button) 6. Use the distortion and clean channels on the amps and use the HX just for the effects (not the distortion modelling etc) Is this possible? Is there someone who has tried it? Is there something I am missing about the connections? Any help and suggestions will do PS. I take it for granted that the "suggestion" "find another real guitarist" has already been considered and can't work at the moment :P Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there.. i just bought podhd 400, and i got this problem.. all of my delays/modulations has no TAIL. i really need the "tail" option badly. pls pls help.. thank you!
  9. dougvarty

    Assigning Tap to Delay

    Hi, I'm making a patch that has delay, but the Tap button is working on the Looper (I suppose it is, anyway - it's definitely not working on the delay). How can assign the Tap footswitch to the delay in order to (of course) get delays at the tempos I want, on demand? Guessing that I'm missing something really obvious here.... thanks for an help you can offer.
  10. I want to add Delay to my Main Outs, let's say 0.5 ms. I am not using L6 Link. is that possible? If so, How? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, As guitarists, we often go through phases.. we often go back and listen to some music that we haven't listened to in a while.. I just started listening to Pantera again (for the 55th time) and I still get blown away by Dime's unmatched playing style. Some might argue that his tone wasn't great (I thought it suited their music just perfectly), however his use of FX is simply on point. I would love to know if anyone has come across or made up any delays/verbs/pitch etc that resemble his leads and solos? Not to be album or song specific, but some of the delays and verbs on songs like Mouth For War, A New Level, Walk, I'm Broken etc etc are the standouts to me. If anyone has any settings/links/patches they'd like to share or sell, feel free to hit me up. Cheers
  12. New User Here, I am purchasing a Helix LT in about a month and have a use case that I cannot seem to find any help with answering "can Helix do this?". As a setup dinosaur and to effectively be able to turn on and off an entire effects loop (as the amps I have do not have such a select-able option), I have been utilizing a Boss Line Selector on "B-Bypass" in order to have effects hard bypassed when I don't want them and to be able to select which effects turn on at one time when I engage the Line Selector. In the Line Selector loop, I have a Boss DD-6 that essentially is in Tap mode all of the time except for when I need the loop to not have delay. For me, this is super-convenient as it allows me to dial in the tempo before the pedal is even engaged. My cover band does not play to a click so for me, going back to a configuration, whether it be by preset or snapshot, where a tempo is defaulted and then having to adjust the tempo after the delay is engaged with the tap tempo is a step backwards. I have read the manual, watched videos, and read threads and I do not see a configuration in which tap tempo can be set as a "global" tempo that overrides any default patch or snapshot tempo when a patch or snapshot is engaged if I wanted to setup the tempo prior to engaging said patch or snapshot. If anyone out there has any knowledge or thoughts on this I would appreciate it! I really hope I just missed it somewhere :) However, after an already seemingly exhaustive search, I feel this may be heading to Ideascale before I even own the unit and am dreading the idea of having to cart around the DD-6 and a power supply to use in the Helix's loop :(
  13. sbeattie7

    Preset Bpm For Delays?

    I am about to purchase an HD500X, but I am not sure how one would set the BPM for a delay (other than using the tap tempo button on the fly). I currently use a Boss DD-20 GigaDelay which has 4 memory locations for presets. For a typical set at church, I will save the BPM for each song in a preset and just click from one preset to the next as I play each song. I can also set the regular manual setting ahead of time as well, effectively giving me 5 preset BPM settings. Is something like this possible on the HD500X, or do I need to use the tap tempo before each song? I normally don't use the milliseconds settings for delays. Any other information about setting delay times on the HD500X is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Just set up my old Pod XT Live on new(ish) Win10 x64 machine. All drivers are now installed and up to date (according to the latest version of Monkey). Everything seems to work fine except there is quite a delay between hitting a string on my guitar and hearing the output via my soundcard. I could just monitor using headphones into the Pod, but it would be nice not to have to if there is any way to fix this issue. Is it just because I'm basically using two sound devices and the signal is being routed from the Pod through my soundcard, or is there something I can tweak somewhere that might fix it? Cheers for any help.
  15. misla1

    Helix Issue when going direct

    Hello Everyone, I am sure I am doing something wrong but when I use the volume pedal when going direct it turns off the delay signal. When I use the volume pedal when using the four cable method the delay trails and sounds cool. I have the delay in the "effects loop" in my signal chain. I get that cello effect when dong the 4CM but can't replicate it when going direct. I also noticed when I was jamming with a friends and running direct into his PA, that when I turned the volume down on my guitar on a dirty patch that the Helix barely picks up the signal and I have to pick much harder to get a signal. The signal also seems delayed when I turn down my guitar volume on the guitar. This doesn't seem to be an issue on the clean channel but I rarely turn down the volume on a clean patch. The when volume on my guitar is all the way up the patches work fine. Also, the volume pedals works fine but not for getting the effect I want using the 4CM Below is my signal chain and any help would be appreciated.
  16. kimonostereo

    Multitap help?

    Hi all! New Helix HX user as of this week and still trying to learn my way around this new (for me) FX platform. Is there any manual or guide that can explain how the Multitap 4 and 6 effects work? I'm trying to create a 3 tap delay with 3 different delay times (example: 200ms, 400ms, 600ms) but I only see 1 delay time setting. How do the taps work in those two effects?
  17. Hello everyone, I have an issue with setting my delay on specific tap tempo on Pod HD500x. Please, watch the video. First, I set up my preset '05A' with a Delay: 8th (3) - 'Digital Dly w/Mod'. I used a metronome - you can hear 3rds very well. Then I change to any preset (picked '06A') and then back again to '05A'. But the delay doesn't sound like 3rds, even though delay's settings are set to 3rds. I can actually hear 5ths... After choosing a different tempo sync and putting it back to 3rds, it is working again. This doesn`t happen just to 8th (3) tempo sync, it could be any type of delay - you would be still hearing 5ths. I don't know if it's a problem with tap tempo or bug in the system, since there are no 5ths available for delays. My Pod just doesn't save the type of delay, after switching the preset. System: - Flash FW: v2.62 - USB FW: v1.04 Maybe I am failing somewhere and and I just don't see it. I will be thankful for any advice! PS: the watermark is cool
  18. Greetings, I saw a feature on the Seymour Duncan Andromeda delay I really like, as I pick more gently for clean parts I can set the delay to get louder. When I strum hard the delay pulls back in level. Pretty awesome. There's got to be a way to do this with the Helix. I'm googling around for it. Anyone have links, I'd appreciate it. Be well, Paul
  19. msmurra

    Double tracker

    Any effect to have a nice double tracker?
  20. Hello. I'm trying to control my feedback parameter in my delay. With expression pedal 2. This by default controls too the volume pedal. I assign the the feedback parameter to a delay. But when i control it with the expression pedal also the volume come down. Any ideas how to make expression pedal 2 to just control de feedback without affecting the volume? Thanks!
  21. erikwt78

    Found a bad clipping bug

    So took along time to figure this issue out, seemed like for no reason i was receiving unwanted distorting/clipping through the headphone jack, 1/4" & XLR outputs. As you can imagine, clipping is a horrible issue to have with a machine like this. Turns out the Bit Depth & Sample Rate in "Vintage Digital" delay was giving me the problem. In order to eliminate the clipping, Bit Depth has to be on 24 and Sample Rate has to be on 48- basically making it a fairly useless "vintage" delay. And even still, there's still some clipping. Having those two settings adjusted down makes the clipping much much worse. It used to be my favorite delay but for some reason, I believe after one of the updates, the clipping started. Anyone else have that issue? Either way, hope I was able to help some of you.
  22. Hey there, New to Helix stuff w/ an HX Effects I picked up last weekend. Loving a lot about this but really finding delay programming frustrating coming from a DD-500 (and Timeline as well). I'm trying to find out of if it's a pedal limitation and/or user error. It's a new "ecosystem" for me so maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I'm a BPM guy, so is my drummer, hell...so is my whole band. The BPM integration on this pedal seems extremely lacking with a reliance on just MS. I've found BPM can be set using the Tap switch w/ subdivisions but I'm having issues with certain delays just not recognizing the BPM set here (Elephant Man, Brigade). The manual was really disappointing in terms of information on individual effects info, for example: Delay time ranges. For example: I set an Elephant Man patch to 110 BPM - 1/1 works fine as do faster speeds however If I set the BPM down to 60 for longer delay times not only does it not do 60bpm but it doesn't change at all. I understand the delay may have a time limitation, but what's odd is that if I go into the patch and manually reduce time via MS it does slow down to those speeds (or close to). Other Issue I'm having: If I use what seems to be the only method to use BPM on this pedal (tap tempo and note subdivision) - that means I can't have ANY other tap effects that I want to freely tap tempos with in that preset or "board" because as soon as that happens the delays are all out of time. Is there a way to set a delay tempo via the tap/bpm and subdivisions and then LOCK that tempo? Thanks! This thing sounds great, but delays are a huge part of why I got this and not really liking the tempo options.
  23. Hi guys, I'm trying to set up my Pod HD so that the delay is controlled by tap tempo. My settings are: - Global - Tempo (under Setup) but the tempo is currently showing 181bpm and my delay unit is set to 500ms. I want it to be 1/4 note or 1/8th note but nobody explains (neither does the manual) how you switch from a time setting to a tempo (delays per beat) setting in the delay unit. So, how do you do that?
  24. Hey guys, I just purchased my helix and have been incredibly impressed with its capabilities so far. I will say, I haven't been able to dial in any tones that feel right with all the amp/cab simulations, but I'm totally happy with using this for all its other capabilities. However... I am pretty disappointed with the delay switching and the weird warpy-ness that happens when switching delay times within a preset using the snapshots. The only work around I've found so far is to switch to a snapshot where the delay is off, then to the one with the desired delay. I know you're bound to encounter some weirdness when you start messing with the delay time when the effect is engaged, but I was previously using a Boss DD-20 to toggle between one delay preset and the next with different speeds/feedbacks, and it was totally seamless. So easy. I'm not liking the idea of having to go back to the core setting on the helix in between delays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As of now, I just stuck my DD-20 in one of the helix's effects loop, and it sounds great. The only downside to that is I'm running the delay completely wet, and tweaking the mix/level parameters on the loop doesn't sound nearly as good adjusting the pedal's level knob. So, I will not have full programmability over over these parameters and will have to go back to manually adjusting and using tap tempo like the pre-Helix days, unless I can get this resolved :(
  25. I own a Line 6 Dl4 that I run in front of my amplifier with some other effects such as a noise gate, tubescreamer, reverb. I use a couple delays on each preset of the Dl4. I'm running into a problem where when I turn off these delays I use as presets on the Dl4, they won't turn OFF. The delays hang around and create unwanted feedback and hiss when I turned the preset OFF and want to continue playing the guitar without an effect. Does anyone know of a potential fix for this? I'm going to bring it into Guitar Center today but due to the price of this pedal, I'm not sure if the repair costs would be worth it. Thoughts?