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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a new user of a Firehawk and I'm satisfied with the product. Actually I think I'm one of the first Firehawk users in Brazil, since the product is pretty much a mistery to every guitar player I know here... No one was selling it until the may of this year. Anyways, I like the idea of Tone Search, and I'm keeping myself busy exploring what other guitarists created. But every time I perform a search, I only receive 30 results and that's it. I mean, There's only 30 patches of guitarists trying to achieve "The edge" tones ? I doubt it. To me it looks like the tone search can handle only the first 30 results. Is this it? I cannot even order the results I'm interested to see first... Is this a limitation of the app? By the way, I'm using the app in a Nexus 6P smartphone. Thanks. Gui from Brazil.
  2. Can anyone identify which amp model this tone (attached) could be from.If anyone has this tone on X3 or Spider valve ,please share. Also I haven't got a response yet for the other post here: http://line6.com/support/topic/14974-looking-for-this-tone-for-x3/ Thanks. Lead Solo sample.mp3
  3. meekie61

    Search limit

    Am I right in thinking that there is a limit of 30 on the number of tones that can be displayed in a search for tones. It seems that whatever I search for in a tone search returns on,y 30 examples. For example I have used "rock", "Jazz" and "acoustic" as my search criteria and they all return exactly 30 examples. Secondly is there any way of using a wild card to display there entire database of tones?
  4. I've done numerous tone searches today on the Line 6 cloud and everything comes up "No Tones Found". I'm connected to my Amplifi 75 on my iPad running the latest software and firmware. Switching through the various bank presets appears to be working fine, however. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
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