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Found 4 results

  1. I know the "right" answer for this is snapshots, but I don't want to use snapshots for this preset. I'm setting up a distortion block but want to add a clean blend to it, so I'm moving it to path B and using the Split and Mixer blocks that result on path A to blend in my clean sound. The thing is I don't really want it evenly blended, but rather slightly less of the clean sound compared to 0dB as defaults in the merge block. So I thought I could control the parameter for the A level in the merge block to be controlled by the same switch that engages the distortion block. I would think to accomplish this I set the control to the switch and then on the dirt block engage set the lower level and on the dirt block disengage the 0dB level. But assigning the merge block to the footswitch sets the levels to -60dB and +12dB when I click the switch back and forth. Definitely not what I would ever want. Can I set a min/max level on the merge mixer parameter I'm trying to control, since clearly it doesn't remember the levels I had it set at for the on/off states of the switch? This is the first time I've run into a parameter control issue on the Helix, and I know I could solve it with snapshots, but I want this to be a simple pedal on/off scenario. This whole issue could/should be fixed by adding a blend parameter to every effect on the unit (purity to the original effects controls be dammed).
  2. Onomatopoeia

    Merge block levels and panning law

    I've asked in the Facebook group and read some threads over here about the topic but some things about it still confuses me, so here we go again. Is there any panning law by default in the Helix while using Y splits or AB splits followed by a merge block? At what dB? Is the signal lowered att the split or at the merge block? I'm using a patch for my bass that has a y split in the beginning with some distortion blocks on path 1b, and no blocks on path 1a, followed by a merge block, some comp, mod and lastly a single amp block and a cab. I use this setup to "blend" the distortions with my clean bass tone before hiting the amp block. But something sounds "off" while doing this compared to just putting all the blocks on a single path. I do understand how panning does work and that merging two mono signals results in a boost of 3db, two stereo signals in a 6 db boost, etc. Allthough i compensate by cutting the output block of the merge block I still end up by a signal that sounds either slightly boosted or with to little gain hitting the amp block. The settup that seem to be working the best is to use a Y split with L+R hard panned to either side and then both panned center at the merge block + a -3db compensation at the merge blocks output gain. Even by doing this you can clearly hear a difference when moving fxs like a comp block before or after the split+merge. Am I missing something? I do not have the dist blocks in path 1b on all the time and I want my blocks to get the same amount of signal after the split/merge as if I wasn't usinging parallel paths. Is this even possible?
  3. RobEller

    Helix Split and Merge Blocks

    Hello, I am in need of help. I am a new Helix owner. I need to be able to merge path B (mic) after effects up to path A (guitar) just before the looper. I have been deeply covering the online manual for this (page 17) and it says how to MOVE a split or merge block, but not how to Create one... Once I learn how to do this, I also want to find out if I can change this with a snapshot so, I can choose when I'm looping to record guitar and vocals or just guitar. Any suggestions? ~Rob
  4. kepa37

    Midi out/thru question (merge?)

    Hey. I have a simple question i'd like to: connect for example a piano/keyboard with midi cable to pod hd500x midi IN then connect Pod's midi out/thru to pc with midi/usb interface then use pod hd switches to control ableton functions via midi, and at the same time control my vst virtual instrument with keyboard. so: is it possible to use pod as midi controller and send midi notes from piano to pc at the same time (with one usb/midi interface)? Sorry for my english (polish native) Thanks in advance Kacper