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  1. Wow.... This is fun. I'll see if I stay logged in for more than 16 hours now though. :laugh: :-) :'( emoticons no worky....
  2. I look through Customtone and I find countless acoustic sim patches, designed for variax or electric guitars to attempt to sound like an acoustic guitar. But if I want to run my acoustic into the Helix and into a clean amp or FOH, there are very few presets designed for an actual acoustic guitar. Do you have any favorites? Weeding through everything on customtone is.... numbing.
  3. Should I put "Update the forum software to the latest version" on Ideascale? LOL
  4. Is there any way I can extend the log in time on this forum? It's the only internet forum, or even including social media, that I regularly have to log in, like pretty much daily. It'll remember me for about a day. Is there a way to change this setting? I've poked around but didn't see anything in the obvious settings.
  5. OK, so based on this video I have personal preferences I would probably put on every amp, although it seems like if you don't dime a few of the main controls it doesn't matter all that much. For my own reference later: Sag 5 Hum 0 Ripple 0 (doesn't matter with hum at 0?) Bias 10 BiasX 10 Smooth and clear distortions when set this way? Emulate an old tired amp with ancient and well worn tubes: sag <5 hum <7 ripple <7 Bias >5 BiasX >5
  6. I wondered about that. I don't want my amp to "hum" - that's part of what makes modeled amps nice: you can take problematic parts of the sound away.
  7. I've read the manual but the descriptions don't really mean much to me. I adjust these settings and I don't ever really hear a difference - what am I missing? What do these actually change the sound like? Lots of discussion that have these terms on the forum, but I can't find anyone describing what these things do directly.
  8. So even if you're only using two cables to go through the amp FX loop, you're still saying that using Return 2 has less hum? That doesn't make any logical sense. Weird!
  9. You probably aren't going to do that anyway. But that said. No reason to use Return 2. Just use Return 1. I would personally set all ouputs to instrument level first, and only jump up to line level if you think it is needed. I think most amps expect instrument level. Otherwise this looks good to me. If you want effects in the loop, my suggestion is to set the Path 1 output to Send 1, set the Path 2 input to Return 1, and then Path 2 output to 1/4". Then anything in Path 1 goes into the front of the amp, anything in Path 2 goes in the effects loop. Add no effects at first and compare the sound/volume of this setup to running just Guitar into Amp directly with no Helix, and no cables in the FX Loop of the amp. Just to make sure your basic level is the same. I am running a very similar setup right now.
  10. So if I understand correctly, under no set of settings will the volume knob affect the Send jacks in any way. Those are sent at.... unity? whatever that happens to be? Side question then, is volume knob maxed the 0db level for the assigned output level (mic or line) or is that 0db going to be somewhere halfway down the turn of the knob?
  11. So I'm running the Helix in a 4 cable method to my amp. Send into the amp input, then amp send into the Helix return, then final 1/4" output to the return jack of the amp. My question is, what is the big volume knob primarily affecting here? Is it affecting the output signals from the 1/4" output jack mostly or the Send jack or both equally?
  12. I would think if you're bouncing back and forth between snapshots as in your second scenario, manually triggering the snapshot changes from an appropriate screen (like, set up 4 stomp 4 snapshot mode) would make more sense. But otherwise I understand it the way you do. Great little feature. A bit like the "Step" feature in my T.C. Helicon Voicelive3. This update looks DOPE.
  13. Fuzz pedals always sound best at the front of the signal chain with a cable. At least, that's what I think sounds best. Taste is personal and all that. That said, unless the fuzz is weird and has a buffer at the front, it'll sound very different through a wireless interface or after the Helix (or in one of the Helix FX loops if applicable to your setup). There's no getting around the fact that they'll sound different. Not "bad" although I don't think they sound as good. You're probably better off finding some of the fuzz sounds in the Helix itself and really doing a lot of tweaking to get it to sound right. Wireless into the Helix won't make a difference I don't think. As for Helix input impedance? I know on the Floor you can adjust this, although I always set it to auto. Not sure about the FX. I would RTFM and check out what it says about input blocks and global settings to start.
  14. I own the 2412 and the 2411, but I don't keep my Helix in either, I use it for other gear. I use the Helix backpack because it came with my Helix in a bundle for free. They're both pretty solid bags. Neither of them are as robust as the official backpack, in terms of thickness of material or whatever. The 2412 is actually oversized inside the main cavity for the Helix though, it'll jiggle around in there a little bit. More than the 2411 would. And yes the 2412 is more substantial than the 2411 by a fair margin. It's definitely lighter and more compact than the Helix backpack. That thing is a beast. Unless you are really concerned about the size thing, I'd suggest the backpack for a Helix specific case over the Gator, considering how actually close they are in price. I haven't had issues with the backpack falling apart, but I largely haven't put it through its paces like some others probably have. I would probably defer to what theElevators said above. The hard case option he linked seems like a solid suggestion. If you want light and cheap, go light and cheap. If you need touring protection, get a really solid hard case.
  15. OK, so it turned out that I did have the 1/4" out to Line, but honestly that doesn't change much. Just changes where I have to set the BIG volume knob. I thought maybe setting the Send/Return to line instead of instrument would change things but it literally made no difference at all when I made those changes. I also tried using Send3 instead of the 1/4" out for the preset and that also didn't matter at all. Your preset was actually way too loud. Only one volume block at +12dB was required for me to balance the regular amp. Still wild that you need to do that though. Guess that's just the way the models are done. I don't have an issue with them when I use a cab block, as those tend to add a LOT of gain/volume to the overall sound output (when going to an FRFR setup with XLR cables this is what I have done).
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