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  1. Hi. We're sorry to see you run into trouble. Most guitars work fine with G10, but some instruments will not due to their wiring or the jack's physical configuration. There's an adapter that comes with the G10 that will help with most fit or compatibility issues. Please see this article for more details. If you feel the system is broken and needs to be replaced, please contact our staff with a ticket at www.Line6.com/support/tickets, and supply a receipt copy to show you're under warranty.
  2. Line6Tony

    HX Stomp Tutorials by Jason Sadites

    Click here for Jason's entire HX Stomp playlist Introducing... The Line 6 HX Stomp Line 6 HX Stomp - Jason Sadites Factory Preset Demo Line 6 HX Stomp - Introduction & Navigating The User Interface Line 6 HX Stomp - External FS 1-2/Exp. 4-5 Input...What It Can & Can't Do Line 6 HX Stomp - Dialing In... Intro & Placater Dirty Factory Preset Line 6 HX Stomp - Dialing In... 2.70 HX Edit Update & Factory Preset "Outtake" Line 6 HX Stomp - Dialing In A David Gilmour'ish Tone - Comfortably Numb'esque (WhoWatt 100) Line 6 HX Stomp - Dialing In A John Mayer'ish Tone (US Double Nrm Amp Model) Line 6 HX Stomp - Dialing In The Cali Texas Ch. 2 (Mesa Lonestar Drive Channel Amp Model)
  3. Q: How come my DL4 pedal says “9V AC” for Power Requirements, but the DC-DL4’s output is rated 12V DC? A: The DL4 was originally designed to be battery powered, or to optionally be powered by the Line 6 PX-2G power supply (which was a 9V AC output). Due to Level VI power supply efficiency requirements in North America, the PX-2G was discontinued in North America. However, the DL4, as well as the DM4, FM4 and AM4 stompboxes, can also work with a center-positive 12V DC supply, such as the DC-DL4 power supply.
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    That's it???

    The End
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    Helix Marketplace FAQ

    What is Marketplace? Marketplace lets you purchase custom Helix presets and impulse responses (IRs) created by select third-party development partners. You can browse by product or developer, listen to audio examples, and even watch demo videos if provided. Checkout is a breeze and you can pay with either credit card or PayPal. Why was Marketplace created? Our primary goal is to develop Helix as an open platform that will serve you for many years to come. We believe that will be best accomplished by supporting a vibrant, thriving community of third-party developers that continually expand the sonic and creative capabilities of Helix products. Can anyone become a Marketplace partner? Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products and a great overall experience. For these reasons, we will carefully curate Marketplace and include only partners that we feel meet those expectations. What kinds of products are available on Helix Marketplace? Helix Marketplace offers impulse response files (IRs) and Helix presets. These products will be sold individually and within collections or bundles, for example multiple impulse response files of the same amplifier with different microphones. The exact contents of each product are described on the respective Marketplace shop page. How much do Marketplace products cost? Pricing is determined entirely by the third-party developer, and we expect most products will sell for between $5 and $50. Can Marketplace products be returned? Yes. Our standard 15-day return policy applies. Returned Marketplace products will be deactivated once you log out and back in. Will there be free products as well? Some developers may offer free products for promotional purposes. Please check Marketplace listings on a regular basis. Can I still load non-Marketplace presets and IRs? Of course. Marketplace simply provides a convenient way to purchase additional resources and access them at any time. Will Custom Tone Be Removed? Not to worry. Custom Tone will still be available without changes. Who provides customer support for third-party products? Please contact third-party developers regarding setup and usage of their Helix presets and impulse responses. Third party contact information can be found on corresponding product pages within Marketplace. Contact Line 6 regarding Helix products generally, and questions involving the Marketplace online shop - including billing issues and difficulties downloading or importing presets and IRs. Which Line 6 products work with Marketplace products? Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, HX Stomp and HX Effects. Do I need a specific firmware and software version to use Marketplace products? Yes. You need these versions (or higher) to support Marketplace: · Helix/HX firmware v2.70 · HX Edit v2.70 · Helix Native v1.70 Will you add support for other Line 6 products, y’know, like Powercab? We cannot discuss future development plans at this time. I purchased a Marketplace item and cannot find the software download. Where do I need to look? You can find all your Marketplace downloads on the “Helix Marketplace” page within your Line 6 account. The link to this page is located in the “Hardware & Software” section on the main account page. We also provide a link directly to this page within the “How to Authorize Your Line 6 Product” email that you receive after any Marketplace purchase. Can I use items purchased through Helix Marketplace with non-Line 6 products? All third-party items sold through Helix Marketplace are copy-protected and require HX Edit software or the Helix Native plug-in to work. For this reason, they cannot be used with modeling devices or software from other manufacturers. How does this copy protection method work? Do I need additional hardware or dongles? Products purchased through Marketplace are automatically activated when imported into HX Edit or Helix Native. The activation process requires internet connectivity upon first use. The computer that was used for import gets authorized in the process, and no additional hardware or dongles are needed. How many licenses do I get? Can I share these licenses with others? We allow up to four individual computers to be authorized. If you own multiple Helix hardware units you can update all units without affecting license count. Finally, licenses are tied to your Line 6 user account and cannot be shared with others. Activation requires internet connectivity. How often will I need an internet connection? You will need to have an active internet connection every time you use a newly purchased product. The connection is needed so that our system can validate your license. Once a product was used at least once, the system remembers its state and will allow usage offline without internet access. I discovered that HX Edit and Helix Native require Line 6 account log-in. Why is this necessary? You will be asked to log into your Line 6 account if you work with third party products purchased through Marketplace. Log in is only required for the system to install or synchronize licenses, for example when importing third party Helix presets for the first time. * Log in will not be required if you do not use presets or IRs purchased through Marketplace. * On Windows systems, you may need to be online at all times in order to import and export Marketplace presets and IRs. Can I buy dog food, tequila, or 19th-century expressionist paintings via Marketplace? What? No.
  6. Line6Tony

    Guitar input not working

    We're sorry to see this happen. You should contact Yamaha Europe to see if they'll give you a grace period on the warranty. United Kingdom YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH Siemensstrasse 22-34 25462 Rellingen Germany Tel: +49 (0) 4101 303 0 Fax: +49 (0) 4101 303 333
  7. Line6Tony

    Helix DSP Values

    This is a known set of values as measured by a trusted Helix community member. Helix DSP Values.xlsx
  8. Line6Tony

    List of DSP usage per model?

    Guys the FB site that hosted that file mentioned might be compromised. I have attached a file that should be helpful. Helix DSP Values.xlsx
  9. Regarding connecting a Line 6 StageSource speaker to a Powercab via L6 Link, the verbiage for the AES/EBU connection in the manual is as follows: "When an AES signal is detected by the first Powercab unit in the chain, the chain will split the signal's left channel going to the first Powercab unit or Line 6 StageSource® speaker and the right channel to the second." When using this configuration, the StageSource has to go before the Powercab. If the Powercab is before the StageSource, the StageSource will not play. We hope to address this in a future update.
  10. You're not helping, you're trolling our company and staff. Your email tells me you're chuckewheat, which is a banned account. If you continue, I will ban your Guitarkyller account also. I'd rather not, as I've seen you post helpful commentary before. Please behave or leave. There will be no other conversation from me.
  11. Line6Tony

    Ampeg Acquisition FAQ

    Q: Where will Ampeg be located? A: We will be managing the Ampeg brand from YGG’s headquarters in Calabasas. Yamaha Guitar Group and LOUD will be working together over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for all customers, dealers, and distributors, after which Ampeg operations will be headquartered in Calabasas, CA at the Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. offices. Q: How will Ampeg products be sold? A: YGG’s sales team will manage the distribution of Ampeg products like they manage the Line 6 branded products. On day one, we will have a transitional service agreement in place with Loud that will allow existing Ampeg dealers and distributors to continue to order and receive Ampeg products as they had before the acquisition. Q: What if I need technical support on my Ampeg product? A: LOUD will continue to supply support from technicalsupport@loudtechinc.com and their Technical Support Library website during the transition period, after which support will move to YGG’s support team and our website. Q: What if I need service or parts for my Ampeg product? A: Service and parts will continue to be supplied by U.S. and Canadian Ampeg Authorized Service Centers. Customers outside the U.S. and Canada should contact their local distributor.
  12. Line6Tony

    DL4/MM4 Labels

    The labels are sold in the US on our web shop: https://shop.line6.com/dl4-mm4-tweak-tweez-label.html Otherwise, your area's distributor can order them under part number 40-25-0044. The enclosed file can be used to print them.
  13. Line6Tony

    Whats going on with G70/G75 in Europe?

    Hi, Alexi. I'm sorry you are caught up in this issue with G70/G75. Although we are actively working on resolving this issue as quickly as we can, we cannot guarantee that you will have the units within four weeks. We ask that you please consider the Relay G50 as a replacement digital wireless system. It has shown to be as roadworthy and perform as reliably as the G70/G75.
  14. Line6Tony

    Powercab FAQ

    LINE 6 POWERCAB 112 / POWERCAB 112 PLUS So are these the Helix FRFR speakers we’ve been requesting for, like, years? Nope—Powercab is waaay beyond your bog standard FRFR speaker. When paired with any modeler, it’s an active speaker system that can deliver a much more authentic “amp-in-the-room” playing experience. However, when set to Flat mode (and whether you load IRs into Powercab or your modeler), Powercab amplifies the sound of your presets as they are, similar to a traditional FRFR speaker system—but with the response and feel closer to that of an actual guitar amp. Powercab works as both a backline amp and a wedge speaker, thanks to its integrated kickstands. Oh, and it looks like a guitar amp instead of a PA speaker. So that’s cool. What’s going on under the hood? Powercab doesn’t utilize cab modeling; it has true speaker modeling. Speaker Modeling is Line 6’s proprietary method of duplicating the frequency and behavior of speaker drivers by themselves, independently of the cabinets in which they happen to be loaded. Imagine having an empty 1x12 speaker cabinet where you can swap out the Greenback for a Creamback or a Swamp Thang or an Alnico Blue—instantly—and you’re close. I don’t own Helix. Will Powercab work with my Kemper, Atomic, or Fractal box? Absolutely! And any other modeler as well, including POD HD500X. In fact, if your modeler has a 48kHz AES/EBU out (or S/PDIF out with RCA-to-XLR M adapter), with Powercab 112 Plus you can run everything digitally, with no additional D/A/D conversion or latency. And if your modeler sends MIDI messages, you can even sync Powercab 112 Plus’s presets and user IRs with your modeler or profiler’s presets. Which six speakers are the models based on? Celestion® Vintage 30 Celestion® Greenback 25 Celestion® G12M-65 Jensen® P12Q Eminence® Swamp Thang Patriot Series Celestion® “Blue Bell” Alnico What’s the difference between Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus? Powercab 112 Plus adds the following: 2-inch, 128 x 32-pixel LCD display 128 user preset locations 128 user IR locations MIDI In and Out for recalling presets, IRs, and most parameters (can also be recalled via USB) AES/EBU | L6 LINKTM digital In and Out Additional input for use as an FOH monitor (post-DSP) Powercab Edit connectivity USB audio interface for jamming along with or monitoring backing tracks from your Mac/PC/iOS* device User-selectable mic modeling and distance on the XLR output (Powercab 112’s output uses an SM58 model only) Powercab 112 Plus is about 2 lb (1 kg) heavier *iOS interfacing requires the Apple Camera Connection Kit How loud do they get? 250 watts total. That's 200 watts to the woofer and 50 watts to the compression driver. Wait. 250 watts doesn’t sound like much. Aren’t there other speakers that are thousands of watts? 250 real watts, not marketing watts. The operative spec here is SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Powercab reaches 125dB SPL handily. You should have no problems playing next to the drummer. What’s the reference speaker used? Powercab features a custom designed 8Ω, 12" coaxial speaker that uses a guitar-style cone as opposed to a PA-style cone with a 2” high-temperature voice coil loosely based on the Eminence Beta 12CX format. The 1” compression driver is a Celestion CDX 1-1010, which is used only for Flat mode, monitor feeds, and user IR modes; it’s not utilized at all for speaker models. How do I load IRs into Powercab 112 Plus? From the free Powercab Edit software (Mac/PC) via USB. So I can edit presets via Mac or PC? Yes. Powercab Edit (Mac/PC, available this May from http://line6.com/software/) is used to manage, reorder, backup, import, and export your Powercab 112 Plus presets and IR files (2048-point, 48 kHz .WAV). This allows you to easily create an unlimited collection of presets and IRs stored on your computer, and transfer them as needed to Powercab 112 Plus. Can I get a cover for Powercab? Yes, Powercab covers will be available from select retailers and the Line 6 Store; expected US street price is $69.99. Dimensions/weight? Am I gonna break my back? Powercab 112—22.3”w x 18.2”h x 12”d (33.25 lbs), Powercab 112 Plus—22.3”w x 18.2”h x 12”d (35.5 lbs) What’s the price? Powercab 112—$599.99 US street, Powercab 112 Plus—$799.99 US street When are they shipping? May 2018.
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    "Click Here For Common..."

    Sorry guys. One thing at a time. All forums should now be visible, and I resized the button. @soundog, the graphics are a riot!