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  1. I have a post up already about transferring SysEx files to/from my M13 but this is specifically about getting a CLEAN dump from the M13. I now know for sure that when I have a good, clean 16 messages of 157 bytes each, that I can successfully load that scene onto the M13. However, if I then do a dump of that same scene back to either my PC or MacBook Pro, that extra bytes are added the files gets corrupted. How can I ensure that when I transfer SysEx MIDI files as a manual dump that it is CLEAN? Has anybody had this same issue?
  2. hello, I would like to know if anyone has had good or bad experiences using the Jackson Audio via MIDI together with the HX STOMP. I would use them controlling with the Morning Star MC3 but, I have been told that there is some latency with the use of the switch on those pedals.
  3. Hi, I'm enjoying the LT very much. Thought I would share my MIDI control mapping for the Helix LT now that version 3.15 includes control of the encoders. Hope it's helpful! Nick Helix LT CC Mapping (For version 3.15).pdf
  4. I am wondering if I can midi synch with the M5 Stompbox Modeler? I want to use the delay but rather than tapping the tempo, or using the tempo adjust, i want to have the stompbox automatically synch with my Boss RC-50 loop pedal. I know for a fact you can do this with Strymon Big Sky Reverb for instance. Has anyone tried this? Thanks
  5. dear community, I would urgently need instructions on how to switch the channels on my Marshall JVM 410 using individual presets of the HX Effects. Thank you in advance ;)
  6. Hi I have a problem with my Line 6 POD HD500X. I can’t use POD to changing preset on Neural DSP. I have a MacBook Air and use USB- MIDI interface Cable converter to connecting POD to computer. This is my settings: POD Gereral settings Midi chanel 1 Midi out/thru Preset settings Midi chanel 01 Message CC CC#001 Value 000 Neural DSP settings Type CC Preset Channel 1 CC #1 Please help me...
  7. Help with Midi question please. I'm looking for a Midi Solution to assigning my Midi Controller to emulate FS4 / FS5 for preset switching and scrolling without using the CC52/53 emulate change controls. I have a Mission expression pedal plugged into EXP 1/2 and this uses FS5 to switch between EXP1 and 2. I am looking for different control change or method to handle what FS4 / FS5 does from my MC6 Midi Controller and not use CC52/53. I think it can be done since I had a Jet HX 3.0 controller that had this preprogrammed and allowed me to use the expression pedal as mentioned above. I do not know how they programmed it however... Thanks.
  8. Hi, not quite sure where to put this, however, I though it was worth sharing. I am close to finishing a DIY controller for my HX stomp based on an Arduino nano. Building it is easy with some drilling and soldering skills, changing Midi commands (and sequences) according to your preferences is easy. It cant do all the things a morningstar MC6 can do, but it comes with a 4-line Display and 6 switches, so it may look similar. All you need is a Hammond 1590xx enclosure, an Arduino Nano, an LCD display, a midi Jack, a DC power jack, 6 momentary switches, and a few resistors. It's actually so simple, I am thinking of not even making a Circuit board for it. Overall costs will be around 50 €. I would provide the software for free, once it's done. If you would like to donate what it's worth for you, I would be thankful ;-) Here is a picture of two Banks that are already working: What it can do: Button Action: Single Press, Long Press Toggle Values of Blocks via Midi CC ("Toggle Solo Boost" in my example) Activate/Deactivate Blocks via Midi CC Change Presets (via Midi PC) Activate/deactivate the Tuner Change Snapshots Change the Footswitch Mode on the HX Stomp (Snapshot Mode, Preset Scroll mode, Preset mode, Stomp Mode) Downsides: No webinterface - to change midi, you will have to change the arduino code (it's actually easier than it sounds) No Midi in, so it's a one-way-street from the controller to the HX or Helix or whatever device you are using Anybody interested? And here is a preview of the enclosure (based on am Hammond 1590xx)
  9. I have been trying to control an SY-200 with my HX effects and getting some strange results. I'm running my HX effects with the 4CM, connected to a MESA JP-2C and the SY-200. The SY-200 is in the effects loop 2 of the HX effects and I'm controlling the JP-2C and SY-200 using midi program changes on the HX. The JP-2C is set to MIDI channel 1 and the SY-200to midi channel 2. First off, in one SNAPSHOT I wanted to select program 65 on the SY-200 but found I had to send program 64 on the HX to do this. Sending program 65 from the HX selected program 66 on the SY-200. Strange! To try to solve this, on the other instances in each SNAPSHOT used to select the channel on the JP-2C, I changed from using the base channel (set to channel 1 by default, the channel used by the JP-2C) to using channel 1. But now everytime I choose a SNAPSHOT which sends program change 1 on channel 1 to the JP-2C, the SY-200 changes to program 1, even though it's set to listen to midi channel 1 only. Any ideas how I can solve these problems?
  10. Captain-D

    Faves on Helix

    HI! I have a faves of chase bliss audio Do you think I can do something with the HX effects via MIDI? I think it could be interesting
  11. Hi there, everyone. I hope you all are healthy and had a good winter holiday and a smooth transition into 2022 ! I recently bought a HX Stomp. I use footswitch number 3 as Stomp 3 (set up in "Global settings") so footswitch 3 doesn't do tap tempo or access the tuner. For some presets I'd like to have footswitch 3 work as tap tempo for the delay time. I set up my delay time to 1/1 notes. In the Command center I set footswitch 3 to send MIDI CC , set the CC# to 64 and the value to 127. Still the delay time doesn't react to the tap tempo. If someone could tell me what I'm missing/doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Regards, Tobias
  12. Hey gang, I usually use my pro hd in my recording rack... but I have a live gig coming up, so I through the pod into my live rig rack, and realized I have no way of switching my user presets without the computer in front of me.. I have a Roland FC-300 midi footcontroller, which I hooked up to the POD HD... but the patches default to the "Best of HD setlist" and even when I load the setlist manually on the unit, the second I hit the 1st pedal on the controller, it switches all the way back to the "Best of HD" setlist patch 1... Anyone have any experience or theories on how to get around this? I literally only need 2 channels to switch between, or be able to controll the effects So I can have 1 standard rythm with distortion, and an another that's the same but boosted, with delay and verb for lead guitar.. Thanks in advance!
  13. This is a project I've been messing around with. It lets you really open up the possibilities of your FBV3 and /or FBV shortboard MkII. It allows for full color functionality of FBV3 as well. It requires some basic know-how with an Arduino at present, though with very little effort on Line 6's part, that may not be necessary in the future. Check it out: https://github.com/kquann/FBV_MIDI
  14. Hi folks. New Helix LT user here. I am having an issue with Command Center specifically configuring midi note on messages, to control the looping functions of my Elektron Octatrack. I have setup 2 switches in Command Center, both momentary. The first sends midi note 62 (D4), the second sends midi note 64(E4). It works, but for some reason one or both switches keep reverting back to midi note C1. I keep recreating the patch, saving it, but it keeps happening. Any ideas? Very frustrating, as if it would just retain my configured notes, it would work perfectly. The only thing I am not sure of is the capacative touch switches. Is it possible that I am touching the switch and moving the expression pedal to a value of zero and this is changing the setting? I have tried to recreate this scenario and can't. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello, I have an AxSys 212. It has gotten relatively little use. The foot switches never lasted long and that is a major frustration. I am looking at $80 or so to replace them all and perhaps purchase extras on top of that. The one supplier that Line 6 provided perpetually shows the switches out of stock as well. I purchased every spring available from a spring supplier. After excessive experimentation it seems that only the exact spring used will work as a replacement. I am not cheap in fact I will cut whatever check it takes to make something happen right. But for this poorly designed switch it seems like any money spent is good money chasing a bad result. I am not at all familiar with midi. I would like to know if I can hook up a Windows PC or even an iPhone to the amp. Truly I just need to easily switch through the presets with a controller remote to the amp. I gather from some of the other posts that a USB to midi cable is a fairly generic cable but that communication might require something like the custom software patch that is floating around here. I guess if that has forward compatibility to any cheap say Win 10 laptop or tablet, I would consider that. I figure (correct all of my assumptions) that I could have an amp builder create a controller and that would probably cost similar to the Floorboard, several hundred dollars. Between that and purchasing two of Boss's latest effects, the controller again would be a poor value to me. It would kill me to sell this amp off for its current paltry values. I would kill me to throw something a great, highly usable amp into a landfill. It also kills me recalling the handful of gigs I had throughout the years where I nearly put my foot through the floor but could not get the channel to switch. Thank you for your advice and opinions. I am a technical professional so I understand tech personalities and you will never hurt my feelings. Lay the whole world of truth and opinions on me, that is what I am here for. I greatly appreciate it.
  16. How to control and change Helix presets to sync with lyrics/songsheets on iPad by using OnSong. My Need: I wanted my guitar and vocal effects preset on the Helix to change depending on the song currently displayed on my iPad. So, Song 1 on my iPad would have a preset attached to it and when I flipped to Song 2 on my iPad, the preset would change on my Helix automatically. My Setup: I have an iPad with the OnSong app, Helix Floor and a iRig BlueTurn bluetooth page flipper pedal I have my iPad directly connected to the Helix via USB (and usb to lightning adapter). The only thing you need to make sure of is that, in the OnSong Settings, you have MIDI enabled. On the Helix make note of the MIDI Channel your Helix is assigned to (this can be assigned to any number) and that your Helix is sending MIDI through USB in the Global Settings panel The Solution: HELIX SETUP: 1. Go to your Preset List page (push down on Preset knob) and select the preset you want to sync to OnSong 2. Take note of the MIDI info. There should be 3 groups of numbers. For my example, Semi-Charmed Life's group of numbers read CC32: 003 | PC: 045 | CC69: 000 3. CC32 is the Control Channel number. 003 is the bank or folder in that Control Channel (which is labeled 4 FD in my Preset List). 4. PC: 045 is the Program change number, or in my case, the song Preset number. 5. Basically, those numbers mean that Semi-Charmed Life is located in Control Channel 32 in Folder 3 as preset 45. 6. All of these settings are distributed through MIDI Channel 5; which was established earlier in the My Setup section. **TAKE NOTE of the above parameters as you will be referencing those in the MIDI setup in OnSong** ONSONG SETUP: 1. Go to the song you want to sync in your Onsong app. For Reference, mine is Semi-Charmed Life 2. Press and hold on the Title of the song until the MIDI panel pops up 3. Add a MIDI command by clicking on the + icon in the bottom right of the popup 4. Hit the + icon and under TYPE, select Program. Under CHANNEL, select 5. Under the PROGRAM section below, select the preset number (which is 45 in my example). In the Bank section, we will leave Bank MSB alone and just change the Bank LSB to 3 (which is the bank/folder number my preset is located in Click DONE. Set up those parameters for a couple songs and flip through your songs on your OnSong App. The corresponding Helix preset should change along with it. Once you get the hang of the settings, adding multiple songs becomes quite effortless. THAT'S IT!
  17. Hey all, I'm relatively new to MIDI and wanted to share some settings and menu dives that I've encountered in my research that got Helix Rack and the Hologram Electronics Microcosm talking to one another seamlessly and behaving the way that I intend it too. Looking over the internet, it's pretty easy to find direction on how to get everything set up but there isn't anything Helix Rack/Microcosm specific so I thought it would be handy to have all the information I've uncovered in one place to save on time for other Helix/Microcosm users. While this may be intuitive for more seasoned MIDI users, this took a moment for me to wrap my mind around. I'm by no means a MIDI expert and am only scratching the surface here. YMMV and if anyone wants to plug any holes, correct any mistakes and expand; I'm game.. You'll want a copy of your user manual for both Helix Rack and Microcosm. User Manuals Helix Rack: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f63bf5fb6a4a7df95a/application/pdf/Helix Rack and Control 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf Hologram Electronics Microcosm: https://b82316c2-7eca-4286-9569-a4da8097c930.filesusr.com/ugd/74428b_c4e6e20555914198bdb59c12f9a9e4d4.pdf What I found easier for me is, rather than using HX Edit on a computer connected to Rack, use the Human Machine Interface (HMI, ie the front panel of Helix Rack) to navigate all the settings and save when you are finished. Let's dive right in. Connections I/O: The first thing you'll want to do is fairly obvious. Get everything hooked up. For my purposes I use 5 Pin MIDI Cable going directly from my audio interface to Helix Rack's MIDI input. I then connect another 5 Pin MIDI cable from Helix Rack's Out/Thru to the MIDI input on Microcosm. My understanding is that you can also accomplish some of these connections via USB but I've not explored these settings or connections. Beyond that I have Microcosm's audio routed into one of the effects loops on Helix Rack and have been experimenting with wet/dry (etc) signal flows. Global Settings: The first thing I wanted to do was be able to control tempo on Helix Rack via Ableton and then send that MIDI clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack. The thinking is that while recording, I'll be using a click and can have delays and other time based effects both internally on Rack as well as the delays and loops on Microcosm sync to click. This will also help when my guitarist (also a Rack user) is using delays or other time based effects and we will be more in lockstep with one another. Everything is slaved off of one master MIDI Clock. The hope is that this will have utility further down the road as we will be using Ableton to control clicks, backing tracks and samples for live performances. These settings are relatively straight forward. To control Helix Rack via an external Midi Clock, you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and set "Receive MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". This allows Helix Rack to sense the click coming from the DAW (you'll have to play with the MIDI sync settings in whatever DAW you use to get Helix Rack and the DAW to "see" one another). You will know when Helix Rack syncs with an external clock as the Tap Tempo Switch on your Helix Foot Controller (if available) will switch from Red to Blue. My experiences is that Helix Rack only receives the clock from Ableton when you select Play or Record in Session or Arrangement mode of Ableton. To Send MIDI Clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and change "Send MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". "When [Microcosm] receives a MIDI Start Message, the pedal [Microcosm] will switch from its internal clock to the external clock signal. Upon receiving a MIDI Stop message, the pedal [Microcosm] will revert back to its internal clock" (Microcosm User Manual .pdf, p. 21 or p. 41 of the physical manual). My experience is that if you aren't syncing Helix Rack from an external clock such as a DAW, Microcosm will still Clock sync with Helix Rack via Tap Tempo (controlled either on the HMI or on the Foot Controller) provided you have "MIDI" selected on the "Send MIDI Clock" setting. While you are in Global Settings you will want to make a crucial change. This was the biggest bottleneck I was running into when setting up MIDI to behave in the way I intended it too. Helix Rack has a default set of Program Change messages that it sends upon preset selection and in order to defeat this default you will want to set "MIDI PC Send" to "Off" (on page two of "MIDI/Tempo" settings if memory serves). Doing this will allow you to customize; within Command Center, which Program Change messages you want to send without interference from Helix Rack's default PC messages. Big Ups to forum user rd2rk for cluing me into this setting here: https://line6.com/support/topic/52777-helix-program-change-midi-out/ Command Center Settings: The other behavior I wanted to effect was selecting which of 44 presets Microcosm loads when I load different presets in Helix Rack. Hologram Electronics conveniently includes a list of Control Change and Program Change messages in Microcosm's user manual. To change presets we will be interested in Program Change (PC) messages which you will find on page 21 of Microcosm's .pdf manual or on page 40 of the physical manual. We will use Helix Command Center to assign which PC messages we want to send upon Preset or Snapshot Selection. On Helix Rack; from the preset you wish to assign MIDI messages to, navigate Menu > Command Center. This will bring up a display of Lightning Bolts, footswitches, knobs and expression pedals. Select one of the Lightning Bolts as this will be your "Instant" location. From here change "Command" to "Bank/Program" and on "Program" select the numerical value you want Helix to send to Microcosm. My experience is that Helix Rack sends PC messages starting at the value of Zero while Microcosm receives commands starting at a value of One, so you will want to send a value from Helix that is one subtracted from the PC value listed in Microcosm's manual. For instance, if you wished for the Microcosm preset, "Mosaic C" to load when selecting a Helix preset you'll have to assign a preset value of 22 even though the manual lists 23 as the program change value for "Mosaic C". Essentially you are fooling Microcosm into thinking that Zero is One, One is Two, so on and so forth. I discovered this on this HX Effects user's Youtube Video here. The user goes over it at around the 2:12 Mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUZN5hl8QPo&t=202s My experience is that you have to change these values in Command Center for each of your Snapshots as well although there may be a way of not having to do this (in other words the Helix preset selects the Microcosm preset that's consistent for each Snapshot automatically) that I have yet to uncover. The utility of this is using Snapshots to select different Microcosm presets within a Helix preset. Make sure to Save your presets frequently. I find it helpful to save after every little change I make. Bonus points for figuring out how to assign CC messages to control certain parameters on Microcosm such as "Mix" and "Activity" via Expression Pedals. You can assign CC and PC commands to control Microcosm's parameters to the Foot Controller's footswitches within Command Center but this hasn't proved useful to me just yet. This process is way more straight forward and has been covered ad nauseam on YouTube, at least with other MIDI capable devices. This is by no means exhaustive, I just wish this information was a little more easily searchable for Microcosm specific questions. No doubt this can apply to other MIDI Capable pedals and devices. Learning how to program and use Helix Rack as a MIDI controller in addition to controlling Helix Rack with external MIDI is a total game changer for me. Hopefully someone out there finds this scratching at the surface useful.
  18. Okay, I'm gonna take the plunge, and this weekend will sever the umbilical cord, i.e. L6 Link. I have an HD 500, a DT25, a PC with no MIDI connector, and a Tascam US-800 Digital Audio Interface with MIDI connectors that I used for the firmware update. I want to use DT edit instead of my HD500, but I don't know how to send the commands. Is this something that will be obvious once I begin? To be clear, I am able to connect my amp to my computer via the US-800, but I don't know if this connection will serve my new intended purpose. Also, is there any way to control the amp via my HD500 using the MIDI connectors rather than the L6 Link? I haven't heard that this is possible... Thanks!
  19. Hey, I've just dug my old PODxt out of a closet and am having a blast getting to know it again! Looking at the manuals, I see there have been a lot of flash memory updates, and that my model isn't capable of being updated via USB. So two questions: 1. I see reference to a USB/MIDI cable that I can use to update old PODxt flash memory via Line6 Monkey. Is this a very specific cable? Or will any MIDI interface work, in theory? 2. Is flash v3 so great that its worth going through the trouble? Or, if I'm jammin on version 1, should I leave well enough alone?
  20. Hi All, First time poster here so please be gentle. I'm also going to get in early and apologise for the bad forum etiquette of two topics in one post but until i receive an approved post this is the only one i get today. I have just received my Helix and been working through it to put together a configuration that works for me. currently i'm using snap/stomp and using 'mode' to see 8 stomps at once. pressing preset up/down together to see 8 snapshots. Briefly, I am planning on running the Helix as my single user interface to control : - Internal Helix effects, - Effects loop pedals, - A separate dB11 effects loop extender (midi controlled) - Bias FX on iPad (midi through usb) - Onsong on iPad (midi through usb) So my first question is, Is there any way to 'bank' through stomps within a preset? As it is possible to load many more than 10 stomps in a single preset, i was hoping there might be a way to cycle through pages of these using the FS1 and FS7 but i can't find it. The second question is a little more convoluted. I have midi commands set up through command centre to trigger from FS8-11 and named these (being careful to remove all other assignments from these FS) and that works great to control Onsong through usb midi (previous/next song, scroll up/down). What has thrown me is that if i press 'Preset up and down' together to display snapshots on all 8 FS, i find that the midi commands in FS8-11 are still triggered as i select a snapshot from that row. I was hoping that the snapshot would suspend the momentary midi program change commands under these 4 switches and then re-enable them for use once the snapshot is selected. Has anyone else come up against this and found a solution?
  21. I'm having a tough time getting my TC-50 head to respond to my Helix LT for amp control via MIDI. This is my first time attempting to use MIDI. I'm connected to the amp via 4cm, with the MIDI connected from the out on the helix to the in on the amp. I'm running the helix in snapshot mode. What I'm specifically trying to achieve is channel changes on the amp, along with standard effect/parameter changes in helix. Example: Footswitch 1: CLEAN on TC-50 with Helix reverb + delay Footswitch 2: LO on TC-50 with Helix overdrive + reverb Amps midi CC numbers/values for channels: CLEAN = CC 20 w/ value 64 - 127 LO = CC 21 w/ value 64 - 127 HI = CC 22 w/ value 64 - 127 Things to note. The amp also responds to midi program changes - I've noticed that if I scroll through the presets menu that my amp changes channels with varying features coming on and off. So for some reason helix is sending program changes when loading a preset. If I could isolate that function to snapshots I would also be happy, as I could use the amp's solo/reverb/fx loop options as well instead of just singular purpose CC messages. Any help much appreciated.
  22. All right guys, There are a couple of pictures and diagrams floating around that show the Helix connected via MIDI to a keyboard. Just because I'm the kind of guy who has to test the limits of things, could you actually fudge a working keyboard/synth sound with the Helix? Obviously you'd be able to use the keyboard to have a bunch of MIDI presets on recall real quickly (one per key on the keyboard), which is helpful. But how far down that rabbit hole could you go? Could I lean over mid-set and whip out some mad synth lines? Because, at least the way I see things, any chance I have to not travel with a keys player is a chance worth taking :P
  23. My setup : Computer sends program change to a master footswitcher (Decibel 11- Switch Dr). Then the Switch Dr sends program changes to a HX effects and another unit (TC nova drive). When I hit a preset on the Switch Dr, everything work perfectly. Hx changes to the right patch. But, if the Switcher receives a program change from the computer, then, everything still react accordingly except the Helix that now switch to the wrong patch. Now, I had a M13 in my original setup and everything was fine. Once I've upgraded from a M13 to a HX effects, I can't use a computer to change programs. I did numerous shows with that setup and the only difference is the HX effects. Any idea?
  24. Is it possible for me to control the snapshots on the Hx stomp via midi from the Hx effects? For example, If im on preset 1a snapshot 1 for both the stomp and FX, if i were to switch to snapshot 2 on the FX is there a way to get the HX Stomp to go to snapshot 2 as well with just the one click of the FX?
  25. Hello, I didn't got replies from the DTedit author, so I post the link to the OSX version I've compiled today of his brilliant software. Some tweaking was necessary, so we must give a try and return some feedback. On my systems, win and mac, dtedit was not working. I've added a sysex identifying request after any Control Change message sent, and this works for me. I will try to compile the same code for Win32 very soon. Let me know! Flavio Ronco Torino, Italy. Download DTeditOSX.dmg file size: 22 MB ::UPDATE: I've updated the package, there was a wrong set of library files included. Please re-download it and give a try.
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