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  1. So I know there are a LOT of forums and discussions on this topic, but i need to know how to get this to work. I am currently running Reaper and I'm trying to use my Helix as an audio interface. I just can't seem to figure it out. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! My Helix Floor just came in, after starting and noodling with it for a bit I decided to update the firmware (it comes with 1.06.5 firmware) to 3.11, but after it's been updated, it's stuck in the loading screen saying "WIll restore select Factory Settings..." and it has been doing this for almost 2 hours, anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
  3. Hello, my Helix will not power on, I just get a flashing screen (for a second) and then goes into a black screen. Helix control just have a solid color light not text. My unit has always been connected to a Furman power conditioner and I did not get any issues with an update. Unit has always been updated using Windows 10 and it has the latest 3.11 firmware. Has anyone experienced something like this. Where you able to find a solution? Thank you for your help.
  4. My Helix rack unit is up to date with the latest 3.50 update. When the foot controller is plugged in, it says the controller needs to be updated. When I select OK to update, it reads "Starting Helix Control Update..." but it never progresses beyond this point. This happened right before a gig and basically ruined the show for me. What do I need to do to get beyond this point?
  5. MIDI Channel switching help! Hey all, I'm trying to program channel switches and effects automation within patches from logic Pro X to the helix. All seems to be working fine other than when I pause playback on Logic. Ideally when playback is paused and the locator is moved in logic no further midi signals should be sent to the helix but it seems that when I pause the playback the last midi signal is re-sent. Set up it pretty much identical to this video and it seems that the user who made this video along with a few people in the comments have had the same issue. Issue is visible in this video from 8:05 > 8:12: Playback running > Midi switching turns off a block in the setting Playback paused > Block that was just turned off by midi turns on again Is anyone using logic Pro X to trigger midi switching and has a fix or can give some advice to a mid newby? Thanks in advance
  6. 2021 Updated! V1.2 is Now online! This is a Premium MIDI Layout made for Line 6 Helix devices: Helix Floor, Helix LT or Helix Rack. Requires MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS app, sold separately) Full tactile control over your Helix using MIDI over Bluetooth or MIDI-USB connections. Hardware and Software requirements: Line 6 Helix, Helix LT or Helix Rack MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS App, sold separately) Apple iPad MIDI Interface (wireless or wired) Changes Log: 1 August 2021 - Updated to 1.2 Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) New Helix LT layout included (replaces FS3 slider with a View button) 16 January 2021 - Updated to 1.1 Improved design BlueBoard screen added Extended visual Input: Now this Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device. Recommended MIDI Interfaces: Wireless: Yamaha MD-BT01 or CME WIDI Master Wired (using Helix USB): Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Wired (MIDI to USB): Roland UM-ONE MKII + Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Included support (optional): Embedded suport for the IK Multimedia Blueboard Bluetooth LE Modes: Mode B (Half/Full speed, Undo/Redo, Play/Stop, Rec/Overdub) Mode C (Snapshots 1-4) Includes a Small MIDI implementation to replicate the BlueBoard behaviour with any other configurable MIDI device (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge6/4, Morningstar, etc) A bit of tech stuff: The operation of this MIDI Layout is based on the current MIDI implementation available on Line 6 Helix devices. This means that the limits of what or how can be controlled are determined by the manufacturer (to a large extent). The practical translation of this fact is that: There are some functions in the Helix that are not controllable, simply because there is no CC assigned to whatever. There are some things in the Helix that receive MIDI but they do not send it. A clear example are the footswitches (FS). For this reason, it is not possible to show a synchronized status (on/off) on the controller's screen. For this type of controls, it will only be possible to send a status change message, so the buttons will be of a momentary type. Helix does not send the names of presets or setlists via MIDI -something that would normally use SYSEX messages or the Line 6's own protocol. Description: 1- Main Screen. From this screen you can control the main functions of your Helix. Some elements receives the MIDI information that your Helix sends and display it on the screen, such as bank and program changes. Others are used to send commands to activate and deactivate elements such as footswitches. A few elements are bi-directional, such as looper controls (broken feature in the 3.0/3.01 Firmware. Waiting for the upcoming 3.1 Helix firmware update). As you already know, the Helix does not send us the setlists names. However, you will be able to rename your Setlists on the controller easily from this screen, simply by pressing the "Setlist" button to write names coincident with those of your Helix. 2-Setlist Screen The main function of this screen is to navigate comfortably between the eight banks of your Helix, but we can also select a preset in each of the 8 banks, and toggle between them at the touch of a button. There are also controls that receive information from your Helix, like these three large screens showing the current MIDI PC, Bank, and Preset (ABCD). The eight Snapshots and the most relevant looper controls are also present here. 3- Preset Screen On this screen, the idea is to have quick and immediate access to all the Presets (and Setlists) of your Helix. Snapshot selection controls are also present, as well as the looper, tap tempo and tuner buttons. 4- BlueBoard Screen This new screen provides embedded support for the iRig BlueBoard. Two units can be used simultaneosly. A small MIDI implementation is also included, to use with any other configurable MIDI controller (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge, Morningstar...) CHEAT SHEETS 1- Main View 2- Setlist View 3- Presets View 4- BlueBoard View
  7. Wireless MIDI Controllers for IOS - AUGUST 2021 UPDATES! Based on the new MIDI implementation from Firmware 3.10 Includes SAVE button (All models) Includes MODE button (Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Effects) Includes VIEW button (Helix LT, HX Stomp) Helix Floor/Rack (main view) Helix LT (main view) NEW layout! included with the HELIX Floor/Rack layout HX Stomp (main view) HX Effects (main view)
  8. I record my Helix output to Reaper via Focusrite 8i6 using SPDIF. I prefer to go all digital to avoid going back and forth between analog and digital. I also prefer not to use both the Focusrite and Helix as audio interfaces simultaneously because I use a PC and have heard that there are common issues with ASIO4ALL (please correct me if you have had a different experience doing that). I want to record both a dry and a wet track digitally. On both the Focusrite 8i6 and my DAW (reaper) I can select SPDIF 1 and 2 separately but I cannot seem to find a way to output a path to either SPDIF 1 or 2 in Helix, just both 1-2 together. It seems like Helix bunch them together so when you choose digital output, and select SPDIF for digital output in global settings, you automatically get SPDIF 1 and 2 together. I realize that I can just use the Helix audio interface and record the dry path via USB 7. The issue is that I sometimes record acoustic guitar takes on four tracks - dry digital, wet digital (processed thru helix) and with two microphones. To do that I think I would either have to use both the Helix and Focusrite audio interface (which seems problematic with a PC) or figure out a solution to my question - how one could send separate SPDIF 1 and 2 outputs from Helix. Is there a workaround? Am I missing something? Have I reached the outer edges of the vast Helix universe? Your thoughts on this are much appreciated. Thank you. - Johan
  9. Hi guys. Recently I sold my Helix Floor to buy a (brand new) Rack+Controller+Power Conditioner and everything arrived today. Very happy so far, love the new setup, much easier on my back lol! The power conditioner also removed all the noise I had coming from my power socket, awesome toy. Anyway, the joystick on the Rack front panel, it's very fluid for top/left/bottom clicks, but stiff on the right. You can barely feel and ear the click. I had exactly this same behavior on the Helix Floor, even on the second Joystick they installed for a repair. At this point I guess it's something common? After that, I see the joystick it's very off center, but again...looking around on google images, I see the same thing on many units. At this point I'm just trying to understand if the two factors are correlated, stiffness and off center (bad installation on the front panel?), or if it's just a common thing and I've to live with it. Any Rack user here that could confirm or give me some advice? Do I have to return it? Meh? :) Anyway, couple of pics so you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks for any input. o/
  10. Hi guys, I'm new in the Line6 world. I'm trying Helix Native on my Mac and I'm pretty satisfied. I've used Fractal Axe for years and now I have a real amp into an Apollo OX, getting a more pure sound but also very limited in terms of sound shaping options. I work mainly in studio so I don't need a live-tour portable setup, so I was thinking if there are any differences in terms of algorithm and sound between the Native Software version and the Helix Rack for example, in order to save money, since having a dedicated machine in studio its not essential for me. Tks for feedback
  11. If I record a signal from my helix rig straight into my DAW (no mics) and I want the benefit of the speaker cone modulations in the Powercab, do I have to take the signal from the XLR out on the Powercab or do I get an identical signal from the XLR out on the helix itself (or S/PDIF out, only digital)? I would like to try to avoid running a cable from the Powercab to the AI unless necessary.
  12. Has anyone found any creative ways (other than using USB) to have a Helix (Rack) connect to a PowerCab 212+ via L6 Link and still allow for some sort of digital output (into a soundcard, for instance)? I use a Helix Rack + PC 212+ alongside a Clarett 8Pre and am bummed that switching on my PowerCab (connected to the Helix via L6) disables the S/PDIF output - I use the latter to intake the Helix signal, keeping some analog channels open and staying in the digital realm. I quickly perused the forum, but didn’t find any ideas that’d specifically address that scenario. Self-deprecatingly, -LesSand
  13. Hey all, I'm relatively new to MIDI and wanted to share some settings and menu dives that I've encountered in my research that got Helix Rack and the Hologram Electronics Microcosm talking to one another seamlessly and behaving the way that I intend it too. Looking over the internet, it's pretty easy to find direction on how to get everything set up but there isn't anything Helix Rack/Microcosm specific so I thought it would be handy to have all the information I've uncovered in one place to save on time for other Helix/Microcosm users. While this may be intuitive for more seasoned MIDI users, this took a moment for me to wrap my mind around. I'm by no means a MIDI expert and am only scratching the surface here. YMMV and if anyone wants to plug any holes, correct any mistakes and expand; I'm game.. You'll want a copy of your user manual for both Helix Rack and Microcosm. User Manuals Helix Rack: Rack and Control 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf Hologram Electronics Microcosm: What I found easier for me is, rather than using HX Edit on a computer connected to Rack, use the Human Machine Interface (HMI, ie the front panel of Helix Rack) to navigate all the settings and save when you are finished. Let's dive right in. Connections I/O: The first thing you'll want to do is fairly obvious. Get everything hooked up. For my purposes I use 5 Pin MIDI Cable going directly from my audio interface to Helix Rack's MIDI input. I then connect another 5 Pin MIDI cable from Helix Rack's Out/Thru to the MIDI input on Microcosm. My understanding is that you can also accomplish some of these connections via USB but I've not explored these settings or connections. Beyond that I have Microcosm's audio routed into one of the effects loops on Helix Rack and have been experimenting with wet/dry (etc) signal flows. Global Settings: The first thing I wanted to do was be able to control tempo on Helix Rack via Ableton and then send that MIDI clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack. The thinking is that while recording, I'll be using a click and can have delays and other time based effects both internally on Rack as well as the delays and loops on Microcosm sync to click. This will also help when my guitarist (also a Rack user) is using delays or other time based effects and we will be more in lockstep with one another. Everything is slaved off of one master MIDI Clock. The hope is that this will have utility further down the road as we will be using Ableton to control clicks, backing tracks and samples for live performances. These settings are relatively straight forward. To control Helix Rack via an external Midi Clock, you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and set "Receive MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". This allows Helix Rack to sense the click coming from the DAW (you'll have to play with the MIDI sync settings in whatever DAW you use to get Helix Rack and the DAW to "see" one another). You will know when Helix Rack syncs with an external clock as the Tap Tempo Switch on your Helix Foot Controller (if available) will switch from Red to Blue. My experiences is that Helix Rack only receives the clock from Ableton when you select Play or Record in Session or Arrangement mode of Ableton. To Send MIDI Clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and change "Send MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". "When [Microcosm] receives a MIDI Start Message, the pedal [Microcosm] will switch from its internal clock to the external clock signal. Upon receiving a MIDI Stop message, the pedal [Microcosm] will revert back to its internal clock" (Microcosm User Manual .pdf, p. 21 or p. 41 of the physical manual). My experience is that if you aren't syncing Helix Rack from an external clock such as a DAW, Microcosm will still Clock sync with Helix Rack via Tap Tempo (controlled either on the HMI or on the Foot Controller) provided you have "MIDI" selected on the "Send MIDI Clock" setting. While you are in Global Settings you will want to make a crucial change. This was the biggest bottleneck I was running into when setting up MIDI to behave in the way I intended it too. Helix Rack has a default set of Program Change messages that it sends upon preset selection and in order to defeat this default you will want to set "MIDI PC Send" to "Off" (on page two of "MIDI/Tempo" settings if memory serves). Doing this will allow you to customize; within Command Center, which Program Change messages you want to send without interference from Helix Rack's default PC messages. Big Ups to forum user rd2rk for cluing me into this setting here: Command Center Settings: The other behavior I wanted to effect was selecting which of 44 presets Microcosm loads when I load different presets in Helix Rack. Hologram Electronics conveniently includes a list of Control Change and Program Change messages in Microcosm's user manual. To change presets we will be interested in Program Change (PC) messages which you will find on page 21 of Microcosm's .pdf manual or on page 40 of the physical manual. We will use Helix Command Center to assign which PC messages we want to send upon Preset or Snapshot Selection. On Helix Rack; from the preset you wish to assign MIDI messages to, navigate Menu > Command Center. This will bring up a display of Lightning Bolts, footswitches, knobs and expression pedals. Select one of the Lightning Bolts as this will be your "Instant" location. From here change "Command" to "Bank/Program" and on "Program" select the numerical value you want Helix to send to Microcosm. My experience is that Helix Rack sends PC messages starting at the value of Zero while Microcosm receives commands starting at a value of One, so you will want to send a value from Helix that is one subtracted from the PC value listed in Microcosm's manual. For instance, if you wished for the Microcosm preset, "Mosaic C" to load when selecting a Helix preset you'll have to assign a preset value of 22 even though the manual lists 23 as the program change value for "Mosaic C". Essentially you are fooling Microcosm into thinking that Zero is One, One is Two, so on and so forth. I discovered this on this HX Effects user's Youtube Video here. The user goes over it at around the 2:12 Mark. My experience is that you have to change these values in Command Center for each of your Snapshots as well although there may be a way of not having to do this (in other words the Helix preset selects the Microcosm preset that's consistent for each Snapshot automatically) that I have yet to uncover. The utility of this is using Snapshots to select different Microcosm presets within a Helix preset. Make sure to Save your presets frequently. I find it helpful to save after every little change I make. Bonus points for figuring out how to assign CC messages to control certain parameters on Microcosm such as "Mix" and "Activity" via Expression Pedals. You can assign CC and PC commands to control Microcosm's parameters to the Foot Controller's footswitches within Command Center but this hasn't proved useful to me just yet. This process is way more straight forward and has been covered ad nauseam on YouTube, at least with other MIDI capable devices. This is by no means exhaustive, I just wish this information was a little more easily searchable for Microcosm specific questions. No doubt this can apply to other MIDI Capable pedals and devices. Learning how to program and use Helix Rack as a MIDI controller in addition to controlling Helix Rack with external MIDI is a total game changer for me. Hopefully someone out there finds this scratching at the surface useful.
  14. Hey guys, I have a bit of a puzzle I’m working out. I have the Helix Rack and Control in our studio. We have about 50 pedals of various types that we’ve decided to rack mount instead of display them. Artists and producers spend so much time working in a pedal for the workflow. We now have 4 rjm effect gizmos in 2 racks with 5 shelves each. We also plan on getting an 2 Ampete Switchers to switch our heads and cabs. As most of you are aware, the Helix has only 10 foot switches available per preset for this mostly midi-based configuration . We’d want to be able to bypass toggle a pedal on any shelf to audition sounds in a chain via Midi Cc toggle. Unfortunately, 10 foot switches per preset is very limiting in our case. We do use Helix effects and IRs. We love the snapshots in recall mode and use those, but switching presets doesn’t have that recall feature and midi just returns to the saved midi cc toggle state. So we couldn’t use presets as “pages” effectively. ——————————— 3 options to solve this: Option 1 is allowing presets to not automatically clear the midi cc toggle state. Option 2 is to save midi presets with Midi CC data in a block to recall on any preset. Then we can build custom midi cc chains without the use of a spreadsheet Option 3 is to allow “footswitch pages” so we can add as many items to footswitches as we like by paging within a preset. Then snapshots can be used with all of our pedals and not just 10. Other options that I’m aware of are the Morningstar MC8 or RJM Mastermind gt22. Both of these devices have foot switches pages to pair with the Helix Control. We could control the Helix via midi with these units. We are also considering the mastermind GT22 to do this work, but it seemed a shame to add another large foot switch to the space. Any thoughts or options I’m missing here? You’re help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I just purchased a Helix Rack, arriving some time next week. My original guitar rig was a Line 6 DT25 and Pod HD500X. I still have the DT25, which has been taking up space in storage since I sold the HD 500 and bought an Orange Rocker 32 2x10 combo (stereo amp). I got the Helix as a replacement for my pedal board. But looking at pictures of the back of the unit, I am really wondering whether it isn't time to dust off the DT25. Here is my main question: is it possible to set up a stereo configuration on the Orange Rocker using a four-cable method, and then add the DT25 using the XLR cable? I am not especially technical, and of course I do not even have the Helix yet. Has anyone provided instructions on how to do this? Is it possible to change the preamps on the DT25 using the XLR cable (the way the Pod HD500 could) using the Helix? A few years ago, I heard you could not, but recently heard rumors that a Helix update now makes that possible. My ultimate goal is to set up the Orange Rocker and the DT25 to create a three speaker stereo wet/dry/wet effect. I have never done anything like this, and would describe my technical ability as slightly above beginner. Thanks for all your help in advance.
  16. Hi all, new to Helix, recently got myself a Helix Rack. Great separate volume control for headphones level, but even with that at max, I don't get a lot of volume out of my headphones. I wear a pair of Beyerdynamix DT990 Pro of 250 Ohms. I had my Rack hooked up to the laptop via USB as I had been installing the recent update and sound from YouTube came through at much higher levels. Have been looking at global settings, but can't find anywhere where i can adjust heaphones out level. Am I missing something? Many thanks Marc
  17. Hello everyone. I have a Variax JTV 69 and in connection with my Helix I have the problem that after a while with different presets my alternative tunings no longer behave correctly. For example: I have an acoustic guitar with an E major tuning, which suddenly takes effect on all of my presets after a while. I also programmed some sounds a semitone higher, these also no longer work after a while. If I unplug the Variax cable and plug it in again, it works fine for a while.. I have a Helix Floor and a Helix Rack, the same problem with both. My colleague has a Shuriken, which does not have the problem with the same presets. Does anyone have an idea? Many Thanks Markus
  18. Hello ! I wonder if the fbv 3 work (in USB or MIDI) with the helix cause the controller for the helix do not have a pedal expression... Thanks in advance !
  19. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    I have been wondering is there a way to do circular delays with the helix rack? I have most things covered and sometimes i only use the helix as a interface to my computer and then other times its my whole sound. I have looked with no luck but was just curious. Thanks for any help!
  20. So, HX Edit 2.92 will not open and all the patches on my Helix Rack mount disappeared. The solution I found to this, is to uninstall HX Edit 2.92 and reinstall it. While booting up Helix make sure there are no SD cards/USB Drives/Other Interfaces/Unnecessary external devices plugged into your computer, as for whatever reason Helix will try to pull information from it like it's Drive: C on your computer and will not load correctly on the Unit or HX Edit 2.92. This is very bizarre and I've read the forums, this is the only fix I found and am not sure what else can be done. I heard the programmers are aware of this issue I'm not sure if it's a Windows 10 problem, an internal battery was almost dead and went buggy from not being turn on in over 2 weeks or if it is a software issue but I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about the new patch update and when it will possibly be released? Btw, I'm runding newest version of Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 1500 with the Helix Rack Mount and HX Edit 2.92
  21. Hi. I'm having trouble with my Helix Control. When i booted my rack unit up yesterday, the control also booted up in LCD Test mode. It switches between this and Update mode but never reverts back to presets. The rack is recognising this as having not been updated. I clicked update but it does nothing and just keep repeating, asking to update. I can't seem to get it out of the test mode so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Picture for reference
  22. Hey Guys! I put together another video highlighting a bass tone inside of Helix. It uses the Del Sol 300 amp block which is modeled after the "Sun Coliseum 300," with eh Obsidian 700 which is a model of the Darkglas B7K. The impulse is a ROSEN DIGITAL AUDIO Ampeg SVT. I tried to zoom on all of the important settings. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment.
  23. After far too much procrastination, I've finally gone back and done a tone overview video on my Metallica - Dream No More tone with the Helix. Thanks to all my patient pals for politely asking me to get this done. This is for you guys. Hope you all are well in Helix land
  24. Hello! So I'm going for my dream rig and I need your advice/ comments on this, since it's the first time I'll be going for a rack system. Rig: Mesa Boogie Mark V:25 Helix Rack Helix Control pedalboard Tuner pedal next to the pedalboard 2x ODs connected to the Helix (rack) 2x expression pedals (wah and volume) QA: Would I be able to connect 2 external pedals to the Helix and use them in Helix patches? Do I need Mission external pedals for wah and volume or can I use others like a Dimebag wah? How do you guys power the Helix Control pedalboard, do you use a power supply like a Truetone CS7? Can the Helix control the Mark V:25 channels? Can I use that feature when setting up Helix presets? Would I need extra gizmos? If someone has a similar rack system please do share, I would be willing to pay for help designing the whole thing, including necessary cables, etc... Thank you!
  25. Okay, so I am fairly new to using my Helix Rack, I got it back in January. I updated my Helix Rack to 2.90 the other day and I have been having constant problems that do not seem to be getting resolved... if anything they are getting worse. I use my Helix as part of my guitar rig, using the 4CM to hook up the Helix to my amp, and then the helix is MIDI controlling the amp as well. I have an external noise gate that my guitar goes into first before the Helix if that helps too. Before updating to 2.90, everything worked perfectly, I never had a hiccup. Ever since I updated to 2.90, my Helix has been freezing on me and is not recognizing an input, which then disables the built-in tuner. I have tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in, I did a hard-boot and mass reset, but nothing is working. All I have been doing is shutting the Helix on and off about 10 times before it starts to actually work and I am SICK of it. Does anyone have any idea on what I should do???
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