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Found 23 results

  1. Hi y'all I have also experienced the DI fizz when connected straight to a PA. Here's 11 tips. Change the amp. Try a Cali Texas Ch2. They're a really brown sounding amp and take an overdrive pedal really well. Change the cabinet. Different speaker makes a big difference! Change the mic type and placement. A 160 ribbon @ 1" off centre can calm fizz nicely. Dial back the distortion! Too much distortion creates too many nasty digital harmonics and isn't musical. Filters: Roll off high frequencies (low pass filter) to about 7-8 kHz. There are several places to do this: cabinet, EQ block, global EQ or the mixing desk. Tilt/10 band EQ all give different 'flavours'. Add an IR before the amp! Loading an IR after ther speaker can remove the fizz (but sounds muddy to me). Loading before seems to improve the fizz but retain the character. Use Controller Assign (CA)... to create a simple 2 channel amp: Add a high gain amp, use CA to program the Drive parameter for minum and maximum drive levels and assign to a Controller (footswitch). Also set the master volume, treble, presence etc to min/max levels to compensate for higher drive. DI (My personal preference): I use Palmer PD1 03 JB (Joe Bonamassa) DI between the Helix and the mixer input (with pt 6.). Set 1/4" jack line output to instrument (not line). Helix out at line level gives a level drop which is normal for a DI. Setting 1/4" out to instrument level gives a 1:1 ratio. Compensate level drop by increasing the Helix output and/or mixer pre gain. Mix and match with the above points. Listen at a reasonable volume to get the full effect. At low volume levels speakers will not produce as much body so you'll hear more fizz! (it's all perception!) and then diall the top end down too much. BUT, make quick decisions and rest your ears every 20 minutes as you won't hear the differences after that. My personal approach: Do 1 to 6 first. Listen. Play. Get to e.g. three amp/speaker + modifcation combinations that get you close to your sound and tweak these. DON'T keep changing stuff at random, you're wishing your life away! Most important!!! Play you chosen settings IN CONTEXT. Context is i.e. with backing tracks, jamming or rehearsal. The sound of your room and your mood or health status in that moment matters too. Isolated tweaking (absence of contect i.e. without playing to tracks or with others) is ok up to a point but context ALWAYS changes how you perceive your sound so just deal with your frustrated emotions and learn to compromise! Disclaimer: These options work for me. The sound you prefer is determined by your preferences, context etc. Tweaking as in points 1-7 seems to work for a lot of players. It's a process of experimentation but you have to start with knowing what sound you are looking for. Happy playing muchachos! G
  2. Please post links for free Impulse Responses (IR) here. Looking for links to freeware, promotional, basically any IR that is legal to share and download including Helix user created IRs that you are willing to share. THANKS!!! Here is one to get things started: This is kind of an interesting site with a huge repository and has some extraordinarily different IRs available for download. There are definitely many in the mono 48khz format preferred by the Helix. The stereo ones can be used as well but you will only get the left channel per the documentation in the Helix. I suppose if you know how you could possibly also transform the IRs that are not in the proper format for the Helix. If you find an IR you like just click on the link and then select the "Impulse Response" tab. I have successfully downloaded the IRs from there. Note: Some browsers will automatically try to play .wav files; you will need to make sure you use a browser that doesn't, or change the settings so that it gives you the option to download or play. I have to admit I have yet to use them but it looks like there is some amazing potential here. These are not mic/cab IRs, they are IRs from all kinds of spaces and structures, natural and man-made, taken from locations around the globe, I imagine they could be used in lieu of a reverb or echo for instance, or perhaps even instead of a cab. Thinking some of these might also work well for acoustic guitar as well as electric. They have one from a space that is described as having the longest natural echo of an any man-made structure in the world.
  3. So now there's HIRB, a Helix IR Browser, lets you see which presets use the IRs contained in a collection of Helix setlist files. Purely browser based, nothing to download or install Doesn't modify your files, just shows information about them Doesn't upload them, processing happens right in the browser Pretty much zero risk, can't corrupt your files or anything Hopefully it's pretty self-explanatory, ask here (or on TGP) if not, I'll be around when I can be. One caveat: This does look at snapshots, switches, even continuous controllers. However, it has no way of knowing whether a patch is intended to use 4 snapshots or 8, so if snapshots are in play, it'll report the IRs for all of them, even ones you never use. I think it's not really an issue, but I (or someone?) need to do more research on how snapshots you've never accessed report themselves. Copious free time... Another thing. Frank from Line 6 was going to post about this on the FB Helix group, but I'm not on FaceBook and don't want to be. So, could you guys who are be my eyes and ears there, let me know if folks there have any great ideas I should know about, hit problems, find it useful/useless, etc.. Let me know what you think.
  4. msantarc

    Amp IRs

    I'm trying to find a good acoustic Amp IR that I can use with my HX Effects. Can anyone point me to a site where I can find some?
  5. SenseiJuancho

    IRs Doubt

    Hello friends, maybe it's an obvious question, but when I download Customtone presets, many times I find that they have IR's in the chain, but they don't appear. Is there any way to know what kind of IR's should be put in that empty space to get closer to the original sound of whoever created it? Or unfortunately it is a matter of trying one by one until you get a good sound? I hope your kind help. Thanks a lot
  6. hi. im a beatbox artist. so i using helix. and i doin jammin with loops. and sharing stuffs with other artists.. yeah! but i import wrong bundles. and i turn off my HX EDIT before done to import . cause i feels like "oh sh..!" and i reboot my helix. and its everything gone. i didn't back ups.. but i need to using that presets..!! any advices??!???? i need help. thanks :)
  7. zooey

    More IR slots

    I know this is old news, but the more I work with IRs, the more I *really* wish there were more IR slots available. 128 sounds like a lot, but it's not. Pretty much every IR pack has a bunch of variations of mic type and placement, plus mic mixes. If you even want to just audition what's in a new pack, you need some space to do that. Yes I know you can use an external IR loader in your DAW, but I'm not mostly connected to a computer, and don't want to be. Some other IR management issues would be somewhat eased by more slots, for instance the inability to audition IRs directly from disk, stepping through directories of them. There are a bunch of pretty much duplicate IdeaScale entries about this, for instance this one, which has links to some others. I suggest voting them all up.
  8. Hi folks,i bouth a Workhorse v30,and i am intrested wich real cabs are hiding behind a fake names,any information about that?or maybe somebody deciphered this funy names like "Woody" or "Boxy" etc.
  9. Hallo, i have the following problem on which i didnt find any answer online yet. I run my HX Stomp with the 4cm into my Laney irt sls. The irt sls doesnt need a load box and has a DI out. Is it possible to use the 4cm for the effects before or in the fx loop AND having an ir after the amp into the pa? Thank you in advance for every answer. Cheers Feidias
  10. Hey I just had a thought the other day about possibly creating a preamp through the HX EFFECTS & am wondering if anyone else has tried this?.. OD/DS Pedal ---> EQ Pedal ---> IR Cabinet Sim The idea is the the OD/DS gives u the preamp while the EQ pedal helps you shape the sound a bit more since the first pedal is limited and than add an IR cab to simulate the desired cabinet.
  11. Hi all, I've seen some discussion on this, but nothing so far that has been able to help me figure this out. I just downloaded HX Edit and bought the OwnHammer 412 Rect IR pack. I'm pretty sure I have everything updated and am signed in, but keep getting the following error message when I try to import them: HX Edit was unable to import IRs in this set due to following errors: -8209 - Service does not support the requested function. Any ideas? I have the Line 6 Updater, although it doesn't show any devices that I can update. It currently shows that I'm running Helix LT 2.30 and HX Edit 2.71. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Hi there. i made my first puchease in line 6 online store, it was irs of ownhammer. They said to be done, but theres no email no nothing where i can download the irs. Anyone who can help me with that? i have the order and the activation codes but no where to get them!
  13. I am unable to load IRs through HX Edit. Either importing or drag and drop gives the following error: Failed to import one or more impulses. (Out of memory condition. [code-2] Anyone else have this issue?
  14. The filename of nearly half of the IRs I have are 31 characters or more long, too long for Helix to store*. HxEdit displays even fewer. Most of those IRs are from well-known commercial developers, not out-of-control oddballs. That's after a small amount of renaming: - Added a two letter (usually) "origin" prefex plus a space, for example 'OH ' (Ownhammer), 'CP ' (Celestion Plus), 'CI ' (, mostly so I can tell where things came from, but also to make name collisions between different sources less likely. - Removed some obvious and unnecessary patterns, like ' Celestion' in all Celestion IRs. I think that's the only one I've done so far actually. To put it bluntly, this is a pretty rotten state of affairs. For instance, I loaded up all the multi-mic mixes for one Celestion cab, to audition them and pick favorites to keep on board, but I couldn't tell which one was which. 4 sets of duplicates in just those 10 files. All the Celestion packs are like that, give or take. Many packs from other makers too. So now what? Manually rename all these files, trying for unique names that aren't too long? Before I even know if I like them enough to care about them at all? Ugh. *I verified that 26 character + extension limit pre-2.30, not 100% positive what it is now. But I am sure that Helix itself doesn't show the full file names, as noted above, and that Hx Edit shows even less than Helix.
  15. Hi everyone, Just ordered a Helix Rack from Sweetwater that will be here in a few days, and I can't wait to fire that thing up! I've read that the stock IRs are not so great and people have suggested added their own custom IRs they've bought from third-parties. I've heard a demo of some ML Sound Labs IRs that Fractal Audio sells through their store. If I wanted to buy an IR pack from ML Sound Labs (through Fractal Audio), would I be able to use them with my Helix? I have 0 experience with IRs, but I've read that they're mostly like .wav files but couldn't confirm from their site. Thanks
  16. Hello,I am testing helix native demo and Although I navigated to my ownIR folder and the IR appears to be loaded in the list ,i dont seem to comprehend how to load my IR in the IR block. AnY help friends??
  17. I thought that I had read somewhere around the time H-Native was announced that there were some IRs here to DL. If so, could someone point me to them? If not, can somebody tell me what was in that damn tea?
  18. Hey again guys, I need a bit of help. Is there any way to take cab packs from the .sysex file format and perhaps put them through a converter to make them into .wav files. A friend of mine loaded a few of his AxeFX IR files into a thumb drive for me to try and they are in SysEx format. Shouldn't I be able to convert these to .wav for the Helix to read them? ...ALSO is there any news of the Helix possibly supporting this type of file for IRs soon?
  19. Had Helix a while now, but I purchased it right after 1.06.5 came out. Back then I received the unit, then updated the firmware, THEN started playing. I have the patience of a saint, lol. The problem is that back then I didn't have to worry about backing anything up, UNTIL NOW, and I'm terrified that I'm going to do something wrong and lose all my hard work. Today I did "export bundle" to a folder on my computer, then downloaded and installed all the newest software from Line 6 (1.10 firmware, 1.10 application, 1.78 driver (bug fix for Windows 7), 1.08 updater, and 1.11 application) per the instructions. I then did the "hold down footsitches 5&6 at power-on" thing, which evidently doesn't affect your current patches, setlists, or IR's. What does this procedure (the 5&6 footswitch thing) even do? After that, I (stupidly) proceeded to work on some patches for ergonomic reason (basically just moving some footswitches around and relabeling a few) and also reset my global eq to my liking. I assume at this point that the changes I just made were for nothing if I do the "hold down footswithes 7&8 at power-on" thing, in order to get the new factory presets that I don't have yet. Losing my most recent changes is not a huge deal, since I can easily redo them in a few minutes, but I'm terrified of not importing my bundle correctly. What is the procedure for this? Was export bundle even the right thing to do? How do you backup IR's? I did overwrite an existing bundle from when I first got the unit, cause I hadn't really created anything yet and was just curious as to what would happen, what the file name would be, etc., so I think I'm ok there. I just don't want to lose my patches that I have been tweaking for the past couple of months. Hope this all makes sense, and I'm so sorry to burden you tech-savvy gents with my meatheadedness. HELP!!!!
  20. Dshow

    IRs 2048 vs 1024

    Hi, there is the possibility to load IRs with 2048 and 1024 sample. What is the difference between those two, meaning does it have a big impact on the tone if 1024 sample is used? I have tried both and feel that there is not that much difference. What sample was used when Line 6 created the cabs that are in helix? Thanks :-)
  21. There are two versions one is with factory cabs the other is with my custom IR I made with MixIR2 (from Redwires) from free IR's I found around the web. you have to put the one named GHK.wav (my fav) at Impulse #035 in your HELIX app. the preset is called Clean, Dirt, Metal and you have a clean tone a rock tone and a metal tone all in one preset... let me know if you like it or not. I used a Charvel Desolation with EMG 81 bridge pickup and 2 L2M's with the L6 Link to my Helix...
  22. tpawlowskis

    HD500x cabs

    Line 6, the cabs on the HD are horrendous, I'm sorry but I can't stress it enough. The only cab I am pretty content with is the XXX cab and the Uber cab. With the XXX it has a very good translation to a live monitor wedge. It's also easier to notch out the low end on it using EQ where I need to than to low shelf the other ones (doesn't work well at all). Please. Please please, I am begging you, figure out what's going on with these cabs. There has to be some update we can do. The remastered JCM 800 sounded a great deal better. Sounded raw, like a real amp. I'm literally at the point I'm going to have to add a laptop to my pedalboard with Poulin LeCab on it just to fix what I really don't feel i should have to fix. Just remember what I'm saying here. The cabs are for the most part useable in a quiet format, but once turned up it's pretty frustrating that the treadplate cab is probably what I would vote the lousiest cab in the entire collect. Everything about it is shrill and impossible to work with at stage volumes. YES I TWEAK AT VOLUME. I spend alot of time with my monitor wedge in my face.
  23. I originally created this for use with the "EPSi: Convolution Powered Reverb in a Small Stomp Box" with:Version C for EPSi, a firmware version for Cabinet Speaker and Room simulation. that I used with my Eleven Rack that had no way to load ir cabs. see my tutorial here: But now I won't need it any more because of the Helix. If you don't know why you would need a multi cab ir I'll try to give you an example: did you ever think of running two different amps or speaker cabinets with one in the right channel and the other in the left? that is the beauty of "multi cab ir's" How to make multi Cab IR's from existing IR's for use with the Helix: with PT11: 1.Open a blank session and click on "setup" then "session" change the bit rate to 24 and make sure sample rate is at 96 khz "File" then "Import" then "Audio" navigate to the IR's in your comp and click"Add Files" then "Done" then "create new tracks from start position" then click "Track" then "New" select "Stereo" and "Master Fader" then click "Create" have an option to either change the output to "Main Out R" and "Main Out L" in "mix window" on each track or pan each track to your liking so some of each bleed over to the other. 4.Add any plugins to the master track you want as in screenshot. 5.Click "File" then "Bounce To" then "Disk" select as in screenshot 6.Put in folder (that you'll remember). and your done. 7. load it to a "ir block in your Helix and test it out. Maybe the Admin will see it important enough to make it a "sticky". Have fun with it and share some of your work!!!
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