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  1. Line6Tony

    POD Go FAQ

    What’s the deal with POD Go? POD Go is Line 6’s all new next generation POD, built to toss into your backpack or carry-on and take anywhere. Oh, and it’s incredibly easy to use—might be the easiest POD since the original POD in 1999. How much can you run simultaneously? Each preset in POD Go includes the following blocks: Input with Noise Gate Amp or Preamp (all HX models) Hybrid Cab from Helix—OR—1x Impulse Response (up to 128 user IRs can be loaded into POD Go via the Mac/PC editor) Preset EQ (any HX type) Wah (any HX type) Up to 4 additional effects (any HX type), with the following caveats: Three HX effects models have been omitted due to their size (Tone Sovereign, Clawthorn Drive, and Cosmos Echo) All Distortions, Dynamics, and Pitch/Synth blocks are mono only All other effects are stereo only Volume Pedal FX Loop (mono or stereo) Output with Volume and Pan The FX Loop and Preset EQ blocks are automatically assigned to stomp switches, and adding any additional effects automatically assigns them to the remaining stomp switches. Press and hold any two stomp switches to swap them. If it has nearly all models from HX and Helix products, why call this a POD at all? The original POD set the standard for ease-of-use in digital guitar and bass products. We wanted POD Go to be ridiculously easy-to-use, which meant purposefully omitting some power user features one would expect to find in HX or Helix-branded products. And not putting the best modeling possible in a box just because it happens to be less expensive—or have a different name—is weak sauce. What about some of the cooler Helix features like Snapshots, color switch rings, block copy/paste, 3-second footswitch assignment, 3-second controller assignment, multichannel USB audio, and re-amping? POD Go has all of these. So can you use this on professional gigs? Of course. The main outputs on POD Go are balanced/unbalanced and with TRS 1/4” to XLR M cables, can feed the front-of-house mixer—in stereo—without additional DI boxes. Then the 1/4” AMP OUT can be sent to your amp onstage (either echoing the Main Outs or tapped off before the Cab/IR block). The routable stereo send/return jacks can be used for 4-Cable Method. Is there a Mac/PC editor? Yes. POD Go Edit should be available by the time POD Go ships. Does POD Go have an audio interface? Yes. POD Go has a 24-bit/96kHz, 4-in/4-out audio/MIDI interface with re-amping built in. Why didn’t you put VDI, L6 LINK, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, MIDI, parallel paths, dual DSPs, cap-sense switches, scribble strips, blah blah blah?! Because POD shouldn’t cost what Helix costs. Dimensions/weight? Is it smaller than POD HD500X? 14.1”w x 9.1”d x 3.5”h; 5.2lbs It’s way smaller and lighter than POD HD500X. Fits inside pretty much any backpack or carry-on. What’s the price? POD Go sells for $449.99 US street. When is POD Go shipping? April.
  2. Line6Tony

    Helix 2.9 Update

    Guys, it's the holidays. Be nice.
  3. Locked, in order to give the people what they want.
  4. We have confirmed that the Apple class compliant driver that Sonic Port / Sonic Port VX relies on for audio can be problematic on iOS 13. We have seen this across multiple iPhones. Our QA department has logged a bug with Apple to resolve this, but being that this is Apple’s driver, we have no control over when this will be fixed. We’ll continue to dialogue with Apple regularly and test iOS 13 beta releases as they become available. We will update this article with any relevant information as it comes. Update 12/20/19: We’ve tested the latest iOS 13.3.1 beta release and the problem with Sonic Port and Sonic Port VX persists. However, Apple is making significant progress to resolve this issue in an upcoming iOS 13 update.
  5. As you may already know, Apple is releasing macOS 10.15 (Catalina). With a few exceptions, macOS 10.15 is supported by our currently active applications and drivers. Below is a detailed rundown of compatibility issues for Line 6 products on a case-by-case basis. If you run into any problems or have a question for us, please reach out via the Contacts page (https://line6.com/company/contact/). Editors: • All currently supported editors will work as expected. • The following editors are no longer supported at this time and will not work on Catalina: Line 6 Edit Vyzex Backtrack Utility Updaters • Line 6 Updater will work as expected. • Line 6 Monkey is not compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina). A solution for Catalina customers to update firmware is in-progress. Drivers • All currently supported drivers and devices work as expected except for the Helix custom driver. • Helix class compliant audio works as expected. • The Helix custom driver (which adds support for additional sample rates) does not yet work correctly. Plug-ins • Currently, Helix Native and POD Farm 2 work as expected on all supported DAWs. As DAWs are updated to adopt Apple’s latest requirements and security measures, our plug-ins may need to be updated to continue working with those DAWs. We will work with DAW vendors to update Helix Native and POD Farm 2, but we cannot guarantee that they will not release updates that break our compatibility. We have an article that describes how to run older OS versions in order to use discontinued software.
  6. Jeremy Varao YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlUXMNXXtke2s7RUXyAqUw Jeremy Varao is a Las Vegas based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, graphic designer and YouTube personality. Performing live as well as being a working session player for over the last two decades., spanning genres from Ska/Pop Punk/Classic and Modern Heavy Metal to even a bit of Modern Country with Easy Listening peppered in, Jeremy is a fan of any variety of music, so long as it is well written. But his all-time music passion is guitar-laden Heavy Metal. Initially inspired by the guitar playing of Ace Frehley of KISS, after receiving Alive! for Christmas at the ripe age of 8, Jeremy wouldn’t get his first guitar and amp until his 13th birthday. By age 16, Jeremy was gigging in premiere venues throughout his home state of MA and regionally out in CT. At age 22, Jeremy did his first of many successful US tours with FL Ska Punk stalwarts, Skif Dank, and his Pop Punk band, Cherry 2000. He subsequently toured with Indianapolis based Death Metal band, MercyKill. Jeremy has had the great honor of sharing the stage with some of the best-known acts from No Doubt and The Misfits to Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. Primarily focusing on video production and YouTube, where he hosts the YouTube channel Dunky’s N’ Demos, he demoes products, but more importantly, he transfers his knowledge for folks eager to learn more about recording and playing. Being self-taught, Jeremy approaches the subject matter in a way that is not only informative, but easily digestible. Having come up through the school of “figure it out for yourself,” Jeremy hopes to be a resource for folks so THEY can be more productive in their creative endeavors.
  7. What is Amp Farm? Amp Farm is an amp modeler plug-in. It offers more than a dozen different amp models, dozens of diverse cabinet models, and selectable mic models to produce a wide variety of guitar tones. Amp Farm was introduced in the year 1998 as a Pro Tools TDM plug-in and became extremely popular on a multitude of award-winning records and soundtracks. Due to popular demand, we made Amp Farm available as a 64-bit Native plug-in in AAX, AU, and VST plug-in formats. What changed in Amp Farm between TDM and Native AAX versions? Are there any new amp models? Our design goal was to provide 100% session compatibility and ensure that older projects open smoothly in Pro Tools 11 and higher. For this reason, we kept the Amp Farm AAX feature set unchanged. However, the AAX version now supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz, which was not possible with the older TDM version. What DAWs does Amp Farm 4.0 work with? Amp Farm 4.0 works with a wide variety of 64-bit DAWs that support AAX, AU, or VST plug-in formats. Supported DAW and Plugin Formats (Mac) Host Requirements Supported Formats Ableton Live 8.5 or above Audio Unit Apple Logic Pro 10.2.3 or above Audio Unit Apple Garageband 10.0 or above Audio Unit Avid Pro Tools 11 or above AAX Bitwig 2.5 or above VST3 Cockos Reaper 5 or above Audio Unit, VST3 Presonus Studio One 4 or above Audio Unit, VST3 Steinberg Cubase 8.5 or above VST3 Steinberg Nuendo 7 or above VST3 Supported DAW and Plugin Formats (PC) Host Requirements Supported Formats Ableton Live 8.5 or above VST2* Avid Pro Tools 11 or above AAX Bitwig 2.5 or above VST3 Cockos Reaper 5 or above VST3 Steinberg Cubase 8.5 or above VST3 Steinberg Nuendo 7 or above VST3 *To ensure that VST2 is installed, please check the box for it in the Amp Farm installer. What are your plans for an AAX DSP version of Amp Farm? We plan to release the plug-in on the AAX Native platform initially and evaluate demand for AAX DSP subsequently. Will Amp Farm AAX work with 32-bit DAW applications, such as Pro Tools 10? Amp Farm AAX is a 64bit plug-in and thus only works with DAWs that support the 64-bit format, for example Pro Tools 11 or higher. When will Amp Farm be available and how much does it cost? Amp Farm is available now in the Line 6 online store. It costs $199 for the full retail version. I own Amp Farm TDM version 3. Is there an upgrade path to the AAX version? Yes. Registered Amp Farm TDM 3.x customers can upgrade to version 4.0 for $49. Please note that the upgrade will replace (void) the version 3 license. I found a really old and dusty Amp Farm 1.0 installer floppy disk. Can I upgrade that to Amp Farm 4.0? Please contact Line 6 customer support and we will assess your request.
  8. Helix Native will not open in hardened runtime builds of Cubase 10.5 In rare cases, Helix/HX devices can become disconnected from HX Edit. If possible, always connect your Helix/HX device directly to the USB port closest to your computer's power connector. Never use any sort of USB hub, which may include the front USB ports on the front of towers Logic Pro X is currently unable to write snapshot or switch automation data for Helix Native In HX Edit, moving an effect, amp, cab, or IR block can sometimes inadvertently reposition a Split or Merge block In rare cases, the Dynamics > LA Studio Comp model can sometimes cause a drop in preset volume Pitch/Synth > 3 OSC Synth, 3 Note Generator, and 4 OSC Generator are louder than in 1.71
  9. In rare cases, the Dynamics > LA Studio Comp model can sometimes cause a drop in preset volume. Some tempo synced effects can act authentic with the global setting set to transparent if tempo changes are controlled via snapshots. In rare cases, Helix/HX devices can become disconnected from HX Edit. If possible, always connect your Helix/HX device directly to the USB port closest to your computer’s power connector. Never use any sort of USB hub, which may include the front USB ports on the front of towers. On Helix Rack/Control, connecting an expression pedal to Helix Control could sometimes cause the pedal position display to behave erratically. Pitch/Synth > 3 OSC Synth, 3 Note Generator, and 4 OSC Generator are louder than in 2.71.
  10. The list can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet: Spider_V_PresetBundleMkII_2.0_Final.xlsx Preset Name Preset Label Bank 01 A Clean Basics B Crunch Basics C Dirt Basics D Lead Basics Bank 02 A Chorus Clean Clean Amps B Deluxe Clean Clean Amps C Cavernous Clean Clean Amps D Sparkle Clean Clean Amps Bank 03 A Tweed Crunch Crunch Amps B Super O Crunch Crunch Amps C Vintage Crunch Crunch Amps D Cali Crunch Crunch Amps Bank 04 A Chime A 15 Class A Amps B Top Boost Chime Class A Amps C Fawn Chime Class A Amps D Chieftan Chime Class A Amps Bank 05 A Brit Plexi '45 British Amps B Brit J-800 British Amps C Brit J-900 Dist British Amps D British JTS British Amps Bank 06 A 90s SLO High Gain Amps B Angel P-Ball High Gain Amps C Brown High Gain Amps D Treadplate High Gain Amps Bank 07 A Acoustic Sim Electric Guitar B Piezo Pickup Acoustic Guitar C Variax Acoustic Acoustic Guitar D Tube Preamp Acoustic Guitar Bank 08 A Fuzz Box Line 6 Custom B Insane Line 6 Custom C Spinal Puppet Line 6 Custom D Chemical X Line 6 Custom Bank 09 A Bayou Line 6 Custom B Throttle Line 6 Custom C Mood Line 6 Custom D Boutique Line 6 Custom Bank 10 A FX: Phase Air FX B FX: Rotary FX C FX: Auto Wah FX D FX: U-Vibe FX Bank 11 A Teen Spirit Songs B As You Are Songs C Everlong Songs D No One Knows Songs Bank 12 A Day Tripper Songs B Fortunate Son Songs C Fire Woman Songs D Killer Queen Songs Bank 13 A Barracuda Songs B Another Thing Songs C Motor City Songs D Wayward Son Songs Bank 14 A Dream On Songs B Lights Songs C Little Wing (SRV) Songs D Peace of Mind Songs Bank 15 A Jungle $lash Songs B Puppet Master Songs C Hangar 18 Songs D Cowboys From Heck Songs Bank 16 A The Trooper Songs B Tom Sawyer Songs C Iron Man Songs D Smokey Waters Songs Bank 17 A One Bourbon... Songs B Crossfire Songs C Just Got Paid Songs D Long Dist Blues Songs Bank 18 A MSG In A Bottle Songs B Zqualung Songs C Sweet Home... Songs D Rising Sun Songs Bank 19 A Pull Me Under Songs B Talkin Bout Love Songs C Surfing Alien Songs D Afterlife Songs Bank 20 A Heartbreaker Songs B Say It Ain't So Songs C ParanoidAndroid Songs D Shiny Diamond Songs Bank 21 A Chop Suey! Songs B You Were Here Songs C Octave Nation Songs D Sober Songs Bank 22 A Thunder Clean Bill Kelliher B Burly Rhythm Bill Kelliher C Galaktikon Lead Brendon Small D Thunderhorse Brendon Small Bank 23 A Canadian Clean Devin Townsend B Devy Metal Devin Townsend C Dynamic Seas Dustin Kensrue D Big Riff Dustin Kensrue Bank 24 A Best Friends Girl Elliot Easton B What You Need Elliot Easton C Post Apocalypse Jade Puget D Post Punk Jade Puget Bank 25 A Bowman Clean James Bowman B Bowman Dirty James Bowman C Obsidian Jeff Loomis D The Shining Jeff Loomis Bank 26 A Pumpkinized Clean FX Jeff Schroeder B Pumpkinized Lead Jeff Schroeder C Monument Chunk John Browne D Dragonglass John Browne Bank 27 A JS Clean Josh Smith B JS Lead Josh Smith C Dreamy Clean Lincoln Brewster D Linc Dirty Lincoln Brewster Bank 28 A AC Nerdy Matt Scannell B Wicked Clean Matt Scannell C Ola Clean Ola Englund D Ola Lead Ola Englund Bank 29 A Oz Clean Oz Noy B Oz Dirty Oz Noy C Ambient Acoustic Paul Richards D Acoustic Blues Paul Richards Bank 30 A Fluff Deluxe Ryan "Fluff" Bruce B Fluff Big Chug Ryan "Fluff" Bruce C Clean Your Room Steve Pedulla D Dirt Street Steve Pedulla Bank 31 A Dub-ya Push Stevic McKay B Sugar Skulls Stevic McKay C Low Rez Fred Vernon Reid D Plateu of Leng Vernon Reid Bank 32 A User 1 Spider V MkII B User 2 Spider V MkII C User 3 Spider V MkII D User 4 Spider V MkII
  11. Mission Engineering has released the 529 HC USB Power Converter, which provides a single 9V DC output suitable for many digital devices that require more than 500mA. We have found that it is compatible with the HX Stomp. Using the 529 HC with the HX Stomp does not void the warranty, as Mission Engineering built it to our specs.
  12. So what's new with the MkII? In short, Spider V MkII is running the 2.00 firmware, which is also available to existing Spider V owners, but the new hardware has a few cosmetic upgrades. When will they be available? Can I try it? They are available from select retailers now! The firmware and software updates are also live now at www.Line6.com/software. And yes! You should absolutely try it! What's different about the new firmware 2.00? Firmware 2.00 introduces the new Classic speaker mode, which is different than using Spider V in Full Range mode with cabinet modeling active. This allows for a more transparent, organic and familiar combo amp sonic experience. Aside from that, we've brought in consultants with a LOT of amp expertise to help us dial in the models so that they not only sound true to the real thing, but also feel really great to play. All amp and effects model defaults have been revised. Out of the box, we've revised all the presets and included twice as many artist presets from some very prominent players. So you just shut off the tweeter and bypassed the cabs? No! That would not go far enough. Each model of Spider V has been finely tuned by our sound designers so that when you're playing through just the woofer, it sounds as great as that particular speaker can for it's enclosure, which is what you would expect from a combo amp. If you're skeptical, we urge you to give it a try because it can have a pretty dramatic difference! Anything new on the software side? Yes. Spider V Remote for Mac/PC has gotten some upgrades that now allow you to go to the cloud (customtone.com) from within the editor to search for presets, download them, tweak them to your liking, save them to your own collection (My Tones), and publish your own creations. Can I update my Spider V to the 2.00 Firmware? Yes. Simply connect it to a Mac or PC and use Line 6 Updater to apply the FREE update. How do I get these new presets and artist presets? Any preset you haven't overwritten will automatically update, but you can get the full bundle by performing a Factory Reset after you've installed 2.00 firmware.
  13. Terence Young II www.terenceyoungmusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terenceyoungjazz/ Terence Young has earned the reputation of one of the most talented and electrifying Lead Guitarist in the world. He has released 10 cds to date, ranging from Smooth Jazz and R&B, to gospel, Christmas, instrumental rock, and his original guitar compositions. Terence has shared the stage with countless renowned recording artists, including, The Temptations, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, BabyFace, Charlie Wilson, Envogue, Morris Day and the Time, Al Jarreau, Roberta Flack, George Duke, Rachelle Ferrell, Gerald Albright, Clarence Carter and Joe Sample. In addition to performing with these top talents, Terence has also performed with and was Music Director for the Legendary Ashford and Simpson, Lenny Williams, Aaron Hall and Angie Stone, to name a few. Terence's talent can be heard on the Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute CD with R&B Queen, Angie Stone. Terence has been called on to perform the National Anthem at the NBA and various college Games, and he was the featured artist at the NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants. He has received several prestigious awards, including a Humanitarian Award. A native of Elko, SC, Terence Young now resides in Columbia SC where he manages The FINESSE BAND (TheFinesseBand.com), one of the top party bands in the Southeast, while still producing and performing his Jazz Concerts Nationwide. These shows are known as THE TERENCE YOUNG EXPERIENCE... Entertaining and electrifying are just two words Terence's fans use to describe his shows. Be sure to catch The Terence Young Experience the next time he is in your area. You don't want to miss it!
  14. Johnny Lee YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojrsgjSidXCAubYBRA2gvQ?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005888461526
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