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  1. I have Toneport UX2 and am trying to record onto OBS. When acting as a sound card (i.e. watching a video), OBS picks up the audio. But when I try to record guitar or mic the sound does not get picked up. I've tried everything I can think of . Presently I record the video onto OBS and the audio into Sonar, then export the audio into OBS. Then I have to line up video and audio manually. Please can someone help me solve this problem.
  2. Hi All. First post. I do some field recording (nature, sound effects, etc) and I'm intending to do some location recording for indy films/videos. I just bought a used XD-V55L (wireless lav set) at a great price, to use as a wireless mic on location. Is anyone else here using the Line 6 wireless mics for film/video? Any advice for using this sort of 2.4 GHz digital mic for locations? Tips and tricks? In my tests so far, the connection is good and solid, no dropouts I'm a bit concerned about the noise floor comming out of the receiver battery life acceptable I'm expecting(hoping) that most shooting locations won't be as problematic as doing live sound when it comes to 2.4G interference, but time will tell. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pod HD300/HD400 Factory Reset: Hold down the A footswitch while powering the unit on. Press the PRESETS knob, then press it again. Video Tutorial No Global Settings reset Pod HD/HD500/HD500x/HD Pro/HD ProX Global Settings Reset: Run Line 6 Monkey with the HD500X connected via USB. Highlight FLASH MEMORY and click REINSTALL LATEST (or INSTALL LATEST if Monkey shows that you are running older firmware). Make sure to back up all of your presets and setlists beforehand using the HD Edit software. Factory Reset: You must reinstall the firmware, when Monkey prompts you if you want to keep your existing presets, hit no. Video Tutorial Safe/Pedal Calibration Mode: Hold down the right arrow on the navigation button while powering the unit.
  4. I would like to simultaneously record unprocessed YouTube backing track, processed guitar signal and webcam video to make some music cover videos. Would that be possible and how? I could use mobile phone connect to stereo input (aux in) for YouTube if necessary, but it would be easier if I could play YouTube form my PC while recording. Would there be any significant delay between YouTube audio and processed guitar audio or between webcam video and audio signal? I tried to do that using my Digitech RP500 multieffects unit connected as audio interface to my laptop via USB, paying YouTube video from my PC and recording with Screencast-o-matic (it can record video from web cam, audio from YouTube and processed guitar audio from RP500 at the same time). I had two issues: the first was significant delay in recorded material between audio and video and between Youtube audio and guitar audio. The second issue was degraded quality in recorded sound in comparison with whast I was hearing during the recording. I was using my headphones (connected to RP500) in both cases - when I was monitoring recording and when I was listening recorded material. Did anyone tried anything similar with Line6 Pod Go and how did it go?
  5. I am trying to use the win10 camera app to record video, while using HX Stomp to generate audio. I connect the stomp via USB and set it as default sound input. However, when I try to record, the win10 camera immediately stops with a message that the video had become too big to save as a single file. As soon as I unplug the stomp, the camera app can record without problems, using the computer's microphone as sound input.
  6. How To Create a Great Tone - Pt. 1 How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 2 - Internal Cabs How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 3 - Using A Split Block For Dual Cabs How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 4 - Using Sag, Hum, Ripple, Bias etc. How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 5 - How To Use A Compressor How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 6 - Understanding And Using EQ's How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 7 - Understanding And Using Delays How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 8 - Understanding And Using STEREO Delays How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 9 - Understanding And Using SNAPSHOTS How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 10 - Modulation FX 1: Chorus & Vibrato How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 11 - Stock Cabs vs. IR's How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 12 - Using Split & Merge Blocks How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 13 - Stock Cabs REVISITED How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 14 - Dialing In Tones For Live Playing How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 15 - Reamping & Audio Interface Use How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 16 - Understanding And Using REVERB How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 17 - Creative Use of EXPRESSION PEDALS How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 18 - Great Acoustic Tone With Piezo Pickups How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 19 - FX Placement Within The Signal Chain How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 20 - Working With Harmonizers How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 21 - Creative Use of DUAL EXPRESSION PEDAL How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 22 - DI FOH Output While Feeding Real Guitar Cab...HOW? How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 23 - Setting Up A Wet-Dry-Wet Tone How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 24 - Alternate Use of SEND Outputs (W-D-W & FOH/Guitar Cab) How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 25 - Overdrive Pedals (Comparison and Discussion) How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 26 - Helix Microphone Models (Comparison and Discussion) How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 27 - Tap Tempo & Setting Delay Time To Musical Note Values How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 28 - Using High & Low Cut EQ - Comparison & Discussion How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 29 - Global EQ - When Should I Use it? How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 30 - How To Incorporate External FX Pedals How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 31 - Volume Level Matching: Why It Is Crucial? How To Create A Great Tone - Pt. 32 - High Cut Filters 'In The Mix' vs. 'In The Room'
  7. Managing Accounts and Licenses Registering and Activating POD UX2 Getting Started with License Manager FBV MKII Foot Controller Helix Jason Sadites' "How To Create a Great Tone" Series Snapshots Helix 4 Cable Method Helix Customizable Scribble Strips Helix Shortcuts Helix Footswitch Modes Understanding & Loading an Impulse Response Reamping with the Helix Brian May (Queen) Tone Tutorial Van Halen Tone Tutorial Jimi Hendrix Tone Tutorial HX Effects HX Effects Overview HX Effects - Assigning Controllers HX Effects 3-Minute Overview HX Effects Pedal Edit mode HX Effects Signal Flow View HX Effects Updating Firmware HX Effects - 4 Cable Method - Getting Started HX Effects - Controlling External Gear Looping with HX Effects HX Stomp HX Stomp Out Of the Box Tutorial Updating HX Stomp Firmware HX Stomp Controllers & Snapshots Amplifi Series Welcome to Amplifi Amplifi 75/150 Features Overview Amplifi Series Bluetooth Pairing Amplifi Series Firmware Update via Bluetooth Amplifi Series - Creating Tones Amplifi App - Preset Locations Amplifi FX100 - Factory Reset Amplifi FX100 Outputs Amplifi FX100 Pedal Calibration Firehawk Series Firehawk FX looper Firehawk FX Pedal Edit Mode Spider Series Spider V User Interface Getting Started With Spider Jam Spider IV and FBV Express Spider III and Spider Valve Factory Reset Line 6 Amp and Cab Connections Line 6 Amp and Cab Connection Part 2 Spider IV Firmware Update Spider IV Pitch Effects Spider IV/FBV Quick Loop DT Series DT 50 Amp In Depth Variax JTV Virtual Capo Intro To Workbench HD Dream Rig: Line 6 Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections Dream Rig Tip #1: Layering Wet and Dry Tones Dream Rig Tip #2: Layering Electric Guitar and Sitar Sounds The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part I The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part II POD HD: POD HD Dual Tone (Mutliple Amps) POD HD Edit Assigning the Volume and Wah Pedal on the POD HDX and POD HD POD HD Edit and Custom Tone POD HD 500/500x Connections POD HD Output Modes POD HD and L6 Link Building a Preset POD HD500/500x POD HD 500/500X Footswitch Assignment POD HD Series Firmware Update Installing POD HD drivers with Monkey POD HD300/400 Factory Reset POD HD 300/400 Pedal Calibration POD HD 500/500x 4 Cable Method POD HD 500/500x Midi Program Changes POD HD 400 Edit Basics POD HD Computer Recording POD HD 300 In Depth Variax and POD HD Connectivity POD HD and DT Series Connectivity POD HD and DT Series Connectivity Part 2 POD X3 Downloading and Syncing Tones With Gearbox POD X3 Dual Tone POD X3 Quick Loops POD XT Series Syncing Tones with Line 6 Edit and Pod XT M-Series M9 Basics Getting Started with M5 Stagescape M20d Setting Up an SD Card Reconnecting Your Network on an iPad Using an iPad with the M20d Getting Started with the M20d M20d Scenes and Setups Auto Trim Behavior Monitor Setup M20d Recording Basics M20d and L6 Link M20d Channel Strip Part 1 M20d Channel Strip Part 2 Custom Presets StageSource Speakers Getting Started With L3m and L3t StageSource Series and L6 Link Digital Wireless G10 Basics G70 Basics How Line 6 Wireless Works in WiFi Space Wireless Transmitter RF Mode Switch TBP06 RF Mode Switching Getting Started With XD-V30 XD-V70 Receiver Setup Updating Wireless Gear with XD-V75 Reciever Updating TBP12 Transmitter Updating TBP06 Transmitter Updating THH12 Transmitter Updating THH06 Transmitter POD Farm/POD Studio: POD Studio Setup POD Studio Connectivity Part 1 POD Studio Connectivity Part 2 POD Farm Installation POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 1 POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 2 POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 3 POD Farm As A Plug In FBV Express and POD Farm 2 Midi Control Recording With POD Farm 2 and POD Studio UX Reamp Your Guitar With POD Studio UX 2 FBV MKII Pedals and POD Farm 2 Computer Setup POD Studio As An External Sound Card Line 6 Device As A Sound Card On A Mac Line 6 Monkey Overview Sonic Port Recording Guitar With Sonic Port VX Recording Vocals with Sonic Port VX Sonic Port And Inter App Audio
  8. Device Positioning for Updating XD-V7x Transmitters and Receivers Updating the TBP12 Transmitter (Relay G50, G90, XD-V55L, XD-V70L, XD-V75L) Updating the TBP06 Transmitter (Relay G30, XD-V30L, XD-V35L)
  9. Support video tutorials expanding on what is covered in the two KB Documents: How to Update the XD-V7x via USB & Device Positioning for Updating XD-V7x Transmitters and Receivers 1. Updating the XD-V75 Receiver (View this video FIRST before the following target device video!) 2. Updating the XD-V70 Receiver (all other Line 6 receivers with 1/4" to 1/4" stereo/TRS connections can use this example)
  10. Guest

    Helix Tutorial Videos

    Here's some of the most popular Helix tutorial video we have. For more check out our YouTube page Helix Snapshots Helix Shortcuts 4 Cable Method Footswitch Modes Customizable Scribble Strips
  11. abaxe

    Impulse Responses

    Is there a video link that someone can send me to help me first identify, then import a newly downloaded IR into the Helix? I purchased a couple of IR packages but am struggling with identifying and importing them... thanks
  12. I've never really recorded anything before, so please bear with my ignorance! I've just signed up for Artist Works online guitar lessons, one part of which is that you send videos of yourself playing and the instructor (in this case the amazing Paul Gilbert) views it and sends you suggestions. I'm using Helix as my soundcard. I can call up my Logitech video camera and if I play the video picks up my guitar through Helix just fine. However, if I'm also playing a backing track -- say, through Windows Media Player or Audacity -- I can hear it just fine through my computer speakers, but the video camera doesn't pick up that audio, so it sounds like I'm playing by myself. Is there an easy workaround for this? Any help appreciated -- thanks!
  13. Hoping to make a suggestion to allow Mobile Pod to work with Videos the same way it works with songs. Would be nice to practice and or learn along with some of my Hal Leonard videos using my Sonic Port and Mobile Pod. May not be possible but thought I should ask the Line6 guys...
  14. Hey folks. Here are a couple of videos that may help you get a bit more out of your Firehawk. How to use the Firehawk FX Looper - How to use the Firehawk FX Live Edit -
  15. I tried the normal method of embedding a YouTube video into a post but this doesn't seem to work in the 'about me" section of our profile here. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone. I'm new. I've tried to search this topic and have no clue on any of this - I tried reading the manual but I'm still lost. Kindly give me a hand? I launch video membership websites. My client wants to use the XD55HS headset to make instructional videos. She is a yoga teacher so she'll be using the headset. (important because of the movement of her head!) So - we want to be able to record the sound via the XD55HS. The video through her iphone5, then upload to her computer (I'm assuming she has a mac for now - she is away and I have to wait on the answer to that question. I told her to wait on her purchasing the XD55HS until we know she can record how she wants to. I am a web designer and am trying my best to help her out - and I guess I'm going to have to learn how this all works. Can you guys tell me what she should do for set up / give product reco's? How does one hook up to the next? Thanks everyone - I really really appreciate it.
  17. Deutsch Français The Sonic Port VX, Sonic Port, and Mobile In interfaces can be used in place of the built in microphone on your iOS device to input audio for iOS video capture, here's how to do it: 1: Setup your Sonic Port VX or Sonic Port connections using the instructions HERE. Setup your Mobile In using the instructions HERE. 2: Launch the iOS Camera app. 3: Switch to the video by tapping the photo/video slider at the bottom of the screen. 4: Press the red record button in the bottom center of the screen to begin recording video while capturing audio from the Sonic Port VX, Sonic Port, or Mobile In. The audio input will be dry unprocessed audio. . für ein Video über Mobile In Verbindungen.
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