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  1. perapera

    Hd500x Has The Midi Implementation Been Improved?

    please can you anyone confirm what bvaladez74 said, that the footswitch midi capability is only working when you are in FS5-8/pedalboard mode? To be clear does it mean that even the four UPPER footswitches don't send any midi data while in ABCD/preset mode? that would be weird (I'm buying an external midi controllable multifx to control it in ABCD mode from the pod with MIDI PC and MIDI CC so this info canmake me change idea!!) the manual says <<footswitches FS5 - FS8 will only transmit your configured MIDI assignments when their Setup option is set to the FS5 - FS8 “Pedalboard Modeâ€>> and this seems obvious since FS5-8 are in ABCD mode, but what about FS1-4? by the way this is a FULLY configurable foot controller for a smaller price: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/music-production/midi-controllers/mfc10/ maybe Helix will include something good from yamaha ;) thanks for any info Lorenzo
  2. perapera

    DEP List

    this could also be useful: http://line6.com/support/topic/12972-cab-dep-parameter-measurements/
  3. perapera

    Pod mutes Path B when changing patch

    hi this is a known bug it has to do with the edit software communication with the pod the workaround is: when this happens, after you send the correct patch to the pod you need to also save the patch on the pod itself (by pushing the save button 2 times)
  4. perapera

    Peavey 5150 amp tone + PodHD fx + Boss noise gate

    Hi, I don't own the ns-2 but I'd say this is how it should be done: gtr > ns2 in > ns2 send > pod in > "pre fx" > pod send > amp in > amp send > ns2 return > ns2 out > pod return > "post fx" > pod out > amp return wow... that's a 6-cable method ;) a LOT of cables! so I'd compare this to just putting a pod's internal noise gate after the fx loop return and see if it's worth it
  5. perapera

    Global EQ Frequency Response Plots

    I meant exactly what edstar1960 described over here... I also wonder how they managed to "optimize" the DSP usage to make the Global EQ compatible even with the most DSP-expensive patches... and I'd add only that a parametric eq fx block should be with 2 bands only to be DSP-friendly not holding my breath neither anyway ;)
  6. perapera

    Direct Input to GuitarPro6 from the HD500X

    this is what you're looking for http://www.sonuus.com/products_g2m.html guitar to midi notes converter only one note at a time though, no chords
  7. perapera

    Global EQ Frequency Response Plots

    great job pfsmith0 !! now, why can't we have an fx block identical to this eq?!? that would be savable per patch and movable along the signal chain, I mean even if with only 2 bands at a time but with Hz and dB's instead of % and without analog clipping simulation come on Line 6, put it in v.2.63 !!
  8. hey there hurghanico! and to pianoguyy: I did the blank setlist too, it's so good to start from scratch! :-)
  9. and the Variax setlist seems to be more useful than other setlists for non-owners of the variax too: http://line6.com/support/topic/13167-variax-setlist-patches-for-standard-guitars/
  10. perapera

    Pod Hd 500 - 500x *new* Routing Schematics

    and to Gazza if you only need a simple setup you don't need to know all aspects of the routing (it doesn't hurt of course, but you don't NEED to), just: - load an empty "new tone" patch - load an amp (leaving the amp block where it is) - IGNORE the A/B paths and the mixer - load the pre-effects before the amp - load the post-effects after the mixer yes, it's THAT easy :)
  11. perapera

    Pod Hd 500 - 500x *new* Routing Schematics

    hi darwan23 I'm the author of the first schematics in this thread, you did great with graphics, good job! I'm sorry to be so late but I'm not following this forum much I just have a pair of doubts/questions for you on the fx blocks you drew 1- which effects do you have in mind as "true stereo" as opposed to "Stereo THRU/Stereo Fx block"? I think this distinction does not exist ** 2- the "-6dB" involved in the mono summing into the effects is missing in your schematics, but I think it's very important to understand how the pod routing/gain-staging works ** what you call "Stereo THRU/Stereo Fx block" IS actually true stereo, but a stereo effect that does not provide a mix knob such as an equalizer for example is true stereo too; from your "true stereo" schematic it seems that these effects treat the left and right signals separately and generate two DIFFERENT STEREO signals and then mix them together: no effect that I'm aware does such a thing in the pod (only some evoved convolution reverb plugins actually do something like that). --- Another two things I feel I need to clarify on your schematics for people that are trying to learn from this thread: 3- the two big schematics (with and without "pre split" FX) are exactly the same, in fact I think darwan23 could get rid of the first one the difference resides in which kind of effect someone chooses to put before the split, if it's stereo it will leave A and B paths separated if it's mono or "mono fx / stereo thru" it will do what their schematics show 4- the continuous vs dotted lines to distinguish between mono and stereo signals could be confusing, in the sense that the dotted lines labelled L and R could also be representing two identical signals running in parallel which IS mono... it all depends on which effect you put where also the two inputs could carry two sides of a stereo signal so the continuous lines could refer to a stereo and not mono signal what I'm triying to say is that in darwan23's schematics there is no difference between what is drawn in continuous or in dotted fashion (it could be all continuous and work the same) as always, I'm just hoping to help bye Lorenzo
  12. perapera

    Pod Hd 500 - 500x *new* Routing Schematics

    yes it's the one in the first post of the thread
  13. perapera

    Stomp, Line, Amp, -10, +4dbv

    hi optimus_7 1) the problem of the level drop at the send is well known on this forum, I did many tests on my pod, please read here: http://line6.com/support/topic/2040-pod-hd-500-the-fx-loop-attenuates-the-signal-at-the-send-jack/ 2) sorry your assumptions are wrong, there is NO +4dBu nominal level input or output on the pod all the "line" are roughly at -10dBV and all the "amp" and "stomp" are at instrument level, while the XLR's are at a (actually hot) microphone level +4 is for studio-grade signal processors 3) also don't be fooled by labels, +4dBu, -10dBV, stomp, line, amp, instrument ... are the NOMINAL level labeling so a +4 OUTput sends a higher level than a -10 BUT a +4 INput (like the return jack) "waits for" a higher level so it's in fact attenuating the input signal (or, more rarely, the corresponding -10 INput is amplifying it) SO when you select "stomp" on the fx loop it's sending a lower level and boosting at the return when you select "line" it's boosting the send and attenuating the return this is the normal behaviour of any fx loop (even that of your amp) 4) "if I change the Unbalanced Out on the POD HD to LINE, my volume drops significantly and the gain doubles..." that's really weird, could it be power amp compression/distortion? the output switch should attenuate by roughly 12dB on the amp position which is intended to connect to an amp guitar input the line position should be right for an amp fx return the most "correct" starting point settings would be: pod fx loop to stomp, amp fx loop to -10, and pod output to line but experimentation and your ears are the guide