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  1. From my own experience trying to record midi drums and vocals (using plugins in DAW; Reaper), the latency with Helix falls short. Some of my vocal tracks have 5-10 plugins and the latency makes it unusable. I have to use my old Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen for vocals. It hinders my workflow. I'm looking at upgrading to a Focusrite Clarett 4PRE at the moment. With that, I'd be able to leave the Helix plugged into 2 inputs for stereo guitar and bass tracks as well as my mic and e-drums (midi). It sounds high-maintenance, but I when I'm writing and/or recording, I expect to pick an instrument and go rather than fiddle with cables and settings. EDIT: ended up going the with Focusrite Clarett 2PRE. Found one used for $275. My wife helped me realize unplugging/plugging cables isn't worth $400+ lol she's right.
  2. I see. I have the Helix Rack version so it was more convenient for me to just use the Helix as my interface.
  3. I'm curious why people are using a separate audio interface with the Helix instead of using the Helix as the interface. Could someone explain the benefits? I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 collecting dust since I got my Helix a year ago.
  4. I got a really great pop punk tone by accident yesterday while trying to get a crunch tone. The signal chain: LA compressor 808 Screamer Gain: 5-6 Tone: 6 Level 8 US Double Nrm Gain 9.5 Bass 4.5 Mid 6 Treble 7 Presence 7 IR Reverb Plate Mix 15% Really great with single coil/split humbuckers. Wouldn't recommend for leads/riffs
  5. I haven't tried those steps to restore the volume but yeah I was in the middle of tracking guitars for a project and I updated the firmware. My new tracks were a few dB quieter than before. Since I also recorded my DI, it was easy enough to reamp but now I'm worried I'll have to reamp for my other songs for this project.
  6. Yes after a while of being on, the Helix somehow disconnects from Hx Edit. Clicking “Reconnect” doesn’t work, only turning the Helix off/on i also noticed the Placater dirty amp has lower output. I was in the middle of recording before the update and new tracks were a few dB quieter. It was easy enough to reamp (always record your DI!)
  7. Have you made any progress on this tone? Based on their latest track "G.O.A.T.", they use a mid-gain amp with a gain set up almost to break-up, middle pickup positions, and a girth-ey amount of bass. I'd say try a signal chain as follows: compressor to taste --> overdrive pedal (TS808 is my favorite) with minimal gain, tone and level around 7-9 -> a mid-gain amp like the Solo Crunch or any of the Brits with gain around 2-4-ish, bass adjusted to get the right amount of resonance, mid and treble to taste (probably around 6), presence around 7-8, master vol at 5 but adjust it to get more break up (then dial back gain) -> cab IR personal preference and probably the most important tone shaping part of the chain -> reverb plate mix around 15%. Alternatively, you could try a dual amp patch with a really clean amp like the US Double Nrm and a mid-gain amp.
  8. I've spent close to 6 months working on metal tones. I started out using the Line 6 Elektrik but found it was way too gain-ey. Then I moved onto the Peavey Panama which I used for maybe 3 months but found it too scooped. I've settled on the Friedman and haven't looked back. To me, it's the perfect high gain amp since I like brit style crunch. Also, it's the amp model that Periphery used on P3. I found the tone I like by turning the gain way down to about 2, boosting mids, treble, presence to around 7, playing a tube screamer OD infront with gain=0, tone and level around 8.5, and some notch EQ'ing with like 3 parametric EQ's at the end of the chain.
  9. Lol my bad, I didn't see the original date of the post.
  10. The "Teemah!" overdrive is based on the Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive
  11. So after weeks of waiting for a Darkglass Alpha Omega to be in stock on sweetwater, I FINALLY got my hands on one. Within 30-60 minutes I was able to dial in a really crunchy dirty bass tone that I was pretty happy with. I left my initial impressions in a reddit post on r/bass. My signal chain was bass > Alpha Omega > Helix {noise gate > LA Compressor > Woody Blue > IR } I didn't find out about the Obsidian 7000 until yesterday, and can't believe I didn't notice the naming pun (Darkglass = Obsidian; 7000 = 7k) lol. I've had my Helix Rack unit for about 4 weeks now but due to work and school, haven't been able to sit with it for hours on end. When I wanted to get a preamp/drive bass pedal, the B7k was the other contender based on its universal acclaim and usage by a lot of my favorite bassists. So, for lollipops and giggles I wanted to see if I can get AS GOOD of a tone with all Helix and the Obsidian 7000. ....Yes.....a thousand times yes. I got a BETTER tone (in my opinion). In my initial impressions of the Alpha Omega, I noted how the low-end saturation bothered me. It sounds really loose and flubby to my ears. The switches on the Alpha Omega are binary for their boosts compared to the B7k which has 3 way toggle (On-Off-Cut). The blend control on the Obsidian 7000 is more fine grained compared to the Alpha Omega. I prefer this because even adjusting the blend on the Alpha Omega brings up that dreaded (to me) low-end saturation. I haven't had time to record some A-B comparisons, but I can if anyone would like. All in all, I'm sending back the Alpha Omega because I'm able to get a bass tone I like and have been searching for with the Helix. I lollipop love this thing.
  12. Thank you, I am using the Mk IV with the bass turned way down. Hope to see this fixed with the next patch!
  13. Ahh thank you. Yes I have the bass turned almost completely down. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I was worried my unit was defective
  14. Yes. Have you experienced this too? Or is it a known issue?
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