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Found 23 results

  1. (Preset + IR in attachment) Hi all (some older members may know me as VTM, when i created metal patches for the good'ol podXT). Today a title which was fully recorded with the HX Stomp (all guitars and bass). This one is special as it allows the guitarist to also play a bass line at the same time, using a signal split and a pitch shifter ! A quick taste of this tone here : StrongBBBAAAACK.wav DIR_Deasil_REC.hlx
  2. Hey guys, so I've been searching for a really nice distorted punchy but not fuzzy tone, like the one in Crossfade's No Giving Up (Intro and Chorus), which is pretty much the nu metal tone from the 00's, I'll be using it for recording, I have a PRS Custom 24 and I've tried my best to work with knowledge I have, and I just can't seem to get rid of the fuzz from some of the stock cabs, I really don't want to have to buy an IR if I don't have to, but if I do it would be nice to get some recommendations from the community so I appreciate any feedback or guidance anybody could give. Here's the link to the song I mentioned
  3. Hello everyone! I’ve just uploaded two videos on my YouTube channel (more coming soon). Free Helix patch inside; if you like take a look and join my channel! Ciao a tutti, ho appena caricato sul mio canale questi due video (ne seguiranno altri) con relativa patch Helix annessa. Se vi fa piacere guardateli e scaricatele!
  4. Hi, I am pretty new on home studio. I have been playing gigs all the time and went to studios to record. Unfortunately I don't have any idea about recording setup. I've got a Line 6 SPider V 240HC and a Mac with Logic Pro, but no audio interface. How can I record guitar track on Logic Pro using my Spider v 240 HC. Thanks
  5. Today we have a Nirvana tone and playthrough for Come as You Are. This was a lot of fun to record and while the tones aren't a spot on recreation, I feel it fits the song. Of course, all guitar and bass were recorded using the Line 6 Helix using Ownhammer impulses. The Chain: PRS Tremonti SE w/Fishman Fluence Moderns - Universal Audio Apollo Twin - Presonus Studio One 4
  6. Hey guys, I was inspired by the Cali Rectifire amp model in Helix which is modeled after the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. As usual, I used Ownhammer Impulses, specifically the OH 412 MRBW GNR SP2-04
  7. Anyone have any tips on getting tone like neck deep or real friends ?
  8. Hey guys, Today I have another Helix Tone and playthrough for you. Cirice by Ghost is a great, heavy rock song. I used Ownhammer Impulses all over this thing, from the clean tones to the bass. HEAVY GUITAR: The amp I used was the Line 6 Brit 2204 which is modeled after the Marshall JCM 800. I used Ownhammers OH 412 ENG v30 JS which is a mixed IR by Jon Symons DIRTY INTRO GUITAR: I used the Jazz Rivet 120 model with Ownhammer OH HHC2 SOAP FULL CLEAN INTRO: I used the US DOUBLE Nrm with Ownhammer OH HHC2 THOR FAT BASS: I used the SV Beast Brt with the Ownhammer OH 410 AMPG SVT-10 PORT The drums are from the great guys over at SilentUndergroundStudios and their backing tracks
  9. I own a Spider Jam, and it doesn't sound as close to KISS as I want it to, does anyone know some settings that I can change to make it sound like KISS? Like Aces guitar perhaps?
  10. Hey Guys, Today I have a Foo Fighters guitar tone for you. I took inspiration from the Wasting Light Album. I used Ownhammer Impulse Response IR’s this time. The OH 412 EDVH EDVH+V30 57-07 Chain: PRS Tremonti SE loaded with Fishman Fluence Moderns Line 6 Helix using the Line 6 Placater Dirty amp model which is modeled ofter the Friedman BE IR is the OH 412 EDVH EDVH+V30 57-07 Into the Universal Audio Apollo Twin which feeds Presonus Studio One 3 all the lovely tones. Drums are courtesy of Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
  11. Hey guys! Put together a "Clutch" type of tone inside of Helix with the Brit P75 Brt Amp Model using Ownhammer Impulse Response Libraries Zilla Fatboy 212. Recording chain is a PRS SE Custom with Seymor Duncans into the Line 6 Helix, throught the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, into Logic Prox X. Drums courtesy of Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
  12. Hey guys, I have a video up demonstrating I tone I developed using Ownhammer Impulses. Hope it can help someone.
  13. Hi guys! I just uploaded this new video. It's a Helix Native demonstration in 9 different styles ranging from clean to 8-string metal. I used different amp models and OwnHammer IR's for each tone. Helix Native is such a wonderful tool and I've been a fan ever since it came out. Working wth this plugin is just so easy and I get great results every single time! If I get enough requests I could do a tutorial for all the tones. Please enjoy:
  14. Hey guys, Just released this new Helix video. I really wanted this to be a solid rock track with a few different types of tones. I initially wanted to use a marshall amp model but I ended up using the Solo amp models exclusively for the guitars. The midrange on those amps is just insane! For the bass I used the Tuck n' Go amp with the Obsidian 7000 drive pedal. After some tweaking with that pedal I found that for me it works best when the eq is set completely flat. I'm using some very nice IR's from OwnHammer that are quite new and unique! It's the MR82 which can be found here: It's based on a Marshall 4x12 tall cab. Definitely check those out if you dig the tones. Here is the song!
  15. Hey guys, I recently bought my Helix and so far I'm really happy with it. The song is the first I wrote with the Helix. Every guitar and bass you hear comes directly from the Helix with some Ownhammer IRs. For the drums I used Superior Drummer. Hope you enjoy it :) I'm glad about any kind of feedback. And happy new year of course!!
  16. jamesnlcc1


    Still not finding a good overdrive pedal that doesn't get fuzzy. Looking for a U2 rock-like tone. Thoughts?
  17. Here is a patch I made using the JCM 800 Model. I made it for this mix but it ended up sounding pretty good for other things as well, so I thought I would share.
  18. From Dust Studios is giving away TWO free Podfarm preset packs. All you have to do is like the page and then share the video example of the tones. Best of luck!!
  19. so i have this pod hd300 (not mine) and i want to play guitar through it. i connected the pod to my laptop via usb, i have the latest drivers available (installed them with line 6 monkey) and the problem is that i can't find the pod in the "inserts" menu on an audio track in cubase 5. i have selected the pod as my audio interface and i selected the pod as default driver in control panel in the "sounds" menu. it's strange because in cubase i can see that there is input and output when i play guitar but i can't hear anything from the pod.
  20. Hello i recently bought a Spider IV 15 watt, i got an epiphone les paul special(first electric guitar), I wanna get a decent metal tone, i looked up on the internet for metal tones. i tried them but when i hit more than 1 string the sound can't be understood, i mean it's noisy and unclear, Can you guys tell me about some settings? is it the amp's fault or do I need some good settings? i want a tone that can be understood, i don't want any bad noise when im hitting 3 open strings, I am very dissapointed, what do you recommend?
  21. Ok, so here's my dilemma. As of now I live in a tiny apartment with my Line 6 Spider 3, my guitar, and my laptop. Now, for the past year I've been playing through my amp through headphones, like through the headphone jack, because I cant play my amp slightly loud enough, before my neighbors come banging at my door. Anyways, I'm thinking about buying a Pod Pro HD X, but there's a few things I want to know about it before I pick it up. 1. Can I plug headphones and my guitar into it and play directly through it? 2. I'm pretty sure this is true, but can I plug my guitar and headphones into it, and plug it into my laptop via USB, for recording purposes? 3. Can I use a L6 FBV Express MKII on it? For like Wah effects and stuff? 4. Does the Pod Pro HD X sound better than the Line 6 Spider 4? Those are pretty much my only questions. I really want the HDX because I want to start recording, and I've tried with my Line 6 Spider 3 using a Aux audio to aux audio and plugging it into my mic port in my laptop, and it sounds like utter sh*t. I really don't want another actual amp either, because I hardly play live, or go out to play. So is the Pro HD X right for me?
  22. Hello! I did disconnect the speaker wires on my Spider IV 75 combo to connect it to an external 4x12. Now i want to reconnect the internal speaker and i did not document which lead is positive and negative! Can someone please look it up for me? I also have a question about the editing software. How do i "clone" a preset? (So i can copy a sound, keeping the basic sound and do small tweaks, for example just add delay to my sound). And, if someone have nice fuzz presets for stoner rock, like Fu Manchu etc. please share! You can have my presets back :)
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