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  1. Is it not possible to set a patch that sends out a specific midi signal when it is selected? I'd like to be able to move tones around my set list depending on what I need for any particular gig. Am I right in thinking that as default 1-64 are assigned to the 64 preset switch positions rather than the patch itself? Hope that makes sense.
  2. I cannot seem to get the dl4 mkii to respond to the midi notes listed in the users guide when I send them from my morningstar mc6 pro. I found another user asking about the same thing on the morningstar site with no resolve posted as of yet. I have tried moving the octave to every possibly position and cannot get the looper to respond to any of the commands on any note. I am hoping to get this to work, because it simplifies the looper control from the mc6 side. If I end up having to go the cc# route it will take more switches. Any one got it to work using the midi notes they defined in the guide? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am developing an app to control my HX Stomp on my tablet (android) There's any documentation regarding the protocol used by hx edit to for example: download/restore a backup/setlist upload an ir file get the parameters and informations? Is any of this accessible via midi? (maybe with a syshex message?) In another thread a Line6 developer was talking about the fbv protocol... If anyone wants to help also... Cheers, Nick
  4. Is anyone here pretty experienced with automating preset and snapshot changes inside Logic Pro X? I’m having an issue with automating the changes to while sending hotkey messages to control Logic. Curious if my problem is in command center or in the setup of the midi track within Logic. Hotkeys work perfectly until I start to automate patch / snapshot changes. As soon as I add the automation track, the hotkeys glitch out. I've also used MIDI notes instead of hotkeys and still encounter the same issue. So, for example. I’ve got hotkeys set up for play, stop, cycle, next marker, and previous marker. Momentary switches. Works perfectly without issue. Then I add the automation track. When I hit the play button on the Helix, the button acts like a latching button and causes the whole project to glitch out. Only way to fix it is to turn off the Helix and restart Logic. Hopefully I’ve explained this in a semi-understandable way haha thanks in advance for any advice on how to fix this!
  5. Hi by using protools with another software mutools in the same computer i can use all rtas vst tdm plugins in realtime with a very few latency of 64 samples. just see the video demo here where i use protools with mutools and another video demo where i use amp farm 2 rtas on bass and guitar with protools and cubase. thanks for your reply i will be happy to share with you how to make it wotk in your configuration. best regards weesch
  6. I'm quite new to using switchers So at the moment, I've got a HX Stomp XL, a wah pedal and the Boss ES-5. I want to use the ES-5 to switch pedals on and off in the stomp as well as the external wah pedal and also change patches. Could someone explain to me how I could do this? I've connected the wah into one loop of the ES 5 and connected the HX Stomp with MIDI cables to the ES 5 - not sure if this is correct?
  7. Hello, I didn't got replies from the DTedit author, so I post the link to the OSX version I've compiled today of his brilliant software. Some tweaking was necessary, so we must give a try and return some feedback. On my systems, win and mac, dtedit was not working. I've added a sysex identifying request after any Control Change message sent, and this works for me. I will try to compile the same code for Win32 very soon. Let me know! Flavio Ronco Torino, Italy. Download DTeditOSX.dmg file size: 22 MB ::UPDATE: I've updated the package, there was a wrong set of library files included. Please re-download it and give a try.
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to setup cubase so that it changes snapshots? I tried to load a song into cubase and then send a midi command to change the snapshot or activate a footswitch but didn't have any success. When I dial the bank and program manually it changes setlist and patches but couldn't figure out how to automate it. Any hint? Thanks
  9. hello, I would like to control the HX Effects with Reaper (DAW). In fact I would like to create a midi track in my Reaper project (I work with a drum machine in Reaper) and insert tags that automatically trigger the effects of the HX Effect during the song, so that I don't have to use the footswitch when i play guitar. Has anyone done this kind of programming before and could help me? Thanks in advance
  10. How to control and change Helix presets to sync with lyrics/songsheets on iPad by using OnSong. My Need: I wanted my guitar and vocal effects preset on the Helix to change depending on the song currently displayed on my iPad. So, Song 1 on my iPad would have a preset attached to it and when I flipped to Song 2 on my iPad, the preset would change on my Helix automatically. My Setup: I have an iPad with the OnSong app, Helix Floor and a iRig BlueTurn bluetooth page flipper pedal I have my iPad directly connected to the Helix via USB (and usb to lightning adapter). The only thing you need to make sure of is that, in the OnSong Settings, you have MIDI enabled. On the Helix make note of the MIDI Channel your Helix is assigned to (this can be assigned to any number) and that your Helix is sending MIDI through USB in the Global Settings panel The Solution: HELIX SETUP: 1. Go to your Preset List page (push down on Preset knob) and select the preset you want to sync to OnSong 2. Take note of the MIDI info. There should be 3 groups of numbers. For my example, Semi-Charmed Life's group of numbers read CC32: 003 | PC: 045 | CC69: 000 3. CC32 is the Control Channel number. 003 is the bank or folder in that Control Channel (which is labeled 4 FD in my Preset List). 4. PC: 045 is the Program change number, or in my case, the song Preset number. 5. Basically, those numbers mean that Semi-Charmed Life is located in Control Channel 32 in Folder 3 as preset 45. 6. All of these settings are distributed through MIDI Channel 5; which was established earlier in the My Setup section. **TAKE NOTE of the above parameters as you will be referencing those in the MIDI setup in OnSong** ONSONG SETUP: 1. Go to the song you want to sync in your Onsong app. For Reference, mine is Semi-Charmed Life 2. Press and hold on the Title of the song until the MIDI panel pops up 3. Add a MIDI command by clicking on the + icon in the bottom right of the popup 4. Hit the + icon and under TYPE, select Program. Under CHANNEL, select 5. Under the PROGRAM section below, select the preset number (which is 45 in my example). In the Bank section, we will leave Bank MSB alone and just change the Bank LSB to 3 (which is the bank/folder number my preset is located in Click DONE. Set up those parameters for a couple songs and flip through your songs on your OnSong App. The corresponding Helix preset should change along with it. Once you get the hang of the settings, adding multiple songs becomes quite effortless. THAT'S IT!
  11. Hi, not quite sure where to put this, however, I though it was worth sharing. I am close to finishing a DIY controller for my HX stomp based on an Arduino nano. Building it is easy with some drilling and soldering skills, changing Midi commands (and sequences) according to your preferences is easy. It cant do all the things a morningstar MC6 can do, but it comes with a 4-line Display and 6 switches, so it may look similar. All you need is a Hammond 1590xx enclosure, an Arduino Nano, an LCD display, a midi Jack, a DC power jack, 6 momentary switches, and a few resistors. It's actually so simple, I am thinking of not even making a Circuit board for it. Overall costs will be around 50 €. I would provide the software for free, once it's done. If you would like to donate what it's worth for you, I would be thankful ;-) Here is a picture of two Banks that are already working: What it can do: Button Action: Single Press, Long Press Toggle Values of Blocks via Midi CC ("Toggle Solo Boost" in my example) Activate/Deactivate Blocks via Midi CC Change Presets (via Midi PC) Activate/deactivate the Tuner Change Snapshots Change the Footswitch Mode on the HX Stomp (Snapshot Mode, Preset Scroll mode, Preset mode, Stomp Mode) Downsides: No webinterface - to change midi, you will have to change the arduino code (it's actually easier than it sounds) No Midi in, so it's a one-way-street from the controller to the HX or Helix or whatever device you are using Anybody interested? And here is a preview of the enclosure (based on am Hammond 1590xx)
  12. Hello there! I'm at the beginning of starting my guitar cover videos, and I heard about preset changing through MIDI without having to use the footswitches. (I'm using Reaper) How can i achieve it, that when i'm recording my guitar my preset changes through MIDI automatically? Thanks in advance!
  13. Okay, I'm gonna take the plunge, and this weekend will sever the umbilical cord, i.e. L6 Link. I have an HD 500, a DT25, a PC with no MIDI connector, and a Tascam US-800 Digital Audio Interface with MIDI connectors that I used for the firmware update. I want to use DT edit instead of my HD500, but I don't know how to send the commands. Is this something that will be obvious once I begin? To be clear, I am able to connect my amp to my computer via the US-800, but I don't know if this connection will serve my new intended purpose. Also, is there any way to control the amp via my HD500 using the MIDI connectors rather than the L6 Link? I haven't heard that this is possible... Thanks!
  14. Dear all, I've assigned a Midi CC to a block to control it from my midi controller. Is there a way to send out the state when loading a patch, snapshot or just simply toggling the state of the block on the HX effects itself? I would like the controller to know the current state so it can display and send out the right toggle command. Assigning a CC toggle to a footswitch won't work, as the HX Effects only has 6 foot switches and 9 blocks. The CC toggle and block state can also get out-of-sync if you switch the block state but not the CC state. It would be nice if the state of the parameter with a CC bound to it would also send out the value set by the HX Effects. Cheers! Harold
  15. I'm not sure the best way to explain this so I'll do my best. I'm using the Helix Floor to control Logic Pro X. Mostly using Hotkeys but sometimes I send MIDI notes from it as well. Most of the time, it works perfectly. However, every now and then, the message I'm sending from the Helix to Logic will stick, as if it were set to "latching" instead of "momentary". So, for example, if I sent a message to Logic to start playback, it glitches out and starts playing the first .01 seconds of the song continuously until I go in change the message it's sending (which is the only way I've figured out how to stop it after it starts). Has anyone else encountered this problem or maybe have any advice on how to prevent this altogether? I'm primarily using this in a live setting which makes this situation very nerve-wracking. Thanks so much!
  16. Dear communitym im very dissapointed with my pod hd500x. From nothing it starts to fail. During a recording session the thing stops recording and only capture noise. first i think it caused by buffer size, sample rate, drivers... In conclusion runing the test mode and voila, all parameters Passed, but MIDI F(ails) Theres no documentation about it, so with my tarzanish english, im tryng to have some answers... It works perfectly after 2 days ago...but when run updater app ( in MAC OS catalina ) and MIDI audio setup, it seems to have a problem with midi ports. Any idea? Photo attached.- @Line6Tony seems to have a lot of experience... :)
  17. I've got a little MIDI problem I'm having trouble with... I have a Reaper project set up for the set list of my band. In it I have a MIDI track that is routed to my Helix Rack via a USB connection. There are MIDI items for each song. And within each I'm calling a preset via Program Change on the Helix. Then I'm using CC messages to select snapshots in different parts of the song. Most of the time things work fine, but the Helix pulls up the wrong patch in the middle of a song sometimes - like it was sent a bad message and reverts to an earlier one. Or like the MIDI item in Reaper is programmed incorrectly (but I'm 99% sure it's not...). Anyone seen similar issues? Not sure if this is a Reaper or Helix problem, or both...
  18. Just posted a Custom Tone to the CUSTOMTONE site called "MIDI CONTROL1" to show how to set up your floor unit to use as a Transport control in a REAPER DAW. It has been tested in REAPER only but may/should work in most MIDI compliant DAWS. The one issue is the "RECORD" command which is not universal but determined by the DAW'S creator. The Code should be notated in their documentation. Here are the notes as entered on the download page: This is NOT a sound Patch file although I have added six blocks in path 1 A and B. This is a TEMPLATE to use as a startng point to build a patch that has MIDI TRANSPORT CONTROL for the REAPER DAW and possibly other DAWS as well. Delete the Blocks in Path A and add your own! Using Footswitches 7,8,9,10 and 11 in STOMP MODE you can transmit REWIND, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY commands to your DAW. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE note that Footswitchs 7,8,9,10, 11 must not be assigned to any Blocks or you will cause a real mess! In the GLOBAL settings the MIDI/TEMPO settings to make this happen are: Midi Base Channel = 1; Midi Thru = On: MIDI Over USB= On; MIDI PC Send/Receive = On Set the FOOTSWITCHS Global settings to: Preset/Mode switches = Preset/Stomp; Stomp Mode Switches = 10 Switches; Up/Down Switches = Banks Of Course, you may want to set these to someting else when not working with a DAW which is fine. I have a Bank set for DAW patches and others set for "LIVE" i.e. not recording patches. Switching back and forth on Globals in no way effects your patches Once these Global settings are made: The MODE Button (6) will switch between: Bank Mode: switches 1 and 7 provide Bank up/down + switches 2,3,4,5 provide patch A, B, C, D AND switches 8,9,10,11 provide RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY as it is in "Stomp" MODE). The Stop Mode: Switches 1,2,3,4,5 provide Block select On/Off in either Path 1 or Path 2. What matters is that NO BLOCKS ARE ASSIGNED TO SWITCHES 7, 8, 9, 10 11 Switches 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are now assiged to the the REWIND, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY functions. You can go to the Command Center in either the HELIX or the HELIX Editor and see the commands and assignments. All the command messages are "MMC" (MIDI MACHINE CODE) except the RECORD command. That code is a "CC toggle Command Code-toggle). This code is defined by the DAW and is defined as CC#28 in REAPER. Other DAWS may have a different code and you will need to refer to that DAW's documentation and change the number in order for the RECORD switch to work. Good Luck - Bo Baker ( listed as Gary Baker on CUSTOMTONE)
  19. I've been experimenting with using MIDI expression pedals on synths I'm triggering with my guitar and have a MIDI foot controller into the MIDI IN of the Helix. I have the expression pedal set to CC1 which is Modulation Wheel and I can see (using MIDI Monitor on my Mac) that is sending just that (using Helix's MIDI Thru) and it is properly moving the mod wheel on a soft synth. Great. The problem is it is ALSO controlling any Helix patches with a Volume Pedal so when I pedal down the mod wheel (to its origin) it also turns the volume pedal all the way down on the patch. I tried moving it to another block but it still is affected. If I turn it off I can see the ghosted version going up and down but it doesn't affect the volume. Anyone aware of this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all - just wanted to share something i noticed after the 3.5 update: if a midi program assignment is done while the helix (LT in my case) is connected and HD edit is open, it does not save. In my case i needed instant messages to switch my amp channel with snapshot changes. The only way to do it and for it to save is directly in the helix with HD edit closed. Otherwise it goes away as soon as you close command center.
  21. Can L6 effects send MIDI messages to Boss IR-200 per Midi Learn function? For example PC messages?
  22. Curious to know how other people use MIDI for volume control on their Helix and what block and parameter you're sending CC values to. I know answers will differ based on the how you're using your volume pedal in the chain. Right now I have my HX stomp set up to take CC messages on the Level parameter in the final Output block but I'm thinking of moving the volume control to earlier in the chain and controlling the Level parameter in my Cab block so it comes before all synth and time based effects. How are other people doing this?
  23. My Helix is my main MIDI controller and my HX Effects is on MIDI channel 1. I'm trying to get the Helix and the HX Effect's snapshots to coordinate. I can set the CC 69 messages to change the HX Effect's snapshots on the Helix's stomp switches that works fine. But if I try to set them to the Instant slots (so they send with the snapshot change), the HX Effects seems to ignore the CC messages. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  24. I use MIDI presets to send PC preset selection and CC 69 value 0-7 to choose snapshots, from Bandhelper on iOS. I found that when I requested "snapshot 4, delay ON, snapshot 2", I was instead getting "default-on-load snapshot, delay ON, snapshot 2" on some presets. At first I thought I was chasing a Snapshots bug, but I had a hunch when I saw it was making changes on the default Saved snapshot, not a snapshot number in particular. When I significantly raised the delay between MIDI sends, it changed to snapshot 4 first, then added FX, then snapshot 2. Problem solved. Question is, is there some documented minimum time needed for Helix to do certain things upon receipt of a MIDI command? It would be awesome if I could send 5 MIDI instructions, each 0.1s apart. It's turning out to be more like 0.5s apart, which adds up when you're reconfiguring a preset on-demand. I'm using this instead of building a preset for every song. Choose amp-preset, choose lead snapshot, add FX, switch to snapshot for the beginning of the song. And if I ever tire of the Placater, I need only replace that preset in slot 003 to change the sound of all the songs that used it. The design suits my needs; the timing was giving me a problem.
  25. MIDI Channel switching help! Hey all, I'm trying to program channel switches and effects automation within patches from logic Pro X to the helix. All seems to be working fine other than when I pause playback on Logic. Ideally when playback is paused and the locator is moved in logic no further midi signals should be sent to the helix but it seems that when I pause the playback the last midi signal is re-sent. Set up it pretty much identical to this video and it seems that the user who made this video along with a few people in the comments have had the same issue. Issue is visible in this video from 8:05 > 8:12: Playback running > Midi switching turns off a block in the setting Playback paused > Block that was just turned off by midi turns on again Is anyone using logic Pro X to trigger midi switching and has a fix or can give some advice to a mid newby? Thanks in advance
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