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  1. Have checked - it was nearly 2 years ago and there was a reply which can be found here: http://line6.com/support/topic/10445-search-limit/?p=73150 But this does no more than confirm what we both have discovered. I am so surprised that, given that tones for other line 6 pedals and amplifiers have vast tone databases that are more searchable, that the same programming logic has not been applied to the cloud versions of both the Firehawk and Amplifi tone databases
  2. I wrote more or less the same post on the Amplifi board some 18 months ago. I will check back there to see if there were any replies but I am sure you are right and have found the same as me ..... any search returns a maximum of 30 results (possibly to do with screen limitations although I am sure it could scroll further). Also no way of re-ordering the data nor is there any way of carrying out searches using Boolean operators eg using ? (Question marks) or * (asterisks). It's a great shame that we cannot see the entire database
  3. GAK in Brighton have the Variax batteries in stock http://www.gak.co.uk/en/line-6-replacement-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-for-james-tyler-variax/83345.
  4. meekie61

    Search limit

    Am I right in thinking that there is a limit of 30 on the number of tones that can be displayed in a search for tones. It seems that whatever I search for in a tone search returns on,y 30 examples. For example I have used "rock", "Jazz" and "acoustic" as my search criteria and they all return exactly 30 examples. Secondly is there any way of using a wild card to display there entire database of tones?
  5. meekie61


    I am getting a message in the Amplifi app on resuming from a previous session or starting up a new session sometimes - Headed "Ooops" - We encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. Delete failed with error 16149 (only allowed to delete your private tones) Anybody else encountered this. Any ideas as to resolving the error message.
  6. meekie61

    FBV Longboard

    I think I was really trying to suggest to users that they may be able to use older technology to control their brand new amp. They would be able to get a cheaper second hand pedal to do what the Mk ll does. I can't see the need to have a USB connection especially as this cannot be used with IOS and there is no software to support Windows or Mac use of the Amplifi and certainly no Midi functions available to them either.
  7. meekie61

    FBV Longboard

    Thought I would let you know that the Amplifi 150 functions admirably using the long board as a foot controller. This doesn't seem to have been documented. This also meant that I could circumvent the need of purchasing a short board. I can only assume that there is no need to have the FBV Shortboard Mark ll as from memory the additional functionality that version has over the original shortboard was MIDI which the Amplifi does not appear to support. I have yet to experiment in depth but have been able to access the sound banks and each of the 4 presets within them. From my brief trial this morning, Stomp box 1 works but 2 and 3 do not. The reverb, pitch shift/tremolo, modulation and delay buttons all work as they should.
  8. meekie61

    Browsing Tones

    Having played toyed with the idea of buying an Amplifi 150 for some months, and having downloaded the app previously from iTunes to experiment with I finally bit the bullet this week and bought the amp. I am having a few issues with tone identification from pre existing tracks from my iTunes library. Has anybody else here had similar issues..... Almost always recognises guitar sounds from the track playing in iTunes music player and comes up with 4 suggestions (although I am wondering if they are actually 4 presets) but more often than not presents me with exactly the same amp/pedal settings irrespective of the type of music playing. I am sure for example that Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe) did not use the same settings or amplifier for Maid in Heaven as Eric Clapton did for Lay Down Sally. I have found various ways of looking at existing tones that have been uploaded by other Amplifi users for example keying in Eagles as the search word gives as expected Eagles related tones as does key word Blues give blues related tones. I am wondering if there is a way of browsing the entire library. What blanket key word would I need to use to browse the entire library. Normal Boolean operators do not seem to work.
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