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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I tried to find an answer but I am without luck; so I turn to the forum. Setup I am running my HX Stomp 4cm with my Friedamn Smallbox amp, which I set up according to the Line6 tutorial. I have a few pedals into the Input Mono/L. I am monitoring the sound by way of the amp's speaker cab. Everything works and sounds great when not bypassing my Friedman's preamp. Problem blending pedals with Helix preamps The trouble, however, arises when I want to use my analog pedals with an HX Stomp preamp. To explain what I doing when I use a preamp: I turn off the FX Loop block to bypass my amp's preamp and activate the Helix preamp block that follows it in the chain. This sounds really good and I believe am I doing things correctly. Nonetheless, my pedals don't seem to be blending well in this context. They seem almost a bit too strong, which results in a muddy sound. Is there a solution that someone might share? Mapping Global EQ cutting at 79 Hz and 10,000 Hz Global input, output and sends are instrument level. Guitar > One Control buffer > Diamond comp > MXR Phaser > Seymour Duncan 805 Tube Screamer > Archer Ikon > TC polytune Tuner > Input Mono L to Amp FX return. Output > Amp FX return Helix FX send > amp input. Helix FX return > Amp FX send TL;DR My patch: HX Stomp FX Loop L (turned off) > HX Stomp Mesa Lonestar modeled clean preamp > HX Stomp Simple Delay > HX Stomp 63 Spring = sounds good Any pedal(s) + my patch = sounds muddy.
  2. Hallo, i have the following problem on which i didnt find any answer online yet. I run my HX Stomp with the 4cm into my Laney irt sls. The irt sls doesnt need a load box and has a DI out. Is it possible to use the 4cm for the effects before or in the fx loop AND having an ir after the amp into the pa? Thank you in advance for every answer. Cheers Feidias
  3. Hi guys, I am new to helix, Recently tried FRFR and wasn't sold on the sound for what Im doing. I want to use 4cm to my Mesa Boogie rectifier and I have hooked it all up. I set my commands up to change the channels of the amp VIA ext amp. I am experiencing tone suck which I can't get to the bottom of... The amp sounds cleanish on the dirty channel And also if I put FX after the loop (In screenshot pictured) the effects don't work at all? they work before the input signal but not after nothing at all. My Mesa has a serial loop could this be causing this? It only has a switch that says bypass or FX loop My global settings are (guitar pad) off (1/4 outputs - Line) (Instrument - Send return 1) and (Instrument - Send return 2) Basically all I want to do is be able to run effect before and after the amp... And use snapshots to make the helix change my amp channels between them Sorry if I sound silly there is probably a simple fix but Im really wanting to get it all up and running
  4. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    Hey,how do you set your patches while using 4cm? Where you have gates, mixer,eq and so on. Thanks.
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