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  1. Hallo everyone, i am a very happy line 6 hx stomp user. I recently bought an Engl Fireball 25 und want to implement it in my homerecording setup(it has a built in powersoak and a line out). When i go guitar-amp input, amp lineout- helix input, everything seems to work fine. I want to be able to record the di from helix so it would be perfect if i could go direct in Helix. I tried Guitar input-helix input,helix send- amp in, amp line out- helix return. There is a terrible peeping noise when i do so, i cannot turn the aml loud. The classical 4cm wouldnt benefit me because i want to use also the power amp in the recording. I would be grateful for every information. Happy Holidays to everyone and stay safe Cheers Feidias
  2. Wow thanks man a lot. I will have to get the cables and try it out. I will definitely tell you how it works out. Have a nice day :)
  3. Hallo, i have the following problem on which i didnt find any answer online yet. I run my HX Stomp with the 4cm into my Laney irt sls. The irt sls doesnt need a load box and has a DI out. Is it possible to use the 4cm for the effects before or in the fx loop AND having an ir after the amp into the pa? Thank you in advance for every answer. Cheers Feidias
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