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  1. I registered it on website, updater see it, HX Edit works well. But licence manager does not see unit. What should I do? Windows 7.
  2. Hi together, I wonder how to maintain expression pedal state Exp1/Exp2 and FS5 state of SP1-L6H between Presets. I set in Globals / Footswtiches ToggleExp to FS5 Therefore when Exp1 is active and I press toe Exp2 will be adressed back and forth. Each time I press toe a FS5 will also be sent. I use it with the HxStomp to use the toe to switch adevice on and the other off together at the same time with the neat functionality that the pedal changes EXP1->EXP2 I can control 2 continous parameters together nicely .... until I switch presets then my problem starts! let me explain! For instance: Preset A: Volume Positon mapped to Exp1 Wah Positon mapped to Exp2 Bypass Assign both FS 5 Initially Wah is bypassed Preset B (Same as A): Volume Positon mapped to Exp1 Wah Positon mapped to Exp2 Bypass Assign both FS 5 Bypass Assign FS 5 Initially Wah is bypassed 1) On Preset A I press Toe and Volume is bypassed, wah goes on - Wah position is controlled by Exp2 2) I change preset to B 3) PROBLEM: The system recalls that Exp2 is active but on Preset B is Wah Bypassed and the Volume Pedal is Waiting for Exp1 4) If I press Toe I turn off Volume in Favor of WahWah but I also switch from Exp 2 back to Exp 1.. deadlock!! Now I have to manually turn off the Wah and turn on the Volumen Pedel and than I can use the smart switching between Exp1 and Exp 2 again but only as long as I stay in the preset. If I got to next preset the described problem persist. I can not imagine that this is expected behavior. I need something like a reset of the Exp1/Exp2 switch state If I enter a preset or maybe you have an Idea how to do ? Help much appreciated!
  3. Hello all, I tried to find an answer but I am without luck; so I turn to the forum. Setup I am running my HX Stomp 4cm with my Friedamn Smallbox amp, which I set up according to the Line6 tutorial. I have a few pedals into the Input Mono/L. I am monitoring the sound by way of the amp's speaker cab. Everything works and sounds great when not bypassing my Friedman's preamp. Problem blending pedals with Helix preamps The trouble, however, arises when I want to use my analog pedals with an HX Stomp preamp. To explain what I doing when I use a preamp: I turn off the FX Loop block to bypass my amp's preamp and activate the Helix preamp block that follows it in the chain. This sounds really good and I believe am I doing things correctly. Nonetheless, my pedals don't seem to be blending well in this context. They seem almost a bit too strong, which results in a muddy sound. Is there a solution that someone might share? Mapping Global EQ cutting at 79 Hz and 10,000 Hz Global input, output and sends are instrument level. Guitar > One Control buffer > Diamond comp > MXR Phaser > Seymour Duncan 805 Tube Screamer > Archer Ikon > TC polytune Tuner > Input Mono L to Amp FX return. Output > Amp FX return Helix FX send > amp input. Helix FX return > Amp FX send TL;DR My patch: HX Stomp FX Loop L (turned off) > HX Stomp Mesa Lonestar modeled clean preamp > HX Stomp Simple Delay > HX Stomp 63 Spring = sounds good Any pedal(s) + my patch = sounds muddy.
  4. Hi, I am developing an app to control my HX Stomp on my tablet (android) There's any documentation regarding the protocol used by hx edit to for example: download/restore a backup/setlist upload an ir file get the parameters and informations? Is any of this accessible via midi? (maybe with a syshex message?) In another thread a Line6 developer was talking about the fbv protocol... If anyone wants to help also... Cheers, Nick
  5. Hello everyone Sorry for the recurring argument but I couldn't find exactly my case. I use my HXStomp on my pedalboard mainly as Ampsim with some physical pedals in front of it and other effects in the fx loop. I'm experiencing problems with clipping when I activate pedals that are connected in the fxloop. The clipping is only there when I activate any of the pedals within the FX Loop (Fx Block is always ON). There is no Volume difference when the effects are activated/deactivated. There is no differeence whether the pedals in front of the hX Stomp are activated or not, I also tried with other AMPs in the preset again there is no difference. Here the details of my chain. (All in MONO) Helix Preset: (see Screenshot) 1. Volume Block 2. Amp (Brit Plexi Jump) 3. 2 x IR on splitted trails 4. FX Loop L (Use all in mono) 5. Reverb Pedalboard 1. TC Electronic Sub'n'up mini 2. EHX SoulFood 3. JHS Packrat 4. HXStomp IN 5. HXStomp FX Out (Mono) 6. Wampler Terraform (Modulation) 7. Walrus ARP-87 (Delay) 8. Walrus Slö (Reverb) 9. HX Stomp FX In (Mono) 10. HX Stomp Out to DAW or directly through the headphone out to the headphones. General settings on HX Stomp In/Out 1. Input level: Inst 2. Output level: Inst 3. Send Return L: Inst 4. Send Return R: Inst 5. Return Type: Return Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem?
  6. Sorry if this is a basic ask. I run a few pedals in the STEREO loop of my HX Stomp using mono cables. Most of the pedals are mono but the final pedal before returning to the Stomp is a STEREO Boss looper. If I switch to stereo cabling would I hear an improvement? (Looper is 32-Bit with nice drums hence not using the internal looper). Also, what would happen to the signal when it passes through those MONO pedals (not even sure how you run stereo cables into mono pedals). The Stomp runs balanced outs into a pair of Yamaha active monitors.
  7. Hello, I've been using the HX Stomp as a travel rig. I like it a lot, only problem is the expression pedal doesn't seem to calibrate properly. I've searched the internet up and down to no avail. How do I calibrate my Dunlop expression pedal to work as 0 being heel, and toe being 100? Currently, regardless of my min/max setting, the HX believes the halfway point is 100 and goes back down to zero. I'm not using a TRS cable to connect the expression pedal. Thank you
  8. Hi, not quite sure where to put this, however, I though it was worth sharing. I am close to finishing a DIY controller for my HX stomp based on an Arduino nano. Building it is easy with some drilling and soldering skills, changing Midi commands (and sequences) according to your preferences is easy. It cant do all the things a morningstar MC6 can do, but it comes with a 4-line Display and 6 switches, so it may look similar. All you need is a Hammond 1590xx enclosure, an Arduino Nano, an LCD display, a midi Jack, a DC power jack, 6 momentary switches, and a few resistors. It's actually so simple, I am thinking of not even making a Circuit board for it. Overall costs will be around 50 €. I would provide the software for free, once it's done. If you would like to donate what it's worth for you, I would be thankful ;-) Here is a picture of two Banks that are already working: What it can do: Button Action: Single Press, Long Press Toggle Values of Blocks via Midi CC ("Toggle Solo Boost" in my example) Activate/Deactivate Blocks via Midi CC Change Presets (via Midi PC) Activate/deactivate the Tuner Change Snapshots Change the Footswitch Mode on the HX Stomp (Snapshot Mode, Preset Scroll mode, Preset mode, Stomp Mode) Downsides: No webinterface - to change midi, you will have to change the arduino code (it's actually easier than it sounds) No Midi in, so it's a one-way-street from the controller to the HX or Helix or whatever device you are using Anybody interested? And here is a preview of the enclosure (based on am Hammond 1590xx)
  9. Is is possible to connect HXStomp with the looper (Boss RC-500 in my case) and then return the looper's output back to HXStomp so that I can use my headphones for playing, but without using a send/return block on HXStomp? Essentially, I would like to do looping with different presets on HXStomp and still play through headphones. If I use a send/return block on HXStomp to connect looper, I wouldn't be able to switch between different presets since send/return block is part of the preset.
  10. Hi, this is Mauro from Argentina. After having some electrical issues on stage, Stomp's display turned white during the show. Turning off and on works but only for a random time that could go from 30s to 40m (after many tests at home and rehearsal room). The issue is only about the display, I had no sound problems at all. I also updated the Firmware after this issue just in case, but I can 100% affirm this is an electronical issue. Unfortunately, I don't have any trustable people who can look at it. Warranty has expired too (yes, one month after the 1-year). The seller reviewed and told there's nothing wrong in the unit because they weren't able to replicate. Here's a photo of the issue. I see this issue happening on many LED screens from TVs or computers, so I think it shouldn't be something too complex: Did anybody ran into this kind of issues? Any tips on which components should be taken in count for reviewing? any electronic plan? Thanks!
  11. My HX Stomp with FW version 2.65 allows only ONE Split block; wondering if this "limitation" has been overcome with later updates; I don't find this info in the later FW's release notes/Owner's manual (it's not even mentioned in the 2.65 Owner's manual). Unfortunately, I currently cannot perform a FW update on my unit and check myself. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone! I love to use HX stomp as an audiointerface. I would love to be able to: 1) record track with hx stomp fx 2) a di-track (dry) 3) while also connect an amp as monitor in the room while im recording. Is this possible?
  13. HX Stomp hangs after 1.5-2 hour of use, the device gets unresponsive and there is no sound at all (bypass isn't working). Sometimes reboot helps, sometimes it hangs on reboot as well. The device itself is very warm, maybe it is overheating or something. The firmware is 3.11. What should I do with that?
  14. I'm using HX Stomp with HX Edit and running into my DAW. Manual shows routing for path b goes to USB 3/4. My issue is that I can't get path B in HX Stomp/Edit to drop down as it's own path/output like it shows in the routing picture which I've attached. It stays mixing back in at the end with path A. What am I missing to get it to drop it down? Thanks!
  15. I very please with my original sound connection my ESP B1004 Bass to a Orange Terror Bass amp with a Orange B112 Cabinet with 50% gain for that lovely crunch, the problem is when I connect the HX Stomp with no single effect added to the mix, the signal losses bright and gain, its a slight but noticeable difference. How can I avoid this? Im connecting my bass to the stomp input, and from the stomp output to the amp front input. Thanks ahead for your advise!
  16. Hi All. Hope you can help with this. Hope its not a stupid question. I want to run the hx stomp in 4cm effects to put effects before and after the amp, but I want to keep the real amp preamp (not use a modeler) in the chain. For example if I wanted to go to the PA: Guitar -> hx stomp input -> hx stomp compressor -> hx stomp Phaser ->[hx stomp effects loop send - set to instrument level] (to two distortion pedals in series) -> input to the real amp [hx stomp effects loop return set to line level]-> hxstomp chorus -> hx stomp delay -> hx stomp reverb -> L/R out to PA Question 1. Would this sound good or would the amp just be kicking to much power into the stomp? Or maybe there would just be too much gain going to the PA? Question 2. Is it possible to do this sort of setup so that the final sound comes out of the amp and not through the PA at all I know I can run the Pedals into the front of the amp and then just use the HXStomp in the effects loop, but I want to be able to use the HX stomp compressor and Phaser before the pedals. I also realize that I could run the Pedal in an effects loop and put the comp and phase in front but then I still have the puzzle of getting the chorus, delay and reverb after the amp preamp. Is it even possible? Thanks for the help.
  17. I bought hx stomp 2week ago. with midi controller it's just best multi pedal what i've ever used Now I need external pedal and switch and i'll buy dvp4 expression pedal for whammy or wha but here is problem someone says I have to use trs-ts cable for hx stomp, and someone says i can use trs-trs too (he says in trs-trs case, setting has to be chaged) what i have to use for expression cable? trs-ts or trs-trs? and another question some cable has trs - ts,ts (so.. it has 2 output) in this case, if I connect expression pedal and external footswitch each one, is it work together?? plz reply to help for me
  18. Hello, NEED HELP...PLEASE! I have an HX Effects and I am using Command Center to program a button inside a preset to flip between snapshot 1 and snapshot 2. I have the button programed on PRESS/RELEASE so that when I PRESS it goes to snapshot 2 and REALEASE it goes to snapshot 1. I currently have it set as follows, and when press the button it LATCHES to snapshot 2, then when I want I press the button again it RELEASE and it goes to snapshot 1, this is what I am looking for! The issue is, I set this up in one preset, and when I went to another preset to repeat this process the button is only momentarily switched, NOT latching. What did I do right the first time that I am messing up on repeat?
  19. Hi, unfortunately I recognized a display error (reproducable) at my HX Stomp. I see a black square or line instead of the values in the left corner of the device. Any idea why this happens? Best, Bastian
  20. Hello everybody, I would like to solve an issue that is driving me mad... I have my hx stomp with a line6 mission expression control and an external midi controller. in general setting I assigned the footswitch 5 (the mission one) to pass from exp pedal 1 to exp pedal 2. When I connect my midi controller (that has 4 different modes) in Red mode (preset up/down) it changes also the job of the expression pedal FS. This is why in global setting you can set 5 footswitches but in my case they are 6. It seems a bit twisted... but i can make video to make it clear :) Thank you
  21. Hi all, I’m sure there’s probably something similar been covered here before, but I can’t find anything when I’ve tried to search. I’m currently running my pedalboard into my HX Stomp, which then does a stereo split to my Bad Cat and SD170. I’m using an amp block on the path that goes to my SD170, but I’ve recently received a Kingsley Constable that I want to use instead of the amp block. I’m using the Mono input on the Stomp, and then using the Mono output to the SD170, and the Aux send output into my Bad Cat. Is there any way that I can reconfigure things to allow me to run the Constable into the Stomp then out to the SD170, without also going out to the Bad Cat? Ideally, I want to have a reverb and delay AFTER the Constable which is why I can’t just run the HX Stomp > Constable I’m totally game for adding extra switchers or ABY box etc if need be Thanks in advance Keir
  22. Hello to all, I'm running my stomp into my SS amp's return mono ( it's a 2X12 8240 stereo Marshall). the problem is that only one speaker works. The patch is one mono amp ( no cab). so I tried to go in the FX stereo (LEFT AND RIGHT) return of the amp. still, only one speaker works. The patch I'm using is mono. ---------------------- If I go with the guitar to amp's input, both speakers work ---------------------- what am I doing wrong? Is the problem coming from the stomp or patch? or is it because of my SS amp? TNX
  23. Here's a video featuring My board HX stomp, switcher, pedals and midi
  24. I have hxstomp and es-8 from boss to controll snapshot and other pedals. This problem happens.↓↓ ・Send midi message from es-8 to hxstomp to change snapshot1→2 or 2→3 etc... Usually hxstomp responses it, but sometimes does not. Do you think why this problem happen? If you have same issues, please help me.
  25. I want the expression pedal to control by Exp2 the position parameter of a wah block going from 0-100% using the full range of the pedal. Instead of this the range is limited e.g. 0-35%. I am using a Boss EV-30 which I connected by a stereo cable. Exp1 should switch the wah off on 0%. I played with the minimum knob of the pedal and all the settings of the HXstomp. Nothing helped. Perhaps someone could give me his wah settings?
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