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  1. abaxe

    delay models Helix

    Do tell... in the Helix? or what?
  2. abaxe

    delay models Helix

    is there an Echo Park delay model or a delay in the helix that works as a reverse delay like the original delays built in to the Flextone or POD?
  3. abaxe

    octave effect

    Potentially dumb question based on pure laziness but what Helix effect should I use as an octaver? I just want to use it with a lead tone to fatten it up. Also how should I set it up and where in the signal chain? Thanks
  4. abaxe

    3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection

    I have what I've label the "Heavy's and Classics" package. I think they sound great and they're not standard amp cab IRs, they're custom IRs... Since I don't know all the ins and outs of IRs and IR tweaking, these are great for me. I think they sound awesome and I also have Ownhammer IRs and love them too... just sayin'
  5. abaxe

    Expanding Shuriken Product line(?)

    I am because it looks great and based on videos I've seen about not only Shuriken but Variax guitars they seem really cool especially since I now have a Helix... It's not like I can try one out at Guitar Center... I've never even seen on in person... just sayin'
  6. abaxe

    2.53 Helix update

    So I went ahead and updated from 2.50 to 2.53. This may be a silly question but since the latest update appears to be only bug fixes. Is it necessary to do a restore on the Helix? I've exported my non-factory setlists but clicking "create backup" in HX Edit immediately closes out my HX Edit app... not sure why. (I've opened up a support ticket about this and yes it is the latest version of HX Edit). So assuming 2.53 doesn't have any new amp or effects models, there's no point in doing restore on the Helix, right?
  7. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    yes indeed
  8. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    cool thanks...
  9. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    Another question... if and when I get "create backup" to work in HX Edit, will this also back up my IRs? re-loading those one by one is a drag...lol thanks
  10. abaxe

    Mic input on Helix floor unit

    I was wondering about successful use of the mic input on the Helix. I haven't tried it yet but I will be buying a condenser mic and I know phantom power can be set up in global settings. However I've read that people have come across issues with this in the Helix. Is there a demo video or tutorial on this. When I try/test it I'll probably just use a template preset but I'll be using the Helix as my interface into Logic for recording... thanks
  11. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    Came to the realization just now that there is more than one "Just Startin'" in this thread... no big deal lol... but I did the reboot... all good. I haven't been messing with the factory presets of late. Just wondering what's new about them since the update?
  12. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    yes that does make sense... thanks
  13. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    So I went ahead and exported my setlists then updated to 2.50 firmware and it worked out fine. Interestingly enough I didn't have to import my setlists back after the update. Everything was still there but I have the new amp models and effects... legacy effects etc. Anyways thanks everybody for you input...
  14. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

  15. abaxe

    Update 2.50 Help!

    So still no luck. I'm wondering if there's another way to back up the Helix with out using 'create backup" in HX Edit(?) I was really looking forward to the new amp models and effects updates but I don't want to risk loosing my saved setlists and presets...