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  1. I've watched the Jason Sadites video comparing the two 2204 models and checked Helix help...maybe I missed it somewhere else but are there some more details around the pre frequency controls on the 2204 mod? I can kinda hear what it's doing but I also like to understand the purpose or way people are using it. Is it like a built in boost like a tube screamer in a way?
  2. Interesting. I'll have to try this..thanks
  3. I apologize if I missed it somewhere but is it possible to record your wet signal and dry DI signal when NOT using USB? I currently record via USB so I can record a DI track but I'm looking into an audio interface so I don't always have to turn the Helix on if I want to use my studio monitors, keyboard, etc. Would it be as easy as setting up the top path in the Helix with my sound and then setting up the bottom path with nothing on it and go out with both inputs into an audio interface?
  4. When I'm using stock cabs, I always use the Cali 4x12 and the 421 mic. Works best for me and my metal sound.
  5. @rager005 Any luck on your end? I've just found on my end that I was able to cut down a lot of the noise with having the HVAC off and also anything like a dishwasher, washer/dryer...anything really with a motor in it
  6. Thanks @HonestOpinion! This was very helpful!
  7. Yep same for me. Silent without guitar plugged in. Definitely seems to be something in the air being picked up as it changes when you move around, just haven't figured it out yet Definitely let me know if anything helps and I will do the same. The only hum blocker I tried so far was the EBTech Hum Eliminator but it unfortunately did not work.
  8. Is the noise there when your guitar is not plugged in? If it is only when the guitar is plugged in, I don't think a power conditioner is going to help. It hasnt helped me anyway and it sounds like we have very similar problems
  9. Sounds very similar to my problem. High gain, noise coming in after palm mutes or quick stops. Posted about it here except my examples are just the open sound and no playing. My issue seems to get much worse when the AC or Heat comes on. The only way I am finding to get around it so far is to put a hard gate between my boost pedal and the front of the amp. I'm just getting concerned I'm losing some toneor cutting off sustain at some point. Still trying to work it all out and find a perminent solution.
  10. I have been using the Input Gate for my high gain tones but I noticed that there is still some noise coming though and it does not clamp down quick enough. I started putting the hard gate after the Tube Screamer and it does the job really well. I just want to make sure I am setting the gates correctly. For some reason the whole open and close threshold is confusing for me. Which value should be higher than the other? Is it best to use a meter in a DAW to make sure I am setting the gate correctly and not choking off sustain or the beginning of the note? Typical Rhythm High Gain patch for me... Guitar > Tubescreamer > High Gain Amp > IR
  11. Thanks..not sure that will work for me here. Everything is quiet on my end until a guitar is plugged in and then the noise changes as the guitar moves and is pointed in different directions
  12. I have a Livewire PC1100 but maybe it just isn't cutting it.. Was it a buzz that happened without a guitar plugged in or was it a buzz that changed as you moved and turned your guitar around the room?
  13. It's the same with or without the USB connection.
  14. Got the Hum Eliminator HE-2 in the mail today... didn't help. Moving the equipment to the opposite side of the house seemed to help some. Really seems to just be an issue with the AC, heat or now noticing the washer and dryer are on. The guitars are really picking up some sort of interference in the air. I'm going to be trying at my buddies house this weekend where I have used before... I know it's something here at home though cause it was never an issue at his place.
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