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Found 15 results

  1. I would like to simultaneously record unprocessed YouTube backing track, processed guitar signal and webcam video to make some music cover videos. Would that be possible and how? I could use mobile phone connect to stereo input (aux in) for YouTube if necessary, but it would be easier if I could play YouTube form my PC while recording. Would there be any significant delay between YouTube audio and processed guitar audio or between webcam video and audio signal? I tried to do that using my Digitech RP500 multieffects unit connected as audio interface to my laptop via USB, paying YouTube video from my PC and recording with Screencast-o-matic (it can record video from web cam, audio from YouTube and processed guitar audio from RP500 at the same time). I had two issues: the first was significant delay in recorded material between audio and video and between Youtube audio and guitar audio. The second issue was degraded quality in recorded sound in comparison with whast I was hearing during the recording. I was using my headphones (connected to RP500) in both cases - when I was monitoring recording and when I was listening recorded material. Did anyone tried anything similar with Line6 Pod Go and how did it go?
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to buy a licence for Helix Native because I bought an Helix pedalboard (second hand) but I can't register my stuff officialy. No more than 150 please. Thanks
  3. is there any way i can separate two guitars one in the aux and one in the guitar input? Can i separate both guitars into different amps if i am running stereo ? like having aux input into left amp and guitar input into right
  4. Hi Line 6 forum, My question is: Has anyone been able to successfully connect the Razer Sieren Pro with the UX2? If yes, How is this achieved? I've unboxed from new and fully installed PODFarm v2.59 & Line 6 Monkey/ Authorized my UX2 to my PC. My objective is to use the UX2 and PODFarm as a voice morphing/ changer for creative gaming purposes. The Razer Sieren Pro has three outputs: USB, Headphone/ AUX female jack and a DMX 5-pin output with a Y split XLR adaptor cable (one 5-pin into two 3-pin). The Razer Sieren Pro works correctly when connected directly to the PC, however the PODFarm voice morphing software doesn't transmit out through the Microphone. I've browsed many forums and tutorials and have tried the basic adjustments i;e: Adjusted the UX2 dials and enabling the phantom +48V button, tried multiple UX2 line/ microphone ports/ inputs/ outputs with the above mentioned cable/ AUX cable and also an aftermarket adaptor cable (one 5-pin to one 3-pin) , changing the PODFarm mixer INPUT: Mic 1 and tried the various other inputs, enabling UX2 as default through Windows 10 sound settings and disabling all other audio and recording inputs/ outputs. Still no success. Any clarity or result would be much appreciated, cheers.
  5. galluzz

    AUX IN usage

    Hello guys, I would like to buy Helix. but I have a question: I have a guitar and trumpet, if I put trumpet inside a auxin channel, is possible to apply all effect and presets? or these are only for guitar input? there are a switch guitar/aux? or they are both active? thanks
  6. I haven’t used my MD20 for large venues yet, but will be doing one in a little over a month (400 people in a conference setting), and part of the gig is to switch and record video through a video mixer. In my church, I configure two of my Yamaha TF5’s aux sends to output a mix to the video mixer and I use that as sound for all recorded video. Easy, sweet... never thought of doing that with the MD20 - never needed to until now. I will be using two L3t and one L3t speakers via Line6 link for the main output... do I just configure two of the monitor outs as aux sends? Is that how it’s done on this mixer? I really don’t want to have to buy a TF1 for this gig, but I might need to... Sorry for for the novice question, but the manual doesn’t really deal with this... Larry
  7. I have a Variax and am looking to get the Helix rack. I will be using a wireless system rather than a Variax cable. I know it's possible to use the Aux input for guitar, but in the cheat sheet it says to plug a guitar or bass with active pickups in this input. It looks like only the guitar input at the front has a Hi Z impedance i.e is the best input for guitar. I'm thinking of getting a wireless receiver to sit on top of the Helix rack, so would rather have a short patch lead going into the back of the Helix. Would the aux input or one of the return jacks work as well as the guitar input? It's kind of similar to my last question but just working out how I'm going to the routing. Would have been really nice to have had another hi-z guitar input on the back.
  8. Hi everyone, I bought my pod hd500x last and I've been loving. Truly an amazing tool. I have been using my guitar plugged in guitar input, and run backtracks trough the aux input. But today, from nowhere, the pod started to apply the preset in usage to the aux input audio, although when using other presets the aux input audio is now being cut out. I tried changing the input settings, but that isn't solving my problem. Could someone provide some help solving this issue? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, hope I did my search right. I couldn't find what I am looking for. So, here it is. I play mandolin and don't want to lug an amp with me. So, I made a patch I called Mandolin in my HD. My Variax JTV 89F and other guitars use the regular guitar inputs. So, I wanted my Mandolin patch to use the Aux input. My question is, I only want my Aux input 1 source when I call up my Mandolin patch,and input 1 to be guitar for any other patch. I can't seem to get this to change back and forth to Aux or to guitar as I change patches. I won't have my HD edit connected to when I am on stage so, I would like my patches to control my input sources. Any suggestions?
  10. Ladies and gents! since a week ago i am a proud owner of a Line 6 Helix! but when i was fiddling around with the internal routing, i noticed that the first and third return are not functioning, the 2nd and 4th are working (i tested this by playing music with my phone through a mini-jack -> 6,3 adapter.) Is my hardware faulty? or is it a internal/software setting that must be adjusted? i hope you guys can help me out with this issue! with best regards, Milton
  11. I just got a beatBuddy drum pedal. I want to record song ideas into the Spider Jam so I plug the drum pedal in MP3/CD 1/8 inch jack, the guitar into the guitar jack and when I record (with input set to guitar) I just get just the guitar. If I plug the beat buddy into the 1/4 inch AUX and set the input yo AUX/MIC I get clean drums and no guitar. If I hold down the input button for 2 seconds and select "mix with guitar" then I get drums and guitar recorded but the drums share the overdrive tone used for the guitar and gets all distorted (this is not input level distortion, it's from the tone/dist effect). Am I missing a way to record a clean beat buddy pedal and the distorted guitar sound on the Spider Jam? The routing seems odd. Think of it as playing your own backing track into the spider via the MP3 input and playing along, BUT you want to record it to the Spider JAM's internal recording. Can't seem to do it without mono-ising it as a WAV and moving it to the SD card..
  12. I'm thinking of getting a Helix Rack when it comes out, and would like to use it with a Shure GLXD4 wireless receiver, placed on top of the Helix rack, as I already have the Shure transmitter. Would I be able to use the aux in on the back of the Helix rack as an instrument input, or would I have to have a short guitar cable coming out of the receiver to the front of the Helix. Being able to plug in behind the Helix would be a neater option. Any info would be gratefully received.
  13. I recently purchased a GAP Pre73 MKII and a Shure SM7. I'd like to use both of these to record vocals through my POD HD500, but I'm a little confused as to the proper way to set this up. Here's what I'm doing: My SM7 is going into the Pre73's Mic In via an XLR cable, and then the Pre73's output is going through a balanced TRS cable to the POD's Aux in. I read in the manual that the Aux In is unbalanced. Will this negatively affect my signal, or if I use a balanced TRS cable, will the signal stay balanced? Is there a better way to set this up, or a special configuration I need to use? When I connect the SM7 to the POD directly, via XLR to the POD's Mic In, the level in my DAW seems great and the mic is sufficiently loud (and the SM7 is a notoriously quiet mic). When I use my aforementioned setup, the level in my DAW is very low, even though I have both knobs on my Pre73 cranked to max. This has led me to believe I am doing something wrong. For what it's worth, I am using high-quality Mogami cables. As a somewhat-related sidenote, is it possible to run my Pre73 as part of an "fx loop"? Would there be a benefit to this? I'd like to use the Pre73 to warm up my bass and I figure that could be a way to do it, or should I simply plug the bass into the Pre73, and then the Pre73 into the POD? Thanks for reading this and thanks for the help. The world of pro audio sometimes befuddles my brain, so I really appreciate it.
  14. Greetings all, let's see if I can explain my problem correctly: I got a used POD HD500 recently and noticed a problem, well, at least i think this is an issue: I like to plug a mobile or tablet in the p2 aux in to play along. The thing is, when I stop the music in the mobile, it seems the POD turns off the connection to the phone or the tablet, then I have to unplug and plug it again so I can continue playing, quite an anoying thing... Does someone know how to solve this?
  15. Hello, I would like to ask the question. Is it possible to connect my guitar amp Roland Cube XL20 (AUX IN) into the Line6 UX2? Somewhere I read that it is not recommended to conect amp via phones output so I have decided to use left and right analog outs on UX2 and connect it into AUX IN in my Roland Amp (by using a cable like that in the file attached). Is it a good idea? Or, do you recommend another solution? Thanks a lot for your answers. JiR
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