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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, Just got my Helix and after a search of the threads I couldn't find any info on this case the Gator GT 2412. I've seen a few people have got the 2411 and seem quite happy with it. Has anyone tried the GT2412. It's more expensive but looks that bit sturdier while still being a bit cheaper than the Helix bag. Plus it looks smaller form factor which is important to me. Would be interested if anyone has tried it. The other option for me is this I live in Japan so could only find an Amazon Japan link. I'm always worried about dropping the hard case and the lack of padding transfering the impact to the device. Is that rubbish? I know the soft case won't protect it from bangs and bumps as much but would it be better in case it slips out of hand and drops a meter onto a hard floor? Also that hard case is 65mm + 20mm = 85mm. The LT is 92mm. I'm guessing that 7mm wouldn't be a problem but wandering if anyone else had experience of that snug of a fit height wise! Cheers for any help! :-)
  2. If you're in need of a decent Helix gig bag, and you're in the UK, this is a link to Flightcase Warehouse, who have a case I bought a while ago now, and have gigged and rehearsed with, and found to be a credible and robust (but not too heavy) padded, semi-rigid, wheeled, Helix gigbag...........for a TENNER. I get my Helix floor in it, with cables, in ears, and other bit's n bob's, easy. I am now Mr 'One Trip From The Car' :-) With the high prices you can pay for a decent Helix case, I've found this to be a real bargain so thought I'd share (I have no affiliation with the company). Not sure they've cottoned on to them being Helix sized as they get referred to as a Mixer says 36 left as at time of posting this.
  3. Hi, I have gotten the Helix floor unit and love it. It has replaced a lot of analog and heavy gear. I got the official backpack and it is great quality. My problem is that it is a bit heavy and gives me back pain. I want to find a luggage/baggage with wheels so I can roll it around. Not looking for a hard case with wheels, but like a bag you take when going on vacation in a plane. Not sure if I got the name of it right. Something like this type: Has anyone found one that would fit the Helix unit? I was looking online and there is no easy way to find one that has the right measures. Was also considering if it should be slightly larger inside than the helix, so I could add some padding. I am thinking something lightweight with wheels that is slightly larger than the helix where I can add some padding. Anyone tried something like this?
  4. I'm trying to find a good case for my FBV Express MkII. While the Line6 shop does offer a lot of cases, there's nothing for this pedal unit in particular. (And frustratingly, none of the other cases list dimensions in the item info. So I'm not sure which one could be a good fit.) Does anyone have a good case for their unit, either from Line6 or someplace else? Or know where to look? I don't just want to haul it around in the cardboard box it came in.
  5. So we are starting to receive our units and I was wondering what everyone was going to use as far as a carrying case? Anyone know of any cases specifically for the helix?
  6. Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I'm receiving a Helix soon, and was looking at alternatives to the Helix Backpack. I am quite interested in this: I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this case, especially on how well it fits the Helix? Thanks.
  7. I'm putting together a road case for my Helix. I intend to be taking it on tour at the end of the year, and the soft-sided bags will not cut it in the equipment truck. I bought a pedalboard case, and just so happens that the shipping foam inserts that come originally with the Helix fit perfectly inside. Upon experimenting with padding with extra pieces of acoustic foam, I noted the foam was generating some static electricity and took it out. Is the static something I should be concerned about with the Helix, seeing as it is a computer? Any recommendations for "safer" foam to pack with? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, Had a bit of a look on the 'show us your Helix rigs' and so forth to see what kinda pedalboards you guys are using.. Any specific recommendations? Yes, of course, it's very preferential etc, however I guess I'm kinda looking for something that the Helix can sit in, where I can just remove the lid and away I go. The Pedal Pad boards seem decent.. anything else out there?!/PHAT-III-Hinged-Pedal-Surface-w-accessible-compartment/p/27578297/category=6472051 With my Axe FX setup, I ended up getting a custom-built pedalboard which I want to avoid if possible, so I'm just trying to gauge what people out there recommend, as well as what they're using.. Cheers guys!! George
  9. Hey all, Looking for a hard shell or flight case for my HD500. Any suggestions? Best, JM
  10. Will there be a road case available at launch? Is there a way to pre-order it? I would like to have a nice case for it when I get it so maybe now would be a good time to find out about it. I saw a post before where someone said "this one should work" but I want one that is made specifically for the Helix
  11. I replaced my Relay G55 with a Relay G75. The G55 was in a 1/2 rack soft case which worked great. The G75 is an odd sized amp-top design, not sure why it wasn’t also designed as a 1/2 rack, but any protection case ideas? Is Line6 planning on releasing a case for the G75
  12. New here and been searching the threads for bag or case solution for my 500x. I added an extra mission exp pedal and use a poly tune pedal also. I'm wondering if anyone has an suggestions for either a soft bag to pack up my gear or a hard case to just open up and use on stage? I know that's 2 questions in one but hoping someone can sway me one way or another. Thanks!
  13. Does HD500 and HD500X have same dimension where I can get a soft case for it??
  14. Q: Where can I get a carrying case, cover, or road case for my Line 6 product? A: Many carrying cases and accessories can be purchased directly from the Line 6 Store. If the Line 6 store does not carry the cover or carrying case you are looking for, please see the following links for more covers: Amplifier And Speaker Cabinet Covers: Custom Amp Covers Tuki Covers Road Cases: A&S Cases
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