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  1. I figured it out. I'm an idiot and did not see restore from backup and went looking for a bundle as that is usually how I backup my Helix. All's well now and Thanks again for you quick offer to help!!
  2. I'm using a MAC. Any suggestions and help appreciated. I have tried everything.
  3. Rod Price of Foghat fame loved the Model T and used them quite a bit. I borrowed a friend’s years ago to play at a gig(I play a lot of slide) and it sounded great but it had to be completely dimed to get that sound. Not usable in a venue at all. I’m looking forward to trying the model.
  4. Wallyg

    Musta Got Lost

    The problem is with Edit 2.92. My IR's are in my board but edit shows only IR 1024 or IR 2048 no matter what IR is in a patch. The board shows the correct IR. Edit is not reading the IR's correctly. I guess I'll go back to editing and creating on the board. Thanks !
  5. Wallyg

    Musta Got Lost

    Thanks for the quick response. I did that first.
  6. Wallyg

    Musta Got Lost

    I updated my Helix to 2.92 and all my IR's are messed up and/or unavailable.. Only 2 are available and they are in every patch where I had IR's. All my Ir's are listed but I can't pull them up. I'm sure I must of made an error. I've updated and used Line 6 gear forever and never had an issue. Any advice?
  7. Get the backpack. I travel quite a bit to shows and had a separate case for my Helix floor. Got the backpack and it’s great. At gigs where we have a back line or I just use the wedges and FOH, all I need is the backpack and my guitars. My wireless, slides, and other miscellaneous gear I need fit in the backpack. It’s makes it a one trip into the venue deal. You will not regret it.
  8. 2.80 had pedal issues I experienced firsthand. 2.81 resolved those issues for me so I would recommend making sure you are running 2.81.
  9. The new 2.81 update solved all my prior issues. My Helix is sounding great and behaving as I’ve programmed it to...! Thank You Line 6 for your hard work on the quick update!
  10. Thanks for the answers. I updated everything exactly as the instructions required. I’ve been using Line 6 gear since 2000 and never had an issue updating and going straight to a gig so I’m not that brave. I’ve done it many times. Anyway, I had everything rebuilt and working Monday night. Volume pedals and wahs back, volumes normalized, saved all changes and played with it switching around for about an hour. It worked great. I took it to another gig Tuesday night and the volume pedals and wahs were a mess, patch levels strange so I’m rolling back and waiting.Love all the new amps and FX. Thanks again.
  11. I’ve been out of town and haven’t kept up with the bugs that have come up. I upgraded and built some patches. Love the new amps but I got to my first gig and it was not good. Patch volume levels were everywhere, patches with IR’s especially, some so low you could not hear them. I had to disable my volume pedal settings on every patch and that helped. I then reset everything on my main patches and it worked great, saved the patch, and then when I came back to it, the wah and volume pedals didn’t work correctly or at all or were blended together. Is this a permanent issue or is it fixable? Everything is assigned correctly. Also, I run path 1 into path 2 on every patch and after the upgrade almost every path 2 input was set to none BUT the FX on that path still worked. Strange! Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Wallyg

    Grammatico Brt

    Going through the Factory 1 presets list trying each one after the update, I landed on the Grammatico Brt preset. I put the Heir Apparent in front of it and pushed the gain up to about 6.9. That was all I changed. My Helix was running into my Powercab set flat and I was playing my JTV 59 on the Lester model. Cranked up loud, it was a blistering singing crunchy Texas blues tone a la early ZZ Top. After a few minutes, I put on a slide and just WOW! I may have to pop it upon Customtone. I’m looking forward making some time to deep dive the other new models and update my other patches with the new OD models. Very happy with this update!
  13. On May 26 he wrote this on his FB page:
  14. I've used the Bose systems for certain venues for years, mainly the L1 Model II, and it always sounds fantastic(POD HD's and the Helix). I BYPASS the tone match and run 1/4" out direct into the analog input on the base with trim at 12:00. Use the volume knob on your Helix to set your room volume level. Which model L1 are you using - the compact, model I, or model II? I've used model I and II but not the compact. I usually run stereo into two bases so it sounds HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. Let me know.
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